Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 30 - Real Boy Adventures - full transcript

Cyborg asks Raven to make him a real boy again.

2x30 - "Real Boy Adventures"

Titans! Exciting news!

I've just installed a
heated hydrotherapy chamber.

Not exciting, bro.

Would you be more excited,
if I told you it was a...

Hot tub!

Now, the hydrotherapy chamber
is only for post training soreness.

Let us do the time of the party
in a large container of warm water.

The jets feel like tiny florthogs
nibbling at your norbobs.


- Everyone out! The tub is for...
- Hot tub!

At least you respect my orders.

Oh, it's not that.
It's not that at all.

It's because I...

...can't enjoy hot tubs!

A robot body is great
for a lot of things.

Looking real shiny.

- Hacking Robin's very personal data files.
- I'm sorry?

And being real, real, real tough.

But enjoying the warm bubbly embrace
of a hot tub just isn't one of 'em.

Sometimes, I wish
I was a real boy again.

But I've searched the world and
there's simply nobody who can...

- Pfft! I can do that.
- Excuse me?

I can make you human again,
'cause, you know, magic.

Why didn't you
ever say anything before?!

Come on, it would take
way too long to list

everything I can do with magic.

- We want to hear the list.
- Fine.

Teleportation, telekinesis, fly,

read the minds of
animals, see in the dark,

turn water into any other
liquid except for ginger ale...

...summon meteors, devour
the souls of the wicked

and perfectly crack open walnuts.

- Wow!
- Walnuts are hard to open.

Okay, enough yammering.
I got some hot tubbing to do!

- Is this going to hurt?
- Nope, I won't feel a thing. Ha!

And you guys say I'm not funny.

But seriously, this will
be extremely painful.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

The agony! The agonizing...

the agonizing agony!

Raven, you did it!
I'm human again!

Now, I have to warn you,
your human nervous system

is very sensitive compared
to your robot body.

All I'm hearing is hot tub!
Hot, hot, hot, hot tub!

I'm being cooked alive!

- Why was the hot tub so hot?
- Because you're human

and humans feel way
more pain than robots.

Yeah, sorry, Cyborg, but it's...
Hang on. Wow!

We can't even call you
Cyborg anymore, can we?

- You can't?
- Yeah, bro.

You're just a fleshy guy now.

Fleshy Guy!
That can be your new name!

Man, I'm so great at naming things.

I'm not sure I want to be...

- Fleshy Guy.
- The Flesh Guy.

You don't want to be
a Cyborg again, do you?

No, I just have a lot to learn
about being a real boy, that's all.

That's the spirit, Fleshy Guy.

I'll be your guide to being a human.

Just follow me.

You still like food?

Well, you're going to love
it even more, Fleshy Guy!

These snacks taste so much
better in my human belly!

That's what I'm saying, Fleshy Guy.

This is so good!

If you think that's good,
wait till you try this!

Once every 300 years,

all major food groups
align in the cosmos.

Taco, burger, hot dog, pizza,

all coming together as one

to form El Burdigato Supreme!

Oh... my human belly.

Huh, maybe we overdid it just a little.

- What was that?
- That's the Burdigato.

Hey, Beasty, can
you come in here for a second?

Why? You need help?

What are you doing
with your feet in there?

It's been a while since
I've used one of these, okay!

Great first day, Fleshy Guy.
Isn't being a human awesome?

Why is it so hard to move my body?

'Cause you're tired, dude.
Happens to all of us.

You just need to
recharge your batteries.

That I can do!

I can see where you might
have misunderstood me there.

Good morning, the Flesh Guy.

- Ah, you decided to sleep in, huh?
- Sleep in? I barely slept at all.

This human body just
keeps sloshing around

and making weird noises.

Today, I just want to
relax and read comic books.

- Ow, what happened?
- That is a cut of the paper.

It happens to those of
us without metal hands.

Well, I don't like it.


Got to watch those toes, bro.

What is wrong with
your weird soft bodies?

I can't take this anymore!

I... I can't-I can't...

Poor, the Fleshy Guy.
I feel sad about his sad.

Maybe I should go check on him.

No, this is a real boy problem.
It should be handled by...

a real boy!

I just want...

I want my face back...

Hey, is there a real boy in
here that needs cheering up?

Hey, hey, Fleshy Guy, being a
human boy isn't that bad, you know.

Are you kidding?
It's horrible!

I can't imagine anybody
living a single day like this.

- Oh, right, sorry.
- Sure, we humans can't fly

or lift cars or reach the top
shelf without a step ladder.

I can reach it just fine.
You're short.

Hmm. There are plenty of really
awesome things about being human!

So go back to being a robot
if you want, but first,

let me take you on
a Real Boy Adventure.

Real Boy Adventure!

- That sounds weird.
- Really? I don't think so.

♪ You could wear sweet pocket protector ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Walk through a metal detector ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ You can write your name in snow ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Let your finger nails grow ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy,
a really real boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy, a real cool boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy,
a really real boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy, a real cool boy ♪

♪ You can catch an awesome tan ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Play in a big belly band ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ You can dance all night in the rain ♪
♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Did you know Bruce Wayne
is a real real boy? ♪

And he's the Batman.

♪ I'm a boy, a really real boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy,
a real cool boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy, a really real boy ♪

♪ I'm a boy,
a real cool boy ♪

♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Real Boy ♪

♪ Real Boy ♪

Man, I never knew what
I was missing as a robot.

Guess I don't need these anymore.

Crime alert!

- It is coming from...
- The yard?

They're trying to steal our hot tub!

Drop the hot tub, creeps!

Whoa, Cyborg, what happened?

Cyborg's gone.
I'm Fleshy Guy!

I think he was talking to me.

- Robin, what are you doing?
- You heard me, Booyah!

Stop saying my catch phrase!

Sorry, it's my catch phrase now.
It comes with the suit.

So the Real Boy Adventure,
the song, was all that

- just to get my robot parts?
- Uh, yeah.

Why would I ever be human
when I can have rocket boots?

Rocket boots!

Uh, sorry, still working
out some of the bugs.

Now, H.I.V.E, prepare to...

Don't hurt me!
I'm just a weak, little real boy.

Just like you!

Sorry, babe.
Put some ice on that.

Ha! Whoa!

Ahhh! Too hot!
Too hot hot tub!

Now that's what I call a...

Real Boy Adventure!