Söz (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 5 - Söz Veriyorum - full transcript

Yavuz and his team, who squeezed Çolak into the corner, encounter an obstacle that they have not anticipated. The barrier that needs to be overcome is serious as it can cost an innocent child and Mucahid's life. Meanwhile, Eylem is in the hands of Colak and it is about to witness one of Colak's blood-stopping plans. While this situation puts Eylem's life at risk, Bahar faces a vital danger in the hospital. While this danger is causing tension between Yavuz and Bahar, Colak is about to hold a meeting with senior militants for his big plan. The Team, who receives news from the meeting, has two duties: They plan to rescue Eylem and to stop the meeting at the same time. But their work will not be easy at all. In the meantime Fatma, who goes to the lawyer to divorce Hafiz, is unaware that she is about to lose him permanently .

Something is happening.


Come on!

The fair hair.

Favorite is there. Zraz will appear
the rest. Kill them. Quickly! Quickly!

They noticed us.


Take the girl. Take it away.

Quickly. Let's go.

Where do you get me?
Where do you get me?

Shut up! Come with us!

Do not leave it out of your sight!

They surround us.

I'll show you what I can do, guys, I'll show you.

Episode 5

Is very close. I feel them.

Hold on, ours is approaching.

Don't show your heads.

Lieutenant General, so let's start.

Now! Fast, fast, fast!

Sir, they returned to us.
Where's the support?

Bad news. Jawuz.

They shot at our helicopter.
We had to send others.

- When will they come here?
- In half an hour.

I don't know if we can afford it so much.
There are a lot of people here.

A grenade is flying!


Everything is fine;

- For now, yes.
- Hold.

They will come soon.

Where did they go;

Lieutenant General, they make us look for it.

I told you so you know.


Sure, that's how we will do it.

Lady Bahar, right?

Yes, hello.


Please sit down.

We need doctors, but unfortunately
this procedure is not like that.

But you really need doctors.

People on the edge of the village
are waiting for a doctor, believe me.

I can go home to everyone.

I understand your good intentions.

But I can't hire doctors on my own.

There is definitely a way.


Lady Bahar?

Yes, it sits in front of me.

Okay, Mr. Inspector.

Will take care of.

Please excuse me.
I didn't want that to happen.

But I really want to stay here.

We need to find some way out.

It doesn't matter, it's welcome at our door.

Do you smell the gunpowder?

The most beautiful perfume in the world.

They come, I feel it.

It would be better if we could
inform the chief of staff about it.

Being here would help us a lot.

Their arrival would take at least 2 hours.

Come on!

Goal at least! Pull normally!

How many of them?

At war fights do not count, Karabatak.
What God has given must be overcome.

Latest cartridges.

Latest cartridges.

Are we going to dance now?
But to death. In the style of kamikaze.

We will make a retreat.

Now I will go out and shoot. And come back.
You'll protect me later and go down.

Lieutenant General, go.



Lieutenant General, go!

How much longer is it left, Huffitz?

2km, commander.

Come on, come on!


Do you speak to me?

Come on!

I'll destroy you all here!

You can only get our carcasses from here!

If you leave, of course.


- What happens; - Lieutenant! us!

Commander! Lord, their meals have arrived!

I saw you, you idiot! Go!
Immediately, immediately!

All good;

Okay. Where did you come from;

We were close. Then came the turn.
And when we heard voices, we were in a hurry.

My lion! Come here!


Our circles! I need help soon!

Where are you;

- Third meeting point.
- I'll do everything in my hands.

Do whatever you want, but save us. Quickly!

Stay here! stay here!

- We'll go after Krolawy, the rest is yours.

- Understand!
- No more!

Sir, people are coming.


I wonder what Lieutenant Yavuz did.

I spoke with Second Lieutenant Erdem.
The brigade was transferred to the group.
Those who escaped the band.

People go.

Commander, who is that?

It's monica.


These are soldiers who work for money.

My inner voice says the blood is spilled.

What are you doing; OK OK.

And what will happen to me?


You won't let me down like that, right?

I won't leave you like that.

- Don’t move! Go, go, go!
- Don't do that, please.

Do not move, do not move, do not move!
Woman, you go with your husband! Go!

- Please don't do anything!
- Go to your spouse right away!

- Sonny, come on!
- Good!

Mom, don't leave me, please!

- Come on, come here.
- Please don't do us anything!

- Come on!
- The area is mined!

I know, it's defective! Go, go!

- Please leave us alone!
- Go!


- Please don't do anything!
- Look carefully where you are going. Well; Well, now!

- Please, let us know! You are welcome!
You are welcome! Go! Please, let us know!
- Go!

You are welcome!
Please, let us know!

- Go!
- You are welcome! - Go!

Please, let us know!

Go, otherwise I'll shoot
the woman in the head! Go!

Tell your spouse to keep going!
What is her name;

- Hassan. - Hassan, Hassan! - Hassan ...

Hassan, go! Tell him to go! Hassan, go! Go!

Go, Hassan!

Lame !!!

Come here!

Hassan, go!

Stop, stand, stand! The area is mined!

The bastard!

Go! Go! Hasan or how are you?

Go faster! Now!

What are they doing here?

They are used as
protection to cross the minefield.

Stop, stand up! stop!

Here are the faces.

- Don't do that. Don't use us!
- Go!

- Tell him to leave!
- Hassan, go away!

- What are we going to do now, assistant?
- Don't shoot! Don't hesitate! Come on!

- Hassan! Go, Hassan!
- Go!

- Turn around, turn around!
- Hassan, go!

Lame !!!

You were late!

You can't escape! After all,
you'll be mine anyway!

You're right! We didn't install!

- Hassan ... - Go!

Save us!

You are welcome!

Please, let's go!

Elegant, come here! The water is very good!


Now! Come on, go away!

- It's bad! - Do not pay attention to the wounded!

Don't care for the injured!

Leave, retreat! Well, now! All together a retreat!

"Listen to me, if a hair falls off
their head, I'll make you skin.
- Give me a word?

Give me the word, fair!

- Go!

I'll kill you soon!

Stop, stand up!


I don't want to die!

Let's go!

Let's go!

Hassan !!!

Lame !!!!!

Hassan !!!!!

Lieutenant, he still has a wife!

- Leave a woman, pet!
- Come here, artist!

I'll blow you up, Kulawy!

Don't forget, Light-haired!
We gave the word! Let's go!

- Oh my god!
- Stay!

Stay there! Wait!

Sister, don't you dare move!

- Stay where you are! - A woman will fall into a mine, Lieutenant!


- Wait there, stay!

We will follow the tracks.

Follow me.

Stay there, let's go! stay there!

Help me!

Help me!


- Take care of him.
- As you order, commander.


The bastard.

Pray that Caszali is not here,
otherwise none of us could stop him.

Commander, he was injured here.

- He was shooting at us.
- Who? Terrorist;

Special guest. A paying soldier.

Bring him here. Let them talk.

Well, I understood.

Where is Lieutenant Yavuz?

I do not know.

Definitely follows Çolak. Let's go to him.

I wonder where it is at all?

Can we connect?

Of course, commander.

Could Lieutenant Yavuz save Eyl?

Who is Eylem?

Girl - journalist.

- He wrote an article for us, Commander.
- Oh.

From there we came.

Right, right. Right.


Let nothing happen to the girl at least.

Help me, please!

Save me, I don't want to die! Help me, please!

Help me, please!

Help me, please!

He's gone, sister.


Sonny! Sonny, son, stay there!

Stand there, stop!



Little one, stay there!

Do not dare approach it!

What happened to Dad?
Why is Dad on the ground?

Don't put your feet here!

Please, leave nothing to him. You are welcome.


Sonny! Vacation.


Sonny, stop!



Kassali, don’t do it! Kassali, don't do it!

Watch out!

Easy, bold.

What happened;

Looks like I was going.

Wait, let's go, wait!

Can't log in, Commander.


What is going on, brother?

What about you?

You have behaved strangely since morning.

Don't ask.

Fatma, I want to split me up.

How is it;

How; How; I do not know. Simply.


In all weddings, there is such a thing.

Women are like that.

He wanted a child, but it didn’t work.

And it's very right.



Daughter, are you sure?
That you will not regret later.

No, dad.

I'm not sure.

But it's not gone.

Nothing is going well.

I'm divorced, I don't know.

I do not know what to do.

You could wait for Ali Haydar to return.

He won't come, dad.

He can't come.

I can't tell him to come.

I have only one way out.
- I have to leave.

Despite the fact that...

It won't think of me.

It will be calmer.

- I trust in you, Dad.
- And I trust my daughter in God.

Look at me.

I'll play a game with you.

If you don't move, I'll buy you chocolate, okay?

-1 want to go to my mother.
- Good.

Okay. You can go. I give
my word. I give you a word to go.

You can drive the woman, Karabatak.


Wait, they've come. Wait. Wait, brave.

We have very few nurses.
We cannot keep up with everything.

- We often have to work harder.
- We'll find, no problem.

They called TABU and said they
were sending the wounded. Is important.

- With the table?
- Yes.

- Is the soldier injured?
- I do not know. They didn't say it.


We'll save him, you'll leave. Karabatak, get her.


Let me! I want to go!

- Hold on, I'll give you chocolate. Wait.
- Do not be afraid.

- I want you mom!
- Sonny. Please save my son. Don't le
anything happen to him. You are welcome.

- We'll save. Don't go here, okay?
Don't come in, sister. Get out of here.
- Get me out.

- Hold on, Kessarly.
- I'll do it, I'll keep it, Lieutenant, but ...

the child cannot stand.

- I am.
- Keep it small. A little more. Wait.

- They've been here for 20 years,
maybe they won't explode?
- We saw it explode.

Leave it. Truth.

- What are we going to do, assistant?
- We have to put something here.

I'll find a stone.

With God’s help.

I want you mom!

- Mum!
- If something happens, it's me again.
For you, nothing will happen.

God forbid, Lieutenant General.

- And how is it, small?
- Good good. Everything is fine with us, Really?

- Karabatak, take the child. - Good.

Come to me, zuchu. Come to me.

- Sonny.
- Help God.

You see, we are. Your mother
is here. Go, hug my mother.

Sonny, son. Sonny, son. God bless you.
Let us give you happiness.

Sister, please, don't come like that, okay?

"Look, I swear, I didn’t know about the transmitter.
- It’s Kulawy who decides. You'll tell him everything.

What are you going to do with me?
You won't hurt me, right? I am a citizen of France.

I have a lot of trouble, journalist.

They used me. I swear
I didn't know anything about it.

We are going. Let's go, Mahshur.

Are you ready; You will take your
foot slowly, I will squeeze your shoe.

The Lieutenant will hold on, and I'll
put the stone gently. Okay, Kesarli?

Baby shit, I would be so good here.

- They'll tie the casket with a red
flag and go straight to my father.
- Caesar!

- Listen, assistant.
- We're breathing here to save you,
and you're laughing?

I wanted to dream a little, Lieutenant.

Okay, are you ready?

God, ready.

Slowly get up.

Lift up.

- Lift it up, don't bend it anymore!
- Well, I get up.

In the name of God.

Didn't explode, officer?

It didn’t explode.

God is pleased with you.



But this Kulawy is bad.

We will show him how he is not today, tomorrow.
If not tomorrow, then another day.

- Let’s get out of here.
- Yes, let's go.

Where are we;

- Here.
- And here, where?

This is my hidden paradise.

- Don't worry, we're safe.
- I owe nothing.

They used me, went to my room and put
the transmitter on. They probably followed me.

Take care of the comfort of our guest.


- What are you doing here;
- I started working.

Quick, fast, far! stand back, let me pass!

- What happened;
- Throw.

- First, you need to stop the bleeding.
- I used first aid, there is not much blood.

- The bullet passed.
- Good.

Bahar, you have to do everything to make a person alive.
It may have important information for us.

- Okay, if it does recover, you'll talk.
- Maybe he knows where Eylem is.

- What about Eyl?
- He met with the terrorists.


Bahar, this man will lead us to Kulawy.

All right, but this man has suffered and
we must heal him first. Can you wait outside?

- Speak, Jawuz.
- Colonel, they brought this bastard
to the hospital, I'm here.

- Did he say something?
- No, she's unconscious,
she can't speak. If, of course, it fails.

- We won't do anything yet.
- Kulawy has long since escaped. Where are you;

I'll take Nazli and Guler to
the airport. Then I'll come to you.

- Well, Colonel, I wanted to say something more.
- Speak.

"Hafiz has family problems,
if you let me, I'll send him to Samsun.
- Send, of course. What happened?

- Fatma wants to split.
- Something like that;

- Let it go right away.
- Okay, Colonel.

- Let's go.
- Erdem, we talked to Nazli and we decided...

What did you decide?

We don't want to leave you alone, Dad.

- What it means;
- You have hard days here.

- We want to be near you.
- What are you going to do here?
And what about your school?

And what will it be when I go? I'll talk to
teachers and stick to school for a while.

Absolutely not.

- The more I keep thinking about you.
- Well, I always think on your own?
Now it's a little sad for us.

- Look.
- You'll find us a place in the camps already.
If it fails, we can rent an apartment.

There is no place in the camps.

We will rent a two room apartment. And your boys will
come sometimes. He will eat a warm soup.

Okay, Güler, we'll live at home. Then he will ring
a phone and we will find him in Afghanistan in the morning.

- What then?
- We'll go with you there.

Come on, I agree. Let's stay here, Erd. You alone
cannot. However, she can't go to school anyway.

- Good.
- Thank you, Dad.

Come, look for an apartment.

"Hafiz, I spoke to the colonel. You can go to Fatma.
- Okay, Lieutenant.

- Just listen, don’t dare offend the girl.
- How else can I offend her, assistant?

- He has the right to curse on the day he met me.
- Don't be so unfair to yourself. You don't go to the bars.

This is true, but the girl suffered
as a result of loneliness, a lieutenant.

This is our fate, sister. And because they
fall in love and get married, I can't understand.


- Don't get angry, God is
wonderful. Everything will be fine.
- Thank you, officer.

- Lieutenant, you don't really need to love.
- You should be silent. You'll fall in love, I'll show you.

No, Lieutenant, what do I care about love.


Brother, these are real soldiers.

See how they all go, like a lion.

- All right, officer.
- Thanks, young people. What are you doing;

- And we're sitting there. Will you sit down?
- The commander is waiting, other times...

Will you help yourself?

Vadi Emre, I would
even eat poison from your hands.

Thank you.

"Lieutenant General, I'll be sitting with
my friends for a while, so it won't go wrong.
- You will change.

- Somewhere?
- Good.

- Youth, let's say tea.
- How are you ordering me, sergeant?

stop, don't do such things
to people. Wait a few minutes.

You know, brother Yavuz, we are
staying here now, renting an apartment.

What happened;

Something stopped in my throat.

Hello gentlemen. Doctor.

Bahar, we stay here.

Truth; I am very happy.
How good to have someone to talk to.

How is the patient?

We saved him. She is sleeping now.
In the evening it has to recover.

Do not worry. We will be watching this man.

- And the detectors came.
- Good.

We were worried about you. We are now
going to look for a level. Then we will talk.

- Okay, Colonel.
- Well, let's go.

And what else, sergeant?

And Emir wanted to get
the package, I said: stop, sir.

It was a trap. I told everyone to leave immediately.

- And says he left with his father Rye Orhan.
- Are you not afraid, sergeant? And if the bomb exploded?

Let's be scared of the bomb.
We ourselves have become a bomb.

- And thus. We went out and saw our circle.
- Where was it;

It's a secret place, I can't say.

And thus. We went out and saw our circle, near...

Almost 50 people have 50, almost 100! Yes.
See what a sergeant looks like. He saved us all.

- Oh, well. Is this so, sergeant?
- Yes.

His great humility is the result of arrogance.
If you leave me, I'll tell you, sergeant And;

Our sergeant has a bomb. Only a sergeant can go the
race alone. Only our sergeant can shoot a flying bird.

Participated in at least 100 races, 97 or 98
of them do not remember at all.

- No, my dear, not so much.
- Wow.

And so modest yet. Let them hear,
sergeants, what mothers give birth to heroes.

I forgot to call my mother.

I walk her hands.

And what are you doing;

Esma, can you be so nervous
because your son didn't call?

He will call, he will call. He never forgot.
Something happened to him.

Isn't this kid a travel policeman? What can happen to him?
The sun will be the highest. He is a tourist policeman.

After all, I say it's always called.
Something must have happened.

- Oh, your son is calling.
- I can't get the headset, you get it.

- Hello;
- Aunt?

- Yes, I am, my mother is a little busy.
- Is it Feyzo?

- Give me mom, we'll talk.
- Wait, son, I give.

- Sonny.
- Mum. What happens;

Beloved, why don't you call me?
Are you okay with me, son? All good;

Mom, don’t do that.

We checked the passport we found on this man.

Two daughters. One of his daughters is
a member of the university’s board of directors.

- It didn't look so mature.
- He's 59 years old. And the most important information.

- What;
- She's been dead for two years.

- A false passport.
- Maybe from the team of Kulawy and his people.

He provides them with weapons, teaches
them to make bombs and helps with everything.
- In whose name does he do it?

Friends. We need to know what he knows.

We can get him to speak if you want, Colonel.

We already have it.
We will invent something.

- If the Lord allows me,
I'll go. Maybe she's already woken up.
- Good.


- It means nothing;
- You are welcome.

I wish you a good recovery.

- It hurts a lot.
- It's nice.

Okay, I'll give you a painkiller.

- Can we get it now?
- Not yet, we'll see in the morning.

- You will hear them, this guy has important information.
- I understand, but she can't leave yet.

They are pure things for you.
Change. We clean dirty things.

Thank you, but when can I leave? I want to go.

- Kulawy knows, we don't know.
- Yet...

- I am hungry.
- They put the table.

Thank you.

Hello. I call from Turkey. I'm close to journalist Eylem.
We worked together on a report for Kulawy.

But I haven't received any messages
from her for 2 days. I'm very worried.

Was he in touch with you?

Yes, but I can't give you information.
Because he did not speak of the Lord.

- Really; Together we came to these recordings.
- What recordings are you talking about?

As for the Turkish soldiers. Eylem did a good job,
but here he was very angry with the people.

- They both threaten us. "It wasn't Eylem who did a good job, it was us. He was scared.

- How is it;
- We've posted the message.

- Really;
- We couldn't take this opportunity. Does not matter.

- You did very well, and Eylem, you said Where is it?
- Why do you ask;

Because I have things with her.
If you went to a report ...

- Eylem, she's with Kulawa now. No need to worry.
- Good.

If you have any information,
can you call me at this number?

- Please, it's very important.
- We'll see.

The Lieutenant.

- It wasn't Eylem who released the recording.
- What's wrong with that?

- The girl is with Kulawa.
- What about you?

- What if they do something?
- Okay, but what's wrong with that?

I invite you, journalist.

Good appetite.

Do you live here?

Not always.

When you talk to me, your voice trembles.

You are afraid of me;

It should not;

I'm not a wolf.

But you can't say you're a humanist.

You judge me, you miss me.

Don't judge me.

You do not know what I have survived yet.

I know. You killed, for
example, your wife and children.

- Do you think I liked it?
- I just want to understand.

- Why do this;
- Let's say I serve the values I believe in.

- What have you been told yet?
- Nothing.

You tell me, I'll listen.

Why do so many people follow you?

Because I promise them the future.

Is this camp? What are you doing here;

- Do you really want to find out? - Yes.

Drink ayran, I'll show you.

Come on.

You are welcome. You are welcome.

Can you give me some water, please.

From this page! From this page!

- What happens;
- There is no fire.

"Lieutenant, it seems our boy is running away.
- Run, run.

Don’t run, relax. Relax!

- What are you doing;
- There is no way out.

Bahar, get out of there!

Where is;

- Left;
- And the lieutenant is gone.

See you here.

You can start from this.

Teaching Homeless Children - Is Cruelty?

They are our children.

We give these kids a very good education.

They even learn English.

The women.


They also learn crafts.

Because this war must end sometime.

And when the war is over, they will be disappointed.

And we make it possible.

That keeps us here.

It's not what everyone thinks at all. Miss.

And what is it?


Fire of freedom.


And faith.

Very strange.

I didn't hear that.

So tomorrow they will
take you to one of our camps.

You'll see what's going on there.

I really want to.


Bye, what did you do
to this Monica? It can't recover.

It is not me. it is Mrs Bahar who did it.

I do not know what.

I stopped him.

What did you do?

I saw him running down the hall.

I wanted to relax him, but he suddenly fell.

You saw him leave, right?


Then you closed the door?


Come with me.

What are you trying to do, Bahar?

When I tell you, you stay out of trouble,
you get in trouble anyway. What are you doing;

What should I do; Let him escape?

Do not allow it, but do not put your life at risk.

We saved your life, thank you very much?

If you went with everyone, it wouldn't happen.
And if you mean it, you've saved it. Have you tempered?

I was not at peace. Besides, you shot at me.

Get it.

Take me and shoot me.

Take it away. What are you doing;

Take it and shoot. Get for us to be kwita
Don’t put yourself at risk. Get it.

Can’t you really do anything good? Swear.

I'll be exposed.

We will scare myself. Wherever there is
shooting, I will go and stay in the center.

What are you trying to prove, Bahar?


Why don't you understand that.

I don't want to show you anything. Forget it.

Are they in love with each other?

Why are you talking; What love;

But they will love.
You will see. Give them some time.

A fiance recently died from this man.
What kind of love are you talking about?

After all, I didn't say they would
fall in love tomorrow. But I felt it.

And you, an astrologer?

Good morning.

How is it;

Oh, cuz!

You have to suffer a little, brother.

Are you sure about the divorce?

What should I do;

Did you let me go a different way?



You are right, whatever you say.

I don't want to be right.

I want you.

I want you next to me.

When these cruel,
bad people throw bombs every day.

When many enemies have turned against us, how can
I leave everything behind and come to You, Fatma?

Tell me.


May God be pleased with you.

I swear I can't say anything else.

I am proud of you.

I let go of my senses at all times.

I swear, I let go of my senses.

I am worried that I will suddenly hear bad news.

Did I say anything at least once?

You didn't say it.

I was always waiting for me.

I cannot repay the debt I have.
You never said anything, my Fatma.

I respect the work you do.

I think if there were no people like Ali Haydar,
who knows how many innocents would die, but...

What ’’but”, Fatma?

What else";

I can no longer afford it.

I wanted a child.

I wanted to be with you at least once.

Okay, don't go, stay there. But excuse me,
let me go, I'll take care of myself.

At least I won't bother you.

What are these words, Fatma?

Is it possible at all?
How can you bother me?

You are my crown.

You are the only one I pray for God for.

And I'm alive, I'm not dead,
just because you don't get bad news.

You are idiots. You help
a person and make your fun.

Maybe if he was shot
in the head, he would be smart.

What do you want;

Okay. I apologize.

I was worried about you. Understanding.

Why are you worried?

For you, all women are flowers to be saved.

No not because.

I think because of what
happened to me. This is the reason.

- It happens because of you.
- Thank you, you told me.

Please, too.

Listen up.

I know that our relationships are not the best.
But I am very glad to have met you. I'm glad to be here.

For me, it's how to get started again.

How to be born again, start from scratch.

Do you understand?

I did not understand anything.

At school, I wasn't the best in the humanities.

I was good at science: physics, chemistry, biology.

I was good in history.


Battle of Landanakan?

1040 years.

- What was Young's name?
- Ege.

Does it mean that you have put the patient to sleep?

We have our tricks.

Don't do Fatma.

You're right, what would you say?

You wanted a husband.

But you don't have it.

Why did I get married?

I do not know it.

If your position was known.

If you said you were going to Fizan. I swear
I won't stop for a minute and go with you. But no.

I don't know where you are.
You live here and there.


We have a contract with this
country, with this nation, Fatma.

I'm not sorry, there is no plan, no calculation.

Wherever they go, I'll go there, Fatma.

And what will it be in the end?

If you don't move, the end is the same.

Listen to me.

We will both go our own way.

We will say goodbye calmly.

What should I say;

If I beg you, "don't go, stay"

In three days they will call me and come back.

Are you crazy with me?

Don't be angry.

How can I be angry with you, Fatma?

You are right in everything you say.

You’re absolutely right, my Fatma.

I love you so much, Ali Haidar.

And I will love you to death.

But it fails.

Can I call?

I have to call the author, worrying, for sure.

We have a phone.

But you need to talk carefully.

- Don't talk too much.
- Good.

Bring a phone.

As I said, watch out.


You can speak calmly.

Thank you.

Talk, Lame.

We look forward to coming
but haven't seen your company.

They came.

They had a penalty shootout with special forces.
They are in the hands of our wounded.

What do you say;

- Where;
- Now in the hospital.

Okay. Let's blow up the whole hospital.

We don't want to.

What about our major surgery?
Tell me about it.

I had been warned.

Tomorrow I will meet
with all the governors in the area.

We will discuss plans.

Yes. Tomorrow we will fly by plane to the camp.

I don't know if I'm allowed to take pictures,
but Kulawy agrees with a report. Also videos.

Okay. I will try. If I can, I'll call you again.

Don't worry, there will be a scandal.

I will prepare such an attack so that everything burns within.

Let me know if you need anything.

I have to speak with a superior command.

Thank you.

You knocked on the door, assistant.

And what about my mother's photos of the girl?

- There was no opportunity to speak, officer.
- Finally talk.

- We'll talk, officer.

How much time has passed?

One and a half minutes.

You killed a man. He died at the table.


Even a sewing machine cannot
handle such sewing in one and a half minutes.

You've been cheated anyway.

Give me a break.

- Don't take it, sister.
- See only, it's not an ordinary seam, it's autograph.

Thanks, sergeant.

Tomorrow morning.

In the camp in the mountains. Okay.

Thank you very much.

Well, although we know
so much that he is alive. Thank you.

Who lives?


Tomorrow morning they will be
transporting her to the mountain.

- I have to talk to Lieutenant Erdem.
- What do you have for this girl?

They took the girl for us as a secret agent.

You do not understand that they
can hang or burn. We need to save the girl.

This is my debt to her sister.

Worse still, this movie wasn't her.

You have to talk to Lieutenant Erdem about it.

If she orders us to act, then the girl will go and bounce.

Give me God!

Are you coming here from the hotel?

Yes. I'll dress up and leave.

Another great day.

There are talks about Eyl.

With God, brother, thank you.

I have not.

What happened;

Is this something new?

They are.

It is, but ...


I understand, I have to go.

Good night.

I was talking to friends.

It turns out he was here often.
He was shot twice by security cameras.


This disrespectful man met here
with a man named Mahmoud.

- Who is this Mahmoud? Do we know him?
- May we not know him, assistant?

He is accused of kidnapping a man.

- Was it a taxi or something like that?
- Exactly.

And he's still alive.

Lieutenant General, I received a message from the troops
in the area. There are some moves. I think they are
planning something bigger. I have to consider this issue.

I will call Lieutenant Erdema
and inform him of the situation.

It is good that we have rented a furnished
home, but you still have to buy some things.

No problem, Guiller. We will deal with it.

Bahar calls.

- Hello;
- Nazle, dear, how are you?

It's nice. There are a few
things missing at home, we make a list.

What are you doing;
Have you finished your work?

Yes, I’m done. That’s why I'm calling.

If you have a moment,
might we have coffee at my hotel?

It would be nice. I'll talk
to my parents. I think I'll come.

Okay. I expect news from you.

Okay. Friendship.

Yes, dear family. Nazli runs away.

Too late; Where is;

Why late?

What are you going to do;

And what can you do here, mom?
We go to Bahar for coffee.

Speak, Jawuz.

It's nice. I'm leaving soon.

Dad, I'll go with you.


I will not say anything;

Now you live here. Przywyknijcie.

This is!

Dad's daughter.

Can you track Mahmoud?

No problem, officer. Yasin will make a few
phone calls and quickly find his place.

- Give me God! Will be in touch.
- Good. Watch out for yourself.

What is this; It looks like this night
is going to be great. Sit down.

There are new messages, Lieutenant Colonel. Karabatak
received information that they were planning something big.


Yasın and the others need to know.

They found a man.
He's somebody called Mahmud.

It's about the injured who are in our hands.

What are these contacts?

Is Karabattak following him?

Yes, Lieutenant. If he finds something,
he will notify us immediately.

And what do you have?

Lieutenant Colonel, this girl, journalist Eylem.

He is convinced that the terrorists will kill him.

Why would they kill her?

This girl is a European citizen.

They won't touch it.

I explained everything to the lieutenant.

We have been involved in this, Lieutenant Colonel.

Kulawy knows it too.

Don't be surprised if he kills her, Lieutenant.

- Do we have any information about her?
- Yes.

Tomorrow, early in the morning, they will take her to a camp in the mountains.

We can arrange a trap on the road.

It's nice.

It will be divided into two groups. Yavuz, follow Mahmoud.

And go and kick the girl until she has a problem.

Command, Lieutenant Colonel.

Okay, brother.

I'm near a "turkey" pub.

I'll be inside now.

Listen, brother.

I have an appointment.

We do not leave them without invitations.

Gentlemen, isn't this a Turkish coffee at times?
For this, it is not a 5 star restaurant.

Does that mean you don't like it?
So you won't go.

Sister, let me in. I'll listen to
two songs and go. Let me pass.

I can't do without an invitation.
For the locals only.


- A little bit;
- Waiting for a long time?

No, I just came.

Come on.

Wait a minute, gentlemen.
Let's go here, my dear.

What are you doing here;

You're following someone here, right?
You wanted to come in, but they didn't let you in?

- Okay, go now, I can handle it. Go.
- How would you go without me?


We'll go in, but then you'llleave. These are not
funny. If anything happens to you, what would
I say to Lieutenant Ender? He will kill me!

Listen, I won't reveal the secret.
You need help, so I'll help.


- We will meet, then you will leave. Okay, Nazli?
- Okay Okay, don't worry.

- You will leave!
- Good.

Let's go, my dear.

Ssh ..

Ssh ..

Come outside.

I'll leave in a moment.
The more I leave now, all will be spent.

Give him something!
He gave him something, did you see it?

Can you finally leave?

There's definitely a message inside! I tell you!
Otherwise, why do they need a newspaper now?

You need to get this information, right?

Listen to Nazlı Korkmaz.

Because of you, I risk my whole career.

I don't want to spend the rest of my life as
a personal guide. Did you understand me;


It's time for you.

I don't want to leave, I haven't helped you yet.

What do you look at me like?

- Who? Me;
- No, my grandmother!

Hi, this guy is staring at me for ten minutes.
He moves his eyebrows and leaves his eyes.

What happens;

How dare you look at my beloved? Old head!

I'll spread everything here!

- Relax! Calm down!
- Leave him! Relax.

Leave! Let's go!

- I'll put this place in your heads!
- Relax! Relax!

- Leave him! Relax.
- Leave it! Let's go!

I’ll put this place in your heads!


Did you manage to get information?

Work, I have what I wanted.

Go home.

Ateş, don't think about it!

Don't do this. Never fall in love! Do not even think
about it. Do not hesitate, because you will burn.

You're like yourself a fire.

It will turn into ashes.


No more need.

Lady is our guest now.

- You're not going?
- Later.

Now I have something to do.

Okay. In that case, we'll do a report there.

- Yes, we will report there.
- Good.

What did you do, sergeant?
Have you made it?


She said she wants a divorce.

How is it;

What did you say?

What to say. He is right. Agree.

Does it mean you're living?


They say that divorce is Allah's worst job.

It's the best part.

That's true, officer.

If they go to the camp, they will
certainly go this way.

If Wolf, get down, you will find the
environment from there. Volunteer, you with me.

Yes it is.

Thank you, kid.

- What happened, uncle?
- The car hit him.

He has a fracture.

Uncle, it'll matter a little, okay?

Uncle, in the last 5 minutes, the doctor will come.

What are you doing here;

- I came to check.
- Well, let's see.

Live courage, leave the comfort
and come to this place.

I'm sorry I hadn't done it before.

- The possibilities here are limited.
-I often think of what else I could do.

What is this;

Go to the surrounding villages.
Take care of the children. There
are also patients and the elderly.

The roads are closed. The
ambulance cannot be reached.

The most important problem is
not only health, but also education.

- Is true.
- There is a shortage of teachers in many schools.
As a teacher, there are no regular schools.

Wait a minute.

Maybe something can be done
instead of sitting with folded arms.

Does this mean?

I will gather the wives of the soldiers and go to the village. We will help women and children. We will teach them to read and write.

A great idea! And I'll teach music, I play the violin.

In that case, I'll call my mother. There is a whole bunch of unnecessary things in our hospital. Let them send them here.

Or maybe we will organize an auction?

Collection of superfluous books. I'll call at school, friends.

We’re going to do a charity auction.

I have a house in Istanbul. I'll say that too.

- What will Erdogan say?
- We have to ask.

We are together;

We are.

We are.

It's in the front and we in the city.
- We'll fight together!

That's the point!

Wait a minute. The lawyer has a meeting. It'll be back
to you soon. Right now, I'm going to prepare a lawsuit.


You are welcome.

Fatma. Good morning.

- Hello.
- Please.

Ms. Fatma, why do you want to break up?

It fails.

And your spouse?
Does she also want a divorce?

I understand. It will be a consistent divorce.

In this case, I'll prepare the documents.

Please prepare a lawsuit.

Okay. Thank you.

Quickly! Quickly! Get out!

- What happens;
- We came to save you.

- Who said he should save me?
- Do you want to be killed?

Don't talk nonsense! I did almost a life interview!

- Feti, what is this girl talking about?
- Looks like he's shocked! Furious! Let's go!

What are you doing; Let's go!

- The rescue is coming!
- Only that was missing!

Undo! Back! Get coverage!

Haidar !!




Haydar, talk to me!


Brother, answer me!

Excuse me, lawyer. Looks like I can't do it.

How is it; I did not understand.

I love my husband.

I apologize.

We installed everything.

- We want to do it too.
- Please, don't refuse.

Are you sorry for me?

What about this?

According to me, it's...

A great idea.

- You dared. I say I admire you.
- You scared me, dad.

If necessary, I will support you.

The most important thing is to help these people.


Talk to Bahar Kutlu?

- Listen, it's me.
- An investigation has started in your case.

- Investigation;
- Yes?

For what reason;

A complaint has been made about your
contribution to the death of Merve Türenin.

What does this mean;

Ms. Bahar, you may lose your diploma.

- Are you ready, gentlemen?
- Ready. - Ready, sister.

You have to push the Turkish state.

Everything is clean, brother.

The driver!

What happened; Why did we stop?

There are some nets between us.

We will finish soon.

Lame, do you remember me?

Fair-haired commander.


Hold on, Haydar! Wait!

- Hold on, Haydar! Wait! Haidar!
- He dies there.

Lieutenant, look out, come!

- What are we doing; We need help.
- Protect the injured! Save him!

I'm going there.

Haydar, do you see where they are going?

e need your help, Haydar!

Hold on, brother. Please do not die!

The blonde...

What are you going to do now;

You will put me;

I feel like I'm burying you somewhere here.

But what to do, we do not act like you.

For sure.

If I were...

It's how a person will solve my problems.

Do not distort yourself.

You can't fool me.

If, for example, now, here I shoot in the head. But what about? I can't let you die so easily.

They'll show you on TV, Kulawy.

They will write for you in the newspapers.

You'll be asked and beat, Kulawy.

You forgot something, Commander.

I'm dead now.

Lieutenant General, don't talk about this beast.


Hold the collar of these soldiers harder.

If you don't hold, they will bark.

Did you tell me?

- I'll cut my throat now.
- Stop it. Vacation.

He wants to play with us.

I'm going to play with you, Kulawy.

They are our prisoners.

They have no weapons, so they
will be treated like prisoners.

Go away.

Don't mix me up with others, fair.

I will not beg for mercy.

I will not ask for mercy.

Do what you have to do and finish it all.

If you want to break my heart, do it here and now.

As long as you have the choice.

I don't think you have a heart that can break.

I don't think people like you have a heart, Kulawy.

Search for them.

The ammunition ends.

Protect me.

Come on.

God, when will it end? Let it finish.

See. You can see. This is your story.

You have already understood how they used you.


By order, officer.

Can you go to Haydar?

I can, officer.

Until I see the shooter, don't leave.

He is waiting for us to come to him.

Haydar, show me where it is.

There he is.

I found.


Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!

Now go. Now. Quickly!

How do you feel;

Take care. Be careful.

Do not worry. Don't lose your power. Let's see.

Everything is over. No problem. Hooks!!

We searched. There is nothing.

Connect them now.

Why didn't you look for it?

I hadn't noticed it.


You should even check their pants.

Okay, brother?


In what situation?

If we wait longer, it will bleed. You need to do something quickly.

Lieutenant Colonel, let's look at the Lord.

What is he writing here?

- University of Mosul.
- Is the university address?

It looks like this.

What is this;

I do not know.

I see it for the first time. What is this;

Lieutenant General, I will take a photo and send it to Yasin. He will know what it is.

- It doesn't look like something good.
- It's not like that.

What is happening to us? Phone.

Lieutenant General, where are you?

What about you? We need a helicopter.

Lieutenant General, we are surrounded. It's a trap.

We have the girl back, but Haydar is injured.

What does it mean that Haydar is injured?


Did they throw Haydar?

Let's be damned.

They returned to us. We are running out of ammunition. We were alone here.

Listen to me, don't give up. stand it. Do not leave Haydar. We have Kulawy.

Goodbye, I don't know how long we can last.

We need a miracle.


Kayser! Hello!

Lieutenant General, what happened?

Will you leave the boys there? Won't you help them? What about you as a commando?

A commander who lets his friends die.

Talk. Talk or I'll block you. Shut up.

Just look.

They will die, fight for life. Pity.

They will reach our hands.

You will die immediately in my hands. Talk.

If something happens to ours, I'll kill you, Kulawy.

What are we going to do here, officer? We'll leave here. What are we going to do now;

What are we doing;

Lord God Almighty, who created heaven and earth.
protects me from evil. Take my immortal soul
and place it among your subjects in heaven.

- How is the situation;
- Error! Very bad, assistant!

& Quot? Prayer Shahid "

Hold on, Haydar! Hold! Haidar!

- I'm out of ammunition! Fethi, have you?
-This is my weapon.

Watch out right and left!

Throw the gun! Come on!

Leave it!

Shoot at last!


You are surrounded! You have no chance!




Only you can afford it? What should it be?

Where's Haydar?

Don't touch my sergeant!

Come back!

Don't worry, we want to live like you. More valuable
than a dead soldier, there is a soldier in captivity.

Stand on the ground! Now!


- Maybe we'll call Lieutenant Erdema?
- Not now. Until they get out of there.

Sir, my phone rings.
You can give it if it's not a problem.

They can call you, who brought yours. We'll see what they did.

Don't abuse my patience, Kulawa.

- Hello; - Lama we caught the enemy.

We have five, one is injured.

Listen now.

We have Kulawy.

Who you are;

Lt. Yavuz. What is the wounded state?

Heavy. Where's Kulawy?

It's tiring with us.

If someone gets hurt, you'll get Kulawy's head, you know me?

You won't even touch Kulawego.

It depends on you. If a hair falls off my soldiers' heads, I'll burn Kulawy.

The blonde ..

What are we going to do now;

If you give me ...

Your colleagues will die.


If you let me out. But this is incompatible with your rules.

Now select.

What choice?