Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 23 - Burger vs. Burrito - full transcript

Cyborg and Beast Boy are in perfect sync, except when it comes to their taste in food. What's the best food ever created, burgers or burritos? The two friends have an all-out competition to settle things once and for all.

1x27 - Books


There's nothing to do
around here.

Uh, I know, it's so boring!

The dreary time is here for me as well.

Titans, I know you're bored!
So am I.

But, if we band together in

defiance of the tyranny of boredom...

Ahh! Your inspirational
speech is super boring!

Do you mind?
I'm trying to read.


Why don't you try reading a book?

What is so special about the books?

Well, Starfire, books are
a world of imagination.

They create pictures in your mind.

Come on. You're just sitting
there looking at words.

Words can take you on
an imagination adventure.

You know, I've heard tell of this but,

you know, I've never seen it in action.

I'd like to go on an
imagination adventure.

- Can we, uh, see one?
- Sure.

The return of the Invisible Man.

My imagination is going into overdrive!

Biography of Benjamin Franklin!

This is so amazing!

The adventures of Pinocchio.

This is so magical!

The Birdwatcher's guide to pelicans!

My brain has never been so alive.

Reading is fundamental, yo!

"Geppetto held Pinocchio's hand

"and showed him how to put
one foot after the other."

Oh... Huh!

Oh, how interesting.

Invisible man, you are the coolest.

Books are the best thing ever!

Why did I not try the reading before?

The world of imagination is awesome.

If only we could take
our love of reading to a new level.

Well, I've always wanted
to start a book club.

They have clubs... for books?

- I want to be a member!
- Me, too.

Me number after two.

So, uh, how is this
supposed to work, Raven?

Well, book clubs share comments
about the books they've read.

I loved my book.

The pelicans are funny. They
give me the splinknards...

My book was crazy fun.
It was filled with so much adventure.

My book had science,
and science is cool.

Guys, it's more than just sharing
feelings, it's about sharing thoughts.

- What's a thought?
- Uh. Let me show you.

I found my book's premise
to be unconvincing.

The plot twists trite and
the philosophical underpinning

a strained attempt at significance.

What did you just do, Rave?

I think she just took
the fun out of reading!

Quick, Beast Boy, tell
us about your book!

I love my book so much
I wrote a song about it.

♪ My book has a front and a back ♪

♪ with paper in the middle ♪

♪ got a lot of words in it
some are big, some are little ♪

♪ with numbers on each page
you can't get lost ♪

♪ so when I crack my book open
man, I read like a boss ♪

♪ I love the feel of the paper
the smell of the ink ♪

♪ it challenges my brain muscles ♪

♪ man, it's making me think ♪

♪ it's my book, baby there
ain't no other like it ♪

♪ it's my book, baby what... ♪

Wait, Rave.

- What?
- We, uh...

We finished reading all of our books.

- And?
- We needs new books to read.

Why don't you just
read each other's books?

You are a nasty girl,
that is just gross.

I don't know what to tell you.

Our eyes are hungry for the letters

arranged in punctuated
patterns that convey meaning.

Don't you understand, girl?
We got the need, the need to read!

You gotta get us more books, man!

You can't start us reading
and then cut us off.

Reading is fundamental.

Get it together.

Oh, this is bad. This is real bad.

I can feel my imagination dying!
It hurts.

There must be more books
around here somewhere.

Let's split up.
Titans, go!

No books in here.

No books under the couch.

What's up, fellas?

Listen, listen, I have found one.

Wait! That's a comic book.

Is not a comic book a type of book?

It doesn't count if it has pictures!

Ahh! This could
never feed our imagination!

I think I hear a book in here.

Man, I am having some
serious déja-vu right now.


I smell a book.


Oh, who is the good boy?
Who is the good boy?

You sure there's a book in there?

Only one way to find out.

Look, it's got a face!

Ooh, I love faces!

Oh, joy! It is smiling at me.

Let's read it.

You guys found another book?

Uh- huh, uh- huh.
And it has a face.

Not that book!
You can't read that one.

We have to. It's gonna
fuel our imaginations.

But not in a good way. That book's
evil, that's why I buried it.

- Too late.
- Ooh! Aah!

I told you not to open it.

It's unleashing all the
things you've imagined.

- Well, how do we stop it?
- You have to turn off your imaginations.

I can't do it.

Why did the biography
of Benjamin Franklin...

...have to be so...


You made reading too much fun, Raven.

There has to be a way
of making books boring.

What might turn our imaginations
off again?

That's it! We have to take
the fun out of reading.

Who's going first?

Um, the premise that a
man might become invisible

is, like, totally
far-fetched and resists even

the most strenuous
suspensions of disbelief, bro.

While the biography goes over some
well-trodden ground, ultimately it

reminds us why Franklin is one of
our most fascinating founding fathers.

We're doing it. We're
making reading boring.

Keep it up, guys.

The author's understanding of the ancient
Egyptian's associations of pelicans

with death and the afterlife
seem tenuous, to say the least!

The climactic appearance...
...of the blue fairy

and her subsequent humanization
of the little wooden boy

serve to symbolically demonstrate...

...the overcoming of lesser impulses

in order to discover one's real self.

It's over.

I'm gonna destroy this book so
it can never hurt anyone again.

You should have warned us.

Reading isn't just
fundamental, it's dangerous.

We almost died because of books, Rave.

I hope this doesn't do anything
to diminish your love of reading.