Söz (2017–2019): Season 1, Episode 2 - Söz Verdik - full transcript

The Intelligence receives a tip that Colak, the leader of the terrorist organization, is going to make a deal for missile with an international arms dealer. Colak is in great preparation for action. Under Yavuz leadership, the newly formed special team begins to struggle to prevent it. Dr. Bahar faces the living conditions of the village people there. It will be a big surprise waiting for everybody as a result of the operation arranged in Yavuz command.


Turn right!

Put the Martyr down!

This show for the last few weeks has rated higher than Icerde, it must be good



Turn right! Turn left!

March, march!

Look forward!



Be ready.


Look right, look left!


Look forward!

Pick up the Martyr.

Soldiers, start marching!

What are you doing here?

I have to give you something.

What is it?

How come do you have this necklace?

He died on my desk.

Now is the right time, he is there.

This is not the place to make a move.

He killed my dad,

...your brother!


everything should be in order.

Don't act like an idiot!

Did you come all the way. to give me this?

I thought that it is something important.

You could get it delivered to here.

I was afraid that it will get lost.

Thanks a lot.

I don't know what to say.

This is something valuable for me.

I have to go. I have to catch my flight.

I am sorry for everything.

When are you leaving? am sorry for everything.

In a few hours.

Wait here. I'm going to change my clothes and come.

No, no you don't have to-

Take care of this lady. I will be bak in a few minutes.

Sir.yes sir!

Okay, I will tell him.

Your guest is here.

he wants to show you the specimen.


get the GPS device.

Go to our hidden place.

get a ingot of gold.

bring it to where we will meet.



don't you dare to follow that soldier.

Okay. okay.

How is she?
I'm sorry for the incident.

The bullet teared her nerves apart.

we stitched it up.

Is she going to be able to but it will take a while for her hand to recover.

Unfortunately, use her hand properly?

Please, doctor.

My daughter is studying at conservatory, she is playing violin.

I'm sorry. Please do something!

She won't be able to play

for a long time, but there are so many treatment options.

Okay, doctor.

Nazlı is going to get so upset.

It's over.

Everything is over.

No. mom! We are so comfortable here!

It was today.

we went to the constabulary.

Some guy was just passed out. drunk.

He was upset about his cat.

Appearently, his cat had climbed up a tree.

We are dealing with these type of situations. Nothing much.

We aren't allowed to use our cellphones at the daytime, mom.

Don't call me. I will call you when I become available.

Okay, I will see you soon.

Don't worry. I'm eating properly.

I sleep enough too,

we are like kings here!

Oh my god, mom. We are safe.

Everyone is saying hi to you too. Goodbye.

What is happening?


My mom thinks I'm a soldier

How? Why?
at a safe military camp near Dead Sea.

I couldn't tell my mom that I'm working for the special Forces.

She will go insane!

She is so worried for me!

My dad knows.
So she doesn’t know, does she?

We are handling the situation with my dad.

What should I do?

She would die.

She is already sick.

Bravo! Bravo!

What if something happens to you?

If you die?

It would be a scandal, sir.

My mom would come here, burn this place down.

You guys have to take care of me.

You shoudn't have studied history mate!

You are going to get killed, they will collect your pieces.

Your mom wouldn't even look at your face for the last time.

No way!

Maybe his pinky finger would be one piece.

so his mother will cuddle it and mourn.

Wait a minute.

nobody here can die

before me!

What's up? Do you have

a reservation at Hell?


my dad is a martyr, so is my grandfather,

everyone in my family is a martyr!


I guess there's a martyr monument special for your family!


That's why if somebody is going to die,

it will be me first!

Wow! You guys are talking so optimistic!

We came here to keep people alive, not to die.

Dead Sea is a great choice mate!

I met a German chick there.

She had blonde,

long hair, like gold!

Her eyes were blue like the sea! You literally

could swim in her eyes!

She was stunning mate!

Our crew's Casanova showed himself.

What should we call you?


they call me Karabatak, but

I don't accept that you called me a Casanova.

I loved that girl, and she loved me back.

We used to be in love.

How long did it last?

For a few hours.

Come on!

Don't laugh! It was my longest relationship!

Oh my god.


I'm leaving,

I'm going to pray.

May God accept your prayers.


Lieutenant! Lieutenant Erdem is waiting for US in the hospital,

I'm coming.
he said that it is an emergency.

Putting this much sugar in your tea is not good for your health.

I'm not going to get old. don't worry.

You don't have to die that fast, just because you're a soldier.

We don't die. We become a martyr.

When you first came to the hospital.

I realized that you were dating her.

I was going to give you her necklace but

you left.

I proposed to her,

just before the explosion happened.

She accepted.

We were going to get married in this summer.

She was living in France.

She accepted to live

in Turkey for me.

We were going to rent a shitty


We surely might buy

shitty furnitures as well.

Later then, she was going to make everything good.

She probably might plant some plants in the pots

and put them in our home's balcony.

We could adopt a dog as well.

I would leave for duty, and she might get bored.

Losing someone you love would be hard.

Losing in any way is hard.

You blame yourself.

Don't blame yourself, you did nothing wrong.

If I didn't meet her,

she would be alive.

She would never feel love, if she didn't meet you.

She would always be alone.

She would always want someone like you.

I'm not sure.

I don't get it. I am so close to death but she died.

This feels so wrong.

There is no such thing as not right.

I'm a doctor,

you would be shocked to see how

people die, everyday.

Wow, you are a good talker.

I'm talking nonsense.

It's getting late.

will drop you home.
I should leave.

No. don't be disturbed. I will call a taxi.

I'm not that rude.

By the way. I'm Bahar.


Çolak would be so angry.

If you are afraid, fuck off!

That guy killed my dad.

I won't go anywhere until I

get a chance to spit on his dead body.

That blonde lieutenant. You're putting everything in danger.

will die tonight!

Get ready.

Is she a tourist?

Let's say that she is a guest.

Is she your girlfriend?

Why do you care, drive!


don't stop!

Crouch down! Quick!

Don't you ever raise your head!

Get out, get out!

Yes, I'm fine.

We need an ambulance. We 're at the old gas station

near the airport.

You are wounded.


I didn't notice.

It's probably not a deep cut.

Be careful! Don’t pass out.

Sit down.

It's just a little cut. You're okay.

Keep calm.

You are leaving tonight.

We learnt that Çolak is doing a trade,

he's going to buy an antiaircraft,

and an antitankcraft rocket.

We have the written order

to attack.

We need to learn where they're going to do the trade.

Our people from another department

are going to meet you in Erbil.

They will tell you what to do.

Yes, sir.


Go on. Yavuz.
I'm lieutenant Yavuz.

Sir, we have been attacked.

While I was going to drop my guest Where?

to hospital, they stopped US. There were 3 guys.

I killed 2 of them. 1 of them is wounded.

Are you okay?

And there’s a civillian. dead.

May God help US.


I will be there soon.

I'm sending you our location in a second.

I'm leaving.

Is he okay, sir?
Yavuz had been attacked.

He sounded fine.

Don't leave here unless someone comes.

Leave if somebody comes to take over the shift.

I have to leave.

Where are you going? They will bring Nazli here soon.

Yavuz had been attacked.

Tell Nazlı that I will come back.

Come on.

I'm sorry for what you have been through.

Why did they do this to US?

I'm popular, and these are my fans.

Was I supposed to laugh?

It's over.

Let's take you to a hospital.

No. I'm fine.

Come on.

Get up.

There's still a pulse, How is he9

but his wound is deep.

Sir. I have to tell you something.

Go on.

I've never been on an active mission.

You will.

I’ve never been shot.

You will.


why do they call you Hafiz?

Because I am a hafiz.

Why do they call you Newbie?

Because I am.

That's why I love military camps,

if you're not using it, turn it off!

Easy as that!

Why did they suddenly call US here?

Lieutenant Erdem will tell US tomorrow. Does anyone know?

Secret duty?

All duties are secret.

But some are more.

I didn't get it.

You will.


lieutenant had been attacked.

Come on! Let's go! What are you talking about?

No. you don't need to.

He is okay now.

Fine then.

Attackers probably.
Who attacked him?


I'm shocked now!

Oh my god! Attackers attacked him!

Oh my fucking God! I'm dying!

Terrorists, sir.

How is he? Where is he?

He is fine now, sir.

He shot them dead.

Guys. I love this guy!

Let me tell you guys.

I'm pretty sure that we won't die.


Were you here?

Yes ma'am.

I'm going to talk with the doctor and come back.

Nazli is still sleeping, wait in the room

till I come back, okay?


Who are you?

What happened to me?

My name is Ateş, Ateş Acar.

I am a sergeant major

Ateş Açar? at your dad's military camp.

What the hell is Ateş Açar?

It's not Ateş Açar, it's Ateş Acar.

What happened to me?

You had a hand surgery.

Let me go. please!

Don't do that, please!

I won't be able to use my hand, will I ?

I don’t think so, I think you will!

All of my dreams are over!

I have a lieutenant friend,

he was shot in his hand.

They cut his hand off.


I don't think that your hand is that bad.

No! He was shot with an ak-47. How!

they have a special mechanism

which bullets enter and pass through the spot circling.

But this has nothing to do with that.

Besides I have heard what the doctor said.

He said that your hand will be fine.


Really! He said you will be sent home in a week!

Oh, really!

Don't be too optimistic but

I am pretty sure that it will

be okay.

I am pretty sure that you will be okay in less than a week.

Ah, my dear daughter! Mom?

Where is dad?

He will be back.

If you excuse me.

I will be going on a duty.

I hope you get better soon.

See you, Ateş Açar.

Get well soon.

Are you okay?

I saw a nightmare.

What did you see?

Something you're not supposed to see.


Okay. I will be there soon.

Appearently, you missed the morning flight!

I will catch the flight at night.


I will try to come. We will be in touch.

Look forward!

Come to my office

with the whole team

Yes sir! in 15 minutes.


Senior sergeant Güllüoğlu.

you have a phonecall, urgent.

Talk fast,

Yes sir. hurry up!



I'm with the doctor.

There's a complication.

There going to arrange a C-section.

We might lose the baby!


We won't have a baby this time too.


Don't think about the worst thing that can happen.

They can do the c-section anytime now.

Can you come?

I'm going on a mission, Fatma.

I might now make it.

Oh. is it true?

Are my parents with you?

I want you!

I want you to come!

Maybe I will be there tonight, huh?

Stay tough.


I have to go now.

The lieutenant is waiting for me.


May God take care of you.

You too.

You too.

They won't take their

eyes off of Köse's son.

Yes sir!
Let me know when he wakes up.

Zafer, can you hear me?

When will you be back?

Sir, the cleaning lasted longer than expected.

But don't worry, I will be there soon.

Okay, when you come back,

you have a new duty waiting for you.

Yes, sir.


What were we saying?


You were going to tell me where your hidden place is!


I'm going to give a medal to the first one who tells me.

Let's start.


I love it!

Let's have a look,

and check who is the most durable.

Sit down, guys.

If somebody else dies

from this military camp,

I won't forgive you.

I hope our God would protect US.

This guy. Çolak,

is the bastard who shot our friend.

He is known as "Leklek"

in this nation.

He did the shopping mall

attack as well.

That's why we called you.

You’re going to bring US this guy.

This guy is going to be asked

by us . and the whole nation.

And you're going to capture him.

What's his story, sir?

Who's behind him?

Why did you ask this question?

Terrorist organizations are the world's most expensive toys.

If he's messing with US.

that means he has someone behind his back.

Probably some friends that like US too much.

Sir, give US the coordinates.

We will figure out the rest.

Are we going to get only one guy?

Is that it?

I thought something big was up.

when you called me for a special duty.

Self -confidence is good.

Everyone needs to be self-confident.

But an ignorant man's bravery.

is not suitable for a Turkish soldier.

Our biggest enemy is

taking our enemy for granted.

And believe me,

this guy is not a guy to take for granted.

He is 42 years old.

He has 2 wives.

and 3 kids. He has only

1 child left.

Do you know who shot them?


He killed his wives and 2 daughters.

with his own hands.

He was bown in Baghdad,

he fought with occupation forces

during Baghdad War.

Occupation forces' main target was to

bring peace.

But it didn't happen.

There was a civil war in Iraq,

and the opposite sites were fighting against each other.

They invaded Çolak's home aswell.

They raped his wife.

and his 2 daughters.

He didn't have many options.

He knew that they couldn't live like this.

That's not all.

his story was just beginning.

He chased down the ones

who did that.

He needed to get in an enemy base,


Do you know what he did?

He digged up a tunnel for 3 months.


He barely ate,

and drank water.

But he waited,

and he succeeded.

He went in there, like a ghost.

He killed 36 people,

who were there.

Exactly 36 people.

Do you know what he did to rapists?

He beheaded them.

After that, the same old story continued.

Tihe story was told.

like a legend.

Or they did it on purpose.

By the way, western countries

helped Çolak.

First, he operated the drug dealing

happening in Afghanistan. He became rich.

Because he was rich,

many people followed him.

Our presence in Syria is

disturbing many countries.

They are using Çolak

against US.

Everything is simple as that.

Çolak is going to buy

a rocket in a few days.

He will buy it from our

dear friends, the western countries.

They are very certain to bring peace to Middle East.

My eyes got watery, sir!

What is this rocket for. sir?

This rocket is working with

infrared rays and ultraviolet rays.

It is a airforce defense rocket.

With this, you can shot down a helicopter.

or even a F-16

if you are close enough.

We already know that they met last week.

They had a deal

for the trade.

He's not just going to buy a rocket.

but a antiaircraft rocket aswell.

Hold this for me.

Stop! What are you doing?

I'm buying it.

I'm buying 12 for now.

6 rockets,

and 6 antiaircraft.

If we like it,

we'll buy 100 more.

Guys, we must prevent this trade.

Çolak shouldn't get the rockets.

We have sent him off.
Sir. where is Karabatak?

He's trying to figure out the meeting spot.


Let me check.

Here you go.

Excuse me?

I just wanted to light your cigarette.

I'm not smoking, as you noticed.

I think it's a logical decision.

A beautiful woman like you.

should avoid any harm

to her skin.

I think I know you from somewhere.


Are you a top model?

Are you really using this cheap old tricks to get my attention?

It's not a crime, lady.

Euro had gotten more valuable.

so I have to use cheap tricks now.

Yeah, thankfully. Are you Turkish?

My name is Levent.

I own a construction company,

came here for only 3 days. What about you?

Veronica, I am a public relations expert.

Who do you refer to as public?

What do you mean, Mr. Levent?

Should we leave for a drink?

I think you should slow down.

Life is short,

enjoying every single moment

is my motto.

Sorry, I have to go.

Did I make you uncomfortable?

Don't worry. I didn't even

take you seriously.

I love this trait of women.

they are hard to reach.

But I am a Turkish soldier,

I am always in hard situations.

love challenges, lady.

Is there any news of Köse's son?

He is still in intensive care, sir.


I have the details.

e took the coordinates

from the GPS device

on Köse's son.

We are certain that

they are hiding the pure aluminum here.

Guys, get ready.

We are leaving in 15 niiniites.

May God help you.

Thanks, sir!

What is this?

I have to keep it with me, sir.

We buried him.

You saw his father as well.

He couldn't even stay standing.

It's goingito be in newspapers.

Martyr sergeant major Selahattin Yurt.

is dead.


He was riding the metro,

now he is in news.

Shooting in Tunceli.

3 dead.

My aunt is listening to

the news on radio;

Suicide attack in El Bab.

6 dead.


5! 10!

Some random numbers.

all dead!

Are we waiting for an applause? Or a medal?

No. sir!

We didn't come here to die,

we came here to survive!

We didn't come here to kill,

we Game,h'ere to defend our flag!

We came here to live,

and keep people alive!

It's not your most important duty

to die for your country!

Aren't we going to die?


Of course!

If we don't die,

they won't read the newspaper while riding the metro.

If we don't die,

children won't play with swings in parls.

Lovers won't

hold each other's hands. Isn't that true, Hafiz?

It's true, sir!

Our most important duty

is to live.

If we stay alive.

humans will stay alive, our nation will stay alive.

Our flag will swing with the wind.

Peace will stay.

Roger that?

We're going to leave now.

We are going to come back, alive,

without even a single wound.


Yes. sir!

Yes , mom?

Where are you? Why didn't you come to the hospital?

I'm at the hospital, mom.

Why didn't I see you, where are you?

Because, I'm not in the

same hospital with you. I'm in Karabayir's hospital.

What does that mean?

What are you doing there?

There was an emergency, I had to come here.

What are you saying?

Mom. there's nothing important.

I'm coming tonight. I will explain it to you.

Oh my god.

We're going to have a talk with you when you come.


Come on in.


What are you doing here?

I was just going to call you.

It's good to see you.

saw your name on the list and I thought

it was just a coincidence. What are you doing here?

I will tell you later, it's too long to tell now.

Okay let's go.
Come with me. let's go and grab a cup of tea.

I don't know.
Is Nazmi still missing?

We couldn't reach him since

last night.

Are you going to tell me something?

Attacked the blonde lieutenant last night.


He couldn't kill him. He is in intensive care now.

How could he do this9 How!

How could he do this? How!

How could he do this without even telling me?

He had the GPS device. The enemy will find.

Don't wait, leave. Do you know the place?

I do.

We're going to meet our client.

Go find the device,

before our enemy does.


Come on!

Sir, is it okay for you to walk in front of US?

Normally, no.

Let me walk in front of you.

If you can't handle the first bullet.

you can not walk in front of me. Stay there.


Can you guess the distance?

2300 meters.

How long will it take for US to walk there?

75-80 minutes.


Oh my god, how are you feeling?

It was horrible.

I'm still in shock.

Don't mind me. How are you? What are you doing here?

The students are talking about you all the time.

How did you end up here? Tell me.

By my own will.


I've recieved so many offers as soon as I graduated,

my uncle’s son was getting married here,

so I came here aswell.

saw so many people dying before

they could recieve a proper medical care.

Somebody had to help them.

I couldn't live with the guilt. And I decided to stay.


These people need proper doctors to examine them, Bahar.

So. What have you been doing lately?

Nothing, same old things. I'm just hanging out in the hospital.

When are you going back?

For real, did you come to work here with your own will?

Yes . I already told you.

can not believe it.

I'm impressed.

There's nothing to be impressed.

I'm not doing this just to feel better about myself,

but this also feels right.

Somebody needs to take care of these people.

You're right.

Sometimes I go to near villages to examine

the people who can not visit the hospital.

They love me like their own child.

Actually, I need to leave now.

Where are you going to go?

I'm going to the village Sarıkoçak.

A patient should have visited me today,

but she didn't, so I want to check up on her.

Can I come with you?


I'm here till the night,

I have nothing else to do. Besides,

I will help you. What do you say?

That place is dangerous, are you sure?

You should see Istanbul then.

Okay. fine.

Hafiz, what’s our situation?

We're so close.

It's one of these houses.

I think this house is it.

They found us!

Stay calm!


Lieutenant, welcome!

You should come inside.
Get out of the house!

Come out!

Please don't hurt us!

Nobody's going to hurt you! Stay here.

Guys, start searching the area.

Hançer 1, Hançer 1!

What's the situation? Hançer 1, Hançer 1.



Hançer 1 is listening.
Hançer 1 answer. This is Hançer 3.

I think we've found what we were looking for.

Don't touch anything, I am on my way.

Roger that.

Is that it sir?


It's so expensive.

1 kilogramme of this is a million dollars.

Sir, no!

It's a trap!


It will blow up the whole house.

Damn it!

Where is the radio?

This is Hançer 1.


There's a trap. We need more time.

I'm telling the pilots to wait longer. How much time do you need?

How long would it take you to defuse it?

Two hours, sir.

You have only one hour. Two hours, sir.

Roger that.

You have half an hour.

Come on. be quick!

Hançer 1. this is Hançer 5.


They are coming.

Nearly 10. How many?

Roger that.

We don't have time. We need to take it and leave this place.

I can't do anything unless I find its source of power, sir.

Let's meet them. They're coming, hurry up!

Come on.

Keşanlı, go that way, check the road's entrance!

Yes. sir!

They're getting closer.

We are too! They're pretty serious.

If you're sure you wont miss it. Should I open fire?

One down.

Is there an update7

How long will it take? I found the source.

What does that mean?
I don't know.

There's nothing called " I don't know!

We are surrounded.

15 minutes, sir. How long will it take?

Turn off your radio, hurry up.

Sir, I have to listen to Orhan Gencebay's songs while defusing.

I can't do it if I don’t.
What the fuck?

Are you sick, mate?

This is my style, I can't help it.

Do how you can, just defuse it!

Hurry up!

A rocket has been fired! Be careful!


What the hell happened to me7 Are you okay?

You are dead! You are in pieces!


Get up, get up!

I thought that it was over.

I will kick your ass

if you die before me.

Why are you so eager to die?


please help me.

If I'm doing something wrong, I will be heading to your side.

I will be pleased if I don't blow up on my first mission.

My mom would be so upset.

Please, God.

Hançer 7 to Hançer 1.

Hançer 1 is listening.

I defused it, sir.

Sir, let me run towards them and kill them all!

Are we going to hide like this?

Look, if you move.

I will shoot you!

Hafız, come with me.

It won't explode, will it?

I hope so, sir.

What do you mean by saying "I hope so" ? You said that you defused it!

Get away!

Get away from here!

Why do I have to give the same command twice! Sir, let me pick it up.

Why do I have to give the same command twice!

Yes, sir.

Good job. Newbie.


Let's go.

What's our situation?

This was the last one.

Hançer 1 to base.

Base is listening.

e've got the package. No one is hurt.

We are leaving.

Good job boys! Go to the meeting point,

they are coming to pick you up.

Roger that.


come here!

Come on!

Fit in the picture!

Here you go sir.

You're welcome.

Sir, What are you guys doing?

we are taking a selfie to send Karabatak, to show him what he missed!

Our lieutenant is having a good time, apparently!

Put your phone away, we should start walking.

Come on guys.

The water is so warm, you should join me!

I just got out.

At my own room.
Where do you have your dinner?

Do you want me to join you?

Why would I want that?

To see what you're missing.

What could I be missing9

Don't you want to witness with your own eyes?


Or are you married?

No! Why?

Because, nobody has ever declined my offer till this day.

Excuse my language but,

why are you so fucking insistent?

I ordered it from the internet.

specially from French.

I think, you should've ordered some kindness

from England as well.

My English is not good like my French,

but my German is.

How did you learn German?

I did my masters in Germany,

let's not open that now. I don't have good memories there.

I’m not going to insist anymore,

am sorry if I was rude to you.

She has 3 seconds.

Is 6 p.m okay for you?

We'll meet in the lobby.

What happened to her hand?

She accidentally poured boiling water on it.

Talking in Kurdish

What is she saying?

That your face is so beautiful.

She said that she has a granddaughter at the same age as you.

Can you check her blood pressure?

Talking in Kurdish

She used to be beautiful, just like you.

She said." May God help you on your path of life.

and I hope that you'll be happy in your life."

Do you understand

why I couldn’t just leave,Bahar?

What are they going to do, if you don't come here?

I have to come.

How are you going to help them all?

I have to help.

What happened?

They were there. They left before we arrived.

So it means that they've found the GPS tracker.

Should I call them and cancel the meeting?


we need those rockets.

They may learn our meeting point.

How are we going to pay them?

With this.

And this.

Are we going to kill them?

Call them. Tell them that

we rearranged the meeting point.



Are you okay?

Come sit.

I've heard what has happened.

to your fiance.

It hurts, doesn't it?

It would hurt less,

If they stick an iron pipe

in my heart.

It would really hurt less.


That's all I can say.

And there are so many things that I can't even tell.

did you know that

I've never fallen in love?

Don't fall in love.

Life is short. Newbie.

Especially if you love somebody

life will kill you.

It will kick your ass.

But it's a good feeling.

Do you want to die,

as a good man and a good soldier?


If so, love this country.

Love our citizens

more than the land itself.

When they see you,

don't let them think that

your heart doesn't beat.

or you don't cry.


I will keep that in mind.


See you later.

Sir, I've found the girl.

We have the aluminium.

but try to learn the meeting point anyway.

Çolak would change the point.


Come on.

Okay, if so.

send us another coordinates for a meeting point.

Is there a problem?

I will let him know.

•noĂ uo Ịunoo a/\Ạ

Good evening.

ữid I make you wait for a long time?

I enjoyed every second of it.

You are a real expert.

when it comes to charming women.

am an expert in every topic involving women.

Would you like a drink for now?


I would like a glass of white wine.

The doctor told me to

avoid drinking. So if you don't mind.

I will drink a cup of coffee.



I’m coming,sir. Waiter!

It's crazy that this

little’thing costs a million dollars.

It's more expensive than drugs.

fuel, and everything else.

How is your daughter, sir?

She's still in the hospital.

what about your guest?

She's leaving tonight.

she doesn’t get

into any trouble, of course.

Tell the others that they are allowed to go out tonight.


I'd like to show you the buildings

we are working on.

We've built this in Qatar.

It looks so beautiful.
This one is in Dubai.

So fascinating!

did you like it?

I loved it!

I thought so.

Bon appetite!

Excuse me?


Okay, I will talk to the lieutenant.

I'll want permission for a few days.

How are you?

Oh, does it hurt that bad?



Wait for my call.

Okay honey.

What's up, Hafiz?

Sir. my wife is pregnant.

we're having some trouble.

I'm afraid that a mission might come up and I won't be here. Take permission and leave for a few days.

Okay, we will leave without you then.

That's what I am afraid of.

It's nonsense,

I will talk to our lieutenant, you should go and see your wife.


Are you leaving?


Is there a bookstore around here?

There is one in the city centre. I'm going there as well. Come with me.

Thanks, sir.

Where are the others?

They are here somewhere. They didn't leave.


I have never gotten so

tipsy like this!

Oh, I think you’ve had too much.

I think so.

If you excuse me. I'd like to

go to my room to get some rest.

Do you want me to help you go to your room?


Good night.

Sleep there.

Here it is.

There's no difference.

they arranged the time and the


Oh my god.









Veronica is sleeping. Who are you?

So. you went out?


my friend from school was here.

Did you know, he is staying here with his own will.

Oh, is he?

We went to the nearby villages.


was actually going to ask you something.


What happens if I stay here?


I felt like people here need me.

Is this funny to you?

This is not a joke.

You were shot last night.

There are 3 jobs that

terrorist organizations hate.


teachers and doctors.

They hate soldiers because they have to fight against them.

They hate teachers because teachers bring hope.

And the doctors,

keep people whom they want dead, alive.

Should I be scared?

If I was you, I would be.

But I am not.

Check out my offer.

Leave tonight.

and be happily ever after

in your mom's hospital.

This place is not for you.

How do you know?

I don't,

but I do.

Do you think that just because you are a soldier,

you are more experienced than I am?

Are you the only one's who's going through some bad situations?

Are you the only one's who can create solution to any problem?

You misunderstood me.

Did I?

I don't think that I misunderstood you.

You told me to sit my ass down.

and stay right next to my mom!

I don't remember saying this.

This was what you meant.

This wasn't what I meant. I told you that this place is dangerous.

Is it?

I've been through danger, I saw danger.

That's why I want to stay here.

Believe me, it would be the biggest mistake you'll make!

Maybe it will be the greatest thing that has ever happened to me? Who knows?

Excuse me for underestimating you.

I was rude.

Yes you were.

Thank you. Here you go.

You too.

You should never What are you doing?

secretly take a picture of someone.

It was just a few pictures!

Be careful with that, it's precious for me!

You could ask me first. Would you let me?

Give that back!


Promise me that you'll delete my pictures. Promise?

Okay I promise.

I did.

No. I am a journalist. Are you a photographer?

What are you? Are you from the intelligence department?

No. I'm just a simple citizen.

Till this day, not a single simple citizen

understood that I was taking pictures of them.

Let's say that I'm a careful and a simple citizen.

You're a soldier!

Your hair is short, you have no beard whatsoever.

The reason why your skin is not smooth

would be because you shave everyday.

No. I’m a journalist.
I think you're a snitch.

In French, at a news agency. You wouldn’t know. Where do you work?

Besides, I'm a French citizen.

I hate French.

What do you like?


But he was a journalist as well.

And he was a great hunter.

Are you a cop?

Don't you ever dare to confront me again!

How rude are you! A man

should be nice and kind!

Mind your own business.

Do not even bother.

You have two options.

You tell us who you are and what you are looking for.

and you die without suffering.

Or we make you talk,

and you suffer.

Do I look like someone.

that would tell you everything you want to hear?

Tell us everything, please.

Who are you?

If we're going to talk nicely,

I will tell you everything you want. Why wouldn't I?

I'm a football player (stopper) . I came here

for an interview about my transfer.

The guy insisted to put me on another position,

I told him that I am right footed.

but he kept insisting!

He insisted so much,

that's why I couldn't transfer.

Didn't you understand until this moment? Are you fucking kidding with US?

Bite this,

e don't want to

break your teeth while beating you to death.

I chose to go to hell

than to scream.

Are you insisting that you won't talk9

Do what you want.

Did it hurt9

It was good.

Thanks to you. I don't have to cut my

nails for another 3 months now.

So, is that it?

I had just started!

Go take the tools.

from the car.

Can you do me a favor?

Can you think

for one more time

if you're still insisting to stay

here and be a doctor at this place?

I will.

What are you looking at?

Nothing, I just saw a friend of mine.

What are you doing here?

I've found what you are. You are a lawyer!

I'm a freelancer accountant. Are you happy now?

Okay, but

why are you carrying a gun then?

Because I keep a lot of money with me.

You can't fool me.

Let me ask you something.

are you really

eating snails?

I've never eaten snails. My mother is Turkish. That's why

we prefer Turkish cuisine.

caught you!

Who's this young lady? You're a soldier!

She is a different type of slug .sir.

She won't let go off me.

My name is Eylem.

We are from the same department.

Come to our table, let’s sit together.

No. sir. I've lost my appetite.

No. I insist.


Where did you find her? Hello!

She looks insane!

To be honest,sir.

she found me.

In a short time, I will take your guts out.

It's going to be a blood bath!

Talk then.
Please don't!

Please, I will tell you everything I know!

Don't please!

Come. I'll tell you.

Fuck. I forgot the keys!

What am I going to do with them?

You must come. This place is a mess!

But eventually.

you kill people.

Just because you're wearing uniforms.

doesn’t mean that it's the right thing to do.

Are we killing people?

Are you mad?

Are you certain that

people who kill newborn babies, are humans?

I'm stating the fact that the system forced these people to do that.

Which system are you talking about?


If you hand a machine gun to a person

who has no identity, you automatically

give them an identity.

They have no hopes for the future.

They have no job. and they are angry.

I do understand the fact that they are violent.

But I don't think that that's the right thing to do.

But I do understand them.

And this is called empathy.

Oh, is it?

Last week.

my fiance died. What is this called?

The shopping mall attack,

and yes. I am too young.

I understand that I'm not the most experienced person.

but I have been here for 6 years now.

I have been around here.

I've met so many people.

poor people, with no hope.

They've never thought to

shoot innocent people at a shopping mall.

Look, ma'am.

Nobody likes wars.

but if somebody tries to

invade my country,

I recommend them to dig up their own grave.

Is this simple as that for you?


Good night.

What happened?

Keep on emphasizing,

I will go and clean my gun.


Take care of these.

Simsar must not know anything

unti the meeting, okay?

Okay, don't worry.

See you guys.

Maybe you should stay here for a few more days.


I can't go to my school now.

No way!

What are we going to do here? Why?

I want to leave as soon as possible.

And I want my girl

to stay here right by my side.

Okay. fine.

If you want your daughter next to you,

come with US. Take a few days off.

No. Güler! How could I?

I have to work more than

I have to, I can't just leave my soldiers.

How could I want a permission

from the lieutenant?

The best solution for you is to stay.

Besides, I can see my daughter Nazli

and you anytime I want.

Mom, let's stay!

I want to stay with my dad.

e can all move to a house for soldiers.

Okay. Erdem. Fine.

As you please.

Give me a second.

Yes, Ateş.



Come here. Now.

Dad, what happened?


I have to go.

It's fine, dad.

My lovely daughter.

No cheating, guys!

How can we play without cheating?

Pass the ball forward!

Sir, we're playing foosball.

We’re not playing real football.

Don't talk too much. Shut up. Pass me the ball, look!

Give me the ball!

You should've thrown in before!

What are the scores?

4-4. We are winning.

The first match was at our field, How exactly are you winning if we are even?

it was 2-2. we will surely win

Isn't this the first game we're playing? at their own arena.

Guys, your hands should work,

not your mouth!

Come on! Shoot the ball!


Come on guys!



We have an urgent mission for you, come on.

Come on! Let's go!

Listen to me at ease.

We are going on a mission.

outside our country.

The meeting will be held

at a distant, deserted place.

We couldn't stop the meeting

with just taking away the aluminum.

This shows us that,

he really wants these rockets.

I hope that we all success.

This time,

finish this completely!

Sir. yes sir!

Incoming strangers.

Stop them.

Food for animals.
What are you carrying?

Who's in the truck?

He's from our village. He's not a foreigner.

Let's have a look.

How far are we to the meeting point?

Hafız, take your team and go.
10 minutes, sir.


Team, come on!

Sword 4 to Sword 1,

Sword 1 is listening.

We killed him. do you want US to put our flag?

Wait for a minute.

Are you still at the hotel?

Yes, there's nothing wrong. It's all good.

I will take the package and come there.

Did you manage the plane?

Yes, everything is ready.

We’ll talk.


Good job.

Hazım is still in intensive care.

What should we do?

Get him out of that hospital.

If you can't,

just kill him.


They're here.

Sword 7 to Sword 1. what are we waiting for?

Patience, let's see the rockets first.

Sword 4. do you have a clear vision?

Sword 4 to Sword 1,


Everything is ready.

your rockets are in the truck.

It's your turn now.

What is this?


The most valuable thing

around here is


There's a problem.

What’s happening?

Kılıç 1 to Kılıç 9. catch Simsar, he is running away!

Kılıç 1, I can't see anything!

Kılıç 1. I can't see anything!

Çolak, where is Çolak!

Sir, he escaped!

Turn around!

We have the package, sir!

Report in to the base.

We've got Simsar.

e've got the missiles as well.

Çolak ran away.

From lieutenant Yavuz.


They caught Simsar,

and they took the missiles.

Çolak ran away.


I have just talked to my mom, I'm going to stay here for a few days.

Really, what did she say?

She went mad, but it's fine.

Excuse me.


Doctor, please come!

My wife is giving birth! What happened?

She is bleeding. She is going to die!

Okay, keep calm. Please hurry up!

Where are you now?

We are home, she can't move!

What happened?
Stay there. I will call you.

One of the patients that we have visited yesterday,

is giving birth. She is bleeding.

Can't we send an ambulance?

No, I have to go there.

Okay, I'm coming with you.

Okay, come on.

Did you tell the prosecuter?

Yes, sir. He is coming to take these.

I will take him What are you going to do with this guy?

to the airport with a helicopter.

I'm going to hand over him to the counter-terrorist department.

They will take him to Ankara, sir.

You can do what you have to do. Erdem.

Yes, sir.

At ease.

You are going to see your wife, aren't you?

I will talk with the lieutenant.

That would be good. sir.

Soldier Ali Tepe.

Mr Nazim wants a vehicle

to go to a village.

There's someone that needs help.

Okay leave. I will talk to the lieutenant.

They are two, sir.

There's a woman doctor with Mr. Nazmi.

Who is she?

He said that her name is Bahar.

Sir. let me go with them please.

Was she your guest?


Take Ali Haydar with you.

He knows that area

don't go alone.

I will go, sir.

Don't go alone.

What's up?


his wife will give birth anytime soon.

My parents are with her.

Nobody knows that area better than me.

I know a shortcut.

Are you sure, Ali Haydar?

You can go visit your wife.

Don't worry, sir.

I will go after this.


Hold on, daughter.

Did you dial 911?

Hold on, daughter!
Yes, I did.

Dad please call

Okay, okay I will.
Ali Haydar! Please tell him to come!

Sorry for disturbing you, sir.

But we had no choice.

It's okay, doctor. Our first duty is

to keep people alive.

You said that you were leaving?

I decided to stay here for a bit more.


Son, are you coming?

Fatma is in so much pain,

Is she giving birth now? we're taking him to the hospital!

Yes, we dialled 911.

e are taking her to the hospital.

She is begging

Im on a mission, dad. for you to come.

I can't come.

I can't.
But you said you will!

May God and you take care of Fatma.

Okay. fine.

I will let you know.

I'm waiting for the good news.

Have a safe mission.

Thanks, dad.

What happened?

Destiny is weird.

Oh, really? my wife is giving birth right now.

Why did you come with US?


my wife is going to go to the hospital now.

There would be doctors there.

Our duty is to

help you help people.

Is there something more holy than this mission?

My child, it's okay.

Yes. Güler. I'm busy right now.

The doctors told me that

they might let Nazli leave tonight. Where are you?

I can't hear you properly. It's too loud.

Are you on a helicopter?

Don’t worry, it won't take long.

I will call you later.


Hand me the towel!

e need more hot water.

How many missiles are there?

11. sir.

Did you say 11?

There should've been 12. Yes?

11 or 127

There was 12 in documents.

Is there one missing?

Sir, we counted there as well.

There were 11.

Are you sure you can do this?

Of course! She was an honor student in facility of medicine!

Don’t worry.

Your baby is fine, and you'll be fine.

You guys should leave the room now.

It's easy from now on,

you just have to push!


I hope you've had a healthy baby by now, Hafiz.

I hope so, sir.

I hope so.

I'm so sorry.

We've lost the baby.

You are earning a lot of money, aren't you9

A lot. yes!

You are going to get drowned in the bloods you shed!

You know that too. don't you?

If I were to be drowned,

I prefer to drown in money

than everything else!

Are our guys on that?

I don't know sir,

it's too far away. I can't see.

We’re going to die!