Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Man Person - full transcript

Beast Boy is distressed by his big new battle scar, until Cyborg convinces him that the scar makes him look tough and manly. Now Beast Boy wants to look even tougher.

2x02 - Man Person

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He's all mine!

Stay with us, Beast Boy.

We are not losing you today!

- Raven, bone saw!
- Bone saw.

- Pliers.
- Pliers.

Removing foreign object.

Foreign object removed.

Oh, man! My face, my face!

Okay, Beast Boy, lower your hands.

I'm sure it's not so...
so bad!

So, so very bad.

Bandages, we need bandages.

This is going to take a while to heal.

All right, Beast Boy, let's see
how you're healing over there.

His glornup is blorthing everywhere.

Cover him up, cover him up.

Okay. Here we go.

Oh, it's finally healed.

Beast Boy: But how does it look?

Oh, man! The scar is huge.

My face is ruined!

Come on, Beastie, it's
not that bad. Right, guys?

- Uh...
- Uh...


I think it makes you look tough.

Yeah, right dude!

I'm serious. Who's the
toughest person you know?


Who's the toughest man person you know?

- You're the toughest man person I know.
- Booyah!

And do you think I
started out that way? Nope.

I used to be an average
normal looking joe,

minding my own business when suddenly...

Fire! Brimstone.


My body got all messed
up in some crazy accident.

Then my papa hooked me up
with these awesome robot parts

and that's what makes me tough.

The scars, man.
The scars!

- For reals?
- Yes, for the reals, Beast Boy.

Hey, what's up with that ostrich?

Why's he so manly, huh?

Oh, it's just the rad scar on his

Uh-oh! I think we got some
tough times ahead of us.

Ooh! Ah!


Women: Hi there, toughster!

Dr. Light is on a rampage down-town.

Titans, go!


- Whoa! That was tough!
- Thank the scars.

Beast Boy, look out.

We need more bandages!

Don't worry!
I got you, Beastie.

You're lucky your animal super
powers are keeping your arm alive.

So gross.

While we figure out how to
reattach it, this should help you.

- Hey, it's gonna be okay, Beast Boy.
- I know.

- Don't let this bum you out.
- It won't.

Are you not upset with
the loss of your appendage?

Nope, now I have this sweet robot
arm to go with my manly scar.

- Okay that is the coolest thing I've ever seen.
- Amazing.

- So hot.
- What was that, Ray Ray?


Robot arms are tough and all

but losing body parts
is not a good thing.

- Worked out for you.
- Maybe Cyborg's right.

We'll work to reattach...

Ah, ow!

Beast Boy, you are not laughing?

Beast Boy might have
thought that was funny.

But I'm a man now.
Scar Man.


What is it with Beast
Boy getting his arm

- blown off on purpose?
- You mean Scar Man.

His name is Beast Boy.

That is no boy.

I was just trying to
cheer him up by telling him

scars were cool, but now
he has taken it too far.

Beast Boy: Hey, my man, keep
these on ice for me. Thanks.

What's in here?

Oh, you know, just some lame
body parts I'm not using anymore.

What did you do, Beast Boy?

Just made myself a little tougher.

And it's Scar Man.

- You can say that again.
- Scar Man.


- You do not get it.
- Oh, I get it.

I used to have a little kid arm,
and a little kid leg,

and now I'm bigger
and manlier than ever.

This is not an improvement.

Did you say something?

Couldn't hear you over my manliness.

Darn! Darn!

We gotta get those body parts back.


Good news bro.

I figured out how to
reattach all your body parts.

Can't hear you.

It's a simple procedure and
you'll be back to your old self.

I prefer to remain awesome, thanks.

One sec. Blast power!

Excuse me, I'm taking
this party sky high.

Woman's voice: Sky high!

There has to be a way
to make him realize

what he's done to his body is terrible.

Hey, Beast Boy, look at me.

Look at how tough I've made myself.

Ooh! Crab claws.
Clickety clickety click.

So tough.
And check out these horse haunches.

Manly enough for you?

What'd you do to yourself, Cyborg?

I'm teaching you a lesson!

That cutting off body
parts and replacing

them with other parts just ain't cool.


Taking care of yourself is more
important than looking tough, man.

Uh-huh, sure. You done yet?

Yeah, I'm done.

Uh, I'm sorry.
Maybe you're right, bro.

I guess I got kinda carried
away in my pursuit of toughness.

I think we both got
a little carried away.

You do look pretty tough though dude.

This looks tough?

You just upped your
man factor five times!

Hey, what else can we
do to up our man factors?

Only one way to find out.

Beasty Boy: Oh, so manly, yo.

Woman: So manly.

Yo, that is one tough sunset.

Just like us bro, just like us.