Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - And a Star to Steer Her By - full transcript

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♪ You don't owe me ♪

♪ One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

You gave facials on the NASCAR circuit?

And learned a thing or two
about what can make a man happy.

We have an all-female clientele.

Lots of frazzled ladies looking
to maintain that post-yoga glow.

Rest assured, if I can remove ten hours
of soot, sweat, and grease

from the pores of a grumpy driver,

I can pamper Mama while she's squeezing in
a little self-care

in between carpool and Little League.

Tell me, how did you get from NASCAR
to our serene corner spa?

My husband ran a pit crew.

Grew my marriage and my kids
on those tracks all around the country.

Took care of the drivers,
the wives... the occasional pit lizard.

- Pit what?
- Groupies for the pit crew.

You've been to a race or two.

In the stands. Never in the pits.

Always next season.

When I got divorced,
I settled down business-wise.

Been seeing clients
out of my home studio in Egret Falls.

My kids are grown and on their own,
God bless them.

My ex only comes over
if I blow a gasket or a fuse.

In the car or house.

Well, congratulations
for staying friendly with your ex.

The catch? The house is too quiet.

With no one around
and clients coming in one at a time,

I want action.

To be part of a team.

I've heard nothing but terrific things
about y'all, and I'm terrific,

so maybe you're my new team.

Would you need to arrange your schedule
around existing clients?

No. They'll need to become members here.
Do 'em all good.

Here's what I want in colleagues.

Good boundaries, good work ethic,
good sense of humor.

It's what I bring to the table myself.

The three of you having great skin already

makes me look brilliant
before I even unpack.

If you invite me in.

Ah, and I have Helen's vote by proxy.

Welcome, Genevieve.

Thank you.

Same for me and, uh, their absent partner.

If I had a checkered flag, I'd wave it.

When can you start?

Does tomorrow make me overeager?

Sounds delightful.

Okay, well, see you then.

Thank you.

At the risk of intruding, what happened?

Is Helen okay?

It was just a little misunderstanding.

Helen'll love Genevieve.

Everyone will love Genevieve,
and it'll be great.

I'm so flattered you'd both commit
this level of energy

to convincing me everything's fine.

I'll skip right past the fact
that's how I know things are not fine.

I'll text Helen
and let her know we made a decision

and go work on Genevieve's space

while you decide what to tell me.

We need to talk to Helen.

She may be communicating with Trotter,

but I texted her first thing,
and she hasn't responded.

It's hard to have a discussion that way.


Mom is the one we were worried about,
the reason we moved in with him.

So, walking into the kitchen

and finding Dad on the floor,
it... it was...


- Carla's home with your mom and Margaret?
- Mm-hmm.

Calling the whole family,
trying to keep everyone calm.

You want one of us to go check in on them?

If you go before I know anything,
it'll just upset 'em more.

We'll wait, then. Follow your lead.

Harlan, I'm so sorry, my friend.

We are praying for your whole family.
What can we do?

Y'all just being here
means the world to me.

Power of the basketball group text.

Cheaper than a bat signal.

Thanks for the text.

Harlan, you let us know
what you and your family need, please.

Thank you, Dana Sue,

but I'm worried Serenity will grind
to a halt with all y'all here.

In a minute,
I am gonna arm wrestle Isaac

to see who needs to leave
and open Sullivan's.

- Oh, I can go, Chef. You know, since I...
- ...don't wanna hurt you.

- Hey, everybody.
- Oh.


We should send lunch
over to the house, Chef. Dinner too.


Helen. Hi.

Harlan's over there with Howie.

- Did you text Helen?
- I did.


Dad had a stroke.

Harlan, I am so sorry.

Mr. Bixby currently has some paralysis
on the right side.

We still have tests to run.
We'll know more in the next few days.

Maybe he'll come home in a wheelchair,
but he'll come home.

And I'm not gonna ask God
for anything more right now.

This room is filled with people
ready to help your family, Harlan.

Lean on all of us.

Yeah, after I see Dad.

- Not... not to be rude.
- Mm.

Go. We'll wait.

Take your time.


- Hey.
- Are you okay?


fathers and hospitals.

It's a hard combination for me.

Morning, Helen.

Maddie. Dana Sue.


How can we all come together
to help the Bixbys?

I should call Skeeter.
Sounds like Mr. Bixby's gonna need a ramp.

Yeah, they could need a lot more.
Anyone familiar with the house?

It's old. Two stories.

I think most of the bedrooms are upstairs.

So it'll be an expensive road.

Someone should check
with the booster club.

I'll talk to the pastor
at the Bixbys' church.

Perhaps the foundation can be of help.

That's a wonderful idea.

- Isn't it, Dana Sue?
- It is.

It's exactly the sort of thing
we had in mind,

supporting our neighbors
in trial and in joy.

Thank you, ladies.

I'm sure that'll be a huge comfort
for Harlan and his family.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yes, thank you.

Skeeter and I will talk to Harlan
and prioritize modifications right away.

I hope you know that I'm here to help
however and wherever I can,

but can I leave the immediate details
to y'all? I'm... I'm... I'm due in court.

Of course. We'll walk you out.

All right, thanks.

- Thank you for coming.
- Well, thanks for texting me.

We missed you this morning.

We can't wait for you to meet Genevieve.
You'll love her.

You know best.

Helen, please.

Can we talk this through?

If you don't wanna talk about last night,

can we at least talk about
what we should be doing for the Bixbys?

Why don't you take care of that, Maddie?

If they aren't sure,
you can tell them what they need,

and then Dana Sue
can tell them how to feel about it.

Y'all have a blessed day.

Does anybody know
what's going on with those three?

I don't know, but I'm worried.

Well, what do you say
I take you to dinner tonight?

Oh, Bill.

That would be lovely.

I'm just so stressed
with turning Z's around. Mm.

Not that I should talk to you
about stressful jobs.

You should talk to me
about anything you want...


...even when I respect
you don't like to talk about the past.

The past is like a snake's skin.

When it's no longer any use,
shed it and move on.

People get too hung up on things
that are done, can't be changed.

Just move on.


Absolutely right.


Next, tell me
your partner's love language.

- Quality time.
- Acts of service.

- Ooh!
- Mm.

- Well-done!
- What's the score now?

As we've discussed, Dana Sue,
this isn't about keeping score.

Score doesn't matter.
I've already won because I have you.

Or perhaps we're not keeping score

because this is all about learning
and growing together.

- And we are committed to that.
- Good.

- Final question.
- Mm-hmm.

What is your partner's secret dream?

Ronnie wants to visit
every baseball stadium in the country.

Yes, ma'am. Not a secret,
but you can give her partial points.


And Dana Sue?

I would say Dana Sue's is
to buy the house next door

so that Annie can live there
when she has a family.

It's okay to say he's wrong.

Well, that would have been my answer once,

but now I want her to be able
to explore the world

on her own timetable.


Oh, please don't think you failed.

Frankly, if all of your answers
were perfect matches,

I'd worry
you weren't telling me the truth.

This is an excellent example
of supporting each other

as life leads you through
all kinds of changes.

That beats seeing Yankee Stadium any day.

But does it beat seeing Fenway?


You two are doing impressive work.

So, can we get married again?

Excuse me?

We want to renew our vows...


...and have you officiate.

Sounds like my cup of tea.

That heat will melt the ice cream.

It's a worthy loss.

Run away with me.

To the store
for more ice cream?

I wanna take you away from Serenity.


From your cares,

your work, your responsibilities.

One day of pure adventure.

Just you and me.

Mm. But CeCe.

I'll have you home by curfew.


I promise.

Let me give you one day of bliss...



...and romance.

All right, tell me more.


- Start at the Crab Shack at Folly Beach.
- Mm-hmm.

I now have more than $10
to buy you a soft-shell sandwich.

Remember... remember that one
the seagull stole right out of your hand?

I try to forget.


...horseback riding...


...on the sand.

And then a stop at a B and B to do

whatever occurs to us.


After a sail around Drum Island.

Yes, and dinner on the patio
at Fleet Landing.

Then home by curfew.

How lovely. Okay. When?


Why so soon?

To prove we can still be
the impetuous young lovers we once were.

CeCe's first day of school.

So I can't leave before she does.


But after,

since this young...



lover has no court appearances scheduled...


...take me back.


Harlan is spending the night
at the hospital.

Isaac took dinner over
to Carla and Mrs. Bixby.

Probably set up a playdate
with Margaret and Bex while he was at it.

And you look like
someone put you in time-out.

I put myself in.

Helen and Dana Sue are upset with me,

and I don't know what to do about it.


Miss Fix-It isn't allowed to fix
anyone else's mess and can't fix her own.

I was wondering what was going on
with you three at the hospital.

Apparently, in trying to help Helen,

I crossed a line.

Help Helen?

With Ryan.

It is what we do for each other.


I might have managed
to break us all apart.

You're right.

I need to stay out
of other people's business.

I'm pretty sure I didn't say that.

All I wanna do is
protect the people that I love.

And you do an incredible job of that.

My concern is maybe part of the reason
you keep running to help others is

because you're running away
from something yourself.

You make me so happy.

Yeah, I can see that.

Because I am happy,

I... I look back at...

when I was unhappy

and hurt and angry, and

I think to myself,

"It was such a waste of time."

So much pain.

And I just... I wanna help people

jump over that quicksand.

And I wanna fix things so...

so people feel safe,
and they don't lose their way.

My respect for all you do
equals my love for you...

but you can't possibly save everyone
from everything every single day.

Even Superman had a day job.

- What can I get for you?
- Two glasses of champagne, please.


Hey, great laugh.

Hello, Genevieve.

Was it a very good day or a very bad day?

Very good, and this one is for you.

What's the occasion?

I got a new job.

May it bring you great joy.

I think it will.

Mm. What are you working on?

- I'm consulting on a new menu here.
- Hmm.

I like to work in the space,
you know, for inspiration.

Well, since we both have something
to celebrate, I know a great Thai place.

Right by my house.

Join me?


sounds inspiring.

You're going away with Ryan?

Yeah. Just for the day.

It's what happy people do.

I never questioned your happiness.

Nor did you defend it.

Maddie just wants what's best for you.

Yeah. And what do you want, Dana Sue?

Please... please don't put me in the middle.

Am I the one who put you there?

I want you to be happy.

We both do.

We never meant to upset you, but we did,

and we are very sorry.

Lord have mercy. This is like
freshman year of college all over again.

Yeah, well, we had an excuse then.
We were young and foolish.

Well, and what did we learn?

To sit down, have a margarita,
and pour it out.

Never let the sun go down on your anger
or a full tequila bottle.

More than anger.

This is hurt.


I would rather have lunch
with Mary Vaughn every day

for the rest of my life than hurt you.

We were just trying to help,

and we blew it.

Just let us fix it.

Fix it?

Forgive us. Come to margarita night.

We'll pour it out,
air it out, work it out.

And explain to me why I'm wrong.

No! No, we spoke to you in love!

It felt like judgment.

I was so glad Howie let me
spend the night with Dad,

but I didn't realize how impossible it is
to sleep in a hospital.

Well, I'll wait
and drive you back to school

if you're still sure you wanna go.

Ah, first day of school. Gotta be there.

I'll shower real quick and change
and go back to the hospital after school

and see where they are
on getting Dad discharged.

All right.

Y'all have done so much already?

I can't tell you
how much I appreciate this.

Anything for your family.
You know how long your dad and I go back.

I do, Mr. Skeeter.

Harlan, what have I told you?

I've been calling you Mr. Skeeter
my whole life, sir.

I don't think I could change
even if I wanted to.

Yeah. Well, there's a few more adjustments
your dad might need inside.

These old houses have their challenges
for even the most stable.

I think the ramp will suffice.

We'll move some furniture around,
put a hospital bed in the den temporarily.

Still, bathroom might need...

Well, we will do whatever you and your dad
are comfortable with

and whatever will make him sit easy.

Thank you.


Ronnie, give me a hand, please.

I can help you. Baseball taught me
some physics. I know my angles.

All right.

Can someone explain the texts I'm getting

about the quail and grits entrée
that was served last night?

I do not like quail. I do not order quail.

It... it was kind of an emergency.

A the-kitchen-was-suddenly-overrun
by-birds kind of emergency?

Stand down, Spartacus. I got this.

Gus had trouble with his chicken supplier.

- Uh-huh.
- Offered quail instead.

You were at your appointment
with Pastor June,

and I didn't wanna bother you.

Adapt or starve, right?

I adapted so the customers didn't starve.

It's cold, but it...
it should still be good.

It was so wonderful,
I saved some for my lunch.

What sorcery is this?

Uh, for me, it's the glaze.

I called Jeremy
for an airdrop of pomegranates.

Well, no wonder I'm getting
all these texts raving about it.

Well, I promised I'd take care of things

while you tend to...
whatever you need to tend to.

Good, 'cause I have to go tend
to something else.

Keep up the good work, Isaac.

And Bailey...

find something else for lunch.

Hey. Happy first day of school.

Hey. You too.

It's weird to be here, isn't it?
Without Nellie and Jackson.

Mrs. Lewis is a tyrant
with her forbidding them to see us.

I've been writing letters to Nellie,
but she's not answering.

I mean, not directly.
Are you communicating with Jackson at all?

It's so weird and complicated.

I can't imagine how it feels for them

when their dad quitting was, like,
the biggest news of the summer.

I mean, we both know how hard it is
when everyone's talking about your dad,

and you can't do anything
to make them stop.

All the more reason
we should be with them.

Right? Help the two of them through this?

They might need some space.

Kyle, I need to tell you something,
even though I have no right to.

You can tell me anything, Annie.

You have the best heart
out of anybody I know,

maybe anybody I ever will know.

Please, don't let the world
tell you different.



I'm trying to give Isaac
a little more latitude in the kitchen,

so I thought I'd bring these over myself.

Do you like the fridge stocked
a certain way? Alphabetical, or...

If there's a candy bracelet
in your pocket, I will end you.

We are so far past candy bracelets.

We'll work it out. We always do.
And we've been through worse.

Like what?

Bill. Ronnie.

And at no time
during either of those typhoons

did one of us say to another,
"I told you so."

I did not.

You might as well have.

I asked if she was happy.

Which means you think she isn't.

We all know that,
but you can't say it to her.

Not when she is so unhappy.

Am I allowed to share with you
how ridiculous that sounds?

If you hadn't said anything,
we could have just ridden this out.

- And left her to be unhappy?
- Let her figure it out in her own time.

Okay. So this is my fault. Got it.

I'm not pointing fingers, okay?

I am pouring margaritas.

- What?
- Margarita night.

My house, tomorrow night as scheduled.

We will work everything out

because we cannot allow
this unraveling to continue.


And what does that mean?

It's an expression

of the depth of my gratitude
that you have this all figured out.

You know what?
I got it. I'll take care of it.

Of course.

Do it your way.

- Hey, Dana Sue!
- Hello.

- Hey.
- Hi.

How's your first day going?

Had better. You?

Kind of depends on what Coach's syllabus
for chemistry looks like.

Your birthday. Castlewood.

Thank you again,
and I'm so sorry you had to do it.

I meant it.
I'm not taking you out there anymore.

I won't go again.

I think that's for the best.

- Welcome. Come on in. Find a seat.
- Good to see you, Coach.

For you and Miss B and your parents,
from the newspaper staff.

We signed it at lunch.

Thank you, Annie. This means a lot.

A warning.

Where you sit today
is where you sit all semester.

The other person at the table
is your lab partner.

Choose wisely.

Why so far up front, dude?

Before we start,
I have an unusual announcement.

As some of you know,
I'm dealing with a family situation,

so my phone is on, and I'll answer it
if it's my father's doctor.

This does not give y'all
a free pass to text... under the table.

Now, who wants to set something on fire?


I love, after sailing,

the feeling of still being on the water.

It's a reaction
of the vestibular labyrinth.

Always the romantic.

Oh, you... you want romance?

I must go down to the seas again

To the lonely sea and the sky

And all I ask is a tall ship

And a star to steer her by

And you, my love,

are the star I steer by.



Mm-mm. Mm-mm.

Let me guide you home.

Why can't all the days be perfect?


Maybe God knows
that if every day were perfect,

then we wouldn't appreciate
the special ones.

Well, maybe perfect's impossible.

Okay, then we'll get as close as we can.

What if we don't leave?

Sorry, sailor. I have a curfew.


Come on!

This is where we belong, Helen.

Out in the world,
growing and changing and experiencing.

You're wasting your glory on Serenity.

I beg your pardon.

We could be doing great things,

important things.

I already am.

And you will.

You'll... you'll find
your place in Serenity.

I... I understand
that it's a big change for you,

but it... it's what's best for us.

Is it?

Are you happy, Helen?



How do you not know that?

Aren't you?

I'm always happy when I'm with you.

I'm just wondering
if we couldn't be even happier.

Time to get back to Serenity.

So, who had
a terrific first day of school?

I had a great day.

Maybe the best part is

my French teacher says
my accent is already better than Ty's.

- Really?
- Mm-hmm.

Lean this way. Let me teach you
some new vocabulary.

- Oh!
- How's that translate?

Hey, not at the table.

- Sorry, sorry.
- Excuse me. It's my turn.

My teacher said we're going to be getting
lots of homework this year.

Well, that's exciting.

Really? Katie, do you wanna do
all my stats homework?

No? Mom, it's way worse
than what you said.

Give it a chance, Ty. I have
every confidence you will find your way.

So, how's the new history teacher?

I don't have her.

I do. Miss Webster.

She just moved to Serenity,
and her wife is Dr. Howie's new partner.

- Oh.
- First impression.

Impressive reading list,
encourages debate,

but no sense of humor detected.

You will be missed.

Thank you.

I'm sorry you didn't go back to school.
Do you want to share about your day?

I do, actually.

I got a new job.

- Really?
- You what?

- Nice.
- That's so great.

Thank you.

Yeah, I, uh, helped a bit with Skeeter
and his crew at the Bixby house,

and, uh, Skeeter hired me.

So, you're gonna build houses?

Probably carry a lot of wood
and hand them tools for the moment,

but, uh, I'm also learning a lot
about sustainable and salvaged wood,

which is pretty cool.

Do you get your own tool belt?

I do. It's in my truck.

Can I try it on?

Uh, you can give it a shot.

I can barely lift it.

- I'm stronger than I look, you know.
- Mm.

A family trait.

Table 13.

- Hey, Mr. Sullivan. Almost ready.
- Thanks, Bailey.

This is a pleasant surprise.

Ordered some food.

I knew you were working late,
and I'm wiped.

- How are things at the Bixbys'?
- Coming along.

Cal's a terrific addition,

and Harlan and his family
really appreciate it all.

Well, it's nice to start the foundation

by helping a family
that so many of us care for deeply.

What are you gonna do next?

Well, we were discussing
meeting with the interfaith council

to propose a program for food insecurity.


Well, we three aren't exactly talking
about anything right now, are we?

So everything will be fine, then.

You ladies always pull together
for margarita night.

Here you go.

Two chicken-fried steak dinners
with all the trimmings.

Thanks, Bailey.

Two dinners?

Thanks a lot, Bailey.

Sorry, Mr. Sullivan.

I'm famished, Dana Sue.
I've been working hard.

But I didn't order dessert.

I will take care of that
when you get home.

So Cal explained that this school

can't guarantee you admission
to the college of your choice.

- Yes.
- And you still wanna respond?


I told your mom that I would go
on the campus visit with the two of you

to give my perspective
if that interests you.

Yeah, it does.

Does this mean we can go check 'em out?

I told you I want you
to explore your options,

but you have to understand
I'm surprised you're considering this one,

especially after being so definitive
about not wanting to play ball anymore.

I'm missing it more
than I thought I would.

Nice to feel wanted, isn't it?

For someone to see you in a way
that no one else is seeing you right now.

Yes, ma'am.

You do know that your worth as a person
isn't tied to your worth as a ballplayer?

I just wanted to slip that one in there
since I struggled with it a bit myself.

Yes, I... I know that. All of that.

It's just

the idea of going back...

Might not match the reality?

Now, we want you to be prepared for that.

I am keeping an open mind
and an open heart.

And notice I have not mentioned anything

about the whole
moving-away-from-home piece.

I appreciate that.

But I have to ask you, Ty.

What's at the heart of this?

I know I'm good at this.

Was good at this.

And I was happy doing it.

All valid.

So let me ask you to consider this.

Are you holding on to an old dream
because you haven't found a new one yet,

or because you found a new one,

and it scares you or challenges you?

I'm not gonna tell you what you should do

or how you should feel about it
or what your dream should be.

I'm just asking
that you take a little time

for some prayerful consideration

before making this choice.

Thank you, Mom...

...for helping me talk this through
and trusting me.


- Where are you going?
- Exploring.

I'm gonna go meet up with Gabe
and talk about dreams. Is that okay?

Of course. Have fun.

So, was that hard,
to offer him the space to think it through

rather than pointing him
in a specific direction?

No, but I was afraid he wouldn't hear me.

Hmm. It's easy to hear someone
when they say what you wanna hear.

The times it gets tough is
when they say something you want to deny.

I love you.

Glad to hear.


Hey, welcome home.


Oh, did Ryan wanna come in?
I can go upstairs.

No. You stay right there.

It's been a long day.

Delightful but long,

and he wanted to get back
to his apartment.

But this is from both of us.

It's to celebrate your first day
of senior year.




Thank you for thinking of me.
Did you have fun?

It was glorious.

Though, I put in a lot of hard work
sampling pralines

at no less than five places
to make sure we were buying you the best.

So come on. Tell me about your day.

Are you happy with your schedule?

- I am.
- Yeah?

Yeah, stats with Ms. Ramirez
is gonna rock.


- I have Coach Bixby for chemistry.
- He's good.

With... ...Annie Sullivan
as my lab partner.

- I know you two had your differences...
- That was last year, you know?

Now, new year, new start.

But here's the absolute best.

My guidance counselor
got me into US Government and Politics.

- Wonderful. Yeah.
- Yeah.

I can fill you in tomorrow, though,
'cause you're probably tired.

Not at all! I wanna know everything!
Tell me everything!

Okay, but...

Come on.

Okay. For you. Let's do it.

So Mr. Kim says we're gonna start out
by examining cases under review

at the state supreme court
and then talk about how they got there.

- Music to my ears.
- I know. Mine too.

I didn't want to start without you.

Ooh. This ridiculous customer
kept sending me back to the kitchen

for one more thing and one more thing.

I was really looking forward
to our after-school snack. I'm sorry.

Wish you could come inside.

Since my mom can't know,
it's best that your mom doesn't know.

Okay. I'm wasting even more time.

You only have an hour
to be away from your house,

and the drive is 25 minutes each way,

and I'm almost ten minutes late,
so now we have...

No time for word problems.

All that matters is I get to kiss you

and ask how school is going.

It would be so much better
if you were there.


Crap. I have to go, but...

mission accomplished.


We will figure this out. Promise.

Hope you're handling my wife's kitchen
better than you're handling the ball.

Hey, hey, hey, Isaac's got magic
in the kitchen and on the court.

- Learning from the best.
- Oh!

I'd rather feel the points
than the love tonight, Ronnie.

Just rotate the old man out, Trotter,
and I will help you.

You gonna let your employee
talk to you like that, Ronnie?

Aw. So glad you could make it.
Wasn't sure we were gonna see you.

Carla threatened to lock me out
of both the hospital and the house

if I didn't talk to my friends.

- How's your dad?
- In the step-down unit.

- Amen.
- Amen.

The ladies in your life?

Hanging in there.
And my mom loves the ramp.

- Yeah.
- Look, I just can't say how much I...

Don't need to. It comes from love,

but you let us know
if there's anything else you need, okay?

- That enough talking to make Carla happy?
- Gonna have to be. I came to play.

- Yes!
- Yes.

All right.

- Ronnie, Harlan, you're with me.
- Uh-oh.

- I got you. I got you.
- I got him.


- Get him.
- Right here.

- Points!
- No. No.

I got it.

Oh. Hi, Dad.


I know it's not my day,
but I was over this way,

so I thought I'd offer
to take y'all out for pizza.

Eh, give your mom the night off.

Sorry, but I'm on my way
to Sophie and Willow.

Ty's out with Gabe,
and Katie's at Girl Scouts.

Thanks for thinking of us.

Bye, Mom.

Bye, Dad.

♪ Is this the end? ♪

♪ I'm gasping for air ♪

♪ Whatever you say, it won't be fair ♪

♪ Is this a sign? ♪

♪ I'm searching for light ♪

♪ There's a fire blazing bright tonight ♪

♪ Oh, the heart wants what it wants ♪

♪ It wants what it wants ♪

♪ Oh, the heart wants what it wants ♪

♪ It wants what it wants ♪

♪ I'm coming in ♪

♪ I'm breaking down the doors ♪

♪ Got my eye on what I want ♪

♪ Don't care if it's yours ♪

♪ Oh, the heart wants what it wants ♪

♪ It wants what it wants ♪

♪ Oh, the heart wants what it wants ♪

♪ It wants what it wants ♪

♪ Oh, ooh ♪

♪ Yeah ♪

♪ Oh ♪

So, finally. Oop.

Sorry about that.

Finally, skillet apple pie biscuits.

Savory on the outside.
Sweet and gooey in the middle.

All-American dessert but elevated.


I'm not feeling it.


Consultation means I offer you ideas,

you offer me feedback.

Can you be more specific?

This entire presentation.

It's not what I asked for.

You... you asked for what I do best.

I want something ahead of its time.

Something people
will connect to emotionally.

An unusual hook
that makes diners desperate

to come back for the experience
and the food.

That's not what we discussed.

I want to push customers
to expand their culinary taste,

guide them to a more refined palate.

Michelin-Star quality.

Again, not what we discussed.

Look, in this market,

customers respond
to a mid-level price point.

What you're now envisioning
will increase that dramatically

and cut into your customer base.

If we build it, won't they come?

Wallets open?

I was told you were the best.

That's why I wanted to work with you.

Did I hear wrong?

Perhaps I did.

Please. Continue.


And he comes bearing gifts.

I thought I should come by
while CeCe was at school.


Milkshakes and afternoon romance.

You're spoiling me.


I wanna thank you
for our perfect day in Charleston.

For all our perfect days everywhere
over the years.

And I thank you.

You are my definition of love.

From the time we were kids, that love has

inspired me to dream big.

To push the limits.

When I'm with you, Helen,
I wanna change the world.

And I love that.

You've created this rich,

beautiful life here.

Your work.

Your friends.

Your family.


You are content.

And I've traveled the world for years
without finding what you have right here.

So... so join me. That's...

that's all I was ever asking you to do.

I... can't.

I want to, but I can't.

I... I wanna make you happy...

but I can't.

I'm no good at staying in one place. I...

I'm no good at

living in between the peaks

of the perfect days.

I'm not the man you deserve.

All this time...

I thought we were dancing
among the dreams of our future.

And we were dancing
among the ghosts of our past.

I will always love you.

I have given you everything

I possibly can.

I have given up more
than you can ever imagine.

And I am done!


Goodbye, Ryan.

Get out!