Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 45 - Little Buddies - full transcript

Tired of being the only one of the Titans without a little buddy sidekick, Cyborg adopts Brother Blood's henchman, PainBot, and sneaks him into the tower. Now Cyborg just has to keep PainBot from harming the other Titans.

1x45 - Little Buddies

You're going down,
Brother Blood.

Pain. Pain. Pain.

- Oh no, not him.
- Pain.

It can't be who I think it is.

Pain, pain, all I know is pain.

Pain Bot, he's all mine.
Titans go!


Not going well!

- We've got this, man!
- Pain, Pain, Pain.

Guess we should help him out.

- Uh...
- Pain.




Hey, Beast Boy...

distract Pain Bot by getting
your face smashed in.

Yes, sir!

I'm going after Brother Blood.

Dude, my face. Is it...
is it okay?


Wait! It's... not attacking us.

Don't worry about
Pain Bot, Titans.

Without Brother Blood's remote
it's completely harmless.

Don't trust it, dude.

All I know is pain.

Whoa. That's like, sad.

Cyborg, get away
from that thing.

Little buddy's got some busted circuits.
Maybe, I can just fix him.

- Pain!
- No!

All I know is...

Aw, let me fix that for you.

Oh! Just keep it down.

Can't let anyone
know you're here.

Good as new, little buddy.

Now, if you're gonna stay here
we're gonna set some ground rules.

These are the good guys.

That means no stabbing, burning,
electrocuting or dismembering. Got it?


Aw, you're just a little
sweet pea, aren't you?

I don't care what the others think.
I'm keeping you.

Look at that, I'm bleeding.



Oh! Yeah!


- Pain.
- Pain.

I love you so much.

Hey, anyone seen Beast Boy?

No, but I did hear his screams
followed by the sound

of terrible metal pounding
coming from the kitchen.

Terrible metal pounding...

I'm sure it's nothing!

Hmm. Maybe, if we
follow this red streak,

and these chunks of
meat, we'll find him.

Come on, guys. If we followed
every red streak in the Tower

we'd be on wild goose
chases all day.

Ahhh! Stop, stop!
You're killing me!

You can't add meat. I'm
a vegetarian, bro.

Oh, hey guys, look who I
found in the kitchen.

Explain yourself, Cyborg.

So, I've been hiding Pain Bot.

But, I was gonna tell you all over
a pizza dinner that he prepared.


We talked about this.
You can't keep him.

Why am I the only one who
can't have a little buddy?

Little buddy?

Those random, weird
creatures we keep around

after they manage to touch
our hearts against all odds?

You know, like Silkie.

Surely, you cannot compare the
Pain Bot with my little Bumgorf.

You're right! At least
Pain Bot is cute.

Look at all that nasty drool.

But, I love the
Silkie's nasty drool.

The rest of us don't have
little buddies, Cyborg.

Hiya, fellas.

Not now, little buddy.

Roger that. Bye, ya fellas.

No one's saying you can't have a little
buddy, Cyborg. It just can't be evil.

Oh! Evil is suddenly a problem?

Miss "I get by with a little
help from my demons."

Bro, you can't just bring home a torture
machine. That's just cray-cray.

- You brought home a wolf!
- Who, Dave? Dave's fine.

It's not Pain Bot's fault
that he's this way.

He come from a terrible home.

Give him a chance and I know
you'll see the good in him.


Well, maybe you're right.

- It's got my arm! It's got my arm!
- Pain! Pain! Pain! Pain!

Why! Why!

That thing's gotta go!

♪ Pain, all I know is pain ♪

♪ Your not being here
drives me insane ♪

♪ All the joy I've known
gone down the drain ♪

♪ Pain, all I know is pain ♪

♪ Pain, all I know is pain ♪

♪ Tears keep falling
harder than the rain ♪

♪ Trying to hold on but
that was all in vain ♪

♪ And I don't wanna
live without you ♪

♪ Because there is
no doubt that ♪

♪ All I know is pain ♪

♪ Yeah, pain, all
I know is pain ♪

♪ All I know is pain ♪

♪ Lemon juice on a
paper cut pain ♪

♪ And I don't wanna
live without ya ♪

♪ Because there is
no doubt that ♪

♪ All I know is pain ♪

I'm coming for
you, little buddy!

Pain, pain, pain.

- That's right, I'm keeping him.
- But we said...

Don't care. As long as you got
your little buddies, I get mine.

I am not getting
rid of the Silkie.

And, Dave's off-limits.

Dave, no! Bad wolf, bad wolf!

Call him off, call him off!

Look at those two go at it.

Why Dave, why?

There has to be a
way to settle this.

There is one way.

Little buddy showdown!

Okay, here are the rules!

Last little buddy standing
gets to stay in the Tower.

This is going to be
off the chain, yo.

Remember, all you know is pain.

All I know is pain.

All you know is pain.

All I know is pain.

Do you hear me? All
you know is pain!

All I know is pain.

Am I right? All
you know is pain!


Now, I want a good, clean fight.

Nothing below the belt or
you'll be disqualified...

Get him, boy!

Oh, Dave!

Stay lose, little buddy.
Stay loose.

Uppercut. Left Hook. Stick...

You get the idea.



You got this, little buddies.
Just follow what we planned.

Let's do this, Beat Box.

Let's break it down.

No! What are you doing?

That's redonkulous.

KO, baby!

Stop me! Stop me!


Whoo! You go, little buddy!
I knew you could do it!

You can stay here
with me, forever.

What about the Silkie's turn?

You kidding me?


We've got to get that
thing out of the house.