Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Slumber Party - full transcript

When the Titans find out that Cyborg is afraid of the dark, they decide to have a slumber party to help him face his fears.

2x10 - "Slumber Party"

That's enough.

Lights out

and night light on.

Night light out.
Lights on?

Lights on!

Lights on! Lights on!
Lights on! Lights on! Lights on!

I do not like the dark!

I can't see where things are!
I gotta find a light!


- Oh, my shin! My solar plexus!
- Cyborg, is everything okay?

We heard the screams of the little girl.

Eight-eyed monster!

Oh, phew.
I scared it off.

Wow, that monster really did
a number on you guys, huh?

Power went out. I'll check
the grid in the morning.

No, you will check the grid immediately!

Bro, are you scared of the dark?

- Of course not.
- As your friends, we would understand.

- Oh, I wouldn't.
- Yeah, only babies are scared of the dark.

I am not scared of the dark.

I am scared of what hides in it.

- Whoa, spooky.
- Right?

It all started at a slumber
party many years ago.

My friends
forced me to play Scary Teri.

That stupid baby game that's
supposed to summon a scary ghost?

It is not a game, people!
It is not a game!

Gathering all of my courage, I turned
to the mirror and said the words...

Scary Teri. Scary Teri.

Scary Teri!

I barely escaped Scary Teri that night.

That's why I've slept with
the light on ever since.

Wow, that is an embarrassing story.

Yeah, you know Scary
Teri isn't real, right?

Not real?
The woman almost ate my soul!

Why is this so hard to believe?
Raven's father is a demon.

Yeah, but he doesn't waste
his time hanging out at little

kids' sleepovers. Unless
he's, you know, super bored.

Maybe we can help you
get over your stupid,

shameful and completely
unjustified fear.

- How?
- What if we held the party of slumber tonight?

Slumber party!

You wear that to bed?

Just part of my
never ending war on crooked teeth.

- I shall never surrender.
- So now we just go to sleep?

No way, dude. Sleepovers
aren't about sleeping.

They're about all the awesome
stuff you do instead of sleeping.

First up, building the
world's best blanket fort

according to these very
detailed blueprints I made.

We'll start with laying the foundation.

Then, in two hours, when
that's done, we can...


Oh, come on!
It's not that complicated.

Once the primary support column is up...

I'll do it myself.

Hey, Cyborg, know the best
part about slumber parties?

Pillow fight!

- Raven, help! I'm under attack.
- No, thanks.

- Raven, come on!
- I'm not playing.

Aw, please, mama?
It won't be fun if you don't play.

Fight of the pillow!

Fight of the pillow!
Fight of the pillow!


There, happy?

Ooh, ooh, Titans,

I know an activity to take
Cyborg's mind off of his fear.

The game of Candor or
audacious undertaking.

You mean truth or dare.


Who knows what crazy things I
might do if given the dare.

I dare you to kiss...

No, I dare you to date
me for a few years.

And then move in with me, and then,
one night, when the moon is full,

to watch me bend down on one knee...

And to name our third child
Cecilia, after my favorite aunt.

And then hold my hand as the
sun goes down over the mountains

and whisper in my ear,
"it has been the good life."

- That is your dare.
- I was going to pick the truth.

Oh. Would you do all that stuff?

- No.
- I see.

I'll be in the blanket fort.

Why, Robin? Why?

You had to put it all out there.
Stupid! Stupid!

She thinks you're a jerk.
Why doesn't she love me?

My teeth are straight.
They're so straight!

Not to mention my awesome hair

and I've shown loving
father skills to Silkie!

Okey dokey...
Oh, I got a good dare!

Whoo! That was awesome!

That's what I'm talking about, brah!

Are you feeling better
about the nighttime?

You know what? I think I am.

I'm glad you decided to stop
acting like a big dumb baby.

Well, good night.

Is everybody okay? I'm pretty
sure I heard Scary Teri.

Okay, I think there's
only one way to fix this.

Wait, what are you...

No... Come on, you wouldn't!

- I don't want to play Scary Teri!
- Just do it, Cyborg!

You guys don't understand,
she'll destroy us all!

Say it first!

All right.

Scary Teri.
Scary Teri. Scary Teri.

See, Cyborg, isn't that better?

What did I tell you?

She's so scary!

Her ragged clothes!

Oh, I just bought these.

Ugh! Her ratty, unkempt hair!

I didn't have time to
wash it this morning.

Her dirty, ugly face.

This is just how I look.

No, you're right.

I should really take
better care of myself.

So, how do we defeat her?

Wow, that's a weird way of saying

] "Oh, Cyborg, you're totally right.

"sorry for making you relive
your childhood trauma."

We need a mirror.

I have several full-length and
hand-held mirrors in my room.

She's blocking Robin's room!

Titans, to the blanket fort!
Go, go, go!

Did you seriously put a mirror in here?

Among other things.

Robin, it's amazing!

Whoa! Fresh dude!

- Is that a basketball court?
- No, that's a bowling alley.

The basketball court's in the basement.

- Whoa!
- Yeah, yeah, it's impressive,

but there's a demon lady trying
to eat our souls right now!

There's a mirror in the
downstairs rumpus room.

Pillow fight!

There's another one in the
dance studio! Go, go, go!

Beast Boy!

Candor or audacious undertaking!

Oh, I love this game.
I got a fun one.

I dare all of you

to get in my mouth!

We must get to a mirror.

Cyborg, you have to get the mirror!

It's in the second guest bedroom.
You can do this.

Just because you're scared
doesn't mean you're not strong.

Okay, I can do this!

Time to join your friends, little boy!

I'm not a little boy anymore.

Scary Teri isn't scary.
Scary Teri isn't scary.

Scary Teri isn't scary!

Ha, I finally got you,
you not-so-scary witch!

- Hey, the lights are back on!
- Best slumber party ever!


Eight-eyed monster!