Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 29 - Smile Bones - full transcript

Beast Boy and Cyborg teach the other Titans the importance of eating correctly.

2x29 - "Smile Bones"

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You didn't even use your teeth.

Teeth? What are these
"teeth" you speak of?

I think he's talking about
our smile bones, brah.

Man, who calls
smile bones "teeth."

People who don't know
how to eat, that's who.

Savoring each bite. Ugh.

Chewing the big pieces
and the small pieces.

- It's disgusting.
- You're just inhaling your food.

This is inhaling
your food, mama.

Ooh, I wish to try
the eat breath.

- Disgusting.
- Not bad, Star.

Just remember the point
of eating is getting as

much food into your
belly as fast as possible.

No, it's not.
The point is to savor every bite.

Food does not
just give us life. It is life.

Besides, you don't want
to end up with a...


What's wrong with
a beautiful belly, friend?

What? Who challenges me?

I do!

Your belly talk's a bunch
of malarkey and you know it.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Easy there, belly.

Now, that's disgusting.


Don't you call that proud
round mound disgusting.

Greetings, Cyborg's
and Beast Boy's midsections.

I have nine of the stomachs
but none of them speak.

They're just squishing
their fat around

to make them seem
like they're talking, Star.

Who you calling fat, Shorty?

I'm the average height
for a male of my age!

And be warned, you might be
speaking for your belly now,

but if you're not careful,
one day it will speak for you.

- Sounds like more malarkey, buster.
- Enough!

I want you two to take small bites.
Enjoy your food.

And most importantly,
use your teeth when you eat.

They are called smile bones, okay?

And we're not the ones
who need to learn how to eat.

Not us.

But go ahead...

Try to enjoy your food
if you can, friend.

Oh, look at these
big old bellies.

So round and shiny.

You fellows sure do
take good care of us.

Yes, we won't forget this
when we take over the world.

- Take over the world, good one!
- Oh, man.

We need food.

- Please!
- Why didn't you say so?

Here you go.

That looks delicious.

I can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

I'm going to enjoy this so much.

You see where you went wrong?

You were savoring your food
before you even took a bite.

Y'all eat too slow!

Cyborg, Beast Boy,
I was wrong to doubt you.

I'm ready to learn
how to eat the right way.

Wait, Raven!
Remember my belly warning.

I am ready as well.

Let's not make any hasty decisions.
Consider the consequences.

Are you ready to give up
control to your bellies

just because of a little... Ow.

Okay, what do we need to do?

Okay, let me see
what we're working with.

You call those bellies!
It's shameful.

What do you have to say for yourself?

- Well, I for one...
- Not you! Your belly.


I want to learn how
to eat the right way.

What about you, six-pack?

I'm up for the challenge, sir.

- You ready to get juicy, tangerine?
- The belly still cannot speak.

We have a lot of work ahead of us.

Well, first things first.

- Turn in your smile bones, please.
- Just put them in the bucket.

- Seriously?
- You want to learn how to eat or not?!

Will those be stored
in a sanitary manner?

- Yeah, I put them in the bucket.
- Now, let's eat!

Those bellies are looking ripe.

Here's your smile bones
back, y'all. You earned it.

Oh, that's not right.

- This belongs to...
- This isn't mine.

- And that goes to you.
- Thank you.

Robin, have you considered
eating less of the fish?


So what do you bellies
have to say now?

Fill me with food.

It's tummy time.

Oh, your belly's
still not speaking, huh?

No, the belly can speak.

I'm loving this belly talk.

Now get me more food!

Why do we have to get you more food?

In the world of the belly,
biggest belly is in charge!

And that is us.

Fat chance, belly boys,

I'm the biggest,
I should be in charge.

It should be the
majority rule and we are the many.

I'm the biggest belly.

Enough, bellies!

There's only one way
to settle this thing.

That's right.
Time to belly up!

Oh, I cannot do
the inhaling anymore.

Our bellies weren't meant
to hold this much food.


I am an abomination.

Ah. Thanks
for the belly laugh.

Your tiny bellies are amusing to me.

Yes, brother, their pathetic
bellies only exist to serve us now.


Um... I didn't say that.
My belly did!

Oh, right we get it,
your "belly" said it.

No, really, my belly said that!

That's enough malarkey
out of you non-bellies!

Mine, too!

It's happening!

- What's happening?
- I warned you about this.

You've given your bellies too much
power and now they've taken control.

Indeed, we have!

Yes, brother, now let us
seek out more food.

While they were
consuming the food,

their obsession with eating
was consuming them.

- So profound.
- There's only one way to fix this.

They have to learn
how to enjoy their food.

But before we can
take care of those bellies...

we have to take care of these.

So much delicious food, brother.

Yes, this world will be
very easy to conquer.

Bro, this is out of control!

If only we savored our meals we
wouldn't be in this situation.

It's time to teach
those bellies how to eat.

Starfire, Raven!
You know what to do.

Nice try,
but how will they savor

these delicious treats
without their smile bones.

Oh. They took our
smile bones, bro.

How are we going
to savor our food now?

Take ours.

Oh, man! Do you eat
anything other than fish?

Quick, Raven, give Beast Boy
your smile bones.

Ew, no way.
You do it, Star.

Very well.

Hmm. Mmm.

That is so good!

What are they doing?

They're enjoying their food!


No, don't do it.

Oh, what a world.

Well, I sincerely hope
we all learned a little bit

about the importance
of savoring your food.

- We sure did.
- Thanks, Robin.

There's just one more thing.

Biggest belly is in charge!