Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 44 - In and Out - full transcript

Robin dresses up as Red X to infiltrate the Hive Five and blow up their headquarters, but the plan changes once Robin discovers how awesome it is there. Soon all the Titans want in the HIVE.

1x48 - Mas Y Menos

- What's your problem?
- In T-minus any second now,

two young impressionable
superheroes will be here.

And we need to set the
best example possible.

Ah, man, kids? Why are
kids coming here?

Because I have offered to take
these lads under my wing,

and mold them into the
superheroes of tomorrow.

But why do they
need the molding?

So they'll grow up to be
like me, and not you.

What's wrong with us?


They're here.
Everyone, shape up!

It is with great pleasure that
I welcome you to the Titans...

- Yo soy Mas.
- Y yo soy Menos.

Oh, they are so
full of the energy.

Yo, pequito amigos. Que onda?

Mas. Menos. Eh.

Don't even think about it.

- Si.
- Guys.

Man, what's their deal?

Yo! I just found clip online
about "mas y Menos." Check it.

They only go fast when
they're touching,

And they only speak Spanish.

Oh, oh, oh, oh. So they go super
fast when they're touching.

That's fresh.

Guys, the learning is
happening over here.

Forget about these people.
I'm your mentor.

There's nothing you
can learn from them.

We're going to have a lot of fun
learning how to be a true hero,

but I do have one rule. No
hand touching in class.

- Pero si no...
- No excuses!

I don't like your
negative attitude, Menos.

You will not jeopardize mas' bright
future with your shenanigans.

Get it together.

Now, lesson one.

Villains lurk around
every corner.

A.B.S. "Always be suspicious."

Hey, guys, what's going on?

Es el Chico Bestia.

- Or is it?
- What?

Imposter. Whaa!

Ah! My eye!

Wait. This may actually
be the real Beast Boy,

But to be sure... I'll run a
DNA analysis on his tooth.

Pizza, pizza, pizza.


Look at them go! They are
even faster than before.


What do you think
they're making?


I don't know. This is slightly
different than what I'm used to.

Ooh. That's so good.

Los tamales de Guatemala!

Tamales colorados.

Tamales de elote.

Tamales de loroco.

Tamalitos de chipilin.

Mmm. I can't believe there are so
many different kinds of tamales.

What is going on here?

Oh. The tiny fast ones
have opened our minds

to the new experience
of the tamale.

Ah. Who cares about tamales
and new experiences?!

I'm trying to teach
them important stuff,

like how to be suspicious
and hit things.

Now, come on, you
two, back to work.

And no touching hands.

Time to learn about the most
important part of being a hero.

The pose.

Knee up, at a 90 degree angle.
Shoulders back.

Fist on the hip if
you're feeling sassy.

And always... always
look into the wind

so you can get some of that
good cape action going.

Oh, thank you. I have
been working out.

Okay, pop quiz.
Name the hero pose.

Batman. Superman.

Wonder woman.

Aquaman. Flash.


Well done, Mas. Menos, get
your head out of the clouds.

Eh, hey, let me get
that power up.

Get out of my way, Beast Boy.

What are you doing, Starfire?

Man, this dude is
impossible to beat.

No, no, no.

Ooh. I think I understand.

We should all work together.

Bravo. Wow.

What a brilliant waste
of time and energy.

Na, man. That was a life
lesson, straight up.

They're just kids. You can't
learn anything from kids.

Mas and Menos taught us about
the value of working together.

- That's just stupid.
- Maybe you should let them mentor you.

You might learn something.

You're behind this, Menos.
I know it.

Something tells me you're
about to flunk out.

Menos, your brother has gotten
food poisoning from a bad tamale.

You have to get to the hospital right now!
No time to lose!

No time to explain. Go! Go! Go!

Class is back in session.

All right. We've made
a lot of progress

without that troublemaker
brother of yours.

Now, show me what
you've learned.

Titans! Vamonos.

Whack. Whack. Doble whack.

Well done, Mas, well done.

But aren't we
forgetting something?

Yes! I'm finally getting
through to you.

Hey, Robin. Have you seen Menos?

Sorry, he's not my
problem anymore.

You didn't do something
to him, did you?

What? Of course not.

He's probably around somewhere.
I'll go find him.

Oh, hey. You're back.


Did you see Robin? He
was looking for you.


Que este no es mi hermano.
(This is not my brother.)



A donde te fuiste, mi hermano?

- Robin?
- Uh... Si.

I separated them so I can have
Mas's undivided attention.

You should be ashamed
of yourself.

But I'm not. Look how
well Mas has turned out.

- What happened?
- Their energy built up too much.

What happens if we
can't stop them?

Yo, I just found a clip online about it.
Check it.

Whoa. Why didn't Menos
warn us this could happen?

Titans, go!

Got 'em.

Lost 'em.

I've got this.


They are too fast. Raven,
they're heading your way!

Azarath metrion zin... Whoa!

My turn.

Well, you saved the day, Robin.

Yeah. You mentored us
all like a pro, bro.

And you taught us
all the lesson.

Well, you know, I try.

And what a lesson.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice
yourself for the greater good.

Whoa, whoa, whoa. That
was not the lesson.

The lesson was, put yourself in the
spotlight and get all the glory.

You guys never learn anything.