Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 46 - Missing - full transcript

Cyborg, Beast Boy and Robin return Silkie to Killer Moth to collect a cash reward. Starfire is devastated until she sees Killer Moth might love Silkie just as much as she does.

1x50 - Grandma Voice

Titans, go!

That's what happens
to naughty children.

Mother, may I give
you the eye blast?

No, you may not.

That's one mean old lady.


Toughest grandma ever.

Please. She's nothing
compared to my grandma.

Make you cookies one minute,

knock some sense
into you the next.

My grandma's a succubus
who eats people's souls.

Mother told you to be nice,
now you all get a spanking!

Oh! Ow! Oh!

Ow! Too bad your grandma's
not here, Cyborg. Oh!

'Cause we could sure
use the backup. Ow!

Man, if she were here,
she'd be like...

Honey, you don't want
to make grandmama mad!

Uh-uh, no you do not!

That is the funny voice. I did not
know you could do the funny voice.

Ooh, you have done it now!

Grandmama's gonna give
you a whoopin' for that!

That's right, you go on now.
Go on, honey.

Look both ways before
you cross the street.

Hmph! I guess I knocked
some sense into her.

Too bad you can't really knock
some sense into a person.

Ooh child, sure you can!

No sense, then wham! Sense.

All right, who wants some?

- Nopes, I'm good.
- Uh, no thanks.

Oh, no thank you, the grandma.

But I do like the funny voice.

That boy couldn't sit
down for a week!

Never should have messed
with grandmama's gravy!

Enough with the funny
voice, Cyborg.

Mmm. Yeah, it's
giving me a headache.

Grandmama don't know what
you talkin' about, baby.

Dude, the moment's passed. Why
are you still talking like that?

You ever get stuck doing a voice
that you just can't stop?

Well, that's where I am, honey,

I just can't help it.
Grandmama can't help it.

Try to help it.

Morning, Titans.

Who wants breakfast, children?

Ugh, still with the voice!

- Cyborg, what are you doing, bro?
- Call me grandmama, child.

Seriously, Cyborg...

- Ow.
- I said call me grandma!

Okay, grandmama.

Now wash those hands before you eat.
Go on, now. Mmm-hmm.

That dress does not flatter him.

It seems this voice has attached itself
to Cyborg's subconscious somehow.

But it also seems he...

She has become an awesome cook!

Thank you, sweetie.

Now let's clean up this mess, 'cause
I'm not raisin' any little piggies.

Aww, but that's so much work!

Cleanin' doesn't have
to be work, baby.

Just put a little music on,
and it becomes a party!

How can audio pleasantries
inspire cleanliness?

Just feel the music, baby.

I think I'm... I'm
starting to feel it.

Yo, this music is making
me want to do the dishes!

Watch me dry these bad boys.


That's right!

Grandma's cookin' now!


I don't know how we ever lived without you.
I love you, grandma.

I love you, too. Sweet,
sweet dreams, baby child.


Hey, I was playing with that!

Not before doin' your
homework you wasn't.

I don't have homework. I
don't even go to school.

- Are you sassin' me, child?
- What is sassin'?

Ooh, don't make me knock
some sense into you.

Sorry, grandma.

Mmm-hmm, that's more like it.

Oh, no, you don't!

You're not goin' out
dressed like that!

What is wrong with the
way I am attired?

Why, nothing.

If you like showin' some skin.

- I think she looks good.
- No, you don't!

Robin? Did you have to knock
so much of the sense into him?

Somethin' comical, missy?

Uh, no, ma'am.

You! Cover yourself up!

- You ain't goin' nowhere like that!
- Yes, grandmama.

And you!

- You're fine like that.
- Thanks.

- Is that sass?
- No, ma'am.


I've changed my mind. I
hate life with grandma!

We've gotta do something. I don't
care how good his peach cobbler is.

My cheeks sting
from the slapping.

- How do we make him snap out of it?
- We take grandma's advice.

We have to knock some
sense into him, child!

Sorry, it is a fun voice to do.

- I can't hit a grandma, Robin.
- She is part of our family.

"She's" not even a she!

Hitting old people, even if they
aren't really old people, isn't cool.

- We hit old people all the time.
- But they are filled with the evil.

An old person filled with evil.
That's it!

Hmph. Blasted arthritic hip.

- Now, who called for grandma?
- Help! Ahh, help!

- You must save us, grandmama!
- We've been baked into a giant pie.

How crazy is that?

Such a delicious way to die!

Who did this terrible,
terrible thing?

Are you calling my pie terrible?

It is if you usin' my
grandbabies as fillin'!

I hope you got your
teeth in tight.

'Cause we 'bout to have
us a grandma fight!

You gonna make a
move, old woman?

Or you just gonna stand
there gettin' shorter?

Now, you've made mother mad!

Sweet marlene! You're
not even a grandma!

Mother needs to knock
some sense into you.

Whoa! I just got the
sense knocked into me!

I love you, baby child.

You guys okay?

Oh, man, I'm so full.

There, there. It's going
to be okay, Cyborg.

I just miss her so much.

We'll always have
the memories, bro.

That's right! Whoo!

Granny's cookin' now!