Sweetbitter (2018–2019): Season 2, Episode 3 - Last of the Season - full transcript

Maddie Glover, the restaurant's head chef, returns for a surprise menu tasting; Tess connects with a handsome guest; Will receives a surprising offer.

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If I wanted you,

I would have fucked you
that night on the street.

I don't want you.

Mm, poor kid.

- Who?
- Rosalyn.

Baby Jakey doesn't waste time.

Let's go see a movie
or something, like real humans.

I was thinking the
film forum.

I've been working there
since film school.

We've worked together
a long time, Howard--

arguably too long.

Maybe I'm ready for some
changes around here.

♪ Ooh

♪ I don't eat
no ham and eggs ♪

♪ Hey, yo, Phife,
do you eat 'em? ♪

♪ No, Tip, do you eat 'em?

- ♪ Uh-uh, not at all
- ♪ Again

♪ I don't eat
no ham and eggs ♪

♪ 'Cause they're high
in cholesterol ♪

♪ Jarobi, do you eat 'em?

♪ Nope, Shah,
do you eat 'em? ♪

- ♪ Nope, not at all
- ♪ Hey

♪ A tisket, a tasket,
what's in mama's basket? ♪

♪ Some veggie links
and some fish that stinks ♪

♪ I said,
"I shouldn't eat it" ♪

♪ She said,
"I think you should" ♪

♪ But I can't,
I'm plagued by vegetarians ♪

♪ No cats and dogs,
I'm not a veterinarian ♪

♪ Strictly collard greens
and a occasional steak ♪

Hey, Chef,
what about some parsnips?

get some parsnips.

Get some of that
and a case of beets.

Oh, uh, make that two.

And all the beets you've got.
I need more fucking color, man.

If the food
doesn't look exciting,
no one will eat it.

You know what I mean?



Well, we know Will
didn't sleep last night.

Distilled white vinegar
is the best.

Yeah, make sure
the lid's tight.

- Mel Gibson got a DUI.
- Another DUI?

He's racist, but he's
fantastic inBraveheart.

Mel Gibson can get it.

In eighths,
if you want it to fit.

Uh, uh, two cloves
of garlic

and one sprig of dill, okay?
Thank you.

It's pretty great, huh?

Yeah, the, uh, smell

is particularly wonderful.

Yeah, somewhere between urine

and boiling bleach.

It's the halophiles--the smell.


that live in the brine.

They make the acid
that preserves everything.

I have
too much garlic.

Looks good.

Now you just pick a brine

Um, I would do the lavender one

with, like, the turnips

or the, uh--the fennel.

You love pickling day, huh?

I mean, not long ago,

people preserved
to survive the whole winter,

not just the next five minutes.

I appreciate long-term vision.

You know...

you are gonna make

some Midwest girl
so happy one day.

Isn't Ohio the Midwest?

Cute. That was cute.


Okay, I want
my prep kitchen back
in 20 minutes.


Uh, sorry.
Excuse me, miss.

Can I help you
with something?

How many days
is a New York strip dry-aged?

Uh, 60 days.

What temperature?

36 degrees Fahrenheit.
Is there--

What year did
this restaurant open?

Uh, July 10th, uh, 1987.

What are the names
of the dishwashers?

Santos, Desmond, uh, Papi--

- Papi?
- Alonzo.

Who's the owner
of this establishment?

Maddie Glov--

You're Maddie Glover.

You're Maddie--
I'm so sorry.

I-I've seen pictures,

You just--y-you--
you look different.

C'est le chef.
Quelle surprise.

Bonjour, mon ami.

When did you get in?

Oh, last night...

from Tokyo.

It was
a total fucking nightmare.

Simone, you are a dream.

Tell me what's going on
in my restaurant.


To what do we owe
this surprise?

Maddie just got back
from Tokyo.

Usually we get
a few weeks' notice
before your fall visit.

Well, I'm leaving for Las Vegas
for a month tomorrow,

so I thought today
was the perfect day
to taste the menu.

Of course.

Howard, why don't you come
sit with me?

Simone, you'll take care
of us.

Just originals.

No specials.

Of course.

I-I thought this

was Howard's restaurant,
like Howard was the boss.

Oh, no.
Maddie's the boss.

And when she's here,
Howard's her little bitch.

It's awesome.

What do you think
they're talking about?


Hey, I, uh, think I owe you
an apology.

Yeah, no shit.

I can be
a prick sometimes, so...

Two Camparis...

and check the water levels.

Thank you.

You're welcome.

- Hey.
- Hi.

See you later.

- Oh!
- Shit.

Oh, sorry.

- I got it.
- Sorry, sorry.

It's okay.
It's okay.

I'm so sorry.

I'll just get you a new one.

When you first enter a space,

what are you looking for?

Uh, excuse me?

When you first walk in,

do you want a place
to call your own,

or do you want to be moved
by a-a grand vision?

You're in college, aren't you?

Um, no.

- I'm not in college.
- Hmm.




A surprise tasting.
She's torture.

She's a sadist,
a fucking terrorist.

You got this, Scott.

She hasn't been relevant
since 1989.

Which explains the Crocs.

I'm actually liking her
new Tex-Mex place in Red Hook.

Tex-Mex is not
a valid food genre.

Is it a crime to love
mixed trouble?

How's it going, Scott?

Almost there.
Almost there.

So you and Maddie Glover
are friends.

I'm not sure Maddie Glover
has friends,

but I'm definitely a fan.

She opened this place
right out of culinary school.

She was only 26.

- 26?
- Mm-hmm.

Now, seven restaurants later,
she's writing books.

She's doing
a television show.

Maddie doesn't wait
for anything.

I've always admired that
about her.

Uh, missed a spot.


She was 26?

What are you,
like, 28, 30?

What are
we doing with our lives?

- Hi, Will.
- Hi, how are you?

I know what it is.
You know what it is?

He has a different haircut.


Last time I was in,

it was more of a Caesar cut.

I don't--I don't think so.

I've had this, uh, haircut
since I was in high school.

- Oh.
- Oh, then you were
this handsome in high school?


I was voted, uh,
"Most Thoughtful."

- Aww.
- That's so cute.

Can we just take you home
with us?


Miss, will you bring us
a doggy bag?

- Absolutely.
- Thank you.

Thanks, guys.

Shut up.

High school?


- Will.
- Yeah?

- Can we ask you a question?
- Sure.

The lights
above the bar are too bright.

There's scuff marks
on the hostess stand.

Table 11 is too close
to the wall.

The water pitchers look old.

And I tasted Cafiza
in my espresso.

- Consider it done.
- By the way...

the flowers are
a little too pink.

Says the woman
who picked pink chairs.

Here we are.

The fall menu.

Roast chicken and spinach...


Local squash...

That looks lovely.

And the salmon.

Merci, Simone.

Bon appétit.



Who's doing your blonde?

Um, I am going all the way
to the Upper West Side,

but it is worth it.

The cedar plank salmon,

your signature dish.



What does
she want next,

the grilled cheese sandwich
her nana used to make her?

I'm gonna have to ask you
to pack your knives

and leave the premises.

Are you fucking serious?

What, is it
last month's food cost?

Chef just thinks you
have a little too much vision.


Is that what you think?


I think you have
the right amount of vision,

but you changed
the salmon, Scott.

- This much.
- Still.

That salmon
was tourist trap shit

on the menu before,
and now it's got structure.

I know she fucking knows that.

It's her kitchen.


You're a miserable,
castrated bitch, Howard!

I've got the vision
to see that!


Just pack your stuff and go.

Who's gonna cook?


You did such a good job
with the pickles.

Listen up!

Welcome back, Chef.

Let's go, people.

- Yes, Chef.
- Rest of the night.

- Yes, Chef.
- Got it, Chef.

Yes, Chef.

Chef, we got a...

It'll enhance the way
that they interact.

We'll sustainably repurpose

the elevated infrastructure
that exists.

It'll be enough
to walk all the way

from West Village to Midtown.

It'll be more
than just a park.

It'll be art, gardens,

Have you met
the not-so-new girl, Tess?

I have.
When Tess enters a space,

first thing she wants to do
is pour water on everything.

I didn't mean--

Tess, this is Omar Gamal.

Omar is working on
a new building up at Columbia.

Which is why you asked me--

Can we get you
anything else, Omar?

I'm good for the moment.

So what's his deal?

He is one of the most famous
architects in the world.


Could never tell.

He is literally transforming
the West Side of Manhattan.

Is that why he's kind of rude?

He is not rude.
He's an actual genius.

We must all make allowances.

Do you think
he's handsome?

He's kind of old.

He's kind of my age.

We had a night together.

It was a long time ago.

Fourth of July in Amagansett.

Too much sangria.

- Oh.
- Mm.

There are some men

who change the way
you think about sex.

- Oh, did you hear about Scott?
- I saw it.

That's what happens
when you forget
that you're replaceable.

So, uh, this is
kind of weird.

- Mm.
- I-I just got

the craziest offer.

- Uh...
- What?

You know those, um...

those two art gallery people,
Gabe and Giselle?

Do I?

Lively people.

Yeah, yeah, they--they, um--


they are lively, indeed.

Um, they, uh--

actually, they...want me
to go home with them.


No, not a threesome.

They want me to masturbate.


They--yeah, they want me

to masturbate in front of them,

and they want to pay me.

- Isn't that hilarious?
- How much?

That's not the point.

How much?

Five grand.


My life has been hollow shell,

and that fills me
with the greatest joy.


I'm not doing it.

It's one minute!

Maybe two because of nerves.

- Shh, c-come--
- No.

Tell him he must
masturbate for money.

It's Gabe and Giselle.

They're so freaky.

He'll never do it.

No, not Will.

What do you mean, "not Will"?
Who would?

Oh, Jake, Sasha...

Yes, please!


RIP Scott.

What about you?

I'm running for office someday.
I can't.

- I'm sure.
- What's your excuse?

- I don't want to.
- Yeah.

It'd scar your puppy-dog soul
for life.

- I'm not a--
- Shh!

Don't listen to Black Betty
and Jewish Veronica.

- Will...you need this.
- Okay.

We need this.


you're hilarious,

but I'm not prostituting myself

just to give your life meaning.

I'm--I'm good being me.

Do you like working here?

I love it.

Someone better get me
another parsley salad

that doesn't look
like a rabbit shit it out.

Yes, Chef.

Do you need something?

Uh, yes, Chef.

I would like to request
a complimentary item--

the foie gras as dessert.

I know it's crazy,

but I think it tastes
like peanut butter and jelly.

I like it.

Fire one foie.

Right, Chef.
One foie gras.

Trust your instincts.

How is your meal so far?

Maddie got under
your skin tonight.

15 and 23 still don't
have entrées.

Who's left to cook?

Maybe you're just
not comfortable

with a woman in power.

Not fair.

I've worked for Maddie
for 17 years.

My problem--

she wants this restaurant
to be a tomb

to 1987.

Scott changed the salmon.

Don't you think
that's important
for Maddie to know?

Scott was not only
the best sous chef in the city.

He kept the menu alive.

He was evolving things.

We all have to do it.

The guests think
they are coming back

for the same dish
year after year,

but if it were really
the same,

they'd stop coming.

There is a subtle art
to staying relevant.

That is what I do.

And yet, it doesn't
say your name on the menu...


Mr. Gamal?

With compliments.

I know it's savory,

but the strawberry preserves
are house-made.

I saw it myself.
It's very rich.

And I'm not looking.

When I first enter a space,

I... wait for a feeling.

What does that mean?
That's vague.

I want to feel welcome.


The city is...


confrontational almost,

it never lets you settle,

which I love about it,

but sometimes
you just want to feel...

Like you have a quiet place.


More wine?

Okay, I know everyone thinks
I won't do it, and--

Is this about masturbating
for money?

And I'm not going to,

but I came to New York
to be an artist.

- I have an edge.
- Will...

And I don't think masturbating

in front of a stranger
proves anything.

Okay, well, is there

any part of you
that wants to do it?

I mean, of course, sure.
It's $5,000.

That's not what I mean.

Look, I didn't get
the offer, but...

I moved here to push myself.

When I do,
when I surprise myself,

I like how it feels.

Besides, 5,000 bucks
is a fuck-ton of money.

Your VIP at the bar
told me to give you this.

Said it was the address
to his new project.

Said it was a quiet place.



Where's Rosalyn?


There you are.


Sit down.

Last of the season.

Some idiot was giving these
away at the green market.

I mean...

look at this gorgeous thing.

May I?




Come here. Before you go,
I want you to try something.

Oh, I, uh...

I think I cut one of these
this morning to pickle.

The hell with pickling.

Eating is in the moment.

I mean, tomorrow
this tomato's gonna be rotten.

What we have here

is perfectly ripe,

a thing of beauty.


You are dismissed.

Thank you.

Have a good night.

I remember you
when you were that age.

I was never that age.

What was that thing
you were into?

The theater thing?


You still doing it?

My job keeps me pretty busy,

and I like it.

Oh, Howard.

I really needed tonight.

I miss cooking.

You're still the best.

That said,
I'm hiring Scott back,

with a small raise
as an incentive.


Do whatever you want.

Good night.

Bonne nuit, Simone.

Good night.


So...what was really...

With the surprise visit?

You've never done that.

Simone called you,
didn't she?

Don't be mad.

She has the restaurant's
best interests at heart.

That's why we get along
so well.

I am going home.

You still have a key?

Are you kidding?

Good night.

Bye, honey.

♪ Heavy makeup

♪ Doesn't cover up

♪ The many sleepless nights

There he is.


It's nice.

♪ I can't hide

Come on in.

Follow me.

♪ The circles
underneath my eyes ♪

♪ Ooh

♪ Why me?

Don't be nervous.

We have pornography
if you like.

I, um...

Okay, listen...

we're not gonna touch you.

We're not even gonna
take our clothes off.

We'd like to watch
and enjoy you.

- You're beautiful.
- Yeah.

Then we take that energy
back to our marriage.

♪ Staring back at me

Right, so, um,
do I just, uh...

just take my clothes off?


That'd be lovely.

♪ Why me?

Do you have
another case of this?


♪ You paint a picture

♪ Of a sad and long winter

♪ Oh, when you were mine

♪ Sometimes
I hear you talking ♪

Take a seat.

♪ Your reflection
in my coffee ♪

♪ And I can't stop crying

Oh, sorry.


♪ Why me?

Whenever you're ready.

Looks like he's ready.

♪ I go to parties

♪ And all I see

♪ Is a room full of faces

♪ Staring back at me

♪ Tell me why

♪ Tell me why me

♪ Ooh, tell me why

♪ Ooh, why me?

Thank you.


You're welcome.

I heard Scott lit his whites
on fire

and left them in the dumpster.

She should have
fucking fired Howard.

- Fucking fire Simone.
- Yes.

Sasha, slow the fuck down.

Ugh, Ari, why are you
buying him shots?

- Stop!
- I didn't buy him shots.

How about I get this round?

- Hey!
- Hello, hello!

- Yeah.
- Willy.

- Where you been?
- Sit.

Can't I do something nice
for my friends?

- Where'd you go?
- Oh, yes, Daddy.

- Please.
- Wait.

You never buy.

- Wait a--Oh, my God!
- Okay, wait a second.

- You did it!
- You fucking pervert!

I want commission now,
you dirty,

- dirty boy.
I can't
believe you!

- You dirty boy!
- What is wrong with you guys?


Dirty boy.

You didn't do it.

- What?
- Of course I didn't.


Okay, so disappointed.

I knew he wouldn't.

be having that.

Oh, he's Will.
Sweet Will.

Never change.

I'm going.
I'm gonna go.

- Why?
- Fair Rosaline,
don't leave us.

You coming?

I'm gonna stay.
You should go.


- No, don't go!
- No!

Let her go.

That's so rude.

- Why?
- Hey, wait, where's, uh--

where's Tess?

I don't know.

Uh, somewhere
on the West Side.

- Come on,
what are you good for?

Buy us some more shots.

♪ You waltz me through

♪ Wire

♪ I can't even

♪ See you

♪ You waltz me through

♪ The wire

♪ One, two, three,
one, two, three ♪

♪ One...