Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 40 - Be Mine - full transcript

Beast Boy helps Terra escape the dimension she was banished to and once again continues his romantic pursuit of her. But Terra only has revenge on her mind and plans to destroy all the Titans on Valentine's Day.

1x44 - In and Out

Man, is it just me or is
nothing working in this tower?

Uh, that reminds me.
Avoid the bathroom.

At least...

Titans... uh... what happened?
Never mind.

I have intel that the
H.I.V.E is working

to turn their HQ into a
space battle station.

You heard me right. A
space battle station!

Check it out.

I plan to infiltrate
and destroy the tower

before their evil plan
can be put into motion.

Is not the H.I.V.E tower too
well-secured to attempt this?

Already figured that out.

What do you think?

- Oh, finally you changed your outfit.
- No, I'm not changing...

Oh, you do not know how
ridiculous your old costume was.

Yeah. We didn't wanna tell you,
but your old costume... lame!

- You, you misunderstand.
- Loving the new voice, too.

Your old one was just so whiny.

Titans, go! Listen to me!

Do stuff I say as my incredibly
strong voice makes your ears bleed.

I'm not changing costumes!

I'm posing as a
villain called Red X,

in order to infiltrate
the H.I.V.E tower.

Red X, ooh!

You're gonna keep the name change, right?
It's so much cooler than...

- Robin...
- None of this is permanent!

So, what makes you think they'll
just let you join the H.I.V.E?

When I pick their biggest
and baddest member,

and make a point, they'll beg.

This mission will be fast.
In and out.

This space battle station is

gonna be the perfect combination
of comfort and deadliness.

Come in!

Name's Red X. I want
in with the H.I.V.E.

You know, we don't usually bring
in new recruits this way.

What, don't think I
have what it takes?

You're in.

Do you think you're a tough guy?

Oh! Someone stop him!

He's gonna hurt Mammoth!

What's wrong, tough guy?

You're not so big and
bad after all, huh?

Whoa, whoa, whoa! I
said you were in.

Oh, sorry.

Well, we've got a little home
improvement project we're working on.

Make yourself comfortable.

He's mean.

I said I was sorry.

Just like I said. In...

and out.

Red X!

- Want some pizza?
- As long as it's not delivery.

Because, in two minutes

there won't be a tower
to deliver it to.

We've got our own
wood-burning oven.

A wood-burning pizza oven?
Uh, excuse me.

Let's eat.

Mmm. Excellent pizza.
Crispy crust.

Such a shame this evil wood-burning
pizza oven must be destroyed.

So, tomorrow I was thinking,
we'd make Hawaiian.

Hawaiian? Excuse me.

The dinner is served.

Frozen fish and peas? I don't
want to see that. I'm hungry!

But you have not fixed the microwave
oven machine like you promised.

Oh, so just 'cause I said I would fix
it, I'm the one who has to fix it?

You all are living
in a fantasy land.

So, you destroyed
the H.I.V.E tower?

Uh, not yet. Things have gotten...

We can discuss over the dinner.

Oh, not for me. I'm stuffed.

The H.I.V.E. has a
wood-burning pizza oven.

You had pizza?!

Yeah, from a
wood-burning pizza oven.

It was super evil. I'll
destroy their tower tomorrow.

It'll be fast. In and out.

We need laser cannons
here and here,

and a flame decal would
look really cool.

Name's Stone.

Thought the H.I.V.E. could
use someone like me.

- Nice, you're in.
- Guess I'll have to prove myself then.

Sorry, but there's a
new tough guy in town!

Dude, I said you were in.
Red X, show him around.

What are you doing here?

Sounded like I could eat some...
Sounded like you could use some help.

Fine, keep watch while
I set the timer.

In and out.

Red X, we got us a complication.

I placed a time charge at the main
electronic system interface junction.

Simple, in and out.

- Escape route?
- Planned.

- Shockwave dispersal pattern?
- Calculated.

Air over pressure... Ahh! Score!

I win, I win! Uh-huh,
uh-huh, uh-huh!

- Better check out the pizza.
- Then, in and out.

Beast Boy, what are you
doing to the Silkie?

Video game's broken so I'm playing,
"What's Inside of Silkie."

Oh, yeah!

Oh! I did not just
pull out a hat.

So, you finally destroyed
the H.I.V.E tower?

That's a negative.

Still gathering intel,
uncovering so many secrets.

You guys up for a game of
What's Inside of Silkie?

No thanks, our wrists are tired
from playing air hockey all day.

- They have air hockey?
- Not for long, they don't.

And the wood burning pizza oven?

Come in.

Hi, I'm Raveen.

I am Sapphire.

I'm Beast Bob.

- You're all in.
- We want in the H.I.V.E.

Poor, poor Mammoth.

It's getting too
crowded around here.

What are you guys doing here?

We thought you could
use our help.

The mission is under control.
In and out.

Mayday! Mayday!

Why doesn't it surprise me that
this pit of despair has a...

soda fountain.

So many dastardly
beverage choices.

We need more time here. Too
many unanswered questions.

- How much time?
- Years, bro, years.

Years, it is.

Then, in and out.

Our ultimate space weapon is complete.
We're ready to launch.

We can't go into
space with them.

- We have to ask them to leave.
- That would be rude.

- So how do we get rid of them?
- Only one choice.

We have to blow
up H.I.V.E Tower.

- That's the best you can come up with?
- It'll be easy. In and out.

Weird, there's a
bomb here already.

Just need to set it.

Whoa! What are you doing?

We're blowing up the
tower, to get rid of you.

Yeah, you're rude and mean.

Hey, nobody blows this place
up but the Teen Titans!

Beast Boy!

This place may be evil, but it's
also way too awesome to destroy.

Titans, go!


- I hate it here.
- Yes, especially now.

Dudes, we've got
to do something.

They're driving us crazy!

It's okay, I've got a plan.
It'll be fast.

In and...