Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 33 - Sidekick - full transcript

Robin gets called to the Batcave, but it is only to be a house sitter while Batman is away. The other Titans show up and tease Robin about his sidekick status.

1x37 - "Legs"

- You know what that sound means.
- Oh, yeah.

We are ready, Robin.

Then let's do it. Titans, dance!

Yeah, yeah, that's how
green brothers do it.

Uh! Uh! Uh!

Step on, take a
heel, toe and hey!

Oh yeah, do the sprinkler.

Cabbage patch, uh, uh, the running man.
Look out.

Oh, shake the thing!

Hey, do you mind?!

Hey Rav, you in there?


Get out!

I don't want to dance.

Oh shocking, Raven doesn't
want to have fun.

You know you can't hide inside
that cloak your whole life.

I believe it is the cloak
that makes her this way.

So you think if I changed cloaks
I'd change personalities?

Perhaps. On Tamaran we
celebrate the day of Clorthog

- in which...
- Ah, ah, ah!

Not in the mood for one of
your Tamranean stories.

Raven's right. It's not the
cloak that makes her no fun.

It's her terrible personality.

I think we should
try an experiment.

♪ Life is sad my
Dad is bad whoa! ♪

♪ Whoa too many
things make me mad ♪

♪ oh la la la la oh la la la ♪

Hey guys, look what I have.

Ooh, put on the cloak.

- Ah, I'm scared.
- Do it, do it, do it.

Dude, what's it like in there?

It feels safe. Mmm, quiet.

So nice and dark.

Let me try.


I, too, would like the experience
of the wearing of the cloak.

What are you looking
at, dog face?

Ah! So mean!

I did not enjoy that.

Careful Cyborg that cloak
really does change you.



Well, nothing it's just a
rag with a hole in it.

Ah! She's coming.

It won't come off.

Haha! Very funny, guys.


You've got legs!

God this is so weird.

I'm only used to
seeing your eyes

and a little bit of your mouth.

Okay. That's better.

Come on. Give me back my cloak.

It's stuck.

Ugh! I'm really angry at
you for stealing my cloak.

Whoa! Did you just
share your feelings?

No, I'm just trying to tell you
how uncomfortable you've made me.

Ow! You did it again!
You're sharing.

Ha ha! You're a new woman without
that cloak to hold you back.

Stop it. You're upsetting me!



Robin is correct.

Your posture is better and you
are speaking more clearly.

And I'm, uh... getting
used to your legs.

See? What do you think, Cyborg?

We live in a
meaningless universe.


Her legs are pretty
nice, actually.

Yo, Cy, wanna play
some video games?

Quiet. I have to finish
my father's dark work.

Do I smell vanilla?

Those are my ritual cand...

Titans, dance!


Give me a beat!



Dancing is fun. Who knew
I had all these moves.

That girl could get down.

More dancing!

Stop dancing that's
the real crime alert!

Titans, go!

Azarath metrion...

Wait, I've got legs. And
I know how to use them.

Wow, that feels good.

Hey, why haven't I been
fighting like this all my life?

Love those lovely,
lovely legs, mama.

Azarath metrion zinthos.

That's not even magic, bro.

- Azarath metrion zinthos!
- Woah! Woah! Woah!

- I was just joshing you, bro.
- Whatever.

Listen up, Titans. I'm
calling a meeting...

to discuss a time for
tomorrow's meeting.

I already called one.
Have a seat.

- Oh, okay.
- I've got an announcement to make.

- I'm leaving the Titans.
- Huh?

- What?
- No!

Drama queen.

You were all right. That stupid
cloak was holding me back.

Shhh... Don't listen to her.

Please, Raven! You
cannot leave us.

Oh, what's gonna
happen to those legs?

These legs, along
with the rest of me,

shall henceforth be known
as, "Lady Legasus."

Lady Legasus... Oh, wow.

Well, it's been fun. I guess.

Classy, Beast Boy. Real classy.

Must you always have the sarcastic
put up and smart remark?

Hey, someone has to be the
smart one around here.

- Azarath metrion zinthos.
- Dude what are you doing?

Creating a portal to
escape my despair.

Azarath metrion zinthos.

That cloak didn't give
you any powers, bro.

- It just made you no fun.
- Super no fun.

You are a total sack of
the sadness, Cyborg.

Yeah, grumpy grumpster

Oh, look at you. Oh,
you're so sad. Oh.

I'm just gonna cry all day.


Waah! My life is so
dark and gloomy.

Oh, man.


Them legs.

I feel...

so much better.

Raven, I mean Lady
Legasus, you came back.

I had to. Apparently,
no one else can

handle the dark
power of my cloak.

And so for the greater
good of humanity,

I'll resign to bear the
burden of wearing it again.

No! The legs!

The legs are gone!


♪ Baby's done a bad bad thing ♪