Teen Titans Go! (2013–…): Season 1, Episode 12 - Gorilla - full transcript

Beast Boy turns into a loud, obnoxious gorilla and refuses to change back, driving Robin crazy. Gorilla Beast Boy takes over the leadership of the Titans, which leads to chaos.

1x15 - Tower of Power

Only two more hours till the 3
AM Zom-Pire movie marathon.

Are you guys as excited as me?

Oh, yeah. Zombies and vampires.

Come on, Beast Boy. Wake up!

We've been waiting all week for this.
Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

Wake up!

I'm up!

- Why do they get to sleep?
- Starfire is not sleeping. See.

- I am up!
- And Raven was just resting her eyes.

- I'm up.
- Last warning, guys.

Fall asleep and I Start
drawing mustaches again.

Hey, what's the pen for, Cyborg?

- Why is it so easy for me to stay awake?
- You are half robot.

There is less of
you to get tired.

You know, this isn't
the first time

you guys have ruined things
with your flesh and blood,

and more flesh.

As soon as I get this baby
humming it's vaca time!

Hold this a sec.

Why can't you guys
be awesome like me?

Super strength. Fireproof armor.

High jump moves, and power!

Maybe one day we'll all
benefit from an accident that

requires us to replace several body parts.
But until then...

This is just great!

You know how hard it is to clean

between my sensitive
robot parts?

No big deal, Cyborg. We'll
just dismantle you,

clean your parts, and
put you back together.

Dismantle me? You guys
can't even program a VCR!


VCR, 1980s device that
allowed you to tape

television shows even
if you weren't at home.

They mostly used VHS tapes,

even though Betamax was
clearly the superior format.

And nobody knew how to
program that clock on.

I mean, you had to be like a rocket
scientist to figure that one out.

So they always flashed 12:00.

VCRs revolutionized
home entertainment.

We can handle this, Cyborg.

Looks like I don't
have a choice.

There! Clean as the
baby's behind.

It's soft as a
baby's behind, Star.

Those things aren't
usually so clean.

Yes, I am saying we
did an awful job.

Can you just put
me back together?

That doesn't go with the...

Be careful with the...

Watch out for my...

Okay, this is not how
I go back together.

I don't know. I'm pretty sure
that's how I remember you.

- Yup.
- Agreed!

Then what about all
those extra parts?

Yes. Extra parts, Cyborg. As
in, you do not need them.

That's my leg you're sitting on!

Sorry, Cyborg. But we've
done everything we can.

You can't leave me like this.
It's undignified.

I feel like Webster.


Webster. 1980s TV show,

with that tiny kid who was
like 40 in real life.

You know, his parents die,

so the dad's ol' football
buddy adopts him.

George Papadapolis with
his wife Katherine.

But Webster calls her "Ma'am".

There's an episode where
he uses a science kit,

even though Ma'am
warned him not to.

And he accidently burns down
the whole apartment building.

The whole building.

Oh, it was crazy!

I have all six seasons on VHS.

If we can't put your
body back together

maybe we can upload you
into the tower computer.

Yeah! And then you'd be
completely electronic.

None of that gross flesh
and blood stuff going on.

You make a compelling case.

Let's give it a whirl.

Okay, that's good. Ow!

I'm on... Ow!

Thank you! Ow!

Getting a little tight in here.

I'm connected to all
the tower's systems.

Air-conditioning, doors, lights.

I control it all.

Uh, can you please turn
the lights back on?

I can! But I won't!

I'm just kidding. I will.

I'm as excited as The
Pointer Sisters.

The Pointer Sisters?

The Pointer Sisters,
1980s music group.

Nobody cares!

All I'm saying is now I can make
living at the tower as awesome as me.

Morning, Beast Boy!

What are you doing?

You know how you used to
ignore your old alarm clock

and waste the whole
day sleeping in?

Well, not anymore!

'Cause there's no snooze
button on me, baby!

Hey, Raven.

Just wanted to make sure you're
meditating in an optimal environment.

Doing great! Thanks!

Okay, this is boring.

Now this is how you meditate!

Oh! Meditate with me, y'all.

Oh, meditate with me, Raven.

♪ When there's trouble,
you know who to call ♪

♪ Teen Titans! ♪

♪ From their tower,
they can see it all ♪

♪ Teen Titans! ♪

Cyborg, what are
you doing in here?

Just trying to make everything
a little more awesome.

- Missed a spot.
- Get out!

You know how you're always complaining
about the water pressure.

Don't care, get out!

Yeah, you care. Check it out!

The Cyborg is starting
to tick me up!

I cannot even flort my
screebies in peace!

He's everywhere. We have to
get him out of the computer.

What you guys talkin' about?

Uh, nothing.

After years of being half man,

I'm finally a whole computer.

And now you want to
take that away from me?

Huh! We have no idea what
you're talking about.

We were just... Titans, go!

I'm sorry. But I can't
let you do that!

Oh, yeah? Well, who's
gonna stop us?

I'm part of the tower now.
I have new friends.

I'm fighting a vacuum cleaner.
And losing!

This is embarrassing.

Ow! Ow! Ow! It burns! It burns!

Too many. The carbs!

Ah! I can't see!

It's over, buddy. Time to
get your old body back.

You know, maybe you're right.

I think, when I lost my body I
lost a little of my humanity too.


I love being a building.

Ah! Whoa!

Wha... what happened?

I just made you better.

Now you're all part
of the tower like me.

So, anyone want a cup of joe?

I would love some with my toast.

Oh! No way, check it out!

I can turn the light on
and off with my tongue.

Seriously, guys, you're
getting crumbs everywhere.