Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 8 - Episode #2.8 - full transcript

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♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

My best friend,


It was all my fault.

I have to make things right,
even if it's the last thing I do, but how?


I'm only one small gnome.

Yes! Yes, that's the perfect way
to end that cutscene.

The guilt thing is epic!

Here's the thing. Is gnome the way to go?

Excellent point. Maybe a halfling?

- Yes! Then we can give him the luck trait.
- Yes! I knew you'd be the perfect partner!

Sophie, Kyle.

Hey, Mom.

Uh, we were just...

Having fun? It's wonderful.

- Yeah, but I... I should be working.
- Eventually.

It's all good! I gotta bounce.

Anyway, talk to you later, Puck?

Bye, Puck's mom.

- Bye, Sophie.
- Bye!


Good morning, Isaac.

You actually got
Rebecca down for a morning nap?


Yeah, I'm not sure what I did right,
but I will take the blessing.

Even had time to make
a pot of my special coffee

and start a to-do list.

- Here, try some.
- That's a pretty long list.

Wait, this is delicious!

I promise to share
my secret recipe with you when I move out,

so long as you swear not to tell.

Your secret's safe with me.

You're already dealing with so much.
Stay as long as you like.

You did not sign up for a newborn.

If I can get Rebecca to sleep
for 30 more minutes,

I can look at more Zillow leads.

Even if I had reservations pending,

which I don't...

...I can't imagine meeting
someone as nice as you.

Plus, there's
a whole lotta weird out there.

Weirder than...?

Two words.

Pet chickens.

And here are some signatures
I collected from my neighborhood.

Wow! That is quite a haul.

Well, I... I might have instigated
just a pinch,

but this side of legal, I swear.

What exactly did you do?

There's this water valve
that's been leaking for months.

It's just flooding the playground.

So when I explained
how my siblings can't play

and possibly brought them along with me
for additional emphasis...

Smart using your personal story.

Yeah, but then people opened up,
and I discovered everyone seems to be mad

about something or other
Mayor Lewis hasn't come through on.

You know, Helen, CeCe reminds me
a lot of you when you were younger.

I wasn't very political.

My head in the clouds,
I suppose, but you inspire me.

Among the many things our friendship
has taught me, dear heart, I know this.

That there is nothing
we can't accomplish together.

I wish I had friends
like y'all are to each other.

Doesn't seem to be
a girl in Serenity who gets me.

You keep carving out the life you want.
The right people will come alongside.

Back to our bad mayor.

What kinda schooling
would someone need to be a good mayor?

There are a number of roads,

but a degree in law
or public administration

would be a great start.

A law degree? Hmm.

- Like the one you've got, Miss Helen?
- Stay focused, please.

I know last night was awkward.

Oh, for everyone.

- Do we have to talk about this?
- Yes!

We gave you some time to process,

but I... I feel like
something more is going on here.

Nope. Pretty much
just complete and total embarrassment.

Well, I'm sure you have questions...

Even though what's going on
between your father and me

is between your father and me.

Why didn't you tell me
you two are back together?

- We're not.
- We were waiting.

Uh, listen, sweetheart, this sort of thing
can happen when people are separated.

It's bad enough you two had
whatever that was in the living room,

but now you can't even agree
on what it meant?

- It must be very confusing for you.
- And for you, apparently.

- Annie!
- Can we stop talking about this?!

I'm sorry I walked in on you!

I'm sorry I got my hopes up,
and I'm sorry that nothing has changed!

Baby girl...

- May I be excused, please? I need to...
- Yes.

Thank you for driving me
all the way to Charleston.

This was not the ideal date,
I admit.

- Are we calling this a date?
- We should not.

I was happy
to be there with you.

Well, I'm glad you were.
I'm grateful for your reassuring presence.

My pleasure, truly.

How you feelin'?

Seven follicles isn't the worst news.

It's not...

It's not the best but not the worst.

I'm okay.

I'm okay.

"Okay" is one of those words
that doesn't really mean anything.

People tend to use it
to spackle over a deeper truth.

I am not okay.

I am not...

I am not fine
or resolute or certain or blissful,

and I wanna be all of those things.

I've always set a goal and achieved it.

There is nothing I couldn't do

once I set my mind to it...

...until this.

I thought I had reached it,

but I'm standing on the edge of a lake
with no way to tell how thin the ice is

and whether I can get across.

"Now faith is the substantiating
of things hoped for,

the conviction of things not seen."


Hey, hey, hey.

I really appreciate you.

Entirely mutual.

We, uh...

we've earned ourselves
a little adventure, don't you think?

Now, how can I resist
an invitation like that?

- Okay, let's take a breather.
- No, I can keep going.

You need to rest between reps.

And hydrate.

What else is on your mind?

You looking forward
to the fundraiser tonight?

Taking your mom somewhere fancy
outweighs me having to wear a tux.

That is not what you were thinking about.

CeCe ghosted me.

I mean, she's crazy busy, but she was
still the one always texting me.

And all of a sudden, just silence.

Did she say she needed time or space or...

She didn't say anything.

Just be patient with her. And yourself.

If I hear that word one more time...

Why do I always have to be
the patient one?

I'm sick of waiting.

"Wait until your arm's better."
"Wait until the divorce is over."

"Wait until everything
just stops going wrong."

What if it never gets any better?

Don't do that to yourself.

Worrying about the future
doesn't change it.

Think about today.
What... what you want. What you can control.

And all those things

that don't turn out the way you hoped,
cross those bridges when you get to them.

I'm gonna come to them.

That's not what I'm saying, Ty.

If the end of my career
taught me anything,

it was to leave myself open

to options, choices.

When I stopped playing, did I think
that I was gonna go back to school

and become a teacher and a coach?


But here I am.

And I'm glad I did
because now I know you and your teammates.

And my mom.

Yeah, and your mom.

And I feel great about the future.

Don't limit yourself.

Don't define yourself by any one thing.

But it's been the only thing.

For such a long time.

Then maybe it's time for a change.

I just wanna stop picturing it.

It could be worse. One time, my parents...

Please! Please don't tell me.

And the worst part is
that I have to be completely transparent,

like, all the time,

and they're sneaking around
behind my back.


I thought you wanted them
to get back together.

I did.

I do.

But they're treating it
like it's something to be ashamed of.

Something to keep secret from me,

and that just feels so weird that I...

Annabelle, your break was over
five minutes ago.

Miss Sullivan, I...

- Can I get you a table, Jackson?
- No, ma'am.

Need I remind you

to keep family business
within the family, young lady?

This is spectacular!

Oh, only because you're here.

Hello, gorgeous. How are you tonight?


You have yourself
a nice night, over there.

You know, before all the hoopla begins,

I wanna spend some alone time

with the most beautiful woman
in South Carolina.

I just made it to State?

Most beautiful woman on the planet?

Nice save, Coach.

So, what is all of this hoopla
of which you speak?

Oh, you'll see.

I think it's great
that so many people wanna meet you,

and you're doing your fair share
for a worthy cause.

I, uh, know I should be more grateful,
but, honestly, all this attention

was always more Victoria's thing.

She thrived on the pretentious part of it.

But being here with you,

it's all so different.

I just wanna savor this moment
while we can.


Well, I'm happy to oblige.


Ma'am, may I speak with you?

What can I do for you, Jackson?

I apologize for making Annie late
coming back from her break.

Well, Annie is responsible
for her own clock.

But I appreciate the apology.

There something more?

I was hoping you'd give me your permission
to take Annie out on a date,

a formal date.

- I know you're not my biggest fan.
- Well, now, don't put...

And you're not a big fan
of my mom either, but she raised me right,

which is why I'm asking.
I... I didn't wanna sneak around.

I really like Annie, Miss Sullivan,

and that's why
I wanna go about this the right way.

- We have rules in our house.
- Yes, ma'am.

And the quickest way
to get in trouble with me

is to encourage Annie
to break any of those rules.

I respect that

and her and you, ma'am.

Well, then you have my permission.

But the decision
rests with Annie, of course.

Of course.

Thank you very much.

- Is there anything else?
- No, ma'am.

Absolutely stunning. Great.

Coach Cal. Coach Cal.

So, uh, here's all the hoopla.

It's intense.

I didn't realize, but that's why
your friend asked you, right?

'Cause all the fans love you?

Well, you love me,
and I'd rather go home with...


- You're good.
- Yes, fine.

I'm so glad she came.

...then Cal is a good decision...

You look handsome!

You look beautiful.

Uh, hi. Um, I'm Jodie.
Cal and I used to work together.

Uh, sorry, this is, um...


- Maddie! Nice to meet you.
- Yeah.

Nice to meet you too.

Jodie used to work
at the agency that repped me.

Is she your sweetheart?

More than...

Oh! Um, so, Cal,
we were just looking for you.

You are on deck for pictures.

So my assistant, Connie,
is going to help you over there.

Okay, then. Um... Uh, I won't be long.

Don't say that!

You have a lot of really excited people

waiting in line
to take a picture with you.

Oh, don't worry about her.
I'll keep an eye on her.

While you're gone, I'll make sure
no one tries to steal her from you.

Always got my back,
dear friend.

Always, dear friend.

I love your necklace!

Oh, thank you. It was my grandmother's.

And then my grandmother
gave it to my mother, my mother to me,

and one day, I'll give it to my daughter.

I love your dress.

Oh, thank you.

- It doesn't have a sweet story, but...
- It's beautiful.

- Cal, can I get a picture?
- How long have you known Cal?

Feels like forever!

The two of us met
way back when we first started.

We were both rookies.
He could be a handful.

Do tell.

Not my place.

He's different now anyways.

I could see it right when you walked up.

Should I be crediting
Serenity or you for that change?

He gets all the credit for who he is.

Oh, I see.

Definitely you.

Has he told you a lot about



That woman started drama
everywhere she went.

She contributed nothing

but was constantly
taking credit for all of his success.

That's unfortunate.

Well, it looks like he learned from it

because you, my dear,

are a lovely color on him.

What if we make him reanimated
instead of just undead?

You have
something against the undead?

Am I interrupting?

Or saving us from ourselves.

Hard to tell.

- Hey, Sophie.
- Hey.

Willow, this is my big brother, Ty.

- Wow. Hi.
- It's nice to meet you.

So, what else needs to happen
in this level? We're good, right?

Actually, I don't think we are.

You're giving the paladin
way too much narrative focus

and not giving the rest of the characters,

the female-identifying ones, enough.

Willow has a grudge against paladins.

You know, I promised my mom
I would be a good host.

- Do y'all want root beer?
- Oh, sure! Thanks.

I'll help.

Earth to Willow?

Okay, back to it.

- What?
- What?

I guess you missed the memo
that gaming is cool, and...

Dude, I'm just happy for you.

Excuse me?!

It's just great to see you with friends.

Gabe's the only one
who's really talking to me right now.

I don't know whether the rest of them
think I'm contagious

or boring because I don't wanna talk
about girls or baseball.

That's stupid.

You got so much more to offer anybody
who's smart enough to pay attention.

Thanks, man.

So, Sophie. She's cute.


No, she's super smart.

And Willow's fun.

You know, we're really digging deep
to expand the universe of the game.

Yeah, looks like
your universe is expanding too.

Oh! Oh really?

Hey, seriously! Stop!

I'm just happy for you, man. Come on!


And maybe a little jealous.

I guess maybe Dad not being invested
in anything I've ever done

worked to my advantage for once.

You know, I gotta try out new things

without him standing over me
every second, pushing and...

I'm sorry.

Oh, don't be.

I just... I wish

there was something besides baseball

I could just dive into for a while.

It's not too late.

Uh! Wow.

Oh, I knew it was dangerous
to leave the two of you alone.

Did you tell her
all of my deep, dark secrets, Jodie?

Mmm, only the juicy ones.

I don't know that I'm gonna be able
to get over the fact

that you used to put iced coffee
over your Cheerios?!

What do you mean, "used to"?

It's efficient and tasty.

I should go mingle,

uh, but it was a pleasure, Maddie.

- Pleasure.
- Cal...

We will talk soon.

She's very fond of you,
which is understandable.

- May I have another dance?
- Yeah!

Excuse me, Mr. Maddox. I'm Stu.

Uh, call me Cal, please.

Cal, thank you so much
for supporting this important cause.

I'm so honored to have
my picture taken with you.

Wonder if I can impose just a bit further
and have you sign your card for me?

I'm happy to.

Baseball's kinda everything to me.

I'm barely athletic enough
to tie my own shoes.

Dad and I loved goin' to games
since I was knee-high to a duck.

We were there for the home game
against the Nats you saved

with that amazing sliding catch
in the bottom of the 8th. Remember that?

- I do. That was a great day.
- Hmm.

- Lucky catch.
- No luck about it.

- Pure skill. You're a star.
- That's mighty kind of you.

Don't mean to run at the mouth.
That game is just so important to me.

Dad's been gone almost a year now.

That was the last game we went to
before he got sick.

So I just kinda think of it
as a gift from the heavens, from you.

I'm truly sorry for your loss.

I lost my father too,

and I know how important
those memories are.

- Hope you know what a special guy you got.
- Oh, I sure do.

Thank you again. Have a good night.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

What's that line that...

"Baseball is a game for sons and fathers"?

It means a lot to a lot of people.

Did your dad
ever see you play professionally?

Do you know
how grateful I am to have you in my life?

Well, I think that my gratitude stat

is a little higher than yours, Mr. MVP.


Then would you mind terribly
if I kissed you grandly,

right here, right now,
in front of all these strangers?

They're not strangers. They're fans.

This is a surprise.

Yeah, I'm kinda done
with the whole surprise thing right now.

Excuse me?
Why don't you take a breath?

I took a breath, Dana Sue.
I let our daughter take a breath,

and neither one of us
has the answer we've been waiting for.

Well, this is between you and me.

And as much as I love our daughter,
she's just gonna have to cool her jets.

Okay, then, between you and me,

what on God's green earth
is holding you back?

Because I need to know.


So you thought
storming into my place of business

was some way to hold my feet to the fire?!

- I acknowledge my wrongs!
- Ugh!

I have spent almost two years
working to clean up the mess I made.

We deserve a fresh start.

- The other night, you were...
- The other night was nostalgia.

Your cologne.

Old habits...

It was truth!

It was connection!

It was us.

Is us.

And you cannot look me in the eye
and deny it

because I know you felt it
just as strongly as I did.

Chemistry was never our problem,

but chemistry is not enough
to carry us through.

What else do you need from me?

Proof that things have changed.

You talk an awful lot
about how things need to change.

- Hmm.
- But let's be real.

What you're really saying
is I need to change,

and I have, but you refuse to see it!

And while you're updating the score,

why is it everybody else
has to change but you?

- Nana?
- Mm-hmm?

How many S's are in "princess"?

Mmm, two.

Oh, but only one N.

Are you telling Rebecca
that she's gonna be a princess, Katydid?

I'm telling her
if she wants to be a princess, she can.

But if she wants to be an astronaut,
that's okay too.

- Nana, how do you spell "astronaut"?
- Mm-hmm?

- Oh, okay. A-S...
- You don't need me to go, do you?

Noreen and I aren't exactly close.

Well, this isn't about Noreen.
It's about the baby.

Dad's baby.

A baby who had no voice
in who her parents are

or how she came to be.

You and Noreen
should get to know each other

without Dad and baseball
and all that stuff in the way.

Why do I need to be her friend?

You don't need to be her friend,
but you are her neighbor,

in the community
and in the Christian sense.

And I'm asking you to be charitable.

That baby deserves a future
not clouded over by her father's mistakes.

Just like you do.

Look, you're old enough
to make your own decision,

but it would be lovely for you to join us.

How do you spell "paleontologist"?

I guess I had better put on a nice shirt.

Thanks for meeting me here.

All the stuff going on between my mom
and her friends and your dad,

we have to be careful
about who sees us talking.

That's their mess, not mine.

My parents never gave a lick
about my opinion on anything,

so why should I care about theirs?

Right. I don't know
where I stand with my folks half the time

or with anyone most of the time,
for that matter.

Well, I could tell you
where you stand with me.

And I hope I know where I stand with you.

And that's why I wanted a little privacy

and why I got permission
from your mom to take you out.

You asked my mom?

"If a thing's worth doing,
it's worth doing right."

At least, that's what
my grandpa always says

before he tells me what I'm doing wrong.

Oh, no.

Oh no, I'm kidding. I'm kidding.

No, I'm not.

So, can I take you on a proper date?

Well, my grandpa always said,

"Why are we standing around
if there are places to go?"

Wait, is that a yes?

- It is, but I can't be late.
- Oh!

- You have another 30 seconds.
- You're counting?

Uh, only


Come on.

Have all the time in the world.
What are you talking about?

I have to go to work!

Moving Ellen to the op-ed section
was an excellent decision, Mother.

Now the question is,
what will we do with Donald?

The community desk
will be busier than ever with all of this

recall nonsense,

and he's over his head on a good day.

Are you suggesting we let him go?


His wife is sick.

But your supervision would be appreciated.

Yes, ma'am.

I do have a bit of non-newspaper business
to discuss with you.

I assumed so,

because the rest of this
could have been a quick phone call.

To what do I owe
the pleasure of another visit?

I'm going to tell Isaac's father
that he has a son.

Oh no, you're not.

And why wouldn't I?

Because I don't raise fools.

Mother, I...

Sit back down!

Staging a grand scene will not sway me.

I know you understand
why his mother and I did what we did.

To protect you both.

To protect the three of you.

No, Mother, it was to protect you
and your standing!

It is his right to know.
He should have known from the beginning!

And you think you'd be happy?

You think you'd be with him?

I saved you.

If good sense were leather,
that man couldn't shoe a flea.

That's not fair.

What in life is?

I pray you come to your senses

before you do something
that you cannot set right.

What I want to set right
is my relationship with my son!

I am not a scared 16-year-old girl
anymore, Mother.

I am making the decision my heart demands.

I want Isaac to know everything.

Everything, including who his father is.

You are a fool.


I am simply doing
what any good mother would do.

Oh wow!

I used to come here as a girl.

Read for hours, soak up the solitude.

I used to pretend that I was
the only one who knew about this spot

so I could leave
my deepest thoughts right here.

Then I'd come back
and visit them as needed.


But now I'm so happy I'm not alone.


But perhaps,
maybe we should, um...

...maybe we should go somewhere
where we are alone?

My house?


Oh, I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Did I presume that...

No! Mm-mm-mm.

I'm falling.

Have fallen for you, Helen.


There's just so much at play here.

Our path as a potential couple,

your path with IVF.

I mean, it... it seems like they're parallel

but separate.

Does that make sense?

I've fallen for you too.

And I don't wanna mess anything up here.

Intimacy can be found in so many ways.

We don't have to rush into bed.

And you don't have to slow down
having a baby.

Both can happen in their proper time,

and we'll find it


How on earth

could you just put on the brakes

and then make me care for you even more
in one fell swoop?


Well, as you've noted,

I am a man of many talents.


And I look forward
to discovering each and every one of them.

Mission accomplished!

Every signature line
on this petition is filled.

Good, 'cause we knocked on so many doors,
I think I might have sprained my wrist.

Cal Maddox magic wins people over
for yet another worthy cause.

And here you thought
you didn't have any fans left

after Mary Vaughn
pulled that school board nonsense.

Well, I'd hoped the issues persuaded them,
not my dazzling smile.

Of course. That smile helps too.

As does your willingness
to pose for photos.

I'm genuinely appreciative,
not mocking you.

It's fine.

I just don't need the recognition
and all that comes with it.

It's not how I define myself anymore.

How do you define yourself?

One blessed guy.

Mommy! Look at all the names!

What?! This is amazing, Katydid!

Tonight, Katie convinced me
and half of Serenity

that we need a new community pool.

This one delivers
a dangerous mix of charm and tenacity.

Clearly, some of it's genetic.

But most of it's you!

Yes! Looks like we have
a politician in the family.

- Paleontologist!
- Oh! Okay.

Well, I would never have imagined
how fun this was going to be.

I got to talk to some folks
I haven't spoken to in a host of Sundays!

We should be rabble-rousers more often.

- Oh yeah!
- Yeah!

Here you go!

Okay! Oh, this is fabulous.

We're gonna do it, y'all!

We're gonna fix our town.

- Whoo!
- Oh, I'm so happy!

Aren't you supposed to sleep
when the baby sleeps?

I tried, but it's nagging me that
if I don't grab these moments to do it,

then nothing will get done.

And the moving
kinda rocks Rebecca to sleep,

or maybe it's the sound of the water.
I don't know. I'm still figuring it out.

You have a seat.

I'll take care of those later
when you're asleep too.

You're spoiling me
something fierce, Isaac.

I'm just plumb tired!

And I feel like I'm messing up
every time I spin around.

I shouldn't be having this much trouble.

Why, because it shouldn't take
more than a week with your first child

to become an expert?

I suppose you're right.

Look. Noreen, Rebecca will be just fine
'cause you love her.

I'm not sure if all the love in the world
can fix the fact that I'm inept at this.

And all alone.

Hey, you got me.

And a whole bunch of people
that care about the both of you.

It was so sweet
of Maddie's kids to come calling today.

Couldn't have been easy for them.

Maddie's such an amazing mom,

amazing person.

So are you.

I don't make a point of sharing this,

but I'm adopted.


Uh, my parents were pretty young
when they chose me.

They didn't have a lot,

but they loved me.

They poured themselves into me.

And look how wonderful
you turned out.

Look, we're both looking
for our true place in the world.

I'm not talking about real estate.

So why go through all that on your own?


That is so gracious of you.


I can't do that unless I pay full rent.

Yeah, I could live with that.

Then we can live with you.


So the canvassing was successful?

Yeah! I can't believe
how many signatures we got.

Well, you unleashed your secret weapon.

The famous boyfriend.


I mean, between the fundraiser
and canvassing,

I'm beginning to realize
how different his life was.

It's like a whole new side of Cal,
and... it's kinda hot.

I wish I was seeing
a whole new hot side of Erik.

We're gonna need details, Miss Decatur.

To keep our heads clear, we've decided to

take sex off the table.

For now.

Oh. So it's under the table?

I'm done with you, Dana Sue.

You set me right up!

Erik is so fine in so many ways.

Coming to that decision,
that had to be difficult.

It was his idea.

You know, waiting can strengthen
what you have.

I hope so.

I don't want the emotion about one
to distort the emotion about the other.

I'm beginning to think that sex is how
Ronnie and I got into the mess we're in.

You know, chemistry distracted us

from dealing with all the issues
over the years.

Did something happen?

He came in this morning
and accused me of being inflexible.


Can you believe the nerve?


Well, it's just "flexible,"

it wouldn't... it wouldn't be the first word
that I would use to describe you.


Or the fourth.

Okay! Okay.

You can put the mirror away. I see myself.

Hmm. Why can't I figure out my next move?

Our next move.

Usually, when I'm stuck...


...there's something in my path
that I'm afraid of.

"I sought the Lord, and he answered me."

"He delivered me from all my fears."

So we can pour it out. We can pray it out.

We can figure it out.

What are you afraid of, Dana Sue?

Okay, I like this costume
for the female shaman.

Sort of patchwork-slash-homespun,

not... not too Halloween!

Influences of ancient Egypt
and traditional Celtic.

- I don't think it's appropriate.
- Kyle Townsend, you goody-goody.

I'm talking about the sleeves.

It just... it doesn't seem practical
while mixing potions.

Okay, you may have a point.

- Yep.
- May.

Hey, Kyle.

Hey, Nellie. How are you?

Good. I mean, fine.

How's your leg?

I... I'd say ninety... two

and a half percent.

That's wonderful.

Good luck
with the other seven and a half percent.

Come up a sec?

Have you met Nellie
at school or anything?

No. I mean,
I get she's the mayor's daughter

'cause I pay attention, and I know things.
But no, I've never met her.

Uh, Sophie, this is Nellie.
Nellie, Sophie.

We're working
on creating a video game together.

Welcome, wanderer!

Cool! Is it anything like Cuphead?

Kyle is the king of Cuphead!

But you probably know that.

Cuphead? I had no idea! Cute!

- This is more of an RPG.
- Oh.

4K, 60fps, a draw distance for miles!

- Go big or go home, right?
- Yeah!

You're designing
the whole thing yourselves?

We've gotten a good start
on the world-building

and the general flow
of the main questline,

but there's still so much to do.

I mean, we brainstorm every chance we get.

That's very impressive.

I mean, you're... you're welcome to join us.

Really? I... I... I'd love that!


Hey, the more the merrier.

Join our motley crew.

Cool! So, Nellie,
we're fleshing out the bridge battle

at the end of act one.

Let me show you
some of the sketches Willow did.

The halfling. Check out this guy.
He's three foot...

Thank you.



I was looking for Maddie.
A petition follow-up for the paper.

She's not here, but I can help you.

My assistant is verifying
the signatures today.

I... I can call you as... as soon as I hear,

but... I think we're gonna have
enough signatures

to go through with the recall.

Thanks for that.

You're welcome.


Thank you for introducing me to my son.

My opinion of Jackson
is beside the point.

- We have faith in Annie...
- Yeah.

...and I had a long talk with her
about making good choices,

so we'll see how their date goes.

Fine. Point taken.

Now, enough about Jackson Lewis.


need to get on the same page
about where you and I are headed.


Annie needs some stability right now.

We all do.

I'm scared.

That is what is holding me back.




Oh, of what?

That I can't trust you.

You know what?

Trust goes both ways,

and I don't trust that you have
any intention of forgiving me.

You act like it's so easy!

I want it to sound necessary!

I am a hamster on a wheel,

and if I don't make
some real progress soon,

my heart is going to burst!

Which is why
I went over to Prince of Peace,

and I spoke with Pastor June.

Why did you do that?

What did you tell her?

That we need counseling.

And she's agreed to see us
if you'll agree to go.

What's up, stranger?

That's what I'm trying to figure out.

Where you been?

I just... I needed time to cool off.

You blow up and walk out
with no explanation,

and you need time to cool off?

If you need an explanation,
what are we even doing here?

I'm just trying to figure out
what went wrong.

There's nothing to figure out.
I know my boyfriend

is still obsessed
with his kindergarten crush.

I'm not.

What went wrong is that I hurt you,

and I upset you, and I'm sorry!


I don't get an apology?

- For what?
- You upset me.

No, I didn't, Ty. May...

Maybe the truth did, okay?
But I can't... I can't fix that.

Then how are we supposed to fix this?

- I thought we just did.
- By putting it all on me?

You know, for someone
who's had it so easy,

you sure know how
to make simple things difficult.

Is that how you see me?

Look, if you want hand-wringing
and soul-searching,

I'm not your girl, okay?

- How do you not know that by now?
- Just trying to talk this through.

Until you get an apology,
when I didn't do anything wrong, Ty!

Fine. It's not about right or wrong!

It's about where we are
and where we're going in the future!

Our relationship deserves
that kind of investment, doesn't it?

You know, my mom says,

"At some point, you gotta decide
whether you're spending more on repairs

than the car's worth."

See you, Ty.

We officially have enough signatures

to go forward with the recall
of Trent Lewis as mayor!

Oh! We'll file all the petitions
first thing Monday morning.

- Whoo!
- Might I say a few words?

Starting with congratulations...


...and thanks.

To you, ladies,
who have fought the good fight.

This magical town is my whole world,

and I have worked to keep it welcoming,
hopeful, and most of all kind.

Oh nice.

I'm thrilled and encouraged

that our Sweet Magnolias
have taken up the standard

and are ready to fight to make the town
whole and right once again!

- Yes!
- Absolutely!

- Those are our girls.
- Yeah.

The next generation is in such good hands.

You are raising them so wonderfully.

Teaching them as we taught you.

And it makes me so very happy.

You bless us.

Cheers to Serenity

and all the women who make it so special.

To Serenity.

Oh! Frances!