Sweetbitter (2018–2019): Season 2, Episode 4 - Sec or Demi-Sec - full transcript

[STARZ] Tess feels like a real New Yorker when she goes on a fancy date with Omar Gamal. After a mortifying experience back at Omar's apartment, Tess is forced to question her relationship ...

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Previously onSweetbitter...

-SIMONE: C'est la chef.
- Bonjour, mon amie.

- You lived in France?
- Mm-hmm.

I can't even imagine you
anywhere but the restaurant.

Don't be too mad at her
because she called me.

SIMONE: Have you met
the not-so-new girl, Tess?

This is Omar Gamal.

Omar is working on
a new building up at Columbia.

Are we sneaking
around again?

I'm not sure right now.

- You're Russian.
- I'm everything, honey.

This is why I love America
and I don't want to go back.

♪ One wish I was granted ♪

♪ That wish would be you ♪

♪ To have you beside me
in the morning ♪


♪ And stay in bed till noon ♪






OMAR: It's textbook overdevelopment.

Frank should be ashamed
to stake his legacy

on a stadium
in downtown Brooklyn.

Who wants it?

Jay-Z, apparently.

At least,
that's what I've read.

Have you ever heard
of Joseph Campbell?

Of course you have.

Well, the Atlantic Yards
reminds me of that,

how he said you can tell what a civilization values most

based on
its tallest buildings.

Yeah, used to be the church.

Exactly, and now it's,
what, commerce, basketball?

You seem to be taking
to the city well.

Doesn't always
feel that way.

Helps to have my job,
of course, and Simone.

You two have known each other
a long time.

Does anyone actually
know Simone?

I think maybe I do.

Do me a favor.

Don't get stuck there.

I don't think you will.

She never had what you have.

Just so you know,

I have never, ever

called a stranger
and asked them out before.

I'm glad that you did.

Um, are you okay?



You can relax, you know.

Yeah, no.

you too.
You can--you can relax.



Right, uh...

it's just, uh...

- Uh...

I-I-I wasn't moving

or really touching you, and...

you're making, uh...

But you sounded like
you were about to...

Did you?

No, it's, um...
I-I didn't, but it's...

It's okay.
It's fine.


But, uh, you're good?



- Oh, hi.
- Hi.

Wow, a face
from my old life.

I heard you're
at the barbecue place.

Oh, yeah, I mean,
I'm not exactly

putting it on my résumé, but,
um, we make strong margaritas.

I love margaritas.

So how is the old place?

Um, you happy?

It's--it's good.

I'm, um...
I am.

I was too.

Um, I heard about Scott
getting fired

over a piece of salmon,

Maddie's such a psycho.

- A tornado.
- Mm-hmm.

Um, Howard hired him back,

Yeah, like, immediately.

I mean, um, Heather
keeps me up to date.


Uh, yeah, well, you should--
you should come by.

Yeah, totally.


- It was nice to see you.
- Yeah, it was great.

- Bye.
- Bye.


ROSALYN: Oh, Simone?
Howard was looking for you

in the basement.

SIMONE: Those peonies
must have broken the bank,

but she forgot the orchids.

You recognize?

Of course.

It's new for him.

May I?

I believe you were on a crusade
to make a grower champagne.

It was a long time ago.

I'm thinking
of taking ten cases.

'Cause there are no other
grower champagnes?

None this good.

Hmm, but I wouldn't
want to make you sell it

if it made you uncomfortable.

That's very considerate
of you, Howard.

Think on it.

You don't have
to decide right now.

TESS: Guess who I bumped into
this morning.

Omar's old-man dick?

Becky. Didn't know
you guys still spoke.

I haven't spoken to her
since she got fired

or transferred
or whatever.

For you, sir,

I have the braised octopus
and feta salad.

And for you, sir,
the lobster shepherd's pie.

You are exquisite.

Can I get you anything else?

What are you mixed with,

HEATHER: You guessed it.

Enjoy your meal.

You're mixed with Italian?

I'm black
mixed with black,

but since blackness

is generally not equated
with beauty,

people often assume mine
comes from elsewhere,

usually wherever they're from,
so some nights,

I'm Greek,
Puerto Rican, Italian.

How does that not
make you mad?

If I got mad about
every ignorant thing

a guest said to me,
I couldn't work here.

HOWARD: Ladies.

- HEATHER: Howard.

Sasha...have you seen him?

Uh, no.

Because today's

officially the first time

he's no-showed
for a shift ever.

I called.

Any ideas where
he might be?

No, Howard.


Carry on.

JAKE: Your Russian friend
fucked things up tonight.

I'm getting
my own bar mops.

Yeah, I know.

He's never not shown up
for work before.

It's weird.
I texted him.

He's seemed off lately.

I didn't know that you
noticed other people.

How was your date?

Can you make me
two espressos for 32?


So how was dinner with Omar?

Um, uh, it was great.
He's great.

He's really great.

He's uncomfortably smart,
and his apartment...

On the first date.

I mean, I wanted to.

I really wanted to,
and, I don't know,

it--it got
kind of awkward.

Was it just, like,
first-date awkward?


So Howard got rid
of the orchids,

his wife's orchids.

I mean, they were
hideously outdated,

but I thought
it was charming.

Guess he's announcing
that he's moving on.


I think he's still
dating Becky.

I don't know.
I-I bumped into her today,

and she knew all this stuff
about the restaurant.

Is that right?



There's an open bottle
of champagne in the fridge

with a very familiar label.

Are you in touch
with Etienne?


It's Howard twisting
a very dull knife,

trying to put me
in my place.

Sad, really.

Um, that's fine.

Ten cases should be
a good test.

We can see if it sells.


It was my choice.

I left that marriage, so I want
nothing but success for him.

Poor Tess.

Poor Tess?

Mm, didn't I tell you?

She's experimenting
with Omar.

- Omar Gamal?
- Mm-hmm.

I mean, he's--he's
a little old for her.

He's old enough
to be her father.

I suppose it's not
anyone's business.

I suppose.

I mean, I'm glad
she's dating an adult,

but it's him
I can't understand,

avoiding his mortality
and his receding hairline

by pursuing a literal child.

I'm sure they all think
they're good men, but...

there's something
so predatory about it,

don't you think?

ARI: This will cheer you up.



What happened?

I was just--

L-last night with Omar,
I f--

I felt like the sex was off,

like I wasn't doing it
right or something.

Okay, there is no right.

There's only one question:
was it fun?


Oh, Wilbur, ha,
you had sex with Tess.

Mm. Mm-mm.

- Was she fun?
- Ari.

I'm not answering
that question.

Wow, you guys
are so...boring.

Where the fuck is Sasha
when I need him?


You know that I'm not one
of your girlfriends, right?

I do know that, yes.

And you don't have to date
old guys or rich guys.

It's not like a--
a rite of passage.

I also know that.

And it was fun with you.

Okay, you don't have
to say that.

I just did.

Pick up, table 24!

MAN: Got it.

Wait, did you say 24?


Do you ever spit in food?

Not my food.

I should spit
in their food.

Should you?

No, I wa--

Sorry, Howard,
I was--I was joking.

So I can trust the food
will arrive safely

without additional seasoning?

Of course.

They just said something
offensive to Heather,

not to me, so I--

Offensive how?


They're just
being assholes.

It's fine.

Uh, forget I said anything.

HEATHER: What the fuck?

What did you say
to Howard?

He asked if I want him
to throw out table 24.


I just mentioned that
they were being assholes.

I didn't ask you
to do that.

It's a $600 check.

Sorry. I just--
I thought it was fucked up.

That's fucked up?

They like me here because
I'm pretty and smart

and I know how
to talk to people

and because I make
this place seem progressive

by giving it
an ounce of color,

so yes, I hear
some fucked-up shit,

but I make good money

and it's a lot better
than other places I've been.

If, for some reason,
I need your help,

I will ask for it.



EDDIE: Wow, look at you.

I mean, that was--
that was some speech.

Like, I-I almost
believed it.

Do I know you?

Bro, I like her.

What'll it be?

Uh, the crémant, please.

Make me a little roadie.

You heading out?

Yeah, I'm gonna
go to Sasha's.

Someone has to check on him.

Sasha lives in Kew Gardens.

Do you even know
where that is?

Yeah, Queens.

Deep Queens.

I'll come with you.

You get murdered
walking around there,

we'll be down
two fucking back waiters.

You know,
you are allowed to say

that you're worried
about him too.

TESS: Sasha?

- Hey, Sasha.

JAKE: Yo, Sasha.

We got a big bag of blow.

TESS: Sasha,
I know you're in there.

- JAKE: Come on, baby boy.

- TESS: Now.

I'm coming.

Ah, we're here
for the housewarming party.

What the fuck?

Guess we missed it.

TESS: Jesus, Sasha.

- TESS: So...
- Shoes, guys.

You were supposed
to work tonight.

What happened with that?

TESS: Okay, here's
what's gonna happen.

- Jake's gonna straighten up.
- Don't touch.

TESS: I'm gonna make
some food. You--

You want scrambled eggs
or fried?

I'm serious.

Sasha, you need
to eat something.

He doesn't want
fucking eggs.

- There you go.

Jake, what are you doing?

So what did it?

I mean, you're usually
pretty perverted and gross

and fucked up,
so I'm not that impressed.

Hey, Jake, what?

Some shit must have happened
to get you here

to this delightful place.

So what was it?

Tell me a story.

Oh, you want some attention?


Sasha, we're here.

But I don't think
that's what you want.

Hey, no.

Something triggered this.

Could be small.

For me sometimes,
it's just getting the hiccups.

I can't breathe.

Then there are times, worse.

Someone shows up.

The wrong song comes on.

I can make it
till morning.

Now, I know this.

No one, and I mean no one,
is here to rescue you,

least of all me.

I'm just here to give
my karmic duty,

giving you some advice
that was given to me,

and maybe you can
pass it on to Tess

when you're picking her up
off the floor in the future.

You can talk about it,
or you can let it kill you.

I don't give a fuck either way,
but that is how it goes.


They beat him up

so bad in R--in Russia.

He is in a coma now.

I'm so sorry, Sasha.

It is what it is.

Ugly, like fuckin' life.

Forever in limbo
in your country, you know?

This is different.

If I go home...


Come on.

I can't go home.


I might as well
fucking die right here.


I think we can find you
a better place to die.


God, Thursdays
are so awful in there.

It's, like, all frat bros.


Um, excuse me.

Hey, did we have plans?

No, no, I-I just thought
I might catch you.

Um, I wanted to ask you

I know you know
how important it is

that we keep
our relationship secret.

Yeah, you've
made that clear.

Did you tell Simone?

Uh, yeah, yeah, I did,

at our standing
pedicure date.

Howard, I don't talk
to Simone.

I haven't seen her
since you fired me.

I transferred you.

Are you sure
you didn't tell Simone?

Don't talk to me
like I'm stupid.

I didn't tell her.

I saw Tess, but I didn't say
anything, I don't think.

You don't think?

Well, what exactly
did you say to her?

- I'm not into this.
- Listen, I was explicit.

My reputation
is very important.

Okay, fuck
your reputation.

You know what
you are, Howard?

You are a fucking asshole.

You can't even hide it.

You are an old middle-manager
fucking asshole.

- You all right?
- Yeah.

I am done here.

Get the fuck out of here.


Sorry I'm late.
Had a long night.

Where are we going?

Here. Sit.

The wine lesson's here?

The wine lesson is here.

This is a grower champagne

grown in a small estate

on the north side of Reims...

Where I walked
every morning.

It's a tiny production,

not blended out
of 50 other wines.

It is honest.

It is...

- Itself.

You grew it?

My idea.

Now here it is

with my ex-husband's name
on the bottle.

Yes, I was married.

No, I don't want
to talk about it.

Just want to drink...

With you.



So Omar's
kind of an asshole.

Wasn't first-night jitters?


No, it was just bad.

The sex was awkward

Did he do something to you?

No, no, no.

He--he just...

wanted to please me
so badly,

but I don't--I...

I don't really do that
with people.


I mean, I do. I ha--
I-I can.

I-I just don't always

totally come with them,

and then I pretended to and--

Ah, yes, disaster.


It was weird.

It was like
I-I-I couldn't feel anything.

I was outside
of my body watching.

Did you ask
for what you wanted?

I...don't think
I knew what I wanted.

Do you know what you like?

Okay, well,
a couple months ago,

you didn't know
what you liked in wine,

and now...sec or demi-sec?


Once you know what you like,
you can ask for it.

Then it becomes pleasure.

Also, Omar is a narcissistic
workaholic, so good riddance.

Can I ask you
something personal?

- About my marriage?
- About Jake.

Well, his mom, actually.

Did she drown on accident?

He came with me to Sasha's.

Jake went to Sasha's?


And he...seemed different.

I don't know...open.

For a long time,
he thought that she drowned,

and I kept it hidden from him
for as long as I could,

but no,

it wasn't an accident.

Jake is fine.

Jake is lucky.

He has never,
ever been alone.

I have always been there
to take care of him.

I don't mean to offend you,

but this champagne
is crazy good.

- I know. I know.
- Hmm.

- Here, let's drink more of it.
- Oh.

MAN: ♪ When all the numbers
swim together ♪

♪ And all the shadows settle ♪

♪ When doors forced open
shut again ♪

♪ A flytrap and a petal ♪

♪ My eyes burn and claws
rush in to fill them ♪

♪ And in the morning
after the night ♪

♪ I fall in love
with the light ♪

♪ It is so clear,
I realize ♪

♪ That here at last,
I have my eyes ♪

♪ When all the figures
sound retreat ♪

♪ The soft skin
starts to shrivel ♪

♪ When dreams made real
become less sweet ♪

♪ The orchid and the metal ♪

♪ My sex turns and claws
rush in to spill them ♪

♪ And in the morning
after the night ♪

♪ I fall in love
with the light ♪