Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Ghostboy - full transcript

Beast Boy pretends to be a ghost haunting Starfire so she will do his bidding. When she figures out the ruse, she and the other Titans convince Beast Boy that he's actually dead.

(opening theme playing)


Nice try, beast boy.





If you're regurgitating
owl pellets into
my cereal again,

I am not amused.


Your wit never gets old.


You guys are no fun!

We're sick of you playing
pranks on us all the time.

And we're not gullible enough
to fall for them anyway.

Then it's a good thing
there's a titan who is.

I can always
count on starfire.

I'm gonna scare her good.

(bee buzzing)


Please, desist.

Stop it!

You will not take my blood,
evil vampire bug!


Beast boy?

Is that you in the form
of a mosquito?


Ow, you got me.

Oh! Hang on to
your life force,

I will get help
for you, friend.


It's too late.

(groans) oh! Ah!
I'm a goner.

Goodbye, cruel world.


by the moons of zenoglurb,
I have killed beast boy.


Beast boy?

You... You are a ghost!

A ghost?

Yeah. Yeah! I'm a ghost.


Ah! Help!

I think this might be
the start
of something beautiful.

Starfire: Robin, raven,

I have some particularly
bad tidings to share.

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I bid you not to tell them.

You bid me?

Yeah! See, here on earth,

If you accidently
kill someone,

It's customary to do
whatever the ghost says.

I see.

In that case,
I'm at your service.

What noble tasks shall you
assign to me?

How do I know
which clothes are dirty

And which one should
go back in the closets?

Sniff test. Just hold it up
to your nose and sniff.



Is it necessary
to conduct this test
upon all of your clothing?

Only the ones on the floor.

As you wish.

(knock on door)

Uh-oh! Someone's coming.


Starfire, why are you sniffing
beast boy's clothes?

The truth is...


The truth is on my planet
sniffing dirty clothes
is good luck.

(sniffing and shuddering)

(sniffs) oh! How I enjoy this!

So lucky.

(sniffing and shuddering)

I told robin an untruth

And it makes me feel dirty.

Speaking of dirty...
Sniff. Sniff.

If you are a ghost.
Why did you hide
under the bed?

Could you not have just
flown through a wall?

Here on earth,

You need to be a ghost
for a few days before
you can fly through stuff.


(vehicle approaching)

(vehicle honking)

One more thing...

It's been six hours since
beast boy tried to play
a prank on us.

What do you think he's up to?

Probably no good.

You look awful.

-What's the matter?
-I cannot tell you

Because I have been sworn
to secrecy by a ghost.

By a ghost, huh?

Let me guess.
This ghost likes to eat tofu
and play video games?

I think beast boy is playing
a prank on you.


Clorbag valblernek!

I'd say it's time we gave
beast boy a taste of
his own medicine.



Ooh! Ah!

Whew! Must've overslept.

I feel stiff.

(belling tolling)

Hey, what's going on?

he was so young!

Indeed. It is not fair!

I'm gonna miss you my
beasty little buddy!

At least he's in
a better place now.

Better place? Hello?

I'm right here.

I still can't believe
he was struck in his sleep
by a meteor.


Very funny!
I see what's going on!

You guys are trying
to play a prank on me.

Did you hear something?

Okay, if I really was a ghost.

Would I be able to do this?


Well, I just got a chill
up my spine.

Oh no! I really am a ghost.


(all laughing)

Whoa! He fell for it.
Hock light and weighty object.

(laughs) and putting that
spell of transparency on him,

Brilliant, raven!

Quiet! He's coming back.

Hold up.

I'm a ghost.

This means I can finally do
what I always wanted to do
more than anything.

Jump into a volcano.

Jump into a volcano?

What kind of dream is that?


Wait, beast boy!

Um, how long
would that spell last?

Not long enough.

Then we have to stop him
before he really does
become a ghost.

Titans go!

Be careful team.
Volcanoes are super dangerous.

We're going to have to find
beast boy, before he gets
to the top.

Look, over there.


Clearly, that's beast boy
in the form of
a mountain lion.

Yo! Beast dude!

Ah! I don't think that's...

-cyborg: Ow!

(cyborg grunting)

(cyborg screaming)

Cyborg: Ow!

(cyborg screaming)

I was mistaken.

Definitely not beast boy.

-Are you okay?

Just a few minor
scrapes and...

Oh, my arm.

(gasps) oh no!

Cyborg, you are a ghost?

The irony.

We can't let this
stop us titans.

We must keep going on
to rescue beast boy.

Well, this footing is

As an acrobatics' expert,

I have nothing to...

I got him. I got him.

Don't got him.

(loud explosion)


Guys, check it out!

I can fly.
I finally have a super power.


Yeah! Yes!


Careful, there is still many
dangers on this volcano.

Falling rocks, lava flows...

Laser beams.

Laser what...

Where did that even come from?

On my planet,
it is not uncommon

To be struck down by a stray
laser beam from outer space.

We have to keep moving.

Beast boy needs us.

I'm beginning to think
that we're paying to high
a price to save beast boy.

No price is ever too high
when it comes to
doing what is right.

Easy for you to say.
You're still alive.

Why does it appear
the top is coming to us?

Rock slide!

Oh, right, we're ghosts.


As you can see robin,
rock slides are of
no concern to me.

Rebbel nibbits!

Well, now that we are all
ghosts, we might as well
just fly through the volcano.

Oh, no! The spell's worn off.

One, two...

-Beast boy! Stop!
-You are not really a ghost.

Ha, ha! Got you guys!

I wasn't going to jump.

I knew you guys were
pranking me the whole time.

We all just died
trying to save you.

Ah! I am so angry.
I could push you.

But you can't!
'cause you're a ghost.


Well, that was fun!



Now look who's a ghost.

(all laughing)

This is not funny!

You are right.
It is not funny!

It is hilarious!

(all laughing)

So... What now?