Söz (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 3 - Sana Söz - full transcript

Colonel Erdem, who survived the helicopter crash, takes refuge in a cave after the international arms dealer. A great surprise awaits them there. Preparations for a wedding in the village begin. Yavuz has a suspicion that this wedding is not innocent. Will Yavuz be right in his doubts?

Are you okay.

I am fine, sir!

What about you. are you okay?

I am fine. sir.


Are you okay?

My arm! I think my arm is broken!

You too. take care of our "friend", while I check up on the pilots.

I got you, move slowly,
be careful. Don't move your arm!

Quick! Go check the wrecks, make sure that all of them are dead. Go!

Can you see anything. Sir?

I can't see anything.

Yavuz. what happened?

Helicopter is down.


Sir, Commander Yavuz is calling.

I am listening, Yavuz.

I am Commander Yavuz

I am listening, go on.

Sir, we saw a helicopter shot down

I know. Erdem was in it as well

Sir. what happened?

Lieutenant Erdem was in the helicopter aswell


Where are you?

We are a few kilometers away,
is rescue team on its way?

Unfortunately, they couldn't
take off due to bad weather.

Heavy fog is reported in that area.

But we are sending a rescue team overland.

Okay, we are leaving now. We are close to that area.

Roger that.

As soon as the radar commanders send
us the coordinates, we will let you know.

Be careful.

Yes, sir.

Hafiz, we have to do this. Helicopter couldn't take off. We have to leave now.

Yes, sir.

Do not leave the house. Either wait for
us to come back, or wait for my call, okay?

Okay, okay we will wait.

Be careful, okay?
Do not leave the house.


Are you okay?

My leg! My leg is jammed! I can't get it out!

Stay tough.

Both of my legs are broken, I can't move them.

Sir, a fire has started!
The helicopter may blow up!

We can't leave the pilots.
Go find the extinguishers, hurry!

Why are we waiting? Let's get out of
this place! Don't you see. it may explode!

Hey! Look at me! These guys came here for you. If something happens to them, I will kill you!

What did they do to your finger?

They literally ripped of my nail with nippers

So, what happened?

What happened to what?

You are making a mountain out of a molehill.

What should I do? Should I stepped
on a landmine to make you happy?

Get ready! You are all leaving.

What happened Sir?
Is there an emergency?

The helicopter which Lieutenant Erdem
was in, had been shot down.

What the hell are you saying. Sir?

Come on! Let’s go!

Sir, we extinguished the fire but there still can be
an explosion if there's a leakage in fuel container.

We have to get out of this place!

We have to rescue the pilots, Feyzullah, what is the situation in there?

Sir. there is no change.

Sir, he is gone!

The guy whom we kept!

He is running away!

Can you stop him?

It's risky sir! He might die! And the bastard stole a gun!

Okay, do not shoot. We need him alive.

Protect the helicopter, I am going to follow him.

Sir yes sir!

Sir what if our team arrives early?

If they come and capture this helicopter,
the whole world will make fun of us.

Our life is not more important than our pride! If they come to capture the helicopter, blow it up!

What about them? (Pilots)

Shoot us dead! Sir. I prefer to die than to see them capture this helicopter!

You have your answer.

Sir, yes sir!

I am going to follow him. May God help you!

Thanks sir!

We are here, sir.

Kanat. sir. Don't worry. Everything is under control.

How did you learn the code "Kanat" ?

I killed someone while I was taking my military education, sir.

Sir, we have to walk from now on. This is the end of the road.

Are we in the right place?

We have to go south, sir.

Let's go.

Is there any news from your wife?

I couldn't call her. sir. Signals are jammed, I hope she is okay.

Did you become a father now? I still can't believe.

I hope. sir.

Did you think of a name yet?

We didn't put the name yet.

He didn't come.

My lovely daughter, he would come if he could. He was on duty.

I wish he was right next to me

I wish he was right here by my side, holding my hand.

Faith has its own plans, dear. Everything happens for a reason.

You can have a baby again

We have tried so many times, we can't have a child!

I can't be a mom!

Don't do this to yourself, daughte

Why won't he answer my calls?

I am begging for him to come, please

Sir. gunshot!


Stop! Surrender!

I know that you want me alive!

What's up?

Fine. You arrived early.

My job ended quickly, you can go home now.

Thanks. I have heard a call from radio, did the helicopter crash?

Yes, I hope that they are okay. I hope they all come out alive.

The weather is bad. they probably cannot send another helicopter there.

Um, sorry. Which helicopter are you talking about?

I don’t know, ma’am. We have just recieved the news.

My husband was supposed to be on a helicopter but-

We really don't know.

Okay, thanks.

Mom, let's leave this place. I am bored to death here.

Mom, what happened?

Come on. pick up!

[the person you have called, cannot be reached at the moment-]

Sir. this is for you

Lieutenant Erdem's wife is calling, she couldn't reach her husband. She wants information.

Okay, hand me the phone.

Hello. Mrs. Gulen

Mr. Yusuf, hello. I am Guler, Erdem's wife. He is not answering my calls. I've heard some news, there was a helicopter accident.

Unfortunately, it is true. Erdem was on the helicopter aswell.

But don't worry, we already started the rescuing mission.

Mom? Mom, what happened?

Mom? Tell me something!

Did something happened to my dad?

The helicopted he was on has crashed.


Where? How?

I don't know

Let's go, we can't sit here and wait. Mom. get ready!

Mom. come on.

Please don't cry.

Maybe he is fine, maybe he survived.

Mom, please. Let's go and find out what has happened, okay?

Let’s go, come on!

I hope those bastards did not try to capture the helicopter.

I hope so.

Sir, hang in there. They will be here anytime now.

Sir. do you think that they will find us?

Who are you referring to as "they"

Our guys, of course.

If the helicopter couldn't take off. it would take more time for them to arrive.


They are here.

Get ready to blow up the helicopter.

Those assholes!

I can not figure out where is the gunshot sound coming from

Sir. the helicopter is 1400 meters ahead of us. on East.

Hafiz, the blood stain is new.

Could they survive the helicopter crash wounded?

They could, but where did they go?

Sir. there is a abandoned place near here. Let's go check that out.

Let's go.

Where are you? Show yourself!

I will shoot your brain out if you try to escape!

Okay, please don't shoot.

Look. I vowed to hand you over to the justice! You can not die before you confess everything to us! Do you hear me?

Okay. Okay, please don’t kill me.


These are ammos!

You hid at the wrong place.

This place belongs to a terrorist organization. We have to get out. fast!

Go get them out! Hurry!

Hide, hide!

Don't you dare to make any sound.

Don't worry. Qolak wants to kill me as much as he wants to kill you!

Do something! Get us out of this place!

Is there any news, how is my dad? Please, say something!

No news yet.

How come? Couldn't you manage to send a helicopter there?

Unfortunately, the weather is foggy.

The helicopter couldn't take off.

But we know where they are.

We have sent a rescue team overland.

How long will it take them to get there?

They will inform us shortly.

You go there to wait and relax.

Hey, soldier!

Yes sir!

Take care of these ladies.

Yes sir!

I will be in my room. I will inform you if we get any news.

Okay, thanks.

Mom, I think my dad is just fine.


Dad has been through so many tough situations. I think he handled this aswell.

I’m sure he found a way to survive.

I hope so.


This is the last magazine left.

Keep on shooting untill we fire the last bullet!

The stopped shooting.

Why did they stop shooting?

Because they know we have no ammo left!

Blow this thing up! They are coming!

Sir. the place is clear!

Our guys are not coming, blow this thing up!

God damn it!

Come on! Blow this up!

Sir, may God bless you.

May God bless you too.

God bless you.

My mom is going to get really upset.

Come on.

Hold on guys!

Where have you been?

We have just come brother!

Did you guys really have to come this late?

We have been here for 40 minutes, we were just waiting for some action.

Ha ha. really funny!

I really hope you didn't bring your sense of humour with you!

These bitches are running away, sir!

Come on, you bastards!

Sir, are you okay? Are you hurt?

Check up on the pilots.

Where is Lieutenant Erdem?

He went to chase down him. That asshole tried to run away!

Is he okay?

He was okay.sir.

Give information to the operating base.

Sir. they have found the helicopter. Lieutenant Erdem is alive.

He went to chase down Simsar 3 of our soldiers are wounded, but not lethal.

Thank God.

Sir, Lieutenant Erdem is calling.

Sir, we are fine.

I know. Our guys have finally found the helicopter.

We are in an abandoned warehouse in Ormanli district.

Simsar is with me.

He is alive.sir.

Sir, we are at a warehouse that terrorists store their ammo.

We have to leave this place as soon as possible.

They might arrive anytime soon.

Okay. I am sending another team to back you up.

Do not move from there. Let me know if something happens.

Sir, can't helicopters take off now?

It might take a longer time than expected. They may have to leave in the morning.


Yes, sir.

Your wife and your daughter is here.

Okay, sir. Please tell them that I am fine and alive.


He is fine.

Come, follow me.

Drop your weapons!

Stop! Stop! Hands up!

Get your hands up slowly!

Hands up!

Sir. I see some people moving.

Get your hands off of me!

Why are you here?

Did you lose your way?

We never lose our way.

We show our way.

I will chop off your tounge, commander.

I dare you! You sick bastard!

I will kill you right here, right now.

Are you trying to frighten me with death?

Look! These guys can be funny aswell!

They are beating our commander, sir!

Be careful. There are probably more of them in there.

Call Qolak!

Those bastards beat our guys!

Hafiz, wait. We shouldn't put our Lieutenant's life in danger.

What should we do, then?

Is there someone who misses their family?

I personally don't.

Actually. I loved my wife and my daughters.


You know Hazim. right? He is Kose's son.

He disobeyed me, and that put my reputation in jaopardy.

He is sleeping now.

He is going to wake up one day.

But what if he doesn't?

Is there something to do?



Is the final destination.

Because we.

we are warriors!

We only miss our enemies!

We win,

and the enemies run away without even looking behind their back.

If you have anything in your mind.

except fighting,

get that thing out of your head.

This is my final advice to you.

There is an emergency! People who were in the helicopter have survived!

The enemy killed our soldiers, but

we have their Lieutenant.

Which Lieutenant?

Lieutenant colonel?

Yes. what should we do?

Bring him to me, alive!

Lieutenant, lets take a selfie.

Look here! This way!

Come on! Get up!

Surrender! You are surrounded!

We will not hurt you!

Where are these sounds coming from?

Walk! Hurry up!

Come on!

Sir. are you okay?

Remove my handcuffs.

I don't prefer to take pictures with bastards.

Guys.I am so proud of you!

They know that we are here, we need to get out of this place.

Sir. they can not come to rescue us.

It's almost dawn. sir. We should head back to the village.

They will pick us up from there.

Fine, we should call the colonel-in-chief

Sir, we are okay.

Simsar is still with us.

We had to handle a minor situation, terrorists will be here anytime. We are heading to the village, sir.

Okay. I will tell them to pick you up from there.


Come on!

We have to go!

Sir, Lieutenant Erdem is fine.

Centre of operations informed us that,

they are on their way to come pick us up.


Good news!

Erdem is fine.

He will hopefully be here in the morning.

Yes. the air is clear.

I get it. okay.



In a week?

God bless, your child is healthy and well.

Thanks to you, doctor. If you weren't here, I would die.

God bless you.

I still recommend you to take the baby to a hospital.

God bless Mr. Nazmi aswell.

He were there when in need.

Unfortunately, I am leaving.

What happened?

I got a promotion, I have to go to Aydm.

Wow! Were you expecting that?

Yeah, I was told that it was going to take a while but

it is inevitable.

I beg you, doctor. Don't leave us like this.

We can't do anything else, unfortunately.

Who would look after us?

The government is giving, don't worry

They will provide you the medication and the care you need.

Sir. did you know that Ali Haydar's wife gave birth last night?

Wow, did you get the news Ali Haydar?


We couldn't talk yet.sir.

I will call her as soon as we arrive to the village


Go see your baby after this mission.

Is there any news?

I called him all night long. He didn't pick up.

I am afraid that he got in trouble.

Don't say that, daughter!

Good morning.
Good morning, doctor.

How are you feeling?

I can't become pregnant, can't I?

It is too early to talk about a pregnancy.

We have to run other tests aswell.

Also, there are so many treatments out there.

Don't be too pessimistic.

I hope so.

Besides that, the most important thing is your health.

Get well soon.


Don’t, don't be afraid!

We are not your enemies.

Lieutenant! You scared me.


How are you

Hello sir.

I am very well. Where are you heading to?

We are going to the village.

Lieutenant. you look miserable.

We got a little bit tired.

Here you go, Lieutenant.


want some water?

Thanks sir.

Thanks sir.

I can't drink from the bottle you drank.

Anyway, we can drink some at the village.

Lieutenant, follow me.

There is a shortcut heading to the village.

Is it safe?

Well, they sometimes come around but-

I didn't see anyone these days.


Let's go.

From what they told me, the blonde Lieutenant
suddenly appeared, they couldn't understand
what was happening. These two ran away.

What about the enemy?

Enemies have escaped to a nearby village.

I have sent some of our guys to follow them.

Dozens of man,

couldn't manage to handle.

one soldier, am I right?

Is it true?

Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you.

swear to god they surrounded us.

We couldn't see.

Ah, they were surrounded.

They were surrounded!

How many?

They were two.

How many?

We couldn't foresee.

There were two of them!


And they were surrounded by them.


There were two soldiers.

Nobody is going to help them.

No medication.

No water.

no food.

These two are going to.

die here, starving and in pain.

Where have you been?


We couldn't understand how the time went by

while we were playing cards at the local coffee shop.

Can you guys check this guy's wound?

Let’s have a look.

It's not fatal but it's best to get it checked.

Why are you treating me like this?

Like how?

I was worried for you.

I missed you.

I am sorry.

We had a rough night.

There's nothing to worry about.

Nazmi is leaving.

Nice for him.

These people need someone, to help them when in need.

We are here, don't worry.

You can't help a woman to give birth!

Don't underrate me. I am a soldier in Special Forces. I would do a brain surgery if I have to.

I feel like I have to stay here.

Actually. I feel like I need to be

In Bahamas right now.

It sometimes happen.

Why don’t you want me here?

Because this place is dangerous.

Especially for a girl like you.

Do you see me as a fragile, wealthy, and a coward little girl?

Is that right?


Ah. Lieutenant!


Welcome to our village,

Come over, breakfast is ready waiting for us.

No. please. We don't want to disturb you.

Lieutenant, you came all the way to here. Accept my offer please.

Well then.



for the sacrifices that you had to make.

and for the heroic behavior you showed,

will always be remembered.

I congratulate you all,

and I expect more success from all of you.

Thanks, sir!

May God help you.


Since Lieutenant Erdem is not here.

on behalf of him.

I present you all of my blessings, sir.

Pilots aren’t just respected by the air force.

but whole Turkish Army Force

respect all pilots.

We are always pleased and ready to help the air force.


Guys, as always,

you came back with a great success.

Go, get some rest.

As you all know.

there's a saying; water will sleep, but enemy will not.

Sergeant major!

Sir yes sir!

You have the permission to command.

Sir yes sir!


At ease.

you can leave now.


What happened?

My mom is insisting me to send her a picture-

I've heard that you know how to use computer,

I need a picture of myself that has Dead Sea as its background.

Is it necessary for it to be edited like there is Dead Sea as the background?


The background can be any sea view aswell.

Dead Sea probably doesn’t have a logo on it.


We'll see. no promises.

Thanks sir!

Lieutenant, a veterinarian checked the health of our cow,

examined her.

I got nervous.

the cow stopped producing milk.

I wondered what has happened to her.

There are plenty of diseases that affect animals.

What did the veterinarian say?

She told me that the cow has, what was it called..

you know, that affected her..

and she was unstable.



Yeah, appearently our cow had been diagnosed with depression.

But it happens to animals aswell.

It is known.

It's the first time that I have heard this.

Let me tell you something sir.

doomsday is in near future.

How do you know?

Don’t you see? People started behaving like animals.

And the animals started to behave like us.

So. why did she have depression?

Didn't she tell you anything about it?

Probably from loneliness, sir.

I think you're right.

Are you in love?

Yeah, I get it now.

Thanks but I don't drink tea.

He doesn't drink aswell.

Why would the girls want a

shepherd like you?

Is that your daughter?

No, she is our neighbor's daughter. She comes here to help.

Didn't they allow her to marry you?

They didn't, but if our Lieutenant wants her from her

parents for me, they sure will.


I am sure that the Lieutenant is busy.

No, I will be glad to help him.

At the end, the lovers will unite.

For real, Lieutenant?

Will you help me?

Of couse.

Wow, Ate§ Açar!

Your Lieutenant did not arrive yet.

I already know that,

I just have to leave something on his desk.

How is your hand, ma'am?

You dont need to call me with these titles.

My name is Nazli.

I know.

How is your hand. Nazli?

There's still a hole in the middle of it.

I hope you get well soon.

Would you like to sit?

No, thanks.


This is the Lieutenant's room.

Well then. I command

you to sit down.

But the thing is. I do not recieve any commands from regular people.

If you don't take a seat.

will tell my dad that you hit on me.

Are you really that scared of my dad?

A soldier would not be afraid from his Lieutenant,

he scares that he will lose his Lieutenant's trust.


It's not about the commands then.

What keeps us here

is not commands or rules young lady.

It's love.

It's respect.

It’s friendship, trust.

faith and sacrifices.

Rules and the commands are just

this and that.

I'm impressed.

But please, do not call

me young lady ever again, or else.

I will literally go and tell my dad that you hit on me.

Okay, ma'am.

It's Nazli, Nazli!

Okay Nazli, you sweet cupcake!

Slow down!

Not that far!

What's happening here?

Mom. nothing.

Mr. Ate§ came here to leave a document.



You, ehmm.

have met Mr. Ate§. haven’t you?

I want your permission

to leave.

Again, get well soon.

Ate§. behave properly!

Don't get yourself fired!

You can find so many girls outside!

What was all this about?



Nazli, look. If your father learns about this-

Oh my God! Can't I have a proper conversation?

Who are coming?
Chief! They are coming!


Lieutenant, come on!

Get me out of this place!

Let me out!

Shut up!

Stand up.


Crouch down.

Keep quiet.

If we open fire,

our ammo might not be enough.

Should we just let them go Hafiz?

We have many civillians inside the house.

Wait here.

they count on me, I will lead them to a different place.

Whatever you decide sir.

If you wish.

we can leave.

How many were they?


Go, try to talk to them.

If it doesn't work, we will personally talk with them.

Look at us!

We are like on holiday right now!

What are we even doing here?

Oh my God. shut up.

We just came back from a mission.

I am bored here.

I feel like the walls are closing in on me.

Maybe if you eat something,

or maybe sleep, it will pass. Are you a robot?

Robot with worms.

Check this out.


this view doesn't seem like a sea to me.

Isn't that Onikiler Mosque in Adana?

Onikiler Mosque?

Are you kidding me? It's called Taj Mahal.


Is that in Malatya?

Are you sick mate?

Are you wounded?

Did you fall off the helicopter

and didn't tell us?

How does this look?

No. Lieutenant. It won't work.

I need the Dead Sea as the background.

Put me in few of this

pictures, I will send them to girls.

There's Miami Beach if you like.

This would do. sir.

After all its a seaview.

Right on this corner.

I can put "Dear Mother" written with bullets. It would make the photograph fancy.

No,sir. Let's put a bazooka there,

and remove my left arm.

I can do that too.

but it will take some time.


I can edit one for you.

Imagine, with all the terrorists

surrounding you. and you're in the

middle with the handgun.

I have so many real pictures like the one you explained, don't bother.

Edit me.

in a night club,

there are spotlights everywhere,

with blonde woman on my right side.

and a brunette on my left side, and a

ginger in front of me. with the slant-eyes

and everything.

I love the girls with slant-eyes man.

We will do that, Lieutenant.

10 Turkish Lira per picture.

10 Turkish Liras?

Yeah, per photograph.

For one photograph?

Man, I smell pastrami,

Where are you from?

You guessed it right, sir.

I am from Kayseri.

Make that 5 Turkish Liras.

Lets have a deal. 10 Turkish Liras for one picture.let's shake hands Lieutenant.

And he lives at the centre of Kayseri.


We're doing something proffesional here.

No, They didn't come.

If they did. I would see.

Okay, but

If you are hiding them.

I will burn the whole village down.


What do we have to do with soldiers?

If there were soldiers, wouldn't I tell you?

You're claiming that they didn't come, right?


They are leaving.

Thanks, Mehmet.

But Lieutenant. if they ever hear that we helped you.

they will burn us alive.

Don't worry, nobody can do anything to you.

Is your dad around here?

am going to come and talk to him in a few days.

My Fatma..

What happened? What’s up?

We lost the baby Ali Haydar.

We can't have a baby.

We can't have a baby.

Music ?

Come in!


Come sit, brother.

How are you?

I'm fine. I'm good. What about you?

The pain didn't go away, did it?

It will never go away.


What's up? You seem so upset.

Let’s not open this up


Don't tell me that the she is dead.

Worse than that.

Did you break up?

Did her parents not approve?

I wish it was that easy, Lieutenant.

What happened mate, tell me.

I can't. The words just won't come out Lieutenant.

Maybe someday, I will open up to you.

What is the doctor girl doing these days?

She went back to Istanbul, to her home.

Did you talk?


It has been a week since we last talked.

she seems like a decent girl

I closed the gates of my heart.

Falling in love is haram to me.

Don't say that.


We should go out sometime, to have a heart-to-heart conversation.

What are you going to do. call

That French journalist?

No way, Lieutenant.

She is mad!

We should've go to shooting range,

We are just sitting here.

Mate, stay calm for a minute!

Take a breath!

What happened?



What are you doing here?

Duty has called, what else?


This is Yasin, he is like a brother to me.

How come?

We grew up together.

He is from the Information Bureau,

You can't find him if you want to. He is sneaky.

So. what are you doing here?

I was in Ankara, went there to interrogate

That Simsar, whom you have caught recently.

Turns out, he is very talkative.

So I came here to talk with Lieutenant Erdem.

Oh really?

Come with me. We have stuff to do.

Nice to meet you mate.

If there is any operation that I can join,

I will gladly do. I have been off

for a week now. I am going mad!

I swear to God. I am going mad

Don't say anything.

He’s a little bit insane, not just a little bit

but really.really mad.

He is insane now!

Hey, you! Come here!

Yes. sir!

You and I. we have something to do.

What do we have to do sir?

A secret mission, but you shouldn't

tell anyone.

Are we going to get in trouble?

If you keep your mouth shut, no.

Yes sir.

My dear Fatma...

Please, eat something.

Aren't you going to talk to me?


We can try again.

There is no need to lose our hope.

If nothing works, we can adopt!

Huh? What do you think?

Fatma, don't do this to me. I beg you.

I am going for a mission tomorrow. Don't make me worry about you.

I am going away for mission tomorrow. Don't make me worry about you.


My dear Fatma...

You are making me sad.


There's someone called Yusuf,

The organization gives information

about the actions to him.

And this guy gives information to the

group that is going to be in this movement.

How do they communicate?

I don’t know.

I have no idea.

Yusuf, is the name of the guy who gives and recieves information.

Do we know who he is?

We need to follow them.
We do. sir.

We need to follow him.

But we shouldn't scare him.

If he understands that he is

being followed, he will escape

and we can't get any details from him.

Yasin, are you here from now on?

Can you work with Ate§, Yes. sir.

and follow this guy called Yusuf?

Colonel-in-Chief will be communicating with the organization to get support.

Of course,sir.



Watch him 24/7.

Don't sleep if necessary.

Try to learn how they communicate.

Whom is he meeting.

Where does he live, how many sugars does

He put in a cup of tea? I want to learn it all.

Yes sir.

Which cinema are we going?

What you mean? There's only one cinema in this area.


Maybe theres a comedy themed movie.

It's a movie based on a sniper's life.

What happened, Lieutenant?

We came here to

have fun, and you're making me watch a war-themed movie.

These guys invaded the lands of a nation,

and they film it and sell it.

We have to watch it!

This is our problem. We do not know how to express our problems.

Let's go somewhere to sit.

They designed the city perfectly.

There are a dozens of the same place!

We don't even discuss where to go, where to eat, where to sit...

My God.

My beloved creator of everything.

Please, make our future better than our past, I beg you.

My God,

There is only you and nothing else.

The only truth is you. God.

Every good and bad thing happens because you want, my dear God.

Whatever happens to us, please do not destroy our marriage nor stint my wife’s love for me. dear God I beg you.


What are we going to do with baby diapers?

No questions! Buy what I tell you to!

Yes sir.

Search for canned tunas.

Let's buy salami and pastrami as well.

Oh, I guess we are throwing a feast party sir! Can we please fry some eggs with salami?

Sure, sure.

Search for the cheese section aswell.

This way lieutenant!

Buy 2 kilos of cheese.

Okay, okay.

Look,sir. I reserved for a room. You told me that there are rooms available.

You are right madam, but our customer desired to stay longer. We couldn't throw them out

Are there any other hotels around here?

No, madam.

I'm not surprised. What should I do now. spend the night out on the streets?

I'm leaving now.

I will be back in half an hour.

There's this place called Ogretmen Evi,

which they will rent you a room if you have any relatives whom are teacher, soldier, or police.

They will gladly help you.

Yeah. I do. But I don’t want to ask for any favor from them.

I don't think that you have any options left.

That’s what I think aswell.


Yavuz, how are you

Fine, you?

I’m at Karabayir.

What? What are you doing here?

Haven't you return to Istanbul?

I did but I came back.

I will explain it later,

Well, there are no rooms left at the hotel.

Was wondering, if we can arrange a place for me to stay.

What hotel, which hotel?

There's only one hotel.

I'm on my way.


Was that the doctor?

Keep on walking.

Are we going back to the base, lieutenant?

We are not done yet,

Yes sir!
call a cab from down there,

Besides, don't call me lieutenant outside of the military camp. Call me brother or something.

Okay, lieutenant.
Call me something like, my handsome brother,

It got stuck to my head, lieutenant! I can't help it!

My God! Everyone tells me that I am angry. Walk!

Sorry, lieutenant!

What are you doing here9

Why did you come back?

I decided to stay here.

Oh. when?

I just changed my mind.

Look, Bahar. You don't get it.

What you do is really good, you help people-


Will be waiting for you down there.

This place is dangerous.

Don't start a dangerous journey just because you will feel better.

It's not the right thing to do!

I thought you were a soldier, but you are talking like a psychiatrist.

Don't call me a soldier

in public.

Silly me! Why did I even call you?

For a long time, he has been in Middle East, and he knows better than us.

Good evening, Eylem.

Good evening.

Please tell us, what is exactly happening in there?

Both in Turkey and the Middle Eastern countries.

things never stay simple. Tension is high.

Turkey, captured El Bab.

The area is completely a terror free zone now.

Eylem, let me interrupt you real quick:

Does Turkey support radical Islam?

It is told that the government help Islam soldiers in terms of finance and supply of ammunition.

There are doubts about this,yes. But there is no evidence, no proof. This claim should be widely investigated.

What is she saying?

Do us a favor, leave this place as soon as possible.

You can't tell me what to do.

That's enough! I am sick and tired of everyone!

My life is already filled with people who tells me what to do.

Listen to them then!

Maybe, just maybe they are saying this to maintain your well-being!

If they wanted my well-being, they would help me.

Not to put obstacles to let me down.

Bahar, this place is not Istanbul.

Isn't it?

Well, where did you lose your fiance?


I am so sorry.

Yavuz. look, please.

I didn't mean that. I’m sorry.

Well, Eylem

Thank you for your contributions,

we will get in touch with you soon.

See you.


Look, I am applauding!

I can see that, but why?

Turkey supporting jihadists.

helping them, etc...

Look at you!

We lost 67 soldiers while fighting with them.

Do you get me?

There were explosions everywhere in our country.

They killed hundreds of innocent people.

Who fought against them other than us? Huh?

Let me tell you, none.

Well.what did you do?

What do you refer to as "you" ?

Everyone! Every single person who lives on this planet.

Connect them again. I want to livestream aswell.

am adressing all of the

two-faced people,

yyu can go around and advertise Turkey as a terrorist nation,

you will not success.

We well know what you are planning.

We well know how you people are two-faced.

We well know whom you sell weapons to.

and we all know how you support terrorists.

Yes, I am!
Are you a maniac?

Why don't you man up and defend your country against these bastards?

Is what you do called being a man?

I saw how you answered her,

Do I have to share your thoughts you idiot!

What is happening here Fethi? What are you doing?

Nothing is happening, lieutenant.

Our friend is looking to world

from only one perspective,

and I think that is suitable for her.

You're going to pay for this.

We are in public

Lieutenant, is this called being a journalist?

They are falsely accusing the nation.

Shouldn't we give an answer?

Are you staying here?

Yes. why?

I was going to stay here aswell but they do not have any rooms left.

You can stay at my room tonight.

Perfect, okay.

You are really going to stay huh?

You can’t just move here and

do start working on your own job here!

In fact, I can. My uncle is the undersecretary of Minister of Health.

I will try to work things out.

We're not done yet!

Exactly. I will arrest you while you carry drugs if I have to.

You won't do shit to me.

Have a good day!

How did you understand what we were talking about9

Do you even know French?

I'm a fascist, that's why I understand your language pretty well.

Look at this!

I apologize, lieutenant.

Where are we?

Wait for a few minutes, you will see.


Put the bags on the floor.

What are you gentlemen doing?

What are all of these?

These are for you, mother!

we are your son's friends.

Did you know my son?

Not personally.

but all the martyrs are siblings.

And we are your children.


Come son.

Come on in.

That guy is making me sick!

Is this room a little bit small?


We have to share the same bed.

I am really sorry that I disturbed you.

No. it's fine.

Look at my hands! They are shaking!

Isn't calling him a fascist a little bit too much?

What should I do?

I hate it when people act like this.


their life is not easy.

Whose life is easy?

It was their choice to shoot people, nobody forced them to.

they voluntereed.

I really do no know. I am confused at this point.

Can I take a shower?

If the water is running, why not?

Hey, why did you come here?

Were you sent here?

No. I came here as a volunteer.

Oh, why?

I feel like.

townspeople need me.

Besides that,

my life was really boring.

So you were looking for an adventure.

Not really.

let's say I have listened to my heart for once.

How do you know that your heart is telling you the truth?

I don’t.

I just want to believe that it is.

Okay then.

we will chat when you get out of the shower.

Mother, thank you. You didn't have to.

My son's friends are here,

so don't even say that.

At first, they didn't tell

me how he died.

They told some things but I never understood.

He was in El Bab.

We saw a trucked, loaded with bombs.

heading to where we were.

They were going to blow up the whole police station.

He understood

he suddenly grabbed his gun and rushed.

He was thinking to himself.

"My friends shouldn't die.

nobody should die."

He fired the whole magazine on the truck.

The truck driver panicked.

He blew up the truck,

before entering the police station.

Everyone was safe.

Halil died.

I wasn't there but.

I listened to this exact story 2 times.

From 27 different men.

I know that he was smiling

when he died.

I hope the same thing happens to us aswell.

All martyrs are brothers, Mother!

We are your children.

Forgive us, if we have upset you.

Come on,

if you excuse us. we have to go now.

Take care of yourself mother!

Son. take these. If

somebody sees, they would

say the government is not taking care of martyrs' mothers.

We get paid, it is enough for us.

Give these to someone in need.

Please, take these mother!

My son's soul would be hurt if I do. If he was here, he would be angry.

That we are spending your salary.

Man, how loving our nation is!

With mothers like this at our back,

We will destroy them all!

Anyway, bless me mother!

You have my blessings, son.

You have my blessings.


what are we going to do with these?

Follow me!

These are destined to be here.


Do you want to hear a secret?

Yes brother.

Your brother here, haven't spent

one coin of his salary.

I have spent it on martyrs' families.

Thanks to God!

We are going to locate every single family of martyrs'

It's our duty to

take care of them.

This nation is live

thanks to their prayers.

Brother, I send all of my salary

to my mother.

Man, you don't have to do what I do.


I am listening, let me give you a secret.

When someone looks at you,

you seem like a maniac, probably a psychopath

but you have a heart

of golden.

Can I hug you, brother?

Of course!


Qolak. Mr. Supreme wants to talk to you.


It must be urgent that he is

calling me personally.

No, he is wondering why have you stopped working?

There were going to be some events after all that

shopping mall attack.

There are some little green flies, put us behind the schedule.

They are tiny.

but they made me nauseous.

Where are you now?

At glorious Istanbul.

Mr. Supreme is going to send

a guy to you in the following week.

Is he big?

He is, indeed.


I have needs aswell.

You will talk that with the guy we're sending to you.


Sleep well tonight.

There is a tough military education programme tomorrow.

Chop off our lungs, lieutenant!

Make us go through

bir circles of flame!

No way, this can only be a clinical case.

e lack a little bit of adrenali.


What did I say?

I'm fine. I'm at Dubai right now.

We came here for a business meeting.

What have you been up to?

Come on.

was just thinking.

about you.

I missed you.

6 months?


The time flies.

But I have been really busy.

That's why I couldn't call you.

You tell me, what are you doing?

You got engaged!

Oh my god!

Uhm. well, darling, I have to go.

I’m in Dubai, the signal is low.

Probably it's because the weather is so hot.


Man,she is engaged!

You don't understand women's logic.

She is not engaged at all!

She is trying me!


Look that way! He is the one!

Should we wait?

Lieutenant Erdem commanded us not to sleep. Should we wait?

We can't be safe.

if we fall asleep.


So. we're going to stay up till the morning then, right?

I wonder,

what is Ayga doing.

Who is Ay^a?

I’m fine darling, I'm at Geneva.

There's a business meeting about banking, that's why I'm here.

Yes, I work for a bank.

Oh, come on!

Do you remember when we first met,

I was a gardener.

Yeah, after that,

my friend called me. they told me

that they need me to

save their ass from bankruptcy-

She hung up!

Who the hell are you talking with?

You woke me up!

You talked on the phone until the morning!

I told this girl that

Was a gardener when we first met.

Now that I told her that I was banking,

She hung up on me!

God please give me patience!

He’s alone, wait.



Come on! Continue.

Get on the floor, now!


You look like a famous artist!

You literally look like him!

I hope the guy you are saying

Is a handsome, good-looking guy!

He is. he is. But I

Forgot his name!

He is not!
Is he from Turkey or

How many letters are there in his name?

Stop it! What was his name...


I rememberedi! You look like Brad Pitt!

Close call.

Never mind that guy.

Lieutenant, he doesn't look like me.

He probably didn't even do his military service.


He just appears in

movies with guns, weapons..

You guys are literally

Trying to find the negative aspects of Brad Pitt!


I think he just looks like Ekrem Bora, when he was young.

Get up on your feet! Come on!



Hello, gentlemen.

This is assistant commander,

My name is Zafer Yaman. Zafer Yaman.

Thanks sir! Welcome.

Go change your clothes and join us.

Sir, yes sir!

Is that you? I’m Yusuf.

Wasn't expecting someone young, like you.

What do you want?

Who’s this girl?

Freelancer journalist.

Why did they meet?

I don't know.

I want to meet Qolak.

I want to interview him.

I want say anything on media.

that he doesn't approve.

Qolak won't speak with you.

He can count on me, I'm not on anyone's side.

I will ask him.

but I don't think that he would want to do anything with you.

Please tell him that.

I am ististing.

Come in!

I'm so excited!

It's the first time that I am going to see a village marriage ritual!

You're not coming.


You are supposed to

stay here.

Good idea!

What am I going to do here all night long?

You asked for it.


At least we have internet connection here.

Do you have an available computer?

These two are available.

Yes, yes.

When can we go home?

He needs to stay here

for a few more days.

After that, you can leave. Get well soon.

Did you hear?

You are mine now.

We are going to have a long conversation with you.

What the hell is this?

Oh my god!

I am so tired!

guess our lieutenant is a bionic-man.

He doesn't have muscles.

they are probably all steel.


What are you doing here?

came here for you.

Are you coming to

The wedding ceremony aswell?

Mr. Erdem told me that

they especially want me

there aswell.

Besides, I will help them.

I love helping people.

Okay, we are leaving in a few hours.


Look, I am sorry for what I said yesterday.

It's fine.


Who's this girl?

What is she doing with Lieutenant Yavuz? She is the doctor.


He has been through a lot.

His lover died recently.


She looks like she's in love with him.

As I said.

He does look like Brad Pitt.

We're ready.

I'm coming.

We followed that journalist all day long.

And the guy just played online games at an internet cafe all day.

They probably communicate using that.

Tell Erdem Lieutenant,

and if they’re chatting using codes,

Yes. sir. solve it.


Get ready, we should leave.

Yes. sir.

Sergeant Major, at your command sir!

Go on Ate§.

Sir, we followed that guy.

Okay. Let me know if something happens.

Yes. sir!

Yes, sir! Ate§.

We are leaving now,

take care of my daughter.

Sir, yes sir!

Lieutenant, welcome!


Is there any news?

No, sir.

We've been here since 8 a.m. Nothing extraordinary happened.

Okay, let's keep it like this.

I hope this wedding goes smooth, without any problems.

Sir, is everything okay?

Lieutenant, come on!

Let's dance!

Thanks Chief! But we are okay for now.

Come on!

You should dance !


but you are coming aswell!

Aren't you going to dance9

No, I'm okay.

I'm going to check up on the bride.

What happened to-yourcar?

What happened to your car?

Did you sell your house?

What’s up?

Where did you go?

These are worhless!

I'm bored!

I'm busy now.

Okay, but you can talk with me!

am telling you, I am busy!

As if you're saving the world.

Maybe I am.

I saved it before.

Are you going to save the world with playing this game?

This is not just a game.

I'm going mad

all the chat logs are nonsense!

I'm losing my mind.

Is everything ready9


You look beautiful!

Are you excited?

I get it.

Come on. they are waiting for you.

Come on.

I hope you two last forever!

Come on, let's go.



May God make you happy.

How lovely! I want to get henna tattoos aswell!

Ask them!

Yes, I am! Are you okay?

They’re not talking anything important!

am going mad

Ate§, come on! use your brain!

What are you looking for. tell me

I am not searching for something, my friend!

Ate§, come on! use your brain!

He's an idiot! He gave the opponent his most important card.


He did! Look!

They are communicating

using this move!

Lets replay it.

What are these?


Okay, but where is this place?

Don't worry. I am going to find out.

I am so sorry.

I got excited and, um-

It's okay. Ate§ A^ar.

I'm leaving.

Hey! Why are you running!

they are going to attack somewhere

I don't know, I am going to find out.

we found where Qolak is going to attack.

Oh! No!

This is the village where wedding is taking place!

Lieutenant Erdem is there!

Let the teams know,

clear the area up.

Yes sir!

Leave now, take your team aswell!

Sir, yes sir!

Are you going to leave me alone?

Don't worry. You are not alone.


How are you, Nazim?


Did you come here to rescue me?


I came here to rescue you.

I would get you out,

from this place.

If I wanted.

But you didn't obey my commands.

And that is going to cost you.

It's urgent, we’ve got news that

The terrorist organization will attack the village.

It's urgent, we've got news that

The terrorist organization will attack the village.

Sir. they are going to attack us.

Sir. the organization is going to attack here.


Sir, we need to

clear this area.

There's an update that we are going to be attacked.

Go hide the civillians. now!


Stop the music!



Leave! Go somewhere protected!

Take women and children to

The Chiefs home!

Don't be afraid! We are here!

Yavuz. what's happening?


Do what I said.

2 of you will go to the starting point of the road.

2 of you will go to the ending point of the road.

Go, leave with the women.

take care of them!

count us in.

We will fight against them.

Please, stay at your place,

I don't want you to get hurt.

Children! Get in the room!

Now! Quick!

Stay here! Don’t leave this room!

No. Please. Calm down. Nothing's going to happen.

Do you want anything?

Did you check the area

for any explosive materials?



A car has arrived, sir.

Take aim!

Fire if it doesn't stop!

Get out of the car! Now!

I came for the wedding!

The vehicle is clear sir!

Go back!

You worked with our enemies!

You are all going to die!

Don’t come closer! I will kill her!

Drop your weapon!

Stay here!


Drop your weapon!

Leave that girl!