Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 51 - Real Magic - full transcript

Robin starts performing magic tricks after seeing the Amazing Mumbo Jumbo, much to the delight of the other Titans - except Raven, who warns Robin that doing lame tricks will upset the Magic God.

(opening theme playing)

(siren wailing)

Cyborg: You don't think I know
that she's a robot?

I know she's a robot.

But if she's really
part of the family,

Why do they make her sleep
in a cupboard?

I mean,
she can have a real bed.

Don't they realize
she's a small wonder?

Why does this show
always get you so worked up?

Yeah, it's supposed to be
a comedy, dude.

-(bell chimes)



Oh, mumbo!

Titans, woah!

(chuckling) magic show.

-Oh, goody!

The teen titans.

You'll never be able
to stop...

Do a trick! Do a trick!

Ooh, yes. We would like
to see the magic.




(gasping) flowers!

They just came out of nowhere.



This isn't a magic show.

(all shushing)

Can I get a dollar
from the crowd?

-Cyborg: Oh, I got one!
-Robin: No. Take mine!
Take mine!

Beast boy: I've got 20, yo.

You're not supposed to be
giving the thief money.

(all shushing)


How in the world
does he do it?

He is blowing my mind!

Ooh! (gushing)

Now for my final trick,
watch me disappear.

Into prison
for 10 to 20 years.

-Ah, come on!
-Way to go!

You totally ruined the show!

Why must you hate the magic?

(raven grunting)

(seagulls shrieking)

(meditative music playing)

-(starfire screaming)

Cyborg: Oh, my
goodness gracious!

What are we gonna do?

What? What happened?

Robin somehow
removed the thumb.

Presto chango!

Oh, it's back on.
It's all good, people.

Oh, no! It's gone again!


What is going on?

Magic! That's what.

Seeing that creepy little
blue guy work miracles

Has inspired me
to do the same.

Hey, beast boy,
whoop, got your nose.

Wow, magic.

someone call a doctor.

Put it back.

I beg of you.

You guys think
that's impressive?

Azarath metrion zinthos.

(bowling pins clattering)

Beast boy: Super lame.

I saw how she did that.
She just used a spell.

yeah, great trick.

(all booing)

-Say, beast boy...

You appear to have
something lodged
in your general ear area.

Uh, that's just
my waxy buildup.

Not that.

There's something
behind your ear.

Huh, what's that doing
in there?

He pulled a coin
from behind beast boy's ear.

Do you keep the coins
behind your ear, beast boy?

No, dude, no.
Never in my life.




Why do you have to be
such a heckler, rave?

I'm not!
It's just that robin's magic
is terrible.

-No, you hate everything.
-No, I don't.

(upbeat music playing)

Raven: Hate it.


Hate it.

Hate it.

Okay, so I can be negative.

But, robin's dealing
with forces more powerful
than he understands.

His terrible tricks
are bound to anger
the magic god.


The magic god is responsible
for keeping the forces
of magic in balance,

Even terrible magic
like robin's.

If you don't treat the treat
the powers of magic
with respect,

You'll be summoned
by the magic god
to face his judgment,

And be eternally...

Who's ready for more magic?

All: We are!

Titans, I'm about to perform
magic's most dangerous trick,

The water torture chamber.

I wouldn't try this
if I were you.

I know what I'm doing, raven.
I saw it on the internet.

Beast boy, could you help
lower me into the water?

(water bubbling)

-This is just stupid.
-(all shushing)

Maybe we should get him
out of there.

He's fine, rave,
it's called building drama.



(weekly) ta-da.

Glorious water trick.

Guys! That beat
the missing thumb.
The missing thumb.

What is wrong with you people?

He died.

That's what made it
such a great trick.

anybody can survive a trick.

Well, you can't play around
with this stuff.

Magic is not a game!


Keep it up,
and you'll be summoned
by the magic god.

And believe me,
you don't wanna deal with him.

You don't get it, raven.

I am a magic god.


Hummus. Hate it.

Schnitzel. Hate it.

Chicken marsala. Hate it.

-(cell phone ringing)

What's wrong with my magic,

Robin: Hey, uh, rave,
you busy?

Uh, so... (clears throat)

I was, uh, doing some magic...
(laughs nervously)

And then this happened.





No wonder my magic's off.

You finally upset
the magic god,

And now,
all magic is out of balance.

Why didn't you listen to me?

I thought
you were just being negative.

Whoa! What's...
What's going on?

(both screaming)

Magic god:
Stand before the magic god.

You have displeased me.

Unless you can impress me
with some magic,

You will be banished
to the mines forever!

Forgive him, great magic god.

-Robin knows not
about his misuse of magic.

Show me a trick,
or to the mines, you two.

Let me handle this.

Azarath metrion zinthos.


(dogs barking)

Hate it.
To the mines, you two.

You can't send robin
to the mines.

He won't last a day
down there.

It's not robin I'm sending
to the mines, you silly fool.

You have upset the magic god

By pooh-poohing
all of his fine magic tricks.


The magic god hates hecklers.

I know, total downer.

Now, did you say
you want to see some magic?

Is this your card?

(gasps) that was my card.


Where did the ball go?



A coin? Behind my ear?

How absurd and marvelous!

Bravo! Bravo!

You are incredible, robin.

But she is still to be
banished to the mines forever!

Please, great magic god,
give raven one more chance.

I promise
she will not disappoint.


look, my thumb is missing.

Delightful! Amazing!
You have pleased me.

You both may go.

(both screaming)


Sorry, robin.

Your magic may be terrible,

But I can't hate things
just because they're terrible.

From now on I'm gonna work on
being more positive.

That's it?
You're not gonna say anything?


I was wondering
where that went.

How many of the pongs
does he have in there?

Gajillions. Who knows?