Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 30 - Power Moves - full transcript

Robin gets carried away when he and Cyborg start merging their powers and tech into cool Power Moves. He moves into Cyborg's body and refuses to leave.

1x34 - "Caged Tiger"

Oh, man!

I mean, when you... and then...
and then the other guy.

You should have seen
the look on his face.

"Oh, are you serious?"

Oh, dude, we gotta do that again.

- Yeah!
- Where have you guys been?

We've been having a bro weekend.

More like a...


Let me get some.

Passing it on, baby!

♪ Work it out ♪

So what did you do on
this cation of the bros?

Sorry, Star, but what happens
on brocation, stays on brocation.

- I will say it was brosome.
- Super brosome.

Man, it was bromazing.

Wow, you must be sick of
each other by now. I am.

No way, mama.

Nothing's better than a
few bros just bro-ing out.

Which reminds me.

Come on, bros, it's bath time!

Whoo! Whoo!

Whoo! Whoo!

Crime alert.

Dr. Light is loose in Jump City,
there's no time to spare.

Sounds like we better
take the bro train.

All aboard!



Okay. I can't deal with that.
I'll meet you guys over there.


Oh, man, I am so amped to
smash Dr. Light's face in.

Huh? Elevator stopped.

No problemo. I can fix it.

Huh, no signal.

Hope we're not stuck.

You know what, if I had
to be stuck in an elevator,

there's nobody I'd rather
be stuck with than you guys.

That's because we are...

Elevator bros.

I'll have us out of here in no time.

I know you will. You
are amazing, my friend.

You're part broman, part brobot.

You're like a super Cybro.

- You can fix anything.
- Yeah!

I just wish I hadn't drunk
so much water before we left.

Give it up, Dr. Light.
Your ray of terror is over.

Ah, Titans!

At long last, you shall face
your ultimate destruct...

Um, beg your pardon,
but where are the others?

They will be here soon.

For now, you'll have to deal with us.

I'd really rather wait,
if it's all the same to you.

You see, this weapon was designed
to destroy five people at a time.

You do understand.

Are you serious?

It really will be much more
fun with the whole gang present.

Fine. We'll wait.

I really gotta go, bros.

And I really need to pound some face.

I feel like a caged tiger, bros.

And you do not cage a tiger!

Relax, bros, almost got it.
Just enjoy this quality bro time.


Yeah, you're right.


So, uh, what's up with you and Starfire?

Uh, you know, I'm playing it cool.
Taking it slow.

Girl touched my upper
arm six times this week.

Here, here, here, here,
here, and here.

So, uh...

basically we're pretty much dating.

Man, how do you do it?
You are so cool.

Going down in three, two, one...

What was that?

I think you accidently set off
the security system I installed.

Well... this might take a
little longer than I thought.


Um, any word from your friends?

I'm sure they'll be here soon.

I have always wondered, how
did you get the name Dr. Light?

Oh, I couldn't tell,
it's too embarrassing.

- Dang. Oh, well.
- Oh, the prettiest of pleases.

Well, you see, my real name is Arthur.
And when I was a child

I used to do this trick for my mummy
that would light up her day.

Oh! You must show us the trick.

Promise not to laugh?

- I give you the swear of my pinky.
- And I don't laugh.

Very well then.
Oh, I can't believe I'm doing this.

It has been years.

Now. Pull my finger.

Ah, we know this trick,
we live with Beast Boy.

Just trust me.

The trick is adorable!


- Are you girls hungry?
- I could eat.

I can't do it.
Can't hold it much longer.

Whole world of crime out there.

Here I'm stuck in an elevator.

I bet Batman's never
been stuck in an elevator.

You got it fixed yet, bro?

Would have been, if you
hadn't installed all that

stupid security junk, bro.

Yeah? Well, I think you just
don't know how to fix it, bro.

- Is that a fact?
- That is a fact, jack.

- I'm not your jack, bro.
- And I'm not your bro, jack!

That's it!

I can't hold it another second.
I'm just gonna go.

- I'm going.
- Not here! Not here!

- Here and now, bro!
- Don't do it!

It's happening.
Oh, yeah, there it goes.

- Come on, hold it in.
- Too late, bro.


Ah. Oh, oh, mmm.

And... done.

Oh, well.
That just happened.

- Let's see.
- No, no, this is on me, ladies.

- Oh, thank you, Arthur.
- My pleasure.

You know, you're not such a bad guy.

Well, if you want to see my dark side.

I do have a devilish thought...


Caged tiger.

Must pounce.

Stop saying you're a tiger.
You are not a tiger!

Just relax, bros.

You just relaxed all over the floor.

And don't you call me bro.


Call me bro again!
I dare you!

Don't you test me.

You think I've got
nothing left in the tank?

I'll do it again.
I will do it again.

That's it!
This tiger's claws are out!

- Bro, you fixed it.
- No, bro, you fixed it.

- You can fix anything.
- I love you bros. Bring it in.

Don't mind the wetness.

So, what were you gonna do with that?

Well, in a nutshell, it uses
light to super-heat the air

which in turn would cause
everyone to instantly disintegrate.

But it can also do this.

- Ooh!
- So very, very pretty.

This feels good, not being evil.

What would you say
if I gave up my life of crime

and joined the Titans?

Oh, that would be wonderful.

Then, from now on
I shall only use light

- for good and entertainment.
- That's great.

Ahh, I truly feel today is the
first day of the rest of my new...

Too bad the rest of your
life is going to be behind bars.

- Wait.
- Stop!

Welcome to the bro show, baby.

Okay, it's my turn.

- That's what I'm talking about.
- You like that, bro?

Save some for Cy.

Stay down.
You do not wanna get up.


You shall pay for this, Titans.

Someone call the ambulance!

Let me get some.
Ooh, passing it on, baby.

♪ Work it out ♪

Don't worry, Arthur,
help is on the way.

Sounds like we better
take the bro train.

All aboard!