Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 19 - Meatball Party - full transcript

While trying to entice Raven into joining a meatball party, Cyborg fires a half-meat, half-robot mystery meatball into her mouth, cracking her tooth and releasing the demon octopus that lives in her mouth.

1x23 - Burger vs. Burrito

Yo! Beasty!

- Want to play a...
- Video game?

Ha! Already set up.

- But first, let's grab...
- A couple of sodas?

You know me so well.

Well enough to know you're starving
for the best food ever created.

- A delicious burger.
- Burrito.

- What? You mean a burger?
- What? You mean a burrito?

- Burrito!
- Burger!

I feel like I don't
even know you anymore.

Hey, guys. What's up?

Cyborg thinks burgers are
better than burritos.

Beast Boy doesn't get that burgers
are stacks of deliciousiticity.

Tell him which one's
better, please, will you?

Oh, that is a
difficult question.

Yeah, I could go either way.

- I really don't care.
- Make your cases.

The hamburger features
a stackable structure,

Which allows the user to customize
it to one's individual taste.

Its open-sided architecture provides a
clear view of what's inside at all times.

And, because of its
aerodynamically perfect design,

Many experts believe the
burger to be a gift

from a more highly advanced
civilization from beyond the Stars.

In conclusion, they are good.

I thank you.

Hola, amigos!

It is my absolute honor
to sing to you a song

about the most beloved food
in the whole entire world.

♪ The burrito, the burrito... ♪

♪ it's awesome and
it's so good to eat ♪

♪ the burrito, the burrito ♪

♪ it's filled with
good things to eat ♪

♪ burritos are yummy and
burgers are gross ♪

♪ burritos are yummy and
burgers are gross... ♪

♪ Buns, ketchup,
pickle, cheese ♪

♪ put that patty in between ♪

♪ it's burger what? What? ♪

♪ It's burger what? What? ♪

♪ Buns, ketchup,
pickle, cheese ♪

♪ put that patty in between ♪

♪ it's burger what? What? ♪

♪ It's burger ♪

Hey! I was in the middle
of my burrito song"

- Burritos are so much better.
- Stop it, you guys!

- Ow!
- So? What do you think?

- Both are very satisfactory to me.
- I still don't care.

We're going to need a taste
test to settle this.

These culinary titans are no
strangers to kitchen combat.

Look at that concentration.


I've never seen
anything quite like it.


Can you believe
what you're seeing?

Ah... Hmm. Pretty good.

Ooh! Delicious!

Mmm. Yum.

Yes! Come here, mama.

Whoa! You guys gotta
cleanse your palates.


Get rid of that nasty
burrito taste.

Mmm-hmm. Ooh!

Hmm. Pretty good.

Ooh! Delicious!

Mmm. Yum.

But which is better?

Look, can't we just agree that
some people like one food

and some people
like another one?

- No!
- No!


My eye! My one good eye!

Ah! Look, what he's done.

Calm down. There's no way to
know for sure who did that.

That's what you get for
napping on the burger side.

We're sick and tired
of both of you.

This has gone on too long.

Time to finally settle this...

with an all-out
food competition!

In your face.

Beat that, son!

Oh, you know I will.

Aerodynamic, huh?

Mmm, so warm and good.

How's your burrito doing? Hmm?

Easy, you two. Save it
for the final round.

It seems as if we have covered all
of the usual food competitions.

What else could
there possibly be?

How about, "I still don't care"?

I know! It should be a...

Don't expect me to finish your sentence.
Those days are over.

But, I know what you were gonna
say, and I accept the challenge.

Then it is on!

So, why are we on the roof?

For the ultimate burger
burrito smack down, bro!

This is insane!

Relax! I just used some delicious
burgers and some tasty robotics.

Oh, I got a little bit of help.

He wouldn't stop bothering me.

Please, please, please, please, please,
please, please, please, please...


This looks like it's
going to get messy.

Yeah it is! There's gonna be
beans and cheese everywhere!

Let's do this.


Salsa storm!

Bun batch!

Pickle pounder!

Jalapeno hammer!

Mayo meltdown!

Guacamole grenade!

Pepper jack cheese slicer!

All this food fighting
has given me the hunger.

Me too. I could totally
go for a pizza.

Sure. Let's just
get out of here.

Relish ram!

Tortilla take down!

Burger blast!

Tomato time bomb!

Oh! Did you see that?

You got burger all
up in your face.

Burrito blade!

How's that taste, fool?

I'm up on fuego!


Patty smack!

Oh, yes! You want that
whooping as a combo?

With a milkshake and some fries?

Bean bomb!

- Onion onslaught!
- Sesame heat seeker!

Mmm... this is pretty good.

Mmm... veggie patty?

Of course, Beasty. I
know you don't eat meat.

And I love me some veggie patty.

Oh, man! I'm sorry, bro.

Burgers are pretty great.

I'm sorry too, little homie.

I didn't know burritos
could be so delicious.

You know what, all this food
fighting has got me in the mood for?


- Ice cream!
- Pie!

- Yeah, boy!
- Yeah, boy!

- Hot pie...
- Ice cream on top.