Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 14 - You're Fired - full transcript

Beast Boy's poor job performance leads to his being fired from the Titans. After auditioning possible replacements, they hire a pair of shape-shifting twins to take Beast Boy's place.

1x18 - Starliar



Only a couple more hours
till the biggest, craziest,

boo-yah-iest party of the year!

The Titans East
Annual Dance Party.

- I can't wait!
- Yep. Looking forward to it.

Okay, guys, let's bring it in.

Tonight is our time to shine.

We have been working
all year for this.

So, I've only got
one thing to say.

Titans! Break it down!

We are undeniable!

So, what time does this
party start anyway?

- I bet it says on the invite!
- Invite? I never got an invite.

Hey! Me neither!

- Come to think of it...
- Wait a second!

I just wanna dance!

- We're disgusting people!
- Why wouldn't they invite us?

Last year we were the
life of the party!

Ah, yeah!

It's on, players!

Yep! Life of the party.

Oh, you must be starving,
my little bumgorf!

Do not worry, lunch is here.

Hey, Starfire. Got
some bad news.

None of us were invited
to the Titans east party.

Can you believe that?

No, in fact, I cannot.
For I have been invited.

What? You got an invite?

Guess you were the only
one who got invited.

I see. In that case I
shall inform the others

that I am more well-liked
than they are.

Don't do that! You'll
hurt their feelings!

Don't even tell them
you were invited!

But, if I do not tell them the
truth, what other option is there?

Um, it's called lying.

You know, saying something
that's not true.

Just lie about where
you're going tonight.

- But, is lying not wrong?
- Not if you wink it's not!

A wink is like saying,
"just kidding, pal!"

You know so much
about the lying.

I'll teach you everything!

And in exchange you can take
me to the party as your guest!

It is a deal!

The best way to learn how to
lie is by starting off small.

Go ahead.

Hello, Cyborg. It is currently
76 degrees outside.

Uh, okay.

Actually, it is only 74 degrees!

Okay, Star. You're ready!


I have something to
tell you that is true.

Tonight, Beast Boy
and I will not be

at the tower because
we are going to...

the movies!

Cool! We'll come with.

Yeah. We got nothing better to do now
that we're not going to the party.

Sounds good.


Ah, looks like we just lied
ourselves into a corner.

And there is only one way
out of the lie corner.

More lies.

Oh, hey, Star. Which movie
are we gonna go see tonight?

Regarding the movies, Raven would
prefer you not to come with us.

What! Why?

She said you chew your
popped corn too loudly.

Oh, she did, did she?

- Raven!
- What?

- So I chew too loudly, do I?
- I never said that.

Well, Starfire said you did,
and Starfire never lies.

You know what? Just forget it.
I'm not going to the movies.

You told him I said
he chews too loudly?

Of course I did not! Also,
Robin wants you to stay

home tonight, to clean out
the gunk in the freezer.

He thinks you are the slob.

Azarath metrion zinthos!

Whoa! Why did you do that?

Oh, you know why.

And I won't be going
to the movies tonight.

- Okay, you need to stop lying.
- But why? It is working!

But we're just making
everyone mad at each other!

I understand. I promise
I will stop the lying.

- Thank you.
- Now, if you'll excuse me,

My head is engulfed in flames
and I must extinguish it.

Hey! Really looking
forward to the movie!

Actually, Robin, I believe
you should reconsider going.

What do you mean?

Cyborg thinks you have
an unpleasant smell.

He does not wish to
sit next to you.

Unpleasant smell? Maybe
I won't go, then!

I'd hate to inflame his
precious nostrils.

We did it! No one wants
to go to the movies!

We are free to go to the
party in secret. Hurray!

Yeah. Hurray.

I'm sorry, am I bothering you?

Ahem. Question, Cy. Does
this smell funny to you?

Uh-oh, look what a slob I am!

Oh, man, my nose
touched garbage.

- You've got some nerve.
- Now I really smell!

We have two options.

We can go to the biggest
party of the year.

Or we can stay here and
set everything straight.

Yeah! You think everything's
okay back at the tower?

I am sure they are
solving their problems

like any rational
human adolescent.

Come out, come out,
wherever you are!

Hey, chrome dome! Chew on this.

Oh, no! Our beloved tower!
Our friends! The Silkie!

Everyone, stooop!

This has gone too far.

Raven never said you
chew too loudly.

Robin never said you had
to clean the freezer.

And Cyborg never
said you smelled.

- I don't understand.
- I lied.

I was invited to the
Titans east party.

I did not want to
tell you the truth,

because I thought it might
hurt your feelings.

Instead I caused even more pain.

- Seriously?
- I am ashamed.

I got so caught up in the lying,

I turned my friends
against each other

and forgot to care for my
precious little bumgorf!

I do not deserve to be
called a Teen Titan.

Which is why I must quit the team.
I will miss all of you.

Star! Star, Star. It's okay.
We forgive you.

- You do?
- Yeah!

You're being harder on yourself
than we could ever be!

Come on, let's clean this place up.
I'm such a slob.

Wow, Star. That was a
really heartfelt apology.

And I meant every
single word of it.

- Wait. Did you just wink?
- No! That was a blink.

- You just did it again!
- I have something in my eye!

Beast Boy: I can't tell
if you're lying or not!

It must be the
season of allergies!