Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 34 - Caged Tiger - full transcript

After their "bro-cation" - a vacation just for the bros - Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Robin return closer than ever ... but their bro-mentum is interrupted by Dr. Light. Teen Titans Bro!

1x38 - "Breakfast Cheese"

The H.I.V.E is at it again.

- Look at them loitering so hard.
- Disgusting.

Titans, go!

Such disrespect of
signage is unacceptable.

Break the law and I
break your face, Gizmo!

Um, Robin, his face appears
to be quite broken.

Hanging out in front of
stores makes me sick.

I am starting to
feel the sick, too.

What's wrong, fellas?

Why you keep laying down?

Yeah, we thought you
love standing so much.

Please, Titans! Is
this not excessive?

We're just trying

to teach them a lesson.
It's our job as heroes.

But we are always
teaching the lesson.

And they are never the learning.

Hmm. Mayhaps it's because
we haven't used missiles?

Oh, man! That felt good.

Yeah, man, you remember
when you were all,

"boom, boom, boom!"

And they were all...

And then I was all...

And they were all, "no! Please, stop.

Hey, you with that staff, bro!

I know! I was like, "hey,
Gizmo!" Whack! Whack!

Hi-ya! Spine crack!

Soft tissue destruction!

Good times.

No! The times, they
were not good!

You should be feeling
pretty good, mama.

You were all, "zoom, zoom,
zoom", with the face lasers

and they were all, "it burns!
It burns!"

Please do not recreate the
moments with the sound effects.

I do not wish for our
aggression on the battlefield

to carry over into our
domestic behavior.

Like that would ever happen!

- Now, who wants a slice?
- I do!

Mmm, you ordered this
from the new place?

Perhaps we can try to solve our
problems without the fighting?

- No way.
- Please?

Mmm, sorry. But there's
nothing you can say

to make us give up
kicking butt for good.

I was hoping I would not
have to resort to this.

The eyes!

Don't look at the eyes!

So, uh, pathetic.

I can feel my barbaric impulses
straining right out of my body.

No way! I'll never give up
punching things! Never!

Do not worry, friends.

I promise to help you
walk the path of peace.


You're never gonna beat
my high score, bro.

Oh, yeah?


Get off of me, fool!

Friends, no!

The competitive game is
making you aggressive.

Why not play this game instead?

Puppy tummy tickles?

- Ugh...
- Sounds lame.

- Super lame.
- So lame!

Oh, what did you just do?

I scratched his tum-tum, bro.

Do it again, do it
again, do it again.

- Look at that tail go!
- Oh, look at that

little snuggly buggly! Aww...

Friend, Raven, you will
never achieve inner peace

through such acts
of the aggression.

- Uh, what are you talking...
- That!

- My fingers?
- Your tips.

When you press your tips
together like that,

a million skin cells
writhe in the agony.

- Come on!
- Just look.

Now try again.


Arachnid intruder.

Now, hold still,
you little creep.

You are still resisting
the way of peace, Robin.

Don't interfere, Star.

This is a dangerous spider!

It would smash you in
a second if it could.

Smash! You!

Then perhaps he can learn
through your example.

Fine! I'll try it your way.

Oh, this is such a bad idea.

Oh! Hey there, little guy.

- It bit me!
- You must have provoked it somehow.

Argh! This is exactly what
non-violence leads to!

I let my guard down and now I'm
going to die from spider venom.

No, glorbarg, it is far too
small to hurt you, Robin...


Why didn't I crush that filthy
insect when I had the chance?

Only a couple more
seconds of life

until the venom...
reaches my brain.

Oh, I can taste compassion.

It's so warm. I can
smell brotherhood.


Ah, yes.

The essence of the beautiful
is unity and variety.


Let us enter a new era of
Teen Titans super harmony!

Let us!

Namaste, my sweet sister.
More green tea?


It tastes like everyone in
the world holding hands.

The Titan alert, evidently
someone is in danger.

This is our chance to show how
well the non-violence works.

Ah! Titans, go! In peace.

Okay, Titans. Time to deal with
the H.I.V.E. once and for all.

Prepare to deploy...

I forgive you for loitering
here in such a fashion.

Go in peace.

Forgiveness is having no effect.

Counter attack with wisdom.

Wisdom? Okay.

If your heart is a volcano...

How shall you expect flowers...

to bloom?

I think we are starting

to get through to them.

Could I have been wrong?

Might fighting truly be
the only path to peace?

I think we are going to have
to resort to our weapons.

Oh, if we have no choice...

We've altered our weapons and
powers in the name of peace.

That's right, Star. And now
it's time for a cuddle cannon.

I'm even softer than I look.

Here's a little gift from
the rainbow dimension.

Look, they have surrendered
to the healing power of love.

Rest assured, Gizmo.

Your defeat is humanity's
ultimate victory.

The journey to a world of the
peace and harmony has begun.

♪ Peace and love
peace and love ♪

♪ everybody gets the hug ♪

♪ peace and love
peace and love ♪

♪ everybody have the
high-fives and cakes ♪

♪ peace and love
peace and love ♪

♪ I want the cheese
for breakfast ♪

♪ We want the cheese
for breakfast ♪