Taskmaster (2015–…): Season 8, Episode 10 - Clumpy Swayey Clumsy Man - full transcript

Who will take home the coveted 'golden head' trophy in the Taskmaster series 8 finale?

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Ah! No! Wah!



It is the Series Eight
Taskmaster Grand Final!


The wait is over.
At the end of tonight's show,

someone will take home
THIS majestic trophy,

forged from the bones of Adonis,

and go home a champion.

But which of our battle-scarred five
will it be?

Please give them a hero's welcome
for the final time...

Iain Stirling...

..Joe Thomas...

..Lou Sanders...

..Paul Sinha...

..and Sian Gibson...

And here, you know I love him really,

it's - whoo! - little Alex Horne!


Oh, that's very...
Do you genuinely?

No! No.

Thank you. Well, today, Greg,

I'm actually not going to
do any talking -

I'm just going to do this...


And I'm supposed to
react to that now?

You react however you want, Greg -
I think you like it. Yes.

Well, normally, I would have to
try and find something funny

to say about that
but, on this occasion,

I'm just going to do...




So... Good. We both look pretty.
Thank you.

What have we got for
the final Prize Task, Alex?

They have to bring in
the best thing

that will actually change your life
for the better the most.

So, you will judge
who has brought in the thing

that will actually change your life
for the better the most

and give them
5 golden points for it.

The winner of tonight's episode
will take home all the things

that will actually change your life
for the better the most.

And, hopefully, the things
will actually change their life

for the better the most. OK?

So, here we go. Lou Sanders.

How are you going to change my life
for the better the most?

Now, I don't think you're going
to like this one, but...

it's an appointment with
my spiritual healer,

Jill in the Pyrenees.

And she's so magic, honestly,
she can tap into people.

I asked her about you, she said,
"Yeah, great guy, real great guy."

It is a gift voucher for Jill,
a healer in the Pyrenees.

You don't go to the Pyrenees.

Because energy works
through space and time,

obviously - that's science.
Yeah. Yes.

Goes without saying.
So...Jill lives in the Pyrenees,

you just WhatsApp audio-call her.

If it's helped you,
I think that's wonderful.

It really has. But Jill in
the Pyrenees has already said

that she thinks
I'm a really great guy

so I probably don't need any healing.

But it's for one of these idiots.

Iain, what have you brought
to change my life?

Oh, I've got the greatest invention
I've ever come across,

and that is a toilet stool.

Here it is.

The squatty toilet stool. Yeah.

Oh, I see. As human beings, we're
meant to squat when we poo, you see,

because that opens the colon up.

Yes, it does. When you sit
at a 90-degree angle...

Yes, yes, it does. It does, yeah.

And Alex will also tell you,
when you sit at 90 degrees,

your colon is kinked.

Well, it doesn't allow your body
to come out of continence mode

and go into elimination mode.

Wait till you get your knees up -
you will eliminate that next shit.

We'll talk more about this
afterwards. Yeah. OK.


I went shopping for my mum
on Oxford Street at Christmas,

and I found this item.

And it's so good that
I bought it for my mum,

presented it to her at Christmas

and, on Boxing Day,
went around and stole it.

It's basically
an electronic massage pad

and it absolutely
improves your life.

Cos when you get to my age,
you're sore after doing anything,

after having a poo.

If you don't believe how good it is,

Alex is going to demonstrate it
on you now.

Yes, I do have it here. What?!

Yes. There it is. OK.
Do you want to see it in action?

Ooh, ho-ho-ho!

The great thing about it is that
it works on any part of your body.

Oh, put it on your bowels. Yeah.

Where are your bowels? Oh, yeah.


Really nice, Paul.

Sian, are you going to
relax my colon or make me poo?

Funnily enough, yes.

I've brought some pills.

And these aren't just any pills,

these are actually called
Miracle Pills.

OK. I've tried them.

You can eat anything you want
when you've eaten one of these pills

and it will taste really sweet

and like the nicest thing
you've ever ate. It's true.

I literally ate four lemons.

Yeah? Tasted amazing.

Really? They activate
the sweet receptors,

resulting in the perception
of sweet taste.

'They do work. They had to
physically take the lemons off me in
case I had a prolapse or something.

What if I want to eat a lovely
Sunday roast? I don't know.

But I had a massive poo after these.
After them? Yeah.

Have you ever swapped a cow
for some magic beans?

Joe? It's a hair transplant.

Yeah, there we go.

I should say it's singular.


Have you paid for one hair to be
transplanted? I've loaded one hair.

Yeah, I've loaded one hair
onto the voucher.


Expensive, aren't they?

Well, it's normally about
15 grand for a full head of hair,

so what have you put in there?

It's 100 quid.
That sort of appeals to me. Yeah.

Tell you what I want, is I want
to be able to say at a dinner party,

"I've had a hair transplant."
Yeah. And for them to go, "Really?"

And I'll go, "Yes, but
only THIS hair here."

'Points, then, Greg. It's a final,
so I'm not going to give anyone
1 point - so that's good, isn't it?

That is good, yes. Are you going to
give anyone 2 points? Yes.

Just imagining
I'm eating a lemon now.


What does it taste like?

Yeah, sweet.

2 points.

2 points to Sian.

3 points to the back-massager.

It was really nice,
I really enjoyed it,

but, honestly, I've got one. OK.

3 points also to
Jill in the Pyrenees. OK.

I mean, unbelievably...

the notion of having one hair
transplanted gets 4 points.

Eh! I just want it.

And 5 points - who doesn't like
a lovely clear-out?

5 points to Iain Stirling!


Right, what have we got
to start the final?

Well, if they do the task
correctly, absolutely nothing.

Hiya, mate. Hello, Lou.

'Hiya. You all right?

'Yes. Good stuff.

'An eraser, no less.

This is suspicious.

Little rubber.
I used to collect rubbers.


It was before
I had, erm, an iPhone.

Oh. One or the other, isn't it?

Here we go.

Completely erase this eraser.

The fastest wins.

Your time starts...

Hold on, I'm just thinking.

I can see that.

Your time starts...now.


No hesitation whatsoever.

No. Because you're
a rubber specialist.

That's what they do.

What has become of
the rubber collection?

It's still there,
it's in a Quality Street tin.


At my mum's house!

She told me she's got 250.

I've never used them
to actually rub.

No. No, God, that would soil them -
we all know what.

Let's see some erasing.

OK, first to rub out
the rubber are -

and there's no easy way
to say this - Joe and Sian.

'Well, I've made two,
and a load of little ones.

Oh, my God...

'I'm going to sweat on here!

I'm going to go and, erm,
have a little root around,

see if I can find...something.


'Right, here we go.

That's a bit more like it, isn't it?

Stand back, everyone.

Here we go!


That's not even done anything, that.

No, it's still there, isn't it?


I've erased it.
It's gone, is it? Yep.

Has it gone? It's all gone.
It's gone. Completely gone.

No sign of it?

I can't see it anywhere, no.


I mean, unbelievably I really found
myself admiring your technique.

I really thought,
"Yeah, that's good thinking, that,

"getting some sandpaper - that'll
speed up the erasing process." Yes.

Yeah. Yeah. Thank you.

Obviously you used
the classic old-school...

Rubbing? ..eraser technique.

Bored of it and tried
to eviscerate it with fire.

I thought it actually would burn.

No, it didn't burn.

I know it didn't work, because Sian
threw her rubber in a hedge. Yes.

She took 9 minutes and 40 seconds.

We did search for the eraser
afterwards, couldn't find it -

so, it's gone.

Come on - it's not been erased,
it's been chucked in a hedge.

Joe took the same amount of time
it takes me to fully clean you -

19 minutes 32 seconds.

Quite a while.
Let's see another one.

Yes, next up, two fellas.

An ITV1-er and an ITV2-er.

It's Paul and Iain.

'Completely erase this erase.

Your time starts...now.

You tell me when
it's completely erased.

I don't know if this will help.



Done! Completely erased?


Is it completely erased, Paul?

It is. I'm glad I didn't eat it.


Are you, Paul, under the impression
that you erased that eraser?

I removed it from society.


It's probably still
an eraser, isn't it?

It's been erased.
I'm not sure that is erased.

I mean, you could see yours
in a mush by your feet!

Yeah, but it could no longer
function as an eraser.

It was no longer an eraser.

Mine is underwater in a pipe!

But it's still an eraser.
It's not... It's not!

It's lost its function.

At this point... No-one's going to
use that as an eraser again.

But if they really,
really wanted to,

they could find it and it would
still be intact as an eraser.

And also, I think that erasing
is the act of using it to rub.

Where the fuck has this come from?!

I don't know.

I'm so fed up of putting in, like,

loads and loads of genuinely
physical effort into the task

and then these other people
find some wanky workaround.

Put some fucking effort in!

'I don't know where that's
come from - I'm really sorry.
I've been really nice so far.


Let's just let all the rage
simmer a bit.

Hello, and welcome to
the end of Part One.




Welcome back to the Taskmaster
Series Eight Grand Final.

It's Part Two, and it's exciting.

So, to reflect this, Alex,
can you please shout your recap

at the very top of your lungs!

They are trying to erase an eraser

as fast as possible!


And Iain and Paul flushed it!


HE SHOUTS: Sian chucked it in a bush!
Actually shout!



You genuinely shout like
a little old man.


Why is there no volume?

I'm sorry, I did my best.

Get away from my lawn, you two!

Before we debate erasing any more,
let's have a look at Lou's, can we?

Yes. Here's Lou's.

Fastest wins. Your time starts now.


Is this the sort of thing...?


'It's taking longer than I thought.

'Can I get a drink, please?

Yeah, what would you like?
Oh, it tastes horrible!

Water and a juice, please.

Finished! Oh!


Well done, I've stopped the clock.

Where is it?

Anything else, Lou?

Anything else?
I can still see some of it.


It's not completely erased,
I'm afraid, Lou.

It didn't taste very nice!


Where's it gone?

Down the toilet.
I'll stop the clock.


If she'd eaten it,
would you have accepted it?

I think she changed its form. Yeah.

All she did was put it
into a sewage system.

I changed its form. No, but
it's been digested, broken down,

'there's no way you could
get those bits out and still
use it as a rubber. Thank you.

'So, just so you know,
it ended up in the toilet
in the hands of three of them.

Lou took 2 minutes 50 seconds.

34 seconds by Paul,
20 seconds by Iain.

Well, this is unprecedented,

what I'm about to do.

The first points I will award
according to the times.

OK, so it'll be only 1 point to Joe,
2 to Sian, 3 to Lou,

4 to Paul, 5 to Iain.

Correct. But then I'm going to
give Lou 1 bonus point

for chewing up a rubber
like a mad person,

but I'm going to give Joe
a bonus of 3 points.

Thank you. Yes.

Joe gets 4 points!


Do you have another one ready?

I do - and this one has legs.


"Make yourself some
tremendous pretend legs."

"You have five minutes to order
up to five items from Alex."

"Once Alex has shopped
for the items,

"you will have 20 minutes
to make your tremendous legs

"and then demonstrate them."

"Most tremendous pretend legs wins."

"Your time starts...now."

Massive trousers.

Some green face-paint.

Maybe I should try
and make some sort of hinge.

Some sexy stockings.

Some stripy tights.

Red and black? Purple and black.

Sorry. Two child-sized snooker cues.

Fireworks. Oh, there we go.

Great, thanks a lot.

Thanks, Joe.
Cheers. Bye. Bye-bye.


The most tremendous legs, right?
Yes, the most tremendous legs.

Great in amount, scale
or intensity - tremendous.

Good. So, here we go -
this is Joe and Paul.

I've never made anything
with hinges before.

Oh, Christ.

Here we go.

What am I doing?


Come on.

Fuck! Come on.

Fuck you!


Hello, Alex. You doing OK?

I'm fine, thank you, Joe.
You look...tired.

Never felt better.


These little mothers down here.

Two tremendous legs.

Are they finished, Paul?

Erm, I might take them outside.

Ironically, I think
the mistake I made

was not going for
an adult snooker cue.

They're quite small, aren't they?



And I walk out
to enjoy my evening out.

And is it possible
for you to stand? Stand?

At the moment it's been kind of...

On tiptoes is it? Erm...


Whoa, OK!


He's done it!

And you can see that even
when disaster does strike,

the leg fits straight back on.


Thank you, Paul.
Thank you. Well done.

Thank you, Joe. Cheers.


I hated that.

I hated every
fucking second of that.

I asked for hinges and then
didn't use them to make the knee,

I just used them to... Well...

Well, you asked for hinges

and then you were so frenetic,
there was so much activity.

It was like an episode of
The A-Team for our older fans.

It was incredible, there was so much
industry going on, and then...

I mean, the legs were so rubbish

and then you really hurt yourself.

Yeah. No, I really genuinely
felt quite sad that day

after going home
and having done that,

because I really thought I should be
able to do a bit better than that.

I think all of us who were there
felt sad - and angry as well.

Yeah, yeah.

So far away from tremendous.

Paul, any regrets about
choosing child-sized snooker...?

I read the task
and I thought to myself,

"I am not going to come out of this
task with any dignity whatsoever".

I'm dyspraxic,
I'm virtually colour-blind,

I've got an injured shoulder
and, more than that,

I am an absolute dickhead.

That's not fair,
you're not a dickhead.

They looked more like legs
than Joe's did, they were functional,

they were able to
very slowly kick a football.

I mean, it's an image that will haunt
me for some time, which is good.

Shall we see someone else? Yeah!

OK. One of her shopping requests
was spaghetti -

it's Lou Sanders.


Yeah? Yeah.

OK, get ready.





They were more tremendous than
what we've seen thus far, I think.

Fair to say. They were legs.

They were slightly more tremendous
than the pool cues, sorry.

I think Paul's point is
she didn't make the legs -

she improved pre-existing legs.

But you... What was the task again?

Make... Make some tremendous legs.

Yeah, I made some normal legs
tremendous. Tremendous.

They did look quite tremendous

and it was surprising
to see them up there.

Yeah, thank you.

It'd raise an eyebrow.

They were the most tremendous legs
I've seen thus far.

Look, we're halfway through
the final.

Not only will someone
win the Taskmaster trophy,

but someone will also go home
with a squatting toilet stool -

win-win! Bye-bye.




Welcome back to the start of Part
Three, here in the Taskmaster Final.

Where were we, Alex?

Legs is where we were,
and where we still are.

Legs. So far we've discovered

that Paul Sinha thinks
the most tremendous legs imaginable

are a smaller, less mobile
version of his own.

Now for Sian, with a slightly
higher production-value version.

Here we go.



I'm melting, I'm melting!


Argh, I'm melting, I'm melting!


I think mine was better.

Oh, man. The production.
The whole concept was wonderful.

I loved your tremendous legs.

I'm going to hand out points
pretty quickly.

After seeing Iain's... Iain.


So, erm... Ugh! How's your day been?

Good, thank you.

'Anything interest...ing?

Your ankle.

What about your ankle? Argh, argh!


I've broken both my ankles!

I like your new shoes.

Thank you very much.
They're, erm, from...

D'you ever do that?

Oh, my back!

My back.

We're off to the caravan.



Why did you hamper yourself
with fake arms?

I got carried away.

The thing about this show...

You don't see it from
another person's point of view.

I was convinced I'd won this task!


I'm barefooted,
stood on stainless steel,

with my hands zipped
into my body... Yeah.

..and then I gaffer-taped
a mannequin hand onto each side.

They were both left hands.

I barely noticed.

I know - I put gloves on them
so you wouldn't!

By the point I was doing that,

the legs had really
become an afterthought.

'As a character, you look like
a pretty cool guy to hang out with.
We had a lovely time.

You were having a lovely old sway.
Lovely slow sway. Yeah.

I'm going to score it
really quickly. Are you? Yeah.

Guess who's in last? Me.

1 point for Joe. Thank you.

I want to give this 100 bonus points,

but if I mark them as
just tremendous legs,

unfortunately I have to
give the children's snooker cue...

Unfortunately I have to
give them 2 points.

I mean, he's done well
to get 2 there. 2 points to Paul.

He's done really well. Unbelievable.
I want to hang out with him,

but I don't think his legs
are that tremendous.

But I will give clumpy, sway-ey,
clumsy man 3 points.

3 points to Iain.

Obviously I want to roller-skate
on top of a caravan for one foot.

Louie... Lou gets 4 points.

Louie-Lou - 4 points. I mean,
who can deny the production

of Sian Gibson - 5 points?

That was great.

Oh, dear me!

Little scoreboard update, please.

OK, it's tight at the bottom, as...

Mummy used to say...

It's a three-way tie at the bottom.

Joe, Paul and Sian all have 9,
then Lou has 11

but, in the lead with 13 points,
it's Iain Stirling.


Please can we have one more -
just one more.

I have exactly one more task.

The last video task of
the series, I'm afraid.

But it does involve some very
dangerous parking and a bobble hat.

It's a long way. Pardon?

It's a long way.

Yes. I'm not very good at running.

You don't have to run.

Have a little looky.

"Follow the instructions
on the signs

"and park this buggy
in the parking bay."

"You have a maximum of ten minutes
to prepare your journey,

"during which you may not move
any of the items on the course."

"Your journey must start
from where the buggy is now."

That's going to be easy, no?

"Also, you must be wearing
this blindfold correctly

"at all times during your journey."

Ah... ah!


"Most accurate journey wins.

"Your preparation time starts now."


Right, so let's have a look
at these instructions.

"Do knock these bells off.

"High-five him."

"Do NOT knock these bells off."

"So I've got to drive that
blindfolded and do them things?"

Yes, please.

Good luck.

LOU: I'm just going to have
a little go on this.


Stop. Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop!


Absolute carnage from you
before the blindfold's gone on.

And you know how I knew
that was genuine panic?

Because the old-man voice came out.

"Paul, Paul, Paul, Paul!"

"It's my bloody garden again!"

I can't wait to see this.

We've grouped these two together
already today,

but now it's their last chance
to truly prove themselves,

it's Joe and Paul again.

Here we go.

OK. You've got eight more
minutes to prepare.

Oh, eight more to prepare? OK.


I'm going to administer
the blindfold system. OK.

Layer one. Wow.

Can you see anything, Paul? No.

Good luck! Thank you.

I'm going to go.


Fuckin' hell!

Was that the mannequin?

Was that a high-five?

I thought I had a good idea here.

Where are the bells?

Oh, God!

Oh. I think it goes without saying
that I don't really know where I am.

Where do you think you are?

I'd like to think that
the parking bay is there.

All right.

Have you got a plan B, Paul? Erm...

Careful. Brilliant.

It's not as big as I thought it was.

What are you looking for at
the moment, Paul? The bike again.


Lost the bike again...


I'm going to park it now.

Careful, Paul!

Whoa, whoa, whoa!

I was nearly there.


I could be anywhere.

I've stopped now,
I've finished the journey.

Oh, it's not too bad.


Can I ask what the strategy was
with leaving the buggy?

My first mistake was thinking
that I was competent enough

to drive somewhere near the bells,
get out of the thing,

walk out and knock the bells off
with my own hands.

But somehow or other, I just
fucked it up from the word go.

Well, we all enjoyed
watching him walk around a space.

And I was thinking, "He's not going
to remember where that buggy is!"

Delightful. Well, he found it

but, unfortunately,
tried to get on the front instead...


And, Joe, I thought you would
employ a more logical system,

rather than just, "OK, I think
I've got the measure of this,

"let's drive."

You went full speed.
You had your hazards on.

Hazards on. My thinking was,
if you put your hazards on,

you can do literally
whatever you want.

You did say afterwards,
"That was bloody brilliant."

It was. It was good.

Here it is. The last break
of the series.

Alex, I'd like to take
this opportunity to apologise.

Because, just before the show record,

I genuinely cut
your trousers in half.

Now, I know you think
this was a joke.

I went into your dressing room

and I got your trousers that
you're wearing to the party tonight

and I cut them in half with
a big pair of scissors!


I think it's the best thing
I've ever done. Yeah.

Yeah, I can see that.

Ah! They are my actual
trousers, so...

Here's a break. OK.



Hello. Welcome back.

Here we are, then -
the final part of the series.

I can't quite believe it,
can you, Alex?

Yes, I can. But there's still
a task to finish, Greg.

They've been parking a buggy badly

and, lastly, we're going
to see Iain, Sian and Lou.

7, 8, 9, 10, 11.



One elephant, two elephants,

three elephants.

Oh, I forgot my number counting

OK, so if you stand by
the parking lot emitting a noise.

Shall I blow the whistle
every 5-7 seconds?

1, 2, 3,

4, 5, 7, 8, 9.

10, 11, 12.

They're all 12cm apart.

Can I go and get a big stick?

Do whatever you want.


IAIN: One elephant, two elephant,

three elephant.


But it was three...

It WAS three elephants!


What's that? That's a camera.

Oh, I shouldn't have
got out of the truck.

11, 12.



It's all right. I high-fived it!


14, 15.


Yes! Come on!

Get off.



Ooh! Ah.


High five!

Am I the wrong side?

This is terrible.

Ooh. High five.

Oh, don't do this again.

Oh, no.




9, 10, 11.

I'm in!

'I'll just not worry about
the other bells, OK? OK.

'OK, so what's that, then?

'So I think I'm just going
to back out here.



'Absolute carnage.

'But also getting me to whistle
in the parking bay

'did mean she got to
the parking bay eventually.

'Oh, OK. She did create some system.
There was a system.

'That's good, cos I'd hate
for you to damage the truck!

I think the thing
that's worth mentioning

is that no-one else
took over 10 minutes.

She took half an hour.

Because I wanted to get it right!
Yeah. The elephant system.

You were very passionate about it.

Elephants. I've seen people
say "elephants" before.

I've seen people say "elephants"
before. Yeah, couple of times.

We went to that thing, didn't we?

Yeah, the old... Elephant conference.
Yeah. Yeah.

Sian, what was your system?

Erm, counting in centimetres!

And I was amazed to find out
that they were all 12cm apart.

I know! It looks different.
It does look different.

And we can see some lovely
interpretive dance as well.


Well, I don't need to hand out
points, do I? No, not yet.

I'm going to show you the graphics
of how accurate their journey is

and that shout speak for itself.

I've plotted Joe's journey first,

so he went a bit like this...

You see bottom-left, he's aiming
for the bottom-right.

Started well.

There's some good and bad there.

I've drawn a penis there.

Ending with that?

Paul next.

I've made the line solid
when he abandoned the truck.

Back in.

Back out.

And he's off.


Iain next. I think you'll be
quite impressed by Iain's journey.

Pretty smooth.

Look at that. Wow.

Textbook stuff.

Oh, lovely!


Sian's wasn't dissimilar but,
again, she abandoned the truck

and that's where it got
less accurate.

Good ending, though,
good ending. Not bad.

Lou. Yeah, finally.

All 30 minutes of Lou's journey.



Ooh. There we go.


Who was best?

Oh, Iain Stirling definitely was the
best - he gets 5 points. 5 points!

Presumably Sian's is the next-best?
Sian, definitely - 4. 4 points.

Yep. And then 3, 2, 1.

Joe, Paul, Lou. Joe, Paul. Lou
was definitely the least accurate.

So 3 points, 2 points.
1 point to Lou.

OK, everyone, it saddens me
to ask this,

but could you please
make your way to the stage

for the final task of the series!



Hi, lovely ponytail-boy.
Hi, ponytail-man.

Who's going to read
the final task of the series out?

Lou Sanders.


Yep. Right way up.

"Correctly wearing these goggles,

"and with your eyes open
at all times, retrieve your duck.

"You must stand on your spot
and hold the stick by the handle.

"You must stay standing on your spot
throughout the task.

"Fastest to hold their duck in their
hands above their head" - oh, yeah -


"You have a maximum
of three minutes."

This doesn't seem very hard.
I wonder what those goggles do.

I'm not going to tell you that. OK.

When I blow the whistle,
place your goggles over your eyes

and retrieve your ducks.

Jesus Christ!

It turns everything
upside-down. Whoops!

Oh, that is horrible.

Lou, you must stay on your spot.

I'm on my spot, aren't I?
Well, some of you's on the spot.

OK. How's it going, Sian?

I feel...


Oh, it might be all right.

Fuck off! Fuck off! FUCK OFF!

Come on, Joe.

'That is not your duck, Lou!

Come on, Joe.

That's it. Oh!

It could be Paul!

Only Paul's is remaining!



OK. Stay on your spot,
stay on your spots!

Ah, my bum!
Yes, I've covered that up.

Do you have to catch it
with the hook?

No, do whatever you want, Paul. Oh!







I put it on my head!

I put that duck on my head!

You may take off your goggles.

'Paul, you're the only one
not sitting on the floor now,
for some reason.

But you don't have to sit
on the floor, no-one ever...


Come down and we'll add that
to the final scores!


Messy old business, wasn't it?
Yeah. Yeah.

Three of the contestants did not
retrieve the duck within the time.

So we can safely say 0 points.

I'm afraid so, to those three.

And that is to Lou, Paul
and to Sian. Whoo!

And I'm very sorry to say...

Iain got Joe's duck
and Joe got Iain's duck.


And I want you to greet this
with a huge round of applause,

because I do think it's sort of
in keeping with the entire programme,

that in the final task
of Series Eight of Taskmaster,

every single contestant has scored...

no points!


I don't believe it!


It does mean, though, that there
is a clear and outright winner,

5 points ahead of the rest,
that is Mr Iain Stirling!

Iain Stirling!

Iain Stirling wins!

Please go and bag the things

that are going to
make your life better.

Iain Stirling!


It's trophy time.


Little Alex Horne...


reveal the final results.

I think you're beautiful.

I am.


Paul ended up on 136 points.

In fifth place, Paul Sinha.

Just above him, on 143 -

7 points above - was Sian Gibson!


And up we go again,
7 points higher, with 150,

Joe Thomas.

Thank you.

And here we go, with 156 points,

in second place...

Mr Iain Stirling!


Which means...

with 164 points,

the winner was Lou Sanders!


There it is, your Series Eight
Taskmaster champion -

Lou Sanders!


Thank you. Mwah. Thank you.

Thank you, everyone, for watching,
thank you to our colossal cast,

and the smallest hint of appreciation

to little Alex Horne!


Mainly, though, well done again

to our Series Eight champion,
Lou Sanders!


Who will be the next champion?

See you next time to find out.


Subtitles by Red Bee Media