Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 24 - The Best Robin - full transcript

Robin calls on his team of Robins, Batman's other sidekicks, when the other Titans are too lazy to fight crime.

2x24 - "The Best Robin"

Gonna eat, gonna eat,
gonna eat some food!

Oh, box pasta. Fancy.

Boil water.
Stir occasionally?

Come on!

Too much work for this, dude.

Yo, Rave, can you change the channel?

You change it, remote's closer to you.


No, never mind.

I'll change it the old fashioned way.

- Well, that didn't work at all.
- Started a small fire too.

Shall we extinguish the flames?

Nah, just call the fire department.

But you are in closer proximity
to the phone than am I.

- Ah, no.
- Well, we tried.


Water punch now!

Extinguishing kick!

Titans, this is the fourth
fire this week,

I've had to put out
with my sweet ninja moves.

Oh, thanks, man.

Could you also change the channel?

And fix the TV.

What is up with this team lately?

Being a super hero is hard.

Sometimes, a period of the
vegetableling out is most necessary.

Looks like your rest and
relaxation is over, Titans.

Brother Blood has kidnapped
the city council.

Titans, go!


- Do we have to?
- Yeah, I really don't feel

like teleporting instantly
across the entire city.

Fine, since you're all lazy
and unprepared anyway,

I'll just take my other team!

What is this other team?

Oh, you don't know
about my other team?

Well, maybe a little birdie
can tell you all about it.


Dude, what was...

Team Titans meet Team Robin!

- This is Robin.
- Hi there.

- Robin.
- Well, hello.

- And finally, Robin.
- Sup?

There are three other Robins?

- Oh, there have been more than that.
- And golly, our chum

Batman does go
through a side kick or two.

- But, we're the best of the best.
- That's right, Robin.

Now, if you'll excuse us, we
have a city council to save.

Robins, go!

- Ahhh!
- Mission complete!

Nice work, Robin.

Couldn't have done it
without you, Robin.

Golly, Robin, you were amazing!

But did you see Robin out there?

Robin really Robined the Robins.

When I saw Robin,
Robin the Robin, I Robined.

Robin. Robin.
Robin. Robin. Robin.

Team Robin.
Caw! Caw!

Dude, they just did our job for us!

And with great speed and efficiency.

Of course they did, they're all Robins.

- They always have to be the best.
- Hmm...

Guys, this might shock you,
but I have an idea.


I hope seeing us in action has
inspired you all to try harder.

Totally! We learned our lesson.
Thanks, Rob.

Always happy to show
what true heroism looks like.

Oh, sorry, I was talking
to the other Robin.

The one who did all the work.

Thanks, glad someone sees
who the real hero is here.

Not you, Robin, the Best Robin.

The one with the smooth hairless legs.

Thank you.

- Guys, I'm Robin classic, the best!
- Care to test that theory?

Come on guys,
we all know I'm the best.

There's no way
I'm not the Best Robin.

Clearly I'm the best,
at least the toughest.


Come on, guys,
you all better recognize...

- Whoa, whoa, whoa...
- This is the OG Robin.

Now, obviously,
the Best Robin is the strongest,

the quickest, the most capable, right?

So, for instance,

the Robin who could get pizza
the fastest...

Getting pizza?

- How is that going to be...
- It's going to be me!

- Hold on.
- No, wait.

That wasn't very sporting at all.

I feel the guilt.

Should we not be doing
our own work?

No way, it's like the old saying,

"always trick your friends into
doing things for you and stuff."

- Oh, yeah.
- Why, yes, I do recall the saying.

- Of course. I remember that one.
- My dad used to say that.

I won!

- I got the pizza first.
- Thanks, Robin. You're the best!

- I know.
- Oh no, not you, Robin, Robin.

- Oh, golly.
- Robin already got us a pizza and fixed the TV.

But, it's not hard
when you put your mind to it.

Beast Boy, do you need help?

No, Robin, I'm cool.
Robin has it covered.

Now chew please, Robin.

You, Robin,
are a rocking Robin, Robin.

Hey, Robin!

Look at this cool outfit
Robin made for me.

It draws attention
to the quads and calves,

just like a costume should.

Gotta step up your game,
Robin, if you wanna compete.

Oh, I've never been so relaxed.

Deep breaths, let all the tension out.

Breaking knuckle punch!

- Deep tissue karate chop!
- Argh!

- Sugar, please.
- It's so snug.

Oh. It's got that snap I like.

Yes, Robin, your fingers are
like tiny magic claw bones...

claw bones...

That's it!
Every Robin who's not Robin, out!

They were so helpful.

- How am I gonna eat now?
- The same way you used to!

I don't remember how!

Am... Am I doing it?

- Brother Blood's back!
- But, the other Robins are all gone.

- Who's gonna fight 'em?
- Us, obviously!

I know you're all feeling
sluggish, but that's okay.

I will lead you to victory.

We will defeat Brother Blood
and prove once and for all

that I am the Best Robin.

How did we get captured?

Seriously, I had a whole
elaborate trap and everything!

Oh well, time to die.

I know, I know,
I wish they were faster too.

Now, I'm going to check on
a few things around the lair.

Just keep screaming.

- Ahhh... !
- Well, since we have some time,

is there something
you'd like to say to me?

Okay fine, maybe we were
getting a little lazy.

We're sorry.

We will train most
vigorously in the future.

Now call your Robin buds
and let's get outta here.

No way! The Best Robin
doesn't need help.

I'll save us!
If I struggle enough,

I'll lose weight, then, I'll be
able to slip out of the ropes.

Nice work, Best Robin!

Getting a little sweat going.

- Just call the other Robins.
- Nope!

Come on, make that bird sound.

Don't need to.

Fine, I'm just going to call
them myself.

That's not it, dude.
It's like...

Just stop, they're not coming!

The pounds are melting off.

I believe it was more of the...

No, come on, it was...

Oh, no, no. You're not going
to get them to come that way.

It's actually...

Wait! No, no, no, stop!
I take it back!

Holy hostages, Robin!

Looks like you could use some help.

- Yes!
- No!

Just checking in. Your
deaths, are they imminent yet?

Robin! Robin!

Robin! Robin!
Robin! Robin! Robin!

Robin! Robin!




- Hurt.
- Hurt bot?!

Must show Robin
who the Best Robin is.

Robins, go!


Uh, the death circle isn't
built for this many people.

So I need you all to
squeeze together, okay?

Otherwise, I'm going to have to run
it twice and that is just a hassle.


Guys, if this is it,
I just want you all to know,

since these losers failed,

this means I'm back in the
running for "Best Robin"!

- Yes!
- You were captured first.

Look, you each
have different strengths.

Robin may be best at combat

but he doesn't have Robin's
toned muscular thighs.

Why, thank you.

And only one Robin is the best
at the foot rubs.

Toes are the key
to the perfect massage.

They're right. There's no way to
truly tell who's the Best Robin.

We should just be okay
being ourselves.

Especially since
we'll all be dead soon.

Curse you, Super Robin.

All right!
That's the Best Robin!