Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 48 - Más y Menos - full transcript

Mas y Menos visit the tower to get superhero lessons from Robin. The twins become fast friends with the other Titans, but Robin just wants to focus on the training.

1x52 - "Puppets. Whaaaaat?"

Listen up, I'm the leader of the
Titans and I say the commands.

That's right, bro, you are.

And we shall listen to you.

Beast Boy, make me
a sandwich, now!

Sure, yes, sure, leader sure.

Cyborg, foot massage, pronto.

Anything you want, mr.
Leader guy. Booyah!

Raven, organize the DVDs.

How I love doing your bidding,
o' glorious leader of ours.

- Here you go, boss.
- Not good enough.

- Starfire, come here to me.
- Oh, Robin.

Uh, puppet time
will have to wait.

It's fitness time.

Okay, Titans. Day one of
our new fitness regimen.

Time for a run.

Come on. Titans, go!

- Can't you see we're relaxing?
- Tough.

I'm your leader, and I
say we go for a run.

You're our leader on missions,
not around the house.

Hey, this is a command.

And this is the best part.
Shh, bro.

Tell me a joke, beatbox.

That's redonkulous.

- Oh, so good.
- Oh!

- I will listen to you, Robin.
- Phew!

After I am finished
reading the magazine.

You guys never listen
to me anymore!

Uh-oh. He's getting
the crazy eyes again.

Here it comes.

He's gonna blow.

Strange, he did not
do the flip out.

Calm down. Calm down.

Keep it together, Robin.
Go to your happy place.

I am the leader of the Titans.

All right, Titans, we are gonna
work those problem areas today.

Are you ready?

- Yeah.
- Booyah!

Yeah, good, yeah.

In four, three,
two, one, let's go.

And squeeze, and squeeze,
and squeeze, and squeeze.

Lean into it. Lean into it.

Shake it out. Shake it out.

Cyborg, work those glutes. Let
me hear some metal clanging.


Beast Boy, keep that
hand on the mat.

I'm watching you. I got
eyes on, Beast Boy.

Yes, sir, Robin sir.
Whatever you say, dude.

Ah! Feeling so much better.

Dude, that is weird.

Are those puppets?

Puppets? What? No.

Whoa! Is that me?
I'm super handsome.

Where did you get the little
wooden people, Robin?

They're here to help you deal
with stress, aren't they?

- Uh... well...
- Super weird!

It is the eyes of
the crazy again.

Uh-oh, take it back,
Cyborg, take it back!

I can't! What would rest of you call that?
That is weird!

It's all good, dude. We don't
think you're weird at all.

Now, who's a good boy?
Who's a good boy?

I am.

- Uh, yeah. It's weird.
- Oh, I would like to try the weirdness.

Yeah, me, too.

What are you doing?

It's puppet time!

No! Keep your hands
off my puppets!

- What's up with these puppets.
- They can't do anything.

Mine cannot even perambulate.

Oh, yes, they can. Puppets
can do everything.

They are the ultimate form
of artistic expression.

You're just doing it wrong.

See, you just move one leg,

- then the other like this.
- Oh, man, what?

- Oh, I cannot do this.
- Mine is broken.

- No, like this.
- Oh, I am getting the understanding.

Look at me go.

I'm poppin' it, I'm poppin' it.

I'm poppin' it.

- Easy peasy.
- Ahhh! No!

If you would just listen to my orders
you'd learn how to do it right.

Uh, we're not your
puppets, Robin.

You can't just make
us do what you want.

Yeah. There ain't no
strings on us, dude.

Uh, what're you guys doing?
I didn't authorize any...

Relax, dude. We're just
putting in a new door.

- But it doesn't go anywhere.
- I know. That's the joke.

As the building's safety
marshall I order you to...

It could compromise the
structural integrity of...

I need my puppets!

Where are they?
Where's the stage?

- We used it, bro.
- Yeah. I think we left it outside.

Really? I did not
just fall for that!

Oh, yes, you did.

Ahhh! They never listen to me.

I wish they were more
like my puppets.

Puppets. Puppets. Puppets.

Did I hear a puppet wish?

Whoa! A talking sock.
That's weird.

I am no ordinary talking sock.

I am the all-powerful
puppet wizard.

Master of the ancient
puppet arts.

And I see that you're having
control issues with your team.

Yeah, they just don't
listen to me anymore.

I'm their leader, and I
know what's best for them.

But, no. They wanna have rules
of their own or whatever.

It's really frustrating.

Well, I can make it
so your Titan friends

can be as easily manipulated
as your puppets.

And all for the low, low
price of your mortal soul.

Just sign here.

You've got a deal, sock.

- We're puppets.
- That's right.

What have you done, Robin?

Now that you're all puppets,
you'll have to listen to...

Whoa! I look weird as a puppet.

Watch me perambulate, yo.

Ooh. Wonder if I can
still turn into stuff.


- Okay, guys, it's time to go for a run.
- Nice view.

Come on!

You're puppets. You're
supposed to do as I say.

Uh, yeah. But you're
a puppet, too.

Oh, right.

I guess I didn't think
this through too well.

Clearly, this was a bad idea.

So, uh, where's the bathroom?
I've really gotta go.

Um, it's just a puppet stage.
It doesn't have a bathroom.

Does the puppet stage
have a kitchen?

- I'm so hungry, bro.
- Sorry.

- Hey, this TV doesn't work!
- These pages are all blank.

What do you people want from me?
They're just props!

- We wanna be people again.
- You must change us back!

I can't. I sold all of our
souls to the puppet wizard.

- The puppet wizard!
- The puppet wizard?

- Ugh, not the puppet wizard.
- Who's the puppet wizard?

Ugh! "Since time immemorial,

"the puppet wizard has ruled
over a distant mystical land

"where he traps unlucky souls in
the bodies of wooden puppets.

"The only way to reclaim one's
soul is to travel to his kingdom

"and defeat him in
battle before sunset.

"if we fail, we'll be
lifeless marionettes

"doomed to do the puppet
wizard's bidding... forever."

Then we know what we have to do.
Titans, go!

Does this thing even work?

Here I got it.

Behold the puppet wizard.

Come to reclaim
your souls, I see.

With your puny puppet bodies
you'll never defeat me in battle.

We'll see about that.
Puppet attack!

Pencil whack!

Heat energy, the
wizard of puppets.


Yes! We did it.

We got our souls back.

I miss my people self.

So, you have anything to
say for yourself, Robin?

This was all my fault.

It's just hard to be a leader
if nobody listens to you.

I'm sorry, guys.

Nah, you were right all along.

It was all our fault.

You're our leader, and we should
always listen to you, bro.

Starfire, what about you?

Robin, come here to me.

- Dude's got issues.
- Yeah.