Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 27 - Books - full transcript

The Titans discover the wonders of reading ... but after opening a book that brings their thoughts to life, they must fight their own imaginations!

1x31 - Staring at the Future

Easy, Robin, easy.

Get this serum right

and you'll finally be able
to grow that moustache.

Ha! Yee-haw!

Whoa! What are you doing?

Indoor rodeo!

Hold on, boy!


Oh, man!

I believe I just set the
new indoor rodeo record!


I hope you intend to
eliminate this mess.

- The maid can take care of it.
- We don't have a maid.

And that is our problem, how?

Come on, we were just goofing off.

Life's not just about goofing off.
It's also about responsibilities.

- Ugh!
- Ugh!


- What's wrong?
- That word.


Seriously, you guys need to
start thinking about the future.

We have, and it's gonna be
even better than the present,

'cause things always improve.

In the future, they're
gonna finally eradicate

that thing you keep talking about.



- Make them stop saying it.
- Let's get out of here, bro!

Nothing like a little pizza to make us
forget our friends' thoughtful advice.

It helps, but I think I'm
gonna need a movie, too.

- It's mine!
- Gimme!

- Drop it!
- Let go!

- That floor pizza is mine!
- I saw it first!

Me too, and I'm still looking at it.

So am I!

Staring contest. Last one to
look away from the slice gets it.

You're on!

You blinked, I win.

This pizza tastes
like it's 30 years old!

Because we've been here for...
30 years?!

High-five for the longest
staring contest ever.

- We got to tell the others.
- If they're not dead.

Robin! Raven! Starfire!

Where is everybody?

Uh, excuse me, ma'am.

Oh, hi, guys.
Long time no see.

- Robin?
- What is that thing?

It's not a thing. It's my baby.

Nobody cares about that baby!

We're talking about your mullet, dude.

Oh, just a new look.
And I go by the name Nightwing now.

All part of growing up.

So you and Starfire
finally tied the knot, huh?

- No, me and Batgirl.
- Hi, guys.

What happened to you, man?

You used to be so much cooler!
Relatively speaking.

We got to get you out of here.
Let's go to a movie.

I can't.
It's my night to fix dinner.

- Says who?
- It's just one of my responsibilities.

- Make it stop, Cyborg!
- This is a nightmare!

Where are the others?
Where's Starfire?

Oh, she moved back home.

Hey, Starfire!

Hey, Starfire, what's
up with those guys?

What is up, is that I
am now Queen of Tamaran,

and they work for me.

So come to the movies with us.

You got movies on this planet, right?

We have gladiators battling three-headed
Carnian dragons with laser eyes.

- That could be fun.
- Unfortunately, I cannot join you.

But you're the queen, come on.

And with that honor
comes responsibilities.

Not again!

Ah, the humanity!
Maybe Raven hasn't changed.

Where is she?

This is the nicest other
dimensional plane I have ever seen.

Uh, it's okay.


What happened to you?

Well, I defeated my father in the
ultimate battle of good versus evil.

Afterwards, I was reborn as pure energy,

an all-powerful force of good.

Now I pretty much keep the
whole universe in balance.

Hang on a sec.
Azarath metrion zinthos!

- Just saved a planet.
- Good job.

So, you're like a celestial
goddess or something?

It's a living. What are
you guys doing up here, anyway?

You're not dead, are you?

Nah, just looking for someone
to go to the movies with us.

Sorry! Balancing all the good and evil

throughout the galaxies
is a fulltime job.

- And a big respons...
- Don't you say that word!

- Don't you say that word!
- La, la, la, la, la la, la, la, la...!

Dude, the future stinks.

All of our friends are
stuck in dead-end jobs.

Husband, bleh!
Queen, what-evs!

Goddess of the universe, pssh!

I cannot live in a world like this.
And they shouldn't have to either.

We've got to save them from themselves.

- But how?
- Simple.

All we have to do is
invent a time machine,

go back 30 years and
change one little thing.

Then we come back to the future
and everything will be different.

So obvious.
Let's do it!

- You guys want leftovers?
- No!

- It's pasta.
- No!

Do you mind keeping it down?
The kids are trying to sleep.

When we're done, you won't have
to worry about your kids anymore.

- Huh?
- Once we get our time machine finished,

we're going to go
back and fix the future

so you guys don'td up like this.

You're welcome, by the way.

Wait a minute. I like my life.
I love my family.

Dude, your family's horrible!

- Yes, Robin?
- They're trying to change history.

Don't do this. I command you.

Hey! You're not the boss of me.

Technically I am.
Immortal goddess, remember?

Oh, yeah.
Well, not for long, you're not.

All done. Let's go, bro.

- You guys are going nowhere.
- Oh, yeah?

You forgot, you're talking
to an indoor rodeo champion!


Ow! Whoa!

Whoo! Yeah, baby!


The kids.

Sorry, hun.

So far, so good.
What do we do now?

We change one little thing.
We share the last slice.


You think this is a big enough
change to alter the future?

Guess we'll have to wait
30 years to find out.

You know the best part
of living in a society

that's broken down and
there's nothing left but chaos?

No responsibilities?

You know it!

The robot overlords have
taken over the entire city.

How did things get to this?

I think it had something to do
with sharing a slice of pizza.

You think this is bad?
It could have been a lot worse, man.

- You almost had a baby!
- And a mullet!


This is a future I can live with.