Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 28 - Crazy Day - full transcript

It is crazy day, and Raven has to try not to be driven crazy by the other Titans.

2x28 - "Crazy Day"

Oh, what a headache.

I really need peace and quiet today.

- Ah! What was that?
- That, Raven, was crazy!

Oh, no.
Please don't tell me today is...

Crazy Day!

Check it out!
We're eating cereal with forks.


Milk in your face!

How does the milk stay on the fork?

- It doesn't! It doesn't!
- Ooh-hoo! I have the big shoes.

It is enough to drive one crazy!

Okay. Stop right now!

Not until one of us
out-crazy's the rest

and is and is named
the new Captain Crazy!

Okay, you do Crazy Day every year
and I still don't know what the point is.

There is no point.

Isn't that crazy!

Today's not the day for this.

Actually, today is the day
for this, mama.

It's cray-cray-cray-cray...
crazy day!

Why do you never participate
in the competition?

Maybe because you guys already
drive me crazy, every day!

I'm going to go lie down.

On the ceiling?

Ugh. Why do they
have to do Crazy Day

when I have this splitting headache?

What's going on?

Where am I?

You are in your mind.

Oh, no wonder it's so dark.

And it's about to get darker,
because I'm here to break it!

Cute. But if you want to drive me crazy,

you'll have to do better than that.

Oh, don't worry. I know
exactly how to drive you crazy.

Well, that laugh's kind of
annoying. You got that going.

Oh, my feelings.

I know we're not allowed
in there but

maybe we should see
what's going on.

Are you crazy?

Well, yes, my dear sir, I am.

Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo!


- Oh, sorry.
- Ahh!

Raven's not here.

I've taken over
her mind and body.

Lying on the ceiling,
crazy voice...

She's doing it! She's going
after your crazy crown!

Crazy voices rule.

Beast Boy's not here either.

She said she did not want
to be crazy on Crazy Day,

but she is the most craziest
of us all.

Oh, thank you.

I have been called the Lord
of Madness from time to time.

Uh, what's wrong with them?

If they haven't driven me crazy yet,

there's not much hope for you.

Don't give up on them
just yet, Raven.

What's that supposed to mean?

You'll see. Now, if you
want me out, come and get me.

Ooh, this is so mysterious.


What are you supposed to be?

To pass me the by
and go the way,

the answer to my riddle
you must say.

Go for it. I love riddles.

What is running and walks with a mouth

and talks and has a
head and also the bed?

- What?
- Did I misspoken the riddle?

- Yeah, you definitely misspoken it.
- I will try again.

What runs with its head to its bed and

a mouth is having and does not walk?


What has a bed in its mouth
and is talking but also not

- walking to his...
- You are starting to drive me crazy!

This is a very difficult riddle.

That's the point!

I'm sorry. Just take your
time and try to remember

- what the riddle's about.
- Well, I...

Do you even know
what the answer is?

- Of course, I do.
- Yeah, right.

- It is the river, Raven.
- Cool, the answer is river.

You may pass.

Oh, you think that's crazy, watch this!

How do you like my hat?

Ray-Ray is so cray-cray!

That is not even the hat.

I think I know who our new
Captain Crazy's gonna be.

No way! I refuse to let Raven
be the craziest on Crazy Day.

Come on, Robin,
you have to up your game.

The Crazy Day is supposed
to be fun, Robin.

Yeah, dude,
you're starting to scare us.

You're acting kinda crazy.


But not crazy enough.

Time for some crazy training!

Robin's push downs
make none of the sense.

That is one crazy straw, bro!


What is wrong with him?

He can't afford to sell
those TV's at such low prices!

- He must be crazy!
- Crazy!

So, what are you two
supposed to be?

Well, we sort of like challenged
you to a game, or whatever.

Yes, it is a game of checkers,
to the death!

This is actually chess, not checkers.

- What's the difference?
- Ugh!

Your move.

- What?
- You want us to move?


We're moving, uh!
We're moving, uh!

That's right.

I have no legs.
I have no legs.

Are you kidding me?

How can chess pieces
not know how to play chess?

Hey, we've never been
chess pieces till now.

How can I win
if you don't know how to play?!

- Dude, that's a good question.
- And the answer is...

She can't win, bro,
which means we can't lose.

- Awesome!
- I'd high five you if I had hands!

Can't let them drive me crazy.
Can't let them drive me cra...

Go ahead, celebrate.

She's right. This moment is too
beautiful not to commemorate.

If we can't high five,
then let's high forehead!

You surrendered your king.
I win.

Okay, Raven,
this is for Captain Crazy!

One move. Go!

She doesn't even need glasses.

Oh, I can't compete with that.

You would be the last obstacle.

That's right, Raven, no one
drives you crazier than I do.

Now, if you want to pass
you must answer a riddle.

Already done that.

Oh. In that case, you have
to win a game of chess.

- Did that too.
- Really?

Well, then you have to, uh...
You have to...

Ah, never mind, come on in.
Ow! My nose!

- You!
- Hi, honey.

Lose your mind yet?

Using imagery of my friends
to drive me crazy.

Was all this
about turning me evil?

Eh, got me. Did it work?

Of course not! I already
spend every day with them.

You could never drive me
as crazy as they do.

Oh, I don't know.
They actually seem pretty fun.

Oh, then you should spend
more time with them.

Azarath Metrion Zinthos!

Oh, what's happening?

Hey, why'd you do that?

They sure are loud.
Stop that.

Stop calling me "bro."

- What is a "glipnorp?"
- In your face.

No, I do not wish to train.

I do not paint my toe nails!

Tofu is not a food!

Nobody says "Booyah" anymore.

You're all driving me crazy!

What are you looking at?

The new Captain Crazy!


- Ray-Ray's so cray-cray!
- Oh, yeah!

No, you don't get it.
I'm not crazy

I mean, you all drive me crazy
all the time.

But you know what, in the end,
that's what keeps me sane.

Uh, that makes no sense.

Crazy Day!

I'm not crazy!