Switch (2012–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Episode #1.5 - full transcript

Fed up with watching Grace and Gerry in unashamed public displays of affection Jude calls upon museum creator Mike for no strings sex and a possible relationship but his violent mood swings lead her to bring in Aaron to pose as a boyfriend to help dump him. Needing the cash Hannah agrees to tutor Cricklewood witch's daughter Tuppence to get her into a good coven. Tuppence is tactless and friendless but,having helped the others create a truth spell - which makes Gerry admit his love for Grace - she comes to see it is better to be in a friendly coven than an elite one.

Oh, um-- uh, it
doesn't matter.

I'll get something else.

Oh, excuse me.


Um, I'm sorry.

I didn't realize.
- Yeah.


It's fine.

We like seeing you kissingin the kitchen, don't we?

Not really.

I haven't even had
a bit of yogurt yet.

Oh, don't listen to her.

She's just jealous.

We're all jealous, aren't we?

- Not really.
- We are.

- Yeah, not really.
- We are.

- We're not, though.
- Stella.

Ignore her.

She's just jealous
because her love

life is not going anywhere.

Oh, and they're queuingaround the corner for you,

aren't they?- I haven't got a job yet.

That's my main
priority at the moment.

- Exactly.- Yeah, well, you've got a job.

Is that my yogurt?


Well, me and Jude think
it's lovely, don't we?

You going to wash
that chopping board?

You know those girls youtried to set me up with

and I turned them down?


Can you give me
their numbers, please?

Can anyone lend me 20 pounds?

You need to get a bloody job.

Have I got time
for a quick shower?

Of course.

This is weird, me and Gerry?

It's fine.

Are you sure it's not weird?

He's so cool.

I wish I was cool.

Any minute now he's
going to be like, Grace,

why are you staring at me?

Why do you stop
breathing when I'm near?

Help me be cool around him.

Just relax.

Claire from the
Cricklewood Coven

just tweeted, asking for awicked tutor for her friend's

kid to get into a new coven.

She's such a tool

I don't get it.

Well, here elitest
snobby friend

wants a witch to tutor
her kids so that they

get into a good coven.

I could do that.

250 quid?

I am so doing this.

Does anyone know any
reputation switches?


I'm going to be a tutor.

And I wanna fly away.

I don't know where my home is.

Uh, this was in the bathroom.

[phone ringing]


Yes, this is Hannah Bright.

Yes, I do offer that service.

Uh, my rates.

Well, um.


Is this what it's
going to be like?

HANNAH: Brilliant.

Her following him
around like a bloody--

- -- rabbit?


See you later.



Got my first pupil.

Switch worked.


And I'm falling deeper.

I never want to end.

It's a beautiful thing,
a beautiful thing.

Uh, thanks for putting myunderwear on the radiator.

Feels amazing.

It's like getting sex, butyou can get your whole bottom

inside, as well.

I am sober.


So I should probably go.

It's fine.

I'm relaxed.

But I did have fun last night.


I am relaxed about this.

But what are you-- what
are you doing today?

Well, I'm a rock
star, so mainly it'll

be champagne, strippers,
and signing autographs.

Apart from that?

Changing the date on
200 posters by hand.


Have you got any pens?

What for?

Um, well, I don't
want him to go,

and if I help him with someposters, then he'll stay.

Don't try and figure outwhat's going on in his head.

Just relax.

I'm relaxed.

He's got a problem.

And if I help him with it, thenhe'll realize that I am nice.

Why are you so
obsessed with him?

Where's your fucking pens?

I'm sorry.

Just don't want him to go yet.


It's me.

What are you doing?

- Hannah Bright?
- Yes.

Come in.

We're spending solstice
in Chipping Norton.

We're good to be mixing withsome very powerful witches.

You're looking for a coven?

We can't let anything getin the way of her getting on.

I'm working three jobs to payfor all the extra tuition.

Do you live here?

Yes, with my coven.

Do you want a cup of tea?


No, I'm late for work.

Now, I'll see you at 8:00,then I'll take you to fencing.

Oh, I thought it was
conversational French?

French's Monday, Day
horse riding Tuesday.

Wednesday public speaking,Thursday elocution,

Friday ballet, SaturdayWicca and late night fencing.

That's a lot of extra tuition.

If this goes well, I
know a lot of other moms

I can send your way.

See you at 8:00.


Welcome to Hannah
Bright School of--

Sparkling water,
slice of lime.


Would you like a drink?

Yes, I'd like a drink.

Sparkling, ice, lime.



What's this?

Rosehip, nettle,
albedo, and wood vine.

It's cool, isn't it?



[door buzzing]

Someone order an erection?



You all right?

Is that the guy from
the Camden Castle?

[music playing]

I see the mountains
in the water.

I see the flowers in the bed.

I feel the power
that it brought us.

It's calling, calling,calling, calling us together.

JUDE: Oh, that's it, Mike.

I can slot you in around 1:30.

OK, great.


Speed dating.


Natalie, hi.

Stella Monroe.



Uh, no, that-- that's--
that's the neighbors.


A couple of quick fire questionsto get you warmed up, Natalie.





Yeah, I'm going to justcome right out and say this,

but that one time we met, Isaved your name as Fit Tits.

And now I can't remember
what your name is.

I'll take a picture, so--



The thing about Wicca is
it's all about balance.

Do you want to write
any of this down?

You're getting paid.

You write it down.


Um, balance.

You can get balance
when the four--

TUPPENCE: -- elements
are in concert.

Earth, fire, air and water.

Air and water are
the cooling elements,

and fire and earth are
the warming elements.

Listen, Hannah.

It's Hannah, right?


Hannah, I need to getan edge on everyone else.

Do you understand
what I mean by edge?


Has anything you'vesaid to me since I walked

in here given me an edge?

Probably not, no.

So the question I'm
asking you, Hannah, is

are you up to the job?

All right.

If you're so smart, why
don't you do the lesson?


I will.

Historically, covens arecreated by earth elements,

bearing children and forming
with three daughters.

I actually didn't know that.

Well, mummy's invested heavilyin my extra tuition, so--

What was your last coven like?

Oh, pff, well.

There's been so many, it'sdifficult to say, really.

What was your
air element like?

I'm an air.

I think it's really funnyhow we're all a bit the same.

Was she always losing things?

Losing things?


Oh yeah.

Losing things.
All the time.


Had to slap her.

Such a twat.


You have been
in a coven, right?

You're 15 years old.

You must've been.

Well, anyway.

I think I'd like to talkabout, um, seasonal spells.

What about, like,playground covens, where you

all go around holding hands?

Tuppence, you have
been in a coven.

Well, I mean, maybe
not officially, but--



GERRY: They say this is-- is it?




Did you only come
round for the sex?

I thought that was the point.

GRACE: Stop.




I've got work.

Pull a sicky.

Are you serious?

I never pull sickies.

I never ask you to stay.


Hello, Robbie?

Look, um, I can't make
the grant meeting today.


Um, something's come up.

I've got a stiff neck.

Let's see how
stiff that neck is.

I love my job, uh, my family.

I've got a nice life, and Iwant to share it with someone.

What's your name again?


Well, you've got a
great look, but that

was distinctly average.

It's a no for me, I'm afraid.

You know, when you firstsat down, I had high hopes,

but nerves just got thebetter of you, didn't they?

Uh, next.


I'm gay.

I'm Trevor.

No, I am gay.

I've been speed dating
women all lunchtime,

in case you hadn't noticed.

I like a challenge.

So, 44, financiallysolvent, all my own teeth.

I'm here for good
time, not a long time.

In short, I put the
rev back into Trev.

And off is the directionI would like you to fuck.


What if I told you that deepdown, I'm the sensitive type?

Cat lover.



How about you put
your digits in there?

The only digit you'll begetting from me is this.

Why do you have
so many clothes?

I design clothes.

Made that.

Made that cushion.


What's in a cushion?

Feather, down.

That one's somethingcalled viscoelastic foam.

What do you do?


- For a job?
- Me?

Oh, um.

I work for the Museum
of Natural Science.

In the shop?

No, I'm a curator.

Of the museum?


Uh, marine mollusks
and cephalopods.

I preserved the eminence'slargest wet specimen.

It's a meter and
a half giant clam.

I had a tank speciallydesigned and built and filled


So, yeah.

Museum of Natural Science.

What's a mollusk?

Do you wanna sit here?

Yeah, sure.

So, coffee?

Uh, no.

I don't do caffeine.


I've got loads of herbal teas.

Oh, no.

I'm not really a hot
drink sort of person.

Squirty cream?

I just have it straight.


Sunflower seeds?

No, I'm fine.
JUDE: Rice cracker?

MIKE: No, honestly, Jude.

Chalk ice?

Yes, great.

You-- you like chalk ice.



Listen, Tupps.

If I can get you into
a coven, your mom's

going to send all the
other moms my way,

and I can stop being skint.

I think I know why you'venever been in a coven before.

It's because you don't
have any friends.

Am I right?

What do you do with other girls?

Whatever I want.

What do you do to relax?

Whatever I want.


If you had some people to hangout with, what would you do?

Whatever I want.


You're such a dick.

I'm a dick?


You don't have any friendsbecause you're a dick.

No one talks to me like that.

No one talks to you anyway.

Look, I don't have
to stand for this.

- Tuppence.
- Get out of my way.

No, I'm sorry.I shouldn't have said that.

I'm the dick.
- You are a dick.

It's just, your mom
gives you everything.

That's normal.

I mean, doesn't yourmother give you everything?

We're not talking
about my mom.

The point is, your mom
can't buy you friends.

You have to earn them.

And you can.

You just need a bit
of help from me.

I'm not a dick.


You're not.

I am.

Say you're a dick.

You're a dick.



You made a little joke there.

Yes, I did.

Well spotted.

You can make friends.

I know you can.

Can't you?



What do we want?
- Friends.

When do we want them?


Let's see what you've got.

JUDE: Oof.

Lunch is a disaster.

We might have to head out.

I've just got a
load of random shit.

Got some seafood
from yesterday.

Do you want lunch?

Uh, shit.

I'd better get going, actually.


Is there anything else
I can help you with?

Uh, no.

I've got everything, I think.

Thanks for last night.

See you later.


Your-- your jumper.


Oh, god.

Well, I suppose I
did pull a sicky.

Normal rules don't apply.

Can we wash these
mytilus edulis?

Are these mollusks?

These are mollusks.

These wonderful
creatures survive

in deep dark depths
of cold and darkness

by clumping together
to form a gang.

We could learn a lotfrom these little fellas.

And these are
mercenaria mercenaria.

So good they named them twice.

Mollusks are actually
quite cool, aren't they?

Exactly, that's
what I'm saying.

They're the gangsters
of the zoological world.

I mean, Calcareous
shell, unsegmented body,

what's not to like?


Wish I could take youto my grant meeting today.

The director of
research is a real bitch

for the herpetology wankers.

What's herpetology?

Reptiles, amphibians.

They get all the funding.

I hate lizards.

Where've you been all my life?


Uh, Tuppence Mill.

Um, look.

If we're going to be friends,you're going to need to project

less sexual confidence,
as it's also mistaken

for sexual availability,
which I don't think

reflects well on either of us.


Good effort.

We just need to work
on a few things,

like thinking about the
other person's feelings.


Gerry's just gone.

That doesn't mean
anything, does it?

Let's ask Tuppence.

Think about Grace's feelings.

Oh, OK.


Well, have you--
have you made any

plans to see each other again?


Uh, that doesn't meananything, though, does it?

Only that he feels
nothing for you.

Oh shit.

A booty call.

A booty call.

- Looks that way.
- No.


GRACE: The first
time we had sex,

I was under a confidence spell.

And then last night was thefirst time with the real me.

Oh, I've blown it.


That was amazing.

Thank you.

I didn't think it could getmuch better than this morning,

but it has.

Now, I know we hardly
know each other,

but do you, um, do you
want to go out with me?


You can cook.

You can, eh.

You've got a good job.

I don't know.

You sure?

All right, yeah.


It's Robbie.

Wish me luck.

Good luck.

Robbie, did we
get the funding?

How are the dates?

Don't ask.

I think I just
got a boyfriend.


MIKE: Was Fred there?

Oh, yes.

You and Gerry are
all right, you know?

MIKE: What did she say?


I was going to ask
you about that.

Would you mind
ringing him for me?


I don't want to be
a complete psycho,

but you're so muchbetter at this than I am.

And you can just
call him and ask

him to come round or something.

Will you?

Why do you need to hangout with him all the time?

MIKE: What did she say?
What did she say?

I need him to want me.

He's a bloke.

If he thinks he can have sexwith you, he'll come round.

Mine did.

Not with me.

You have had sex with him.

If that's the only
thing I've got to offer,

then I don't think he'll
be coming back, OK?


I don't think I'm
very good at it.

MIKE: What did she say?

What did she say?

Well, was Fred there?

Ask him to come round tonight.MIKE: What was he wearing?

Hey, Gerry.

It's Jude.

Do you, um, do you want
to come round tonight?

Oh, my mobile died.

Grace's mobile died and she'sjust thinking about numbers.

What did you say, Robbie?

What did you say?

What time?

Oh, you two-facedmanipulative bastard, Robbie.

I will destroy you, Robbie!

I will turn you into
a fucking invertebrate

with my bare hands, Robbie.

I will soak you in formalsaline, put you in a jar,

and label you a patheticfucking ball bag forever!

I will kill!



Didn't get the funding.

Broken that.

It's-- it's all right.

What the hell was that about?

He, uh, he really
wanted the funding?

What makes you think that?

Tell him to go, Jude.


Look, we've all have
bad days at the office.

He's just passionate,
that's all.

I thought more of you lot.

You're so quick to judge.

He killed his
phone with his shoe.

- Look, I've got to go.
- Don't.

He's crazy.
- Excuse me.

I'm not going to find agirlfriend in the bathroom.

And Gerry's
coming over tonight,

and I don't want him
ruining everything.


And I don't want himscaring Tuppence anymore.

This is my career, you know.

Oh, don't worry
about me, mate.


I'll be fine.

Sorry about earlier.

Robbie really winds me up.

I'm glad that it happenedhere and not at work though.

Couple of mollusks wouldhave it got it, would they?

Something like that, yeah.

Um, where you going?

I think I'm going to popinto Gerry's rehearsals.

I thought I said play it cool?

No, I think it's better tosee him before he gets here.


Well, this isn't mine.

It must be Stella's.

Take it to her.

Remember everything I said.

Don't come back
until you're friends.




Oh, hello.

Uh, it's Tuppence.

You've got a message
from Pussycat Moll.

Give it here.

Who is Pussycat Moll?

Just some girl that Iliked on a dating website.

Um, seeing as we're
both earth elements,

do you find that everyoneelse is a bit more

sensitive about things?

Oh, they're all too
wet for their own good.

This girl could
change everything.

A grade salary, hates
Irish dancing, perfect.


With a little bit oforganization and tenacity,

Like a coven.

Or a girlfriend.

You just got to
put the hours in.

Come on, sit.

Let's practice small talk.

Oh, OK.

Well, um, uh.

Oh, it's hard.

We're rubbish, aren't we?

Well, you know, I
don't think small talk's

going to help you anyway.


Well, it's been scientificallyproven that people narrow

their mating
opportunities using age,

weight, and height as proxiesof socioeconomic status.

So you might be perfect
for Pussycat Moll,

but she'll probably
judge you on something

like how fat your arms are.

And before you know it,she's left you with the bill

and taken both the mints.

Are you saying
I've got fat arms?

Oh, no.


Are you saying she's
not going to like me?

No, I never said that.

Because I've got fat arms.

I'm not very good at this.

You horrible little ass pipe.

I am just getting
dressed to go out

and you say stuff like that.

What is wrong with you?

Please, I'm just trying to--

You are such a dick.

Get out.


How'd it go?


Oh, good luck.

What if she's
really picky like me?

What if I really likeher, but she doesn't like

me because I've got fat arms?

HANNAH: Tuppence!

MIKE: Oh, fucking hell.

These cakes are delicious.

I've parked up there.


I just saw traffic wardengoing up that street.

I have to sort this out.

Don't eat all the cakes.

No I love it.

There is no band called Talibandown in the [inaudible]..

I'm being serious.

What are you doing here?

Ah, well, I thought ratherthan waiting for you to come

round, I'd pop by with cakes.

Hello, I'm--

Yeah, you don't
need to be meet them.

Why not?

We're rehearsing, so--

You're sitting
around drinking.

We're artists.

Give us a break.

I'll come round after.

Don't bother.

For the band, not for you.

He ran off down there.

Oh, god, are you worried?

A bit.

Where's Tuppence?

Ah, she's locked
herself in the bathroom

and she won't come out.

What happened?


You were out of milk.

Should we have Chinese?

I feel like Chinese.

- Um, I don't think so.
- What about Indian?

I could do Indian.

Or Lebanese.


Mezze platter.

Yeah, I'm not really surethis is working for me.

- Why?
- I don't know, really.

Well, it's great.

We're great.

Just give me one reason whywe shouldn't be together?

There's no one reason.

- I want a reason.- Lots of things, really.

I've got a boyfriend.


I'm an idiot.

Where is he?



Oil rigs.

The oil rigs.

I, uh, I have needs.

I'm not a good person.

Is he still away?

That's the thing.

He's back.

I just had a message
while you were out.

I had a message,
and he's back early.


I missed out on the biggestresearch grant of my career

for an afternoon with you.

I know.

And if it wasn't for this otherguy, you know, hello boyfriend.

I should go.

What if I talk to him?
- No.


You deserve so much
better than this.

You shouldn't be neglectedand lonely, sleeping

around behind his back.

Together, we can confront him.

No, that's not a good idea.

What time's he coming around?

He's got a terrible temper.

I lost my funding for
an afternoon with you.

And you know what?

You're worth it.

Now, what time's
he coming around?

About 08:00?

Leave this with me.

[music playing]

I've come with this style.

I bring you this cool.

Excuse me.

Is that clock right?




I was just leaving.

Oh, don't let me stop you.

Just been in a meeting.

Potential new clients,
very exciting.

Don't ask.

Can't talk about it yet.


Just, uh, off home now.

Are you alone?


Yeah, I've been stood up.

Oh, dear.

Do you want a drink?

I thought you were in a rush.

Oh, well, I'm sure my catwon't mind waiting another hour

or so.

Two, uh, Tory Wankers, please.

BARTENDER: No problem.

Tuppence, please come out.

Go away.

How did it go?


Um, I need a bath.

Grace, you only
ever have a bath when

something's freaking you out.

What's happened?
- Nothing.

It's fine.

I'd just like a bath.

No problem.

Just go back in, yeah?

TUPPENCE: Just go away.

She's locked herself in.

What happened?


You know, you click
your fingers and they

come running, whereas
I sleep with them

and they leave running.

Open this door now.

Did you have a fight?

Yeah, before I felt like Ididn't have any confidence,

and now I feel like I've lostconfidence, which is way worse.

Let's just calm down.

I am calm.



I-- just let me go.

I-- I want to have a bath.


How about-- how about we do alittle truth switch on Gerry?

We'll ask him if you
likes you, and that way,

you know what's going on.

Um, Stella's on a date.


A switch got you
into this mess.

Another will get you out.- Truth switch?



But Stella's out.

Tuppence, have
you been listening?

TUPPENCE: Uh, yeah.

You want to help?

Um, OK.

Look, I'm an earth element.

I know how to cut that up.

I could do it for
you, if you'd like.

Spirit gracious,
spirit kind, please

let us into someone's mind.

Make him utter only truth,show his hand and offer proof.

Reveal intentions good or bad,is he for real or Jack the lad?

You're shit.

Come on, mate.

Don't be like that.

I'm so sorry, but Islept with your girlfriend.

And your girlfriend
tried to sleep with me,

but I turned her down becauseI was sleeping with his.

I mean, why do people do that?

Why make an arrangement if youcan't be bothered to turn up?


Stella, I didn't have a meeting.

I have been stood up too.

No way.

Fucking way.



Nobody stands me up withoutgetting an abusive email.

[phone notification]

Oh, here we go.

Lame excuse alert.

Oh, she's here.

Red dress.

You're Pussycat Moll?

You're CamdenGirl87.

You're not gay.


Listen, darling, whenyou've been through the amount

of assholes that I have,
you'd tick interested

in men and women, too.

I really fancied your profile.

Are you telling me that the typeof woman I go for is my boss?

What is wrong with me?

What's wrong with me?

The most fulfilling relationshipI have is with a cat.


Come and take a seat.

Piss off, Trevor.

This my boss, Janet.

Show her Cocoa.

Who's that?

That's my cat, Cocoa.


Oh, he's a beauty.

British Bombay?


Two Labor Spin
Doctors, please.

[door buzzing]

Oh, hi, babe.

How were the oil rigs?

AARON: Never mind that.

Where is he?

Who the fuck do you
think you are, eh?

Screwing my bird, then
trying to shake me hand.

What's your angle?
Slapping me mom?

Pissing on me dad?

Listen, you've got everyright be upset, mate.

I'm not your fucking
mate, dick hump.

Can everyone just
calm down, please?

Shut it, honey tits.
Daddy's talking.

Don't tell her to shut up.

Or what?


Jude, he's standing on me toe.

Get off me toe, you heffalump.

Get off his toe.


Ah, he pressed down onit then, Jude, on purpose.

Both of you.

Look, I'm sorry.

This is all my fault. I'm theone who's behaved like a cow,

and I'm sorry to
both of you This

is all my fault because I'ma bloody commitment-phobe.

I can't go out
with either of you.


But we talked about havingbabies, sponsoring Africans.

I'm not ready
for a relationship.

I'm such a bloody

I'm not ready for my friendsto have relationships.

You're jealous
of me and Gerry.

I'm not jealous of you.

I'm jealous of him.

He's got you all to himself.

All you do talk about him,and follow him around.

I'm not ready for that.

I'm not like that.

You are.

Look, I'm sorry I said I wascool with it, but I'm not.

I'm not cool with who youbecome when he's around.

I'm sorry.

I will be cool with
it, but not yet.

I'm sorry boys.

I don't want either of you.

I just want my mates.

Selfish beast.

Are you sure?


I don't know what to say.

Should probably leave.

Mate, you go.

I'll stay.

I'm not going if he's staying.

Oh, will both of you just go?


Well, I'm not stickingaround here to be humiliated.

She's not worth it.

I know.

Who do you think you
are, eh, Rihanna?


I wish.


I mean, look at ya, with yourfake nails and your '80s weave,

you muffin top.

Turning us down?


Take a good look at me now.

Next time you see me, bein one of your sex dreams.

Let's get pissed.

Batting both sides, mate?

Ignore the crackhead.


I've left the band.

What happened?

Yeah, I want to say artisticdifferences, but I'd be lying.

Oh, let me look at it.

Do you know Jude
puts recycling

with the normal rubbish?

I can't believe you!

I'm sorry.

I just can't be
bothered sometimes.

Oh, you are in
so much trouble.

You must be
Hannah's new student.

How's it going?

Well, I've learnt lots.

But she's not
a proper teacher.

I know, but--

but she's a proper friend.

She'll be doingsomething else next week.

She confuses her ventures withrunning away from her problems.

All right.

Um, why didn't you letme meet the band earlier?

Are you embarrassed?
- Yeah.



Of the band.

They're such a bunch
of indie twats.

I'm not like them.

You're not like them.

- What do you think about Grace?- No.

You don't have to.

Well, I'd love it if Graceand I could have like a fling.


Like a no strings kind ofsex thing, no commitment.

But I can't do that.

Why not?

Because I fell in love
with her last night.


My iPad!

Remind me to talk toyou about lifting spells.

I've had the best day ever.

What have you learned?


Stella let me drink alcohol.

Who's Stella?

I was kissed by a boy.

What boy?

TUPPENCE: And I broke my iPad.

I can explain.

But mom, the bestthing is, I cast a spell.

A truth spell.

How was she?

She was brilliant.

You've done a great job.

TUPPENCE: But mom, I don't wantto get into the best coven.

I want to get into the
right coven for me.


You know, Tuppence doesn'tneed all this extra tuition.

She just needs practice
making friends.

Perhaps she could
start with you.

Why don't you skip
fencing tonight

and take your mom out
and say thank you?

Well, yeah.

Let's go out for dinner.
- OK.



I've never seen
her like this before.

Thank you, Hannah.

Oh, clearing up for solstice?

Something like that.

Where's Grace and Gerry?


I think they're--

Oh, right.


Do you, um, do you
think I'm a bad friend?


Of course not.

I think I was a bit
of a dick about Gerry.

No, you weren't.

I should be happy for her.

You're happy for her.

He's not going to
take her away from us.

But what if it's
never the same again?

It will be.

But we finally got you back.

If she really loves him,she's going to give it a go,

and she'll move in with him.

You can't worry
about stuff like that.

Our coven hasn't
lasted this long

because we haven't changed.

It's lasted because we
change all the time.

Look at these photos.


Oh, look at your hair.


I've avoided half of them.


Look at Grace.

What are you looking for?

Ah, just having a sort out.

No, you're looking
for something.

I can help.

It's fine.

Look, please.

I feel like a bad friend.

Let me do something.

Tuppence's mom was soexcited about her first switch.

It reminded me of thefirst time I cast a spell.

My mom took a picture ofus with my casting spoon.

Well, it must
be here somewhere.

I've checked everywhere.

I hate being an air element.

I can't find anything ever.

Well, what you
want it for, anyway?

I don't know.

Just now I've thought
about it, I want it,

and it's stressing me out.

You sure it's just the
picture you're missing?

How was the date?

Yeah, it went brilliantly.

Just not for me.

You know, I don't
think I'm the best

person for the job when it comesto finding the right person.

GRACE: Tolster's might be agood place to find somebody.

You all right, Brighty?

Does anyone know
where my mom is?

I need to see her.

[music playing]