Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 15 - Super Robin - full transcript

Envious of the other Titans' powers, Robin convinces Raven to use her magic to give him powers, despite her warnings that it could ruin his life.

1x19 - Meatball Party

Meatball party!

- Who wants meatballs?
- I want meatballs!

Then you get meatballs!

I want meatballs!

- But I'm a vegetarian.
- Then you get tofu meatballs!

Ooh! What are the meatballs?

You're about to find out.

Keep it down. I'm
trying to read.

Coming at you, girl.
Meatball party!

Do you know what time it is?

Mystery meatball time!

Ah, who's gonna get it?

And the mystery meatball goes to


Why do you always have to force
everyone to do what you think is fun?

Because everybody
loves meatballs.

Eat, eat, eat the meatball.
Eat, eat, eat the meatball!



Eat the meatball!

Eat the meatball!

Eat the meatball.

Eat the meatball.

Fine! I'll eat your
stupid meatball.

♪ She gonna eat it,
she gonna eat it ♪

♪ Mmm-mmm, she's gonna eat it ♪

♪ Eat it, she's gonna eat it ♪

♪ Mmm-mmm, she's gonna eat it ♪

♪ Meat, meat, meat,
meat, meat, meatball ♪

♪ meat, meat, meat,
meat, meat, meatball ♪

One mystery meatball coming up.

Ew... this looks delicious.

My tooth... what did
you put in that thing?

Well, it's a Cyborg meatball.
So it's half meat, half robot.

Of course, it is.

Hey, Ray, how's that
tooth doing, huh?

Looks like someone's giving
you the silent treatment.

Silent treatment? I love
the silent treatment.

So, Raven...

don't say anything if I
can wear your cloak.

Awesome! Thanks. Let's
see if it fits.

Mmm. Fresh.

Look at me, I'm Raven.

Darkness... death...
skulls and bones...

Don't say anything if
I can use your spell

book to turn the couch
into a burrito.



Oops! I got this.

Almost had it.

Don't say anything if...

I'm not talking 'cause that
stupid meatball cracked my tooth!


Uh... er... Raven?

You, uh, said something
about a cracked tooth?

And this crack is like a portal
from which terrible things escape

every time you open your mouth?

I'm guessing this has something
to do with you being part demon.

You have an octopus
living in your mouth?

Are you that...

Close your mouth.
Close your mouth!

- We have to get you to a dentist.
- No way!

- I hate dentists!
- Ow!

Why does it keep going for me?

Sorry, Rave. We draw the
line at devouring teammates.

We're taking you to the dentist.

Whoa, guys!

If they seal that tooth, beast boy
will be stuck in there forever.

Well, nothing we can
do about it now.

I believe there is
still time to stop...

Can't you see I'm reading
an important periodical?

Found the pork chop
hiding in the tree.

Now, where are you, you
tricky spool of thread?

Open wide.

You know, goofus reminds
me of Beast Boy so much.

Too bad we'll never
see him again.

- So, we all good now?
- What do you think?


We have lost half our team and
Raven still cannot open her mouth!

- What are we going to do?
- There's only one thing we can do.

Meatball party! Who
wants meatballs?

Perhaps, there is
a better option.

Yes. Perhaps.

Can't you see this is all
your fault, Cyborg...

Clearly, that was your fault.

You're going to communicate
by drawing pictures?

I love this game!

Forest... angel... no good.

Is that a clock or time? Hmm...

I always force you
to have a good time?

Booyah! I am so good!

But I thought that
was our thing.

You pretend to hate having fun
and I force you to have it.

Sometimes you just want
to do your own thing.

Genius! How did I put that
together with just a drawing

of a snake and an upside down
happy face, I have no idea!

I didn't realize I made
you feel this way.

When I act this way, you find
me super, super irritating?

Oh, yeah! I'm on a roll!

Don't you worry, Raven, I'm
gonna make this right.

Open wide.

Tentacle, whack. Another tentacle!

Poke, poke!


There's no way out, bro.

We've tried everything.

Quit it! We're all gonna die!

The only way out is
to seal that crack.

And I got just the
thing to do it.

Gah! My mouth tastes
like meatballs.

I know! We're all super jealous.

Look, Raven, I'm sorry. Just
'cause I enjoy something

doesn't mean I need to
force it on everyone else.

I won't ever do that again.

- Promise?
- Promise.

Meatball party!

Sorry, Raven, I just
can't help myself.

♪ If meat is a ball ♪

♪ you can eat it ♪

♪ you can eat it all ♪