Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - The Mask - full transcript

Robin losses his mask during a fight and must get back to the tower to get his backup mask. The rest of the Titans want to see him without the mask very badly. So after all the begging, pleading, try to guess what he looks like without the mask and other things, Robin takes off his mask..

2x17 - The Mask

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There's no room for your
anti-establishment music

in Jump City, Punk Rocket.

His music is so angry, bro.
What are we gonna do?

We fight terrible music
with even worse music.

Titans, go!

You are going down!

And now, to finish you...


Are you the all right, Robin?

I can't find it! I can't find it!

- Find what?
- My mask!


Don't you understand?

Without a mask, my face
is revealed to the world!

What's the big deal,
dude, even with the mask

- 90% of your face is showing.
- You can't see me!

No one can see me!

Must get back to the tower...



Oh, hey guys.

Yo, what's up with
you and that mask, bro?

I've never seen you act so crazy.


Well, that's not true.

My mask is the only thing
that conceals my true identity.

And that identity
must never be revealed.

Why do you feel the need
to conceal yourself from us?

You know who we are.

Yeah, but nobody cares about you guys.

That's why you don't
need a secret identity.

I think he has trust issues.

The truth is, if my identity
was revealed to the world,

it would put you in harm's way.

Villains would be able to pinpoint our

location and attack us where we live.

We live in a T-shaped tower.
How hard is it to find us now?

Come on, show us your face, man.

I did take off my mask, once,

for the original Teen Titans.

Titans, listen up!

This is what I look
like without my mask.

I won't let that happen again.

Mmm... I'm not buying his story.
He's hiding something.

Maybe if he took off his mask,
his eyeballs would fall out!

I think he has a monster unibrow.

I think he's hiding the parasitic twin.


- That's just weird, Star.
- I apologize.

We have to find out the truth!


I'm trying to sleep!



A-ha! Oh.

A-ha! Oh.
A-ha! Oh.

A-ha! A-ha!
A-ha! A-ha!

- Just let us see!
- Never going to happen.

I got to know what's under there!

We will not stop until we have
penetrated this mystery.

- Right, Raven?
- I actually stopped a while ago.

Look, I'm doing all this to protect you.

I don't tell you this often, but
I truly care for each one of you.

- Really?
- Really.


Hey, where are you guys going?

If you cannot share your secret with us,

then we can no longer be Teen Titans.

That's right!
We're outta here!

Go find yourself some
other heroes you can trust.

But you can't leave.

I trust you.

Sure doesn't seem like it, dude.

All right, if it's come to this...

then I must
reveal my secret to you.

Dude, you are so good looking!

I'm freaking out, he's so beautiful!

You have the strong
cheekbones of a...

- And that jaw line.
- Such perfect skin.

And those eyes.

They sparkle like sunrise on the
waters of a crystal blue lake.

Robin, why did you hide
this beauty from us?



Yeah, can everyone please stop staring?

Don't spoil this moment with words.

Stop that!

Do you now see why I had
to hide this from you?

- Uh-uh.
- No, not really.

- This face has been my burden.
- Burden? Are you crazy?

We would love to have
a burden like that.

Life would be so amazing.

- Hey, nice face.
- Thanks, mama, I like your face, too.

You'll have to excuse me,
I have to accept my award

for best face.

Shall we do the carpool?
It was the four-way tie.

Instead we have to be so

We look like the garbage.

Why do we have to be so, so ugly?

I can't even look at you trolls!

This is one of the reasons I
didn't want to show you my face.

And I have a feeling
that's the other reason.

- Ooh.
- Incredible!

Look at that handsome alien face.

Are we the only butter
faces in the universe?

I am Klatak, queen of
the Barshalluvian empire.

I have surveyed the
vast cosmos for eons,

searching for a creature as
beautiful as me, to be my king.

At long last, that search has
ended, for I have found...


You cannot have our Robin!

This beautiful man belongs to us!

If you will not give him to me,

then I shall take him,
after I destroy you all.

Then you underestimate me
and my unattractive friends.

Titans, go!

Her technology is too handsome.

- What are we going to do?
- Looks like there's no choice.

Dude, you can't go with her!

This is the only way to protect you.

Come to me, my king.

Yes, but first, feast your eyes on this.

The beauty has overwhelmed me.

Too beautiful. Too beautiful!

You all understand now?

Yeah, dude, put that
back on and keep it on.

For our sake and for the world's.

Even if it means we'll

never see that gorgeous face again.

We will always have the
memory of Robin's beauty.

It worked, just as I planned.

I've preserved my true identity

and no one can ever find that out.

- Right, little bro?
- Got that right, big bro.

Hook me up with a grape, why don't ya?

Oh! A sweet one!
I like that.