Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 31 - Staring at the Future - full transcript

Cyborg and Beast Boy have a staring contest that lasts 30 years, bringing them face to face with a future of adulthood and responsibility - and they hate it.

1x35 - "Second Christmas"

- He ate the cookies!
- He drank the milk!

He left this striped
hook in my sock!

Remember, Titans, pace yourselves.
We've got a full day of...


Robot parts!



Yarn ball!

Collector's edition. Sweet.

Ugly Christmas sweaters!

- Yuck!
- Uh, man, this one itches so good!

- They are most unattractive.
- So ugly!

- Yet still festive.
- It's snowing!

- Ham!
- Tofu!


Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!

We love Christmas!

- Aw! No more milk!
- No more cookies!

No more presents.

No more of the candy hooks.

No more mess, no more ornaments,
no more empty calories! Ha.

That was fun.

But I've got a heavy workout
schedule for us at 0900.

No! Christmas isn't over.


Now that Christmas
has concluded,

I am off to Tamaran for
the Great Kergoff!

Huh! The Great Kergoff?

It is like Christmas, but instead of the
Santa, we have Gilnark the terrible.


Don't mind us,

we'll just be waiting another
364 days till next Christmas.

364. Doesn't seem so long!

I can't do it, man!
I just can't do it.

- It's too many days!
- It's not fair!

Why does Starfire get to
have a Second Christmas?

Are my ears hearing correctly?

There is a Second
Christmas coming?

And with that one question
out of Starfire's mouth,

the magic of Second
Christmas was born.

Yeah, Second Christmas.

- You don't know about Second Christmas?
- I do not.

Oh, that's right. You're
never here for that.

Oh, tell me more about
this Second Christmas!

Does Santa return?

No, he's too tired after first
Christmas, so there's a new Santa.

Yeah, Second Santa is
a tall, skinny dude.

- In a green tracksuit!
- No beard.

And he wears sweet high-tops!

And a headband!

And he flies around
with a jet-pack!

Yeah, that sounds right!

I would very much like to
see this Second Santa.

Well, you can, but you're
gonna have to cook us

an amazing Second
Christmas dinner.

And buy us even more presents.

And decorate the tower
with even crazier lights.

And... uh, fly the
Second Christmas kite!

- Yeah!
- And if you do all that,

Second Santa will deliver you
the Second Christmas miracle.

Ah! There is a Second
Christmas miracle?

Oh yeah! With a flash of light and the
rumble of Second Santa's jet-pack,

you are given the miracle of...
um, ya know, somethin'.


Oh, Second Christmas sounds
too wondrous to miss!

Is this true?

- Is what true?
- Second Christmas!

Uh, there's no such thing
as Second Christmas.

Robin's the grouch of
Second Christmas, man.

Don't listen to him. Anytime
he tries to shake your belief,

- just punch him in his grouch face.
- I still believe, grouchface!

Who is ready for the
Second Christmas?

We are!

♪ Second Christmas is so amazing,
fa-la-la-la-la, la-la-la-la ♪

- Chili!
- Burritos!


We love Second Christmas!

Wow. What an incredible
waste of energy!

Our generator can't take
this kind of strain!

The others are playing
a trick on you, Star.

They just want more
presents and more food.

Don't you understand?!
Second Christmas is a lie!

A lie!

I think it looks pretty, grouch!

Starfire didn't listen to the
Second Christmas grouch.

Not even some.

She was the certain that tonight
the Second Santa would come.

♪ Fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la
la-la-la-la ♪

Ooh, that second Christmas
got me, I'm beat!

- Great Second Christmas, guys.
- Yeah...

Okay, well goodnight.

- Aren't you going to bed, Starfire?
- How could I?

I do not wish to miss
Second Christmas Santa!

Uh, heh, he might not come
'till really late, Star.

I did not miss the Great Kergoff,
the most important celebration

of my people, to not witness
the Second Christmas miracle!

There's something
we should tell you.




♪ Oh, Second Christmas night, fly
your Second Christmas kite ♪

Perhaps I am not
believing hard enough...

Believe, believe!

She cooked all the feasts
and hung all the tights,

she decorated the tree and
turned on the lights.

But try as she may and
do what she might,

there was no Second Santa
appearing that night.

Second Santa! I knew you'd...

Tell her!

There's no such thing
as Second Santa.

We just didn't want to have to wait
364 days for another Christmas.

We're sorry.

No Second Christmas miracle?
No flash of light?

Yeah, we kinda made
all that up too.

- Are you okay?
- No! I am not the O or the K!

You made me miss
the Great Kergoff!

For this!

Where's your second
Christmas spirit? Ow!

Ah! Whoa! What did I do?

- Don't shoot the messenger!
- You are the grouch!

I'm sorry!

- Whoa! Second Santa?
- Second Santa?

- He's real!
- He is?

He is coming! He
is really coming!

Whoa, what happened?

The Titan reactor exploded.

We've been in the hospital
almost a year. In comas.

- A year!
- 363 days, to be exact.

Do you know what this
means, Starfire?

That I was a blorpnorp to believe the
fictional stories of Second Christmas?

No, Star. It means this was
a Second Christmas miracle!

We didn't have to wait 364
days for another Christmas!

Because thanks to that
horrible explosion,

we've been unconscious
the whole time!

- It's Christmas eve.
- Tomorrow's Christmas!

Ha-ha-ha! Ya-hoo!

Merry Second Christmas! Merry
Second Christmas everybody!

To those who believe
Second Santa does exist,

the Titans didn't have to wait
a whole year for Christmas,

they got their Second
Christmas wish.