Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 25 - Colors of Raven - full transcript

A mysterious prism creates five Ravens, each of a different color and with a different aspect of her personality, disrupting life in the Tower.

1x29 - Starfire the Terrible

So, shouldn't we go
ahead and take Cinderblock down?

We can't. It's Monday.

- Monday?
- As in...

Motorcycle Monday, baby!

Motorcycle Monday?

Robin says on Mondays, we're only
allowed to fight using motorcycles.

But he knows we do not possess
such modes of transport.

So convenient, huh?

Ready for your bike
beat down, Cinderblock?

Wheel punch!
Wheel punch!

Super wheel punch!

Ha, ha! Mondays.

Whoo! Ha, ha!

I just beat up a villain
with a motorcycle.

A motorcycle!
Which by the way is

the most awesome way
to beat someone up.

Uh, it really wasn't that awesome.

Do I need to wheel punch some
sense into you? Because it was!

Okay. You're awesome.
We get it.

Not just awesome. I might be
the greatest superhero ever.

So cool.

No, you're not.

- Excuse me?
- No offense.

But how can you be the
greatest superhero ever?

- You don't even have an archenemy.
- So?

Archenemies are status
symbols in the hero world.

If you can get a crazed
lunatic to devote himself to

bringing you down, it means
you're a top hero. If you can't...

Oh. I see.

Why doesn't anyone wanna kill me?!

Oh, how I hate seeing
you like this, Robin.

Get used to it because without
an archenemy, I'm a loser.

- Just like all of you.
- I will be your archenemy.

- Only villains can be archenemies, Star.
- Then I will be a villain.

You can't become a villain
by doing something nice.

Then becoming evil will be
the last nice thing I do.

Then go ahead and prove it.
Do something evil.

Very well. I will drink
straight from the milk carton.

I cannot do it. It is too evil.

Still, I Starfire the Terrible
vow to wreak havoc on this world.

Until I see a smile on Robin's face.

Robin deserves only the
best archenemy ever, Silkie.

So, there is much work to be done.

Now, I must work on my maniacal laugh.

That intones the evil.

A great villain surrounds
herself with dangerous henchmen.

Prove to me, my little Bumgorf,
you possess a cold heart.


Every villain needs a secret lair.

From here I will plunge this
world into its darkest days.

And have tea parties.

Hey, Star. Nice mask.

It is not supposed to be nice.
It is supposed to be menacing.

Oh. Well, it really
brings out your eyes.

Are you ready to spend all your time

and energy relentlessly pursuing me?

Only to be frustrated at every turn.

That sounds super creepy.
I'd never do that.


What if I did something
to make you hate me?

There's nothing you could
do to make me hate you.

I could destroy a year
supply of your hair gel.

You'd have to be a real
sicko to do something...


Now will you let me
be your arch nemesis?

I have no choice.

You've taken away the
thing I value most in life.

Spiky hair.

Hurray! After lunch we will
try to destroy each other.


Dude, what's with your hair?

Never mind that!
My archenemy is on the loose.

You don't have an archenemy.

Are you talking about Starfire?

Starfire the Terrible!

Now, that's funny.

Come on, man. For real?

Sure, fine, go ahead. Laugh now.

Oh, we are laughing now, man.

Greetings, former friends.

Oh, no. Robin, your
evil archenemy is here.

What are we gonna do?

Stand back!
She's here for me.

Ooh! Protect us, Robin!
You're our only hope.

No one can protect you from what
I am about to unleash on this world.

Let me guess.

You're gonna try to drink
from the milk carton again?

I bet she's gonna set the
microwave clock to the wrong time.

Or maybe she'll leave the water
in the sink running. Oh, no!

I have rigged the Moon to explode.

You're gonna blow up
the Moon? Right.

Carton milk.

Did you just blow up the Moon?
Don't you even care about the tides?

Why would you blow up the Moon?

Because I know how much
Robin liked that Moon.

Are you crazy, Starfire?!

Yes. And evil, too.

Yep. Looks like someone has a pretty
formidable archenemy after all.

Your reign of terror is over, Starfire.

I see you have
discovered my secret lair.

Uh, yeah, well, it's in our backyard.
So, not really that secret.

Well, you are too late to stop me.
I shall destroy you all!

Titans, go!

Uh. Those are just
cardboard boxes, Robin.

Those lasers are for real?

I thought they were
just blinking lights!

Deathbots? When did she have
the time to build Deathbots?

Let's get 'em.

You okay?

Dudes, Starfire really
hooked this place up, huh?

She's got piranhas, too.

I guess it's just you and me now.

Have you forgotten about my henchman?

Hurray! I win!

I am afraid, I have to finish you now.

You can't.

Is this not what you wanted?
A formidable archenemy?

I just wanted to feel accepted.

- To be a real hero.
- But Robin, you are a real hero.

Well, can this real hero
have one last request?

Hmm. I do not see why not.
What is this final wish?

Uh, I was wondering what
day of the week it is?

I believe it is the Monday.

You know what that means.

Wheel punch!

Ha, ha!
Got you! In your face!

I beat my archenemy!
Greatest superhero ever!

Motorcycle Monday!