Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 3, Episode 3 - The Searchers - full transcript

The competition heats up and the friendly trash talk flies as Serenity gathers for the Forager Festival. A vengeful Kathy cooks up a couple of schemes.

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♪ You don't owe me ♪

♪ One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

Pretty quiet over there.

Well, I could be doing something else.

No! What? No! You missed a spot.

- There's a spot on you. I should get that.
- Stop. It's not been two weeks.

I thought I was being friendly,
helping clean your porch.

You were.
And I am helping a friend wash his truck.

But I do not need a friend's help
to take a shower.

Mm. Well, what if that friend

helped with your list
of things to do around the community

while in the shower?

I would not be focused on the list.

Okay, serious face.

- How's the list going?
- I don't know where to begin.

You know, you strike me more of a Jeep guy
than a truck guy.

- I always wanted a truck as a kid.
- Boys and their Tonkas.

Growing up, my neighbor had
a huge, shiny silver GMC Sierra.

When I was six,
he let me sit in the driver's seat.

It was...

The only way to describe it
is that it changed my life.

And, yes, I know how lame that sounds.

No, that's sweet.

When I signed my first contract
with the Braves,

I bought one.

A reward for making my dream happen.

I didn't realize I was helping wash
a dream machine.


...I have different dreams now.

No. Mm-mm. Mm!

Hmm. Yeah,
so that's how you wanna play it?

- No!
- No, no, it's good.

Oh man.

You're lookin' mighty sexy.

Always, baby.


What's got you feeling so frisky?

Mm. Doing our homework.


Does this feel like
me speaking your love language?

It feels like you're trying
to get my engine going.

Maybe physical touch
is how I should be communicating with you.

I love what you're doing,
but... Okay.

We're gonna ace
this love language assignment

and show Pastor June how serious we are

about having the strongest marriage
she has ever seen.

But after I finish the dishes
so we can focus on our homework together.

Are you telling me physical touch
isn't your love language?

It dang well may be,

but maybe it's not.

Maybe it's acts of service or gifts

or words of affirmation.

Could even be quality time.

But my point is,

I won't know until we explore all of them.

You're right.

I wanna find the best way
to say how much I love you.

I'm gonna do the same.

But right after we discover physical touch
is the love language we speak.

You can speak it all you want.


You knew I was coming...

...and you baked a cake.

Oh, my grandmother used to sing that song,

and I loved it.

So, how are your cousins in Houston?

Delighted to have the armoire and lamps.

Well, you're a good cousin
to drive all that out there.

I'm surprised you didn't stop
in New Orleans on your way back.

- I wanna go there with you.
- Mm. Well, that sounds like fun.

But in the meantime,

what are we gonna do
back here in Serenity?

- We're gonna go on our first date.
- I'm pretty sure we covered that.

No, no, no.
I mean the first date of our new chapter.

I want it to be romantic
and joyous, magical.

As beautiful as you are.

That is so perfect.

- You get to lick the spatula.
- Oh.

- Mm.
- Hmm.


- Do I detect signs of a water fight?
- I have no idea what you're talking about.

You were supposed to be doing chores,
not having fun, okay?

- I would get in trouble.
- No, you would not.

And we weren't doing chores.
We were... bonding.

Oh, did you have fun... bonding?


It was a chore
because you can't have fun doing a chore.

No, no, that is not true.

With the proper attitude,
chores can be fun.

Too late, Mom.
I read Tom Sawyer in fifth grade.

I'm just saying, if you wanna bond,

shouldn't you do something
genuinely fun and casual?

Something Ty and I aren't assigned
as punishment when we're grounded.

Well, thank you so much
for this careful analysis, Dr. Kyle.

What is your suggestion?

You and Coach Cal should do something
with a group so it's fun and chill.

No pressure.

A group, huh?

Yeah, like Amanda and Andy
are kind of a thing,

but they're going to the Forager Festival
tonight with a group to keep it chill.

All right.

That's not a bad idea.

Now before you go to the festival tonight,

I want you to bond with the lawnmower.

And have fun.

Hey, what's up? Are you and Bex okay?

Fine. I decided
I couldn't wait until you got home,

so Bex and I took a walk.

Wait for what?

To bring you this.

Your brother sent me this?

He's been so worried about me
since I came back here,

but I keep telling him I'm fine
because I have wonderful friends.

Don't worry. He sent something for me
and Peanut too.

Oh, very nice.

Is he there on vacation?

When we were little,
we always wanted to go to the Big Apple

so we could ride the subway,

see the Empire State Building,
to track down Spider-Man.

So, are the web shooters
in the bottom of the box or...

- I know. It sounds silly now.
- Mm, not at all.

Achieving a goal is always awesome,
no matter how big or small.

No one in my holler
had ever left Tennessee,

much less a place as cool as Times Square.

We were gonna be the first to go,

and now he's done it.

It would've been fun to go with him.

But I'm adulting here in Serenity now,

and I'm super happy.

Well, adulting doesn't mean no life.

We should go have fun.

Like this Forager Festival tonight.

The scavenger hunt?

It's all Dana Sue's been talking about
this week.

I don't know. I haven't left Bex
for more than an hour with all of y'all,

and I am not asking any of you
to give up your night off.

Didn't Em from Howie's office
say she'd watch Bex whenever?

Yeah, but it's such short notice.

Let's forage.

I'll have...

the usual.

Good morning.


- Erik Whitley, right?
- Mm-hmm.

Sorry if this is presumptuous.
I just wanted to introduce myself.

I'm Kathy, the new assistant manager
at Z's Place.

- Ah.
- You know it?

I do.

Oh, good.

Well, I guess it's kismet
that made me bump into you this morning.

'Cause for days,
all I've heard is people talking

about what makes Sullivan's so good.

It's Dana Sue's restaurant.

Well, grapevine around town tells me
you're the secret weapon in her kitchen.

No, she put together a good staff.

I love the humility.
I could just eat you for breakfast

with some fried green tomatoes
on the side.

But I won't because

I want to hire you.

For what?

To come run the kitchen at Z's.
Reinvent the place with me.

I wanna put your talents on display.

- I appreciate the compliment.
- Mm-hmm.

But I'm fine at Sullivan's.



If you ever change your mind...

Have a good day.


Miss Paula!

Aw, honey.


Oh, it looks like somebody's starting
a new project.

I have been watching way too much HGTV.

How are ya?

Well, by that, I mean,
how are things going with Ryan?


Well, if they were any better,
I'd have to be twins to hold all the joy.


That is wonderful!

I know. I know.

You know, we should sit down
and have a real catch-up.

I know.

Well, I'm... I'm free for lunch.

Unless you're in urgent need
of putting that paint to use now.



- Uh...
- Mm.

- Wharton's.
- Yeah, Wharton's.

- Yeah.
- Yeah, come on. Let's go.

- Aw, honey, I know that story.
- We need to talk about that.

I'd like to put an herb garden
on the roof.

We can start small.
Basil, oregano, chives.

Take another look
at the bottom of that pot.

Annie, what are you doing?

Texting Jackson
to see how things are going in Virginia.

Maybe some lemongrass.

Bailey, what part of closing early
did you miss? Put on some speed.

- Yes, Chef.
- Need my help?


Give me 15 minutes, then we can go home,
get in the zone for the scavenger hunt.

I was talking to Jeremy,
and he'll hook us up with...

Isaac, right now,
I have time for two things.

Cleaning and figuring out
where we're gonna put

the Forager Festival trophy
when I bring it in here tomorrow morning.


Buck got it here in one piece.

Ha! Hope he didn't give himself
a hernia doing it.

- He brought it over on his truck.
- Ah.

But why?

Oh, when I was spring-cleaning,

your mom asked if she could have it,
so I sent it over.

- Spring?
- Mm-hmm.

School starts in a week.

Time is relative.

- Why did Mom want it?
- I assume because your grandpa built it.

- With his own hands?
- Uh-huh.

He built the dining room table.

He made the twin beds in the guest room.

My darling Walter could do almost anything
he wanted to when he set his mind to it.

Mom always talks like he was
a sit-and-read-a-book kind of guy.

Yeah, well, what better place
to sit and read a book than at a desk?

Never thought of that.

Your grandfather had
a variety of gifts and passions.

Some he shared with everyone,
and... and... and others he didn't.

He never let himself be defined

by one thing.

He was always more than he appeared to be.


Hello, my darling.


How are things?

Well, they would be better
if I could find my thermometer.

Well, have Dana Sue send dinner over.
That's what I do when I don't wanna cook.

- When's the last time you wanted to cook?
- Oh...

Besides, Sullivan's is already closed
for the festival.

Ah, the festival.

So with Katie away at science camp
and the boys going on the hunt,

I thought you and I could take in a movie,
make a girls' night.

Oh, I wish I could,
except now I'm going on the hunt with Cal.

To the hunt with Cal?
Or on the hunt for Cal?

We're being just friends, so we thought
we would try a friendly group activity.

Oh, okay.

Where is that thermometer?

I'm learning new things about him.

- Mm-hmm.
- Like he's allergic to mango.

Who's allergic to mango?


But all I wanna do is kiss him.

We are... trying to focus
on building our friendship

so it's not just physical.

Well, if you two are worried about

things between you getting too hot...

...maybe a friendly chaperone in your group
might help to keep things cool.

I wonder where you could find one.

Yep. Me. Me!

Dana Sue Sullivan,
I crown you queen of the hunt.

I love a victory crown.

But shouldn't Trent
and the festival organizers

be the one to bestow this
on the once and future queen?

Now, wouldn't you rather arrive with one

to establish your dominance
from the get-go?


Trying to speak
the love language of gifts, hmm?

Hon, thank you.

This was a perfect thought.

I have to go to Maddie's.

See you at the hunt.

Are you gonna show Helen and Maddie
your crown?

Many thanks, my lord.

You're pretty darn quiet.

A rough day.

Oh. Considering the way you look,
I'd be worried if it was a good one.

Huh? If you don't wanna tell me about it,
we can sit here in silence,

or I can show you some stupid thing
on the Internet.

Nearly lost a patient today.

A little girl about my daughter's age.

Anaphylactic shock.

She couldn't breathe.
Was starting to turn blue.

It was touch and go for a minute.

But you saved her.

Well, if her parents had been
even a couple of minutes later...

But you saved her.

Want another?

Heroes discount.


One's enough.

Until dinner.

If you'd like to join me...

Made of 24 karat plastic.

- It's actually really sweet.
- Yeah.

So, why did Pastor June tell him
to buy you a crown?

He's trying to see if gifts
is my love language.

- Mm.
- Is it?

You were sayin', Dana Sue.

Yes. Gifts is definitely not
my love language, but maybe it's his.

And if so, then tonight,

ooh, I'm gonna give him
the biggest gift of all.

We're calling it a gift now?

The Forager Festival trophy.


Somebody's sure of herself.

This is the first time in ages

that Ronnie and Annie and I
get to do this as a team.

And what rhymes with eligible?


Does it?

Oh please!

The only reason that you might win

is because this ringer
is staying home with Ryan.

- Pammy Anton called you a ringer once.
- Yes, she did.

That's 'cause you rang
the opening cowbell,

not because of your skill.

Y'all are wrong.


Oh, you know
what does rhyme with eligible?

- Huh?
- Inestimable.

As in my inestimable ability...
to win the scavenger hunt.

What? No.

- No.
- Maddie.

- I'm coming out of retirement.
- No!

- You ready for this?
- No, I'm not!

- After the Serenity skeleton debacle?
- What?

My expert legal skills
were the only reason

that you weren't banned
from the festival for life.

That was so many years ago, okay?
And let's be clear, okay?

We did nothing wrong.

The skeleton just happened to go missing

for a few hours

after we visited the old hospital, okay?

It is not our fault that other people
couldn't find it. It's not our fault.

We are not the one
Peggy's mother wrote an editorial about.

I don't... I don't remember an editorial.

- 'Course you don't.
- That's convenient.

What was that called?
Dana Sue, do you remember?

- Of course I remember.
- Wait, I think I have it here on my phone.

"How pregnant women
should behave in public."

Oh please!

I'm not one for margarita math,
but where was Katie at that time?


Cal and I, we just thought
it would be good for us

to experiment with comforting the losers.

I mean, our friends after we win.


both of you are doing the hunt?



Will you just hold that margarita for me,
if you don't mind?

- I'd be happy to.
- Yes.

- Where are you goin'?
- Um...

I'm just gonna put together
a scavenger hunt team.

What? Mm.

Mm-mm-mm. Mm-mm-mm.


- Throw it down, Dana Sue. Let's go.
- Mm-mm. Mm-mm-mm. Mm-mm.

- Who's your third?
- It's just us two.

Can't. Rules state
you have to have a team of three.

Well, nobody told us that.
What are we gonna do?

Gonna lose. That's what you're gonna do.

Woo-hoo! Yeah!

- Mom!
- Listen here, you two.

Think of it as a blessing
to know from the start

that defeat is your destiny.

All these chumps are gonna spend the night

thinking they can win,
only to discover the sad truth.

Oh please.

The wind of fate blows
towards Team Sullivan. Excuse me.

One Sullivan was bad enough,
but now two of 'em...

Are unstoppable.

We never intended to win.
We just wanted to have some fun.

Then go read a book or fly a plane, yeah?

'Cause we are here to conquer.

And prattle endlessly.

Oh yeah.

- What?
- Bring it.

- Yes!
- I'll be on your team.

Benedict Annabelle!

Oh, this is
so unfortunate, Dana Sue.

Um, Isaac, how many people did Cal say
need to be on a team to compete?

Let's see. Oh!

Dana Sue, at least you'll have
plenty of time to polish that crown

before you have to give it
to tonight's winner.

Team Vreetownaddox!


- That's our name?
- Oh my!

I've learned to think of this
as the silent festival.

Okay. Okay, okay, okay.

Forget Team Vreetownaddox.

Tonight we are Team Red!

Uh-oh. She's going back
to calling herself Red again.

- Yes.
- Go to the ATM, and get bail money now.

Well, I mean,
it can't be that bad. Can it?

You've never met a professional athlete
as competitive as a Magnolia.

- Helen?
- Mm.

Join our team.

Oh, I think not.

- Uh...
- Ryan's on his way.

Come on. Think about how fun it will be
to eviscerate Maddie.

What? Wait a minute.

Tempting, but it is time that you two
take your rightful place in my shadow!

Who wants to be on Team Helen and Ryan?

Are you kidding me?

You all right?

Ty, as my best friend,
I think you can understand

there are some things
more important than our victory tonight.

Gabriel Weatherspoon! Watch your mouth.

No disrespect, Mrs. Sullivan,
I will still be participating.

Cassie Lithgow needs a third.
It's like fate is opening up a door, man.

- I get it, man. Go, go.
- That's what I'm saying.

I'm all about supporting romance,
but now we're a man down.

Boys, one of you should join
Team Decatur. Yeah?

'Cause you know what Decatur rhymes with?


Go ahead, join her... if you wanna lose.

Join us if you wanna live.

Kyle, Ty, allow me
to welcome one of you to our team.

- What's your Venmo?
- Oh.

Helen Decatur.
Those boys were raised better than that.

Aunt Helen,
you can't buy this kind of talent.

Yeah, that's right. She can't.

But we claim you as a kindred spirit.

Tonight, you are a Sullivan.

Oh yeah! Yep.


- Ty.
- Auntie Helen.

I bet Forager Festival champion

will look really good
on your college application.


- Okay.
- Hold on.

Let's do this.

Maybe I should call Em.

Bex has never had a sitter,

and she could be giving Em
a horrible time.

Hey, Bex is having a great time.

You will too
if you give yourself permission.

- Hey, why aren't you with Jackson?
- He's out of town with his mom and Nellie.

If I'd known that Gabe was gonna drop out,
I could've been on your team.

Hopefully, it would've gone better
than last time.

- When I almost fell out of a tree.
- I caught you. You were okay.

Are we ready?

Yes, we are.

How are ya? Doin' okay?
Good, good, good, good.

It's good to see you. You doing well?

- Hey, how are you?
- All good.

Excellent, excellent.

Mr. Mayor.

I've left messages with Henrietta,

but since you are here,
I thought I'd give you the opportunity

to set the record straight
about the recall.

I've got a hunt to kick off.

Hey, y'all. How's everybody?
Good? All right.

Ladies and gentlemen of Serenity.
Oh, you too, Moose.

I'm glad you're here tonight.

Listen, y'all know the rules,
so I'll make this quick.

Every team must have three players.

When the bell rings, you can open up
the envelope and look at the list.

You have three hours
to find as many as you can.

Take a photo or video for proof.

Now, before we get started,
I'd like to thank our sponsors.

As always...

It's not Times Square, Garth,
but it's gonna be fun, and I...

- Hey, Garth!
- Hey, Garth!

- Sorry I'm late.
- We haven't started yet.

I went to Wharton's to surprise you
with a milkshake, but they are closed.

Well, everything closes for the festival.

Besides, a true hunter
does not need ice cream to sustain her.


- Hey, Kyle, you see that? Over there?
- What?

Ooh! Gotcha!

You still think you're gonna win?

You know, I never realized Memorial Park
has no recycling bins.

We should add that to the list.


These are my words of affirmation.

You are going to win this.

That's not affirmation.

That's truth.

So is the fact you're beautiful.

I can affirm both of them.

Ronnie Sullivan,

you are my one and only.

And I should tell you that more often.
I will tell you that more often.

So, who's ready for the hunt? Let's go!


Hey, sorry.

Just you remember,
tonight, she is not your mother.

She is not your grandmother.

- He is not your brother.
- Hey.

They are not your family.
Ryan and I, we're your family now.

They are the enemy.

If you see one of them dying in a ditch,
you don't stop.

You call 911, and you keep going
'cause you don't wanna get sued.

I don't think my mom would sue me.

She's not the one who'll take you to court
for dereliction of duty. That'll be me.

You ready?

- Let's do it.
- Yes, ma'am.

First clue. Success.

Where to next?

Uh, the old chapel... schoolhouse.

- Chapel slash schoolhouse.
- Let's do it.

I like the herb garden idea.

Well, you are
an easier audience than your mom.

Did she say no, or was she just distracted
by everything going on?

I don't know. Maybe distracted.

What you've gotta do is

hunt for a better way
to get her attention.

Well, you are the expert.

When I wanted her to understand
how I felt about my birthday party,

I made sure to stand
directly in front of her.

Everything I said was clear and concise.

Then I smiled a lot and cried a little.

It worked.

Thanks. I will give that a try.

At least most of it.

Did you decide what kind of birthday party
you wanna have?

Uh, getting there.

- What'd I miss?
- How's Bex?

She's fine. Em said...
Okay, I promise. I'm done.

Permission granted
for all of us to have a blast.


No, no. How about this one?
Ty's gonna be so embarrassed

by getting beat by his little brother,
he'll have to move in with Nana.

We are gonna dominate
your mom and Aunt Helen so hard,

they're gonna legally change their names

to Dana Sue's Friend
and Dana Sue's Other Friend.


I hope this was easier to ring
when the fire wagon was here.

Maybe Uncle Ronnie's gonna make Annie
bring him breakfast in bed for a month

after she loses.

Kyle, for her to lose, we have to win.

For us to win, we need to ring this bell.

But you're missing out on our trash talk
and fun in the meantime.

All right.

I am going to enjoy baby girl
bringing me breakfast in bed

for the next year...


...just so she can get a look at our trophy.

- Ah!
- Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.

I'ma do you one better.

You're gonna wind up
with bragging rights too, Kyle,

because you're gonna be
the hero to ring this bell

so that my beautiful wife
can wear her crown with pride.

How could I be a bigger hero
than I already am?

I am a hero!

Come on.

I should've stopped at the water station.
You guys want a cup?

Oh, no, thanks.

I'm good. Thank you.

I always wondered why
they didn't pull this down after the fire.

Especially once they built
the new community center.

Yeah, you know Serenity.

We hold our history
a tad tightly sometimes.

Besides, the moment your aunt
and some of the other ladies

- started calling this...
- ..."The Garden Theatre,"

we all knew
it wasn't coming down.

I can't remember. Wasn't it something
before it was the community center?

Yeah, before the mill closed,
it was a union hall.

Every year, they'd do
the Christmas parties here.

And sometimes,
they'd have a... a big fancy dinner

for all the... the union leaders.

I was... I was eight

the first year
that Daddy was president of the local.

My mama must have dragged me with her
to every store in two counties,

trying to find the perfect dress.

She finally gave up and made her own.

That night when she walked
out of her bedroom

in that green dress
that she had sewn by hand...

Daddy took one look at her,
and he dropped to a knee.

He said he was kneeling
out of deference to her beauty.

And in humble thanks to God
for giving him the best wife ever created.

Oh, come on!

- I didn't even know this place was here.
- Oh? Well, I know all kinds of secrets.

- But the food could have been better.
- Sorry about that.

Oh! The company more than made up for it.

And we'll find a better place next time.

Yeah. Next time.

I don't mean to presume.

No. Presume away.


Oh, Bill, I... I hate to cut our time short.
I've gotta take care of this.

Okay. Oh!

- Ow!
- Hey!

- Oh, honey.
- Are you okay?

Untended tree root.
That's dangerous. Add that to the list.

List? Do I want to know?

- You have a pretty amazing daughter.
- Yeah.

She's making a list
of all the community hazards.

- Where is it?
- No, under there. Get in under.

- Kyle, I already looked in that spot.
- What'd you do this time, Red?

Whatever do you mean?

Where is it?

- You tell us.
- What?

Our team has been looking for
that ridiculous beast for five minutes.

His house should be under the stairs.

Like the skeleton should have been
in the old hospital lobby?

Maybe we're thinking about this all wrong.

North of the original house
of learning. I...

The chapel was also
the first schoolhouse, right?

About a century before my time,
thank you very much.

But, yes, and the mascot
has always been the blue... fox!

North! The foraging fox!

And the fox box, where he lives,
goes under the steps.

Until you hid it.

I didn't touch it!

What did you say to Trent
the last time he tried to ban you?

I accidentally moved Mr. Bones.

That was your idea.

- You better not.
- I feel like they need an ump.

- No.
- Do you have any vodka in that pack?

I was innocent. I was...

- I was in the bathroom.
- Want some?

I didn't know anything happened
until Sheriff Buchanan questioned us.

- Maybe someone...
- But it was your idea.

You were supposed to be the lookout,
then your bladder betrayed us.

- You wanna fight?
- Hang on. Everyone take a deep breath.

Mom, have you seen North today?

I can't believe...

Not an accusation.
I'm just asking a question.

- I have not.
- Aunt Helen?

I've been with you the whole time!

- Aunt Dana Sue?
- Nope.

We need to consider
somebody took North.

Sabotaged us.

Which does mean that no other team
will find it or get the points.

You are so right, honey.

Team Red, we can still win! Let's go!

- Let's go!
- Come on!

Let's go!

I did suggest a movie.

Which bobbing buddy
proclaims the true spirit of Serenity?

This scavenger hunt was designed
to teach people town history,

not to have it spoon-fed to them.

I don't remember learning anything
about dinosaurs in this lake.

I know we have a lot of birds,
but parrots and peacocks...

Wait, it's not the creature.
It's the color.

- Hey.
- Serenity High is blue and gold.

The blue peacock.

Then red for all of the blood,
sweat, and tears that built the town.

I can't.

- Green.
- Yay!

Because the town founders believed

that the spirit of Serenity would be ever...


Get in there.

All right. Got it. Come on.

Now don't dawdle, you two.

We only need a photo
with a bust of four Johns at the library.

That gives us just enough time
to get back to Veterans' Park

before the bell rings again,
and then it's all over,

except the winning.

She's thought this through.

I thought you handled that brouhaha
back there very diplomatically.

- I wanted us to make it out alive.
- Appreciate it.

I really mean it. When I worked overseas,
I saw all kinds of disputes

over land, weapons, livestock.

- What you did was very impressive.
- Thanks.

The way you de-escalated the situation
and resolved the conflict,

that's a valuable skill.


You demonstrated more intuition back there
than professionals I've hired.

Wait, people get paid to do that?

Conflict resolution? Yes, sir.

I know so much about getting into fights.

It makes sense
I know how to help get out of 'em.

I don't know what your plan is,
but you strike me as a natural.

I appreciate it.

- Uranus!
- Neptune!

And Pluto still counts. Pluto!


Thank you.


As proud of us as I am
for remembering all the planets,

and in order,
what does this have to do with Serenity?

Fergus Ericsson organized our chapter
of the Amateur Astronomers Association

when he was in high school.

Then he went to work
at Kennedy Space Center after college.

He came to visit a couple years ago.

There was this party in town square
with a bunch of telescopes.

He told us that whenever you wonder
if you can achieve a dream,

look at the moon,
and remember a few people walked on it

because a whole bunch of people
believed in each other.


it's not up yet,

but it's coming.

Thank you so much
for talking me into this.

For getting me out of the house.

For helping me feel weightless.

Tonight, I did random ridiculous things

and felt joy as I haven't felt
since I was a little girl.

Things I wanna teach Bex.

Thank you, Isaac. And you too, Annie.

That's it. That's the missing piece
of my birthday plan.

The what now?

What Noreen said.

That will be my theme.

To celebrate the kind of girl I was
now that I'm turning 16.

And here I thought
the missing piece was moon shoes.


Thank you for meeting me here.

I'm glad you changed your mind.

I haven't.

- Oh.
- But I will hear you out.

Why should I come work for you?

I want to make Z's Place
a tourist destination.

One of the premier restaurants
in the South.

Mighty big ambitions.

Every single day we get to put dreams
on a plate and serve 'em up to people.

Our dreams physically sustain people.

That's a nice thought, but...

My first job was here.

Back when it was
Courthouse Grill.

I didn't know you were from Serenity.

Uh-huh. I started here in high school.

Poured everything I had into this place

and thought maybe one day
it might be mine.

Instead, the owner sold it to somebody
with a different dream, so... I moved on.

But now the universe
has brought me back around.

At Z's, I'm finally ready
to see my dream take shape.

And all I need is Serenity's best chef.

Do this with me, Erik.

There's only three minutes left.

There has to be
something else around here.

Why don't I go turn it in
so that we don't miss the deadline?

- Yeah, but don't you think...
- I think we've done enough for tonight.

All right, sweetie.


I need a cookie.

Well, I'd offer to carry you,
but there's that whole no-touching thing.


I mean, this is silly, don't you think?
This whole no-touching thing?

Mm. No. It's a good idea.

I mean, if I was able
to hold your hand all night

or kiss you in the moonlight,
we wouldn't have found anything.

Or noticed that we need
to add painting the curbs to the list.

It feels like everywhere we went,
I saw Trent's broken promises.

We'll fix them.

One by one. If you want my help.

I'd love to do this with you.

Speaking of sharing...

I think there's something else
I should tell you about my truck.

Dream truck.


First thing I did
was drive it home to show my dad.

He came out of the trailer,
walked around it one time,

and he said...

he hoped the dealership
would let me return it

when I washed out of the majors.

Then he went back inside.

I'm so sorry.

That entire season, all I did
was try to prove I'd earned my truck,

that I was gonna keep my truck.

And right before the playoffs...

Pop had a massive heart attack.

And that was it.

We never made up.

Thank you for sharing that with me.

Honey, I'm tuckered out.

Don't tell me
you're getting too old for this.



Wherever you hunt, I will hunt.

Whoever you decimate, I will decimate.

And your trophy shall be my trophy.

And your win, my win.

Well, I don't think June would appreciate
that paraphrasing.

But I won't tell.

Instead, I'll brag about

how well we are speaking
each other's love language.

As long as I'm with my queen,

I'm the luckiest man alive.

I haven't had this much fun hunting
in a long time, thanks to you.

And now I can't wait to see
what you plan for our first date.

Wasn't this it?

I promised you

romance, joy,


and beauty.

And we had all that tonight
here in Serenity,

where you are happiest.

You... are magnificent.

And she didn't have any trouble
getting to sleep?

How'd y'all do?

Who knows? But we had a blast.

It's not too late to surrender.

Anytime you want, Red.

Looks like you wore him out.

We had a good night.

And Maddie, I have to tell you,

Kyle was so fun.

- Good job.
- Thank you. You know what they say.

It takes a good community,
and Serenity is one.


What was that for?

Have I told you how proud I am of you?

Uh, thanks?

- Oh my God.
- Sorry. Ooh!

Yes! Isaac!

Let's go.

- And high five?
- Of course.

Come on. Great job. Great job.

So, did you, um, thoroughly enjoy

your first hunt?

How could I not enjoy an evening
with you and your daughter?


Well, you are now
a full-fledged citizen of Serenity.

And, um, I thought

you deserved a memento.

What is... Is it...

- Is that the... the fox?
- Shh.


Just think how much fun it's gonna be

when that beast suddenly appears

on Maddie's kitchen counter

in a few weeks.

I can't tell if I'm your favorite
or you're trying to get me killed.


- My dear.
- Okay.

Can I have your attention, please?

It is my honor to announce that the winner

of this year's Forager Festival is...

Team Downey, Fitzgibbons, and Sullivan.

We did it!

- That was close.
- This close.

- Get you next year!
- Annie!

- Annie!
- Good job!

- Good job, guys.
- I hope everybody had a good time.

It's exciting to see
the whole town come together

and... and enjoy being neighbors.

That's why I started the Forager Festival
when I came into office ten years ago.

To celebrate the wonderful people
in this community.

I'm excited to leave you with that gift.

Because I'm resigning as mayor.


Effective immediately.