Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 7 - Episode #2.7 - full transcript

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♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

Let's get a move on!

This family is not late for church!

Give me a sec!

How dare you?

Where do you gather
the temerity and absolute bad manners

to begin a movement to recall my husband?

Trent is the very finest of gentlemen.

And never ever in all of his born days
has he done anything

but the very best for Serenity.

Mary Vaughn...

He will prevail over this clutch
of petty, vindictive hens,

who are so hapless at love

that they find excitement
in maligning good men.

Since it's the Lord's day,

I'll say only this.

God bless our town founders
who ensured that when citizens disagree,

there is a process put in place.

We stand on the foundation that they laid.

You asked me
about kicking the hornets' nest.

Folks have seen the hornets swarming,
and they are waiting for an exterminator.


Let's take a deep breath...

...and look at the real issue.

You are worked up
over your little parking problem.

I would be happy
to suggest that Town Council reexamine.

Well, that would save a lot of trouble.

But it's too late to stop the recall.
The people have spoken.

The Declaration of Independence
has been signed.

Declaration of Independence.

It's nice.

Dating a history teacher
is really paying off.

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Oh, she is so beautiful, Noreen.

As I knew she would be.


Sweet, sweet Rebecca.

Rebecca Lynne Fitzgibbons.

Well, uh...

Lovely name for a lovely girl.

Y'all can come on in.
Bill's just here checking on us.

I'm Charles Fitzgibbons, Noreen's dad.
Uh, this is my wife, Amelia.

Sir. An honor to meet ya.


Well, I wish we were meeting
under slightly different circumstances,

but I do want you to know that I embrace
my responsibility here, all right?

Noreen and I,
we already agreed on child support,

and I just took care
of the hospital charges, so...

That's good to know.

And anything else they need,
I'm a phone call away.

Much appreciated,
but you needn't worry, Dr. Townsend.

Once Noreen and the baby are home,
they'll want for nothing.

When Peanut and I
are discharged tomorrow,

we're just going as far as Isaac's.
I need a day or two to regroup.

I'll let you know
as soon as we're ready to head out.

May I?

There we go.

You have an incredible daughter.

And now an incredible granddaughter.

God bless y'all.

Oh, hey there, uh...

You're Isaac, right?


I thought you and Noreen
might want some space, Dr. Townsend.

Yeah. You... you know,
Noreen speaks so highly of you.

Thank you for being
such a good friend and neighbor to her.

Of course. Happy to help.

Would you do something for me?

Call me if they ever need anything.

- Anything at all, all right?
- Yeah.

I appreciate that.

I read the report
from the new agribusiness manager,

and I have to say
I love the soybean rotation plan.

Wonderful. Let's talk later.

You know how I love a good steak
or even Erik's chicken pot pie,

but maybe we could explore
some, uh, vegan options for the menu.

Cal, partner,
I appreciate all your enthusiasm,

but right now you're more sugar in my tank
than grease on my axle.

Got it. Not the right time.

So just go ahead and take a look
at the proposal packet

I left on your desk already,
and just get back to me when you can.

And I am gonna help you by, um... leaving.


Never in all my born days did I think

that what I would cherish most
about Micah being my silent partner

is that he was silent.

Cal means well.

I mean, it's great
he's so excited to be part of the team.

Well, his heart's in the right place.
The rest of him, not so much.

I got four orders for the hash and eggs,

um, and three orders
for the baseball star.

Excuse me?

See that, Dana Sue?

Put him on the menu,
and see what that does for business.

Come in.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I hope you don't mind. I heard the news,

and I just wanted to come by
and congratulate you in person.

Oh no, no. No, no, no.
Don't you dare get up.

I just...

- May I?
- Mm-hmm.



This is my little Peanut.

Rebecca Lynne Fitzgibbons.

She is glorious.

Isn't she though?


I brought her somethin'.

The knitting circle
at Prince of Peace made that for Ty.

I brought all three of mine home
in that blanket.

I just... I thought
that it would be only fitting

that Rebecca came home from the hospital
in the same blanket that her siblings did.

Thank you.

Noreen, I've been thinkin'

and prayin' on this for a bit.

It's not fair to all four children
for the two of us to be at odds.

The burdens of the adults don't need
to carry on to the next generation.

For the sake of the children,

I hope that you and I could reconcile.

I would love

to move forward together

towards forgiveness
if you're still open to that.

Oh my goodness.

Oh my goodness.

She's perfect.

I know I've been evasive
with your questions about my past.

There are parts of that life I'm...

I'm still processing.

Shall we sit?

I haven't always been a chef.

Oh, I gathered.

I was an EMT in Atlanta.

Loved my job.

Loved my friends.

Fell in love and

got married.


We were so excited to start a family.

We got pregnant.

We could see a beautiful future.

She was 24 weeks along.

Vera had some bleeding.

I was sure that I could get her
to the hospital faster than...

But the bleeding got worse.

I tried everything I knew
there on the side of the road,

waiting for the ambulance.

I lost them both.

Oh, Erik.

The guilt.



They led me to some truly dark places.

But then my grandmama's recipe book
pulled me back out.

Led me to Dana Sue

and you.

I am so sorry

for what you lost.

And I am so happy for what you found.

But I can't ask you
to walk this road with me

while you're still healing from this.

- No, no, no.
- This is not fair.

No, Helen.

That's not what I'm saying.

You've reawakened a portion of my soul
that I thought was closed forever.

Helping you heal

is also healing something in me.

I think we can keep healing together.

And be better for it.


But I, um...

I need you to make me a promise.

- Ask.
- Hmm.

If my situation
ever makes the road tough for you,

you say so.

I will.

I ran into a bunch of eager signers
outside Deb's flower shop.

It was like I was walking around town

with a basket
of Dana Sue's molasses cookies.

Off to a good start,
but we have a long way to go.

You let me know if I need to bake.

How'd you squeeze this
into your day, Maddie?

Well, it's not like
I have to spend time convincing people

since Trent hasn't fulfilled
most of his campaign promises.

And Sunday's a perfect time
to go visitin'.

Were you out campaigning
before or after you went to the hospital?

Both things needed to be done.

I admire you going.

I don't think I could

muster that much grace
even fresh off of one of June's sermons.

Doesn't everyone deserve
a chance at a fresh start?

To Rebecca Lynne


Why didn't you start with that?!

Saving the best for last.

Well, I never thought
I would say this, but...

To Rebecca.


And to Noreen.

- Dana Sue.
- Mm-hmm.

How are you handling the kitchen now
with Isaac on good-neighbor leave?

You know this how?

Erik said that brunch was a little hectic.

He dropped by
for a glass of tea this afternoon!

- And?
- And nothing!



We're still figuring things out.

Does this include the fact
that you're trying to have a baby?

Yeah, he knows.
We're being very transparent.

And Erik is happy to support my journey.

- How did it go with Dr. Ringle?
- Promising. Exciting, actually.


Erik is going with me next time.

Why do I find this
to be terribly romantic?

- 'Cause it is.
- All right, hold your horses.

Have you considered the two of you
doing this the old-fashioned way?

Dana Sue!

We just went from the friend zone
to the not-friend zone.

I think it's a little early
to consider the baby-daddy zone.


She's just...

She's just been spending
so much time rollin' around with Ronnie.

- This girl's all revved up.
- Ah, come on!

Can we please talk about your man, Maddie?


Okay, you know I love Cal,

but you have to help me
calm him the heck down.

So many plans and ideas
and ideas and plans and plans and...

No, he's just excited.

He wants to help.

And how's it going
calming Ronnie down, Dana Sue?

I am doing an excellent job
of maintaining boundaries with him

and managing Annie's expectations.

- You practice that before you got here?
- Yeah.

Okay. Let's all just sit down,
and we need to come up with a plan.

- Ow!
- Hey. Take... take it easy, Ty.

I've been taking it easy all summer.

I wanna get back at it,
but I just... I can't.

We talked to Dr. Ahmed, okay?
This is gonna take some work.

I know. And you told me not to expect
a miracle when the cast came off,

but this feels like the same...

- You have to be patient.
- How much longer?

And... and what if my arm
never gets back to 100%?

- Honey.
- I'm fine.

Okay? I just...

Excuse me.

This is a process.

- Mmm.
- For both of you.

- It's not gonna be over quickly.
- I know.

And me being impatient with his impatience
is not gonna help anyone.

You know what might help?

A vacation to an exotic beach?

That is an excellent idea.

You were just here
for Sunday dinner, Peggy.

What's so all-fired important
that you're back today?



something has happened
that will have ramifications,

and I want you to be aware.

But I thought it appropriate
to share it with you privately first.

You're a journalist, Peggy.
You know better than to bury the lead.

I met my son.

His name is Isaac, and he seems to be
a wonderful young man.

I'm going to build
a relationship with him, Mother,

and I look forward
to introducing you to your grandson.

I have wondered about this day,
about him, for so many...

I didn't go through all that mess
you brought home 22 years ago

to have some stranger upend our lives now.

It was my mess, Mother,
and you never asked me what I wanted.

I did what any good mother would.

I have no interest in meeting him.

You send him away.

I can't wait to get home
and start pampering our girls.

Mom, it's such a long drive. Do you think
maybe we could stay an extra day or so?

If that's okay with you, Isaac?

Yeah. Noreen, you and Becks
stay as long as you want.

Are we calling her Becks? Not even Becky?

Well, it's Peanut first and forever.

- Let me take that sweet little lamb.
- Peanut.


- You can, um, change her on my bed.
- Oh. All right.

I can show you.

So tell me, Shortcake,

how you really doing?

- I'm fine, Daddy.
- Hmm?

Really. I just need to catch my breath.

Well, we don't mean
to chase you outta here, but

you just let us know
when you're ready, huh?

Miss Elizabeth
was worried you were parched.

I'm fine.

But this does taste good.

She was such a diligent gardener
in her younger years,

and she is so excited
that her lawn is gonna look good again.

Her nephew's been deployed
for a while now,

and she's had a hard time finding someone
who tends to her yard properly.

Did you tell her why I'm doing it?

I did.

Because you are a young man
committed to his faith

and the love of our neighbors
that flows naturally from that.

The truest form
of community service.

Yes, ma'am.

Listen, I know this isn't exciting,

but remember
what your friend Mr. Shakespeare said.

"There is nothing either good or bad,

but thinking makes it so."

Oh yeah, I can quote
more than just Scripture.

Now, I'm going back to Miss Elizabeth,
and you get back to this arbor.

Is this a dagger which I see before me,

the handle toward my hand?
Come, let me clutch thee.

I have thee not, yet I see thee still.

Hey! I'm looking for Puck.

Achievement unlocked.

Am I supposed to know you?


Not yet, but that's fine.

At school, I saw your Shakespeare thing,

which really isn't my thing,
but who passes up extra credit?

It was better than I expected,
and you were amazing.

It worked out because you're
exactly what I'm looking for.


I'm creating a game.
An awesome quest-based adventure.

I've got the code-side covered
and then some,

but I thought
teaming up with a terrific actor

would help with character design
and, when we get there, mocap.


Wow, motion capture? Really?


Because where most games fall apart
for me, as a player, is authentic emotion.

I mean, you got this guy who just traveled
three centuries to slay his archnemesis,

and he's all...
..."I have searched for you far and wide."

Uh, but... I want passion
and range and surprising reactions,

which is why I want you.

Wait, how did you know I was here?

Oh, Puck.

I can track anyone, anywhere.

Ready for an adventure?

How do we have any idea
what Noreen's taste is?


Your mother certainly knows how to shop.

I thought I was queen
of the good purchase,

but I bow to Miss Paula's expertise.


Won't be long before we're making
one of these baskets for you.

Wonderful! You're all here.

Miss Frances, what a pleasure to see you.

I came to sign that recall petition.

- Yes.
- Oh! Let me get it for you.

When you girls said

you were gonna continue my legacy
with the spa, that was special enough,

but you have taken things
to a new level of special.

Miss Frances?

We held the Wingate Family
Chamber Music soirees in this room.

Raised funds for local charities.

I remember.

It was for adults,
but you would always let us kids

waltz about on that front porch.

My favorite was learning
how to pour proper tea on the lawn.


What about the croquet matches?

And the time you, Miss Maddie,

hit the croquet ball so hard
it sailed right through that window.

That's why I didn't teach my kids
how to play croquet.

Oh, amazing how my family legacy lives on

in the beauty and strength
of those little girls.

I am so grateful to you three
for giving our precious Serenity

so much hope for the future.

Now, where do I sign
to get that miserable snake out of office?

Right here.

♪ It's always the same ♪

♪ It's always amazing with you ♪

♪ It's true ♪

♪ There's never a dull day ♪

♪ 'Cause everything's okay with you... ♪

Thought you might be here.
Are you waiting for someone?

Not anymore.

Do you want something? On me.
This is my favorite. You wanna try?


- Ugh! Hazelnut?
- You don't like hazelnut?

Well, then we can't be friends.

So, then, what should we be?

Sworn enemies?

Contenders for the same crown.

Hmm. Spies on the opposite sides
who are supposed to undo each other

but team up to save the world.

I like that one.
But which side did I start on?

The wrong one, of course,
and I bring you around.

You and the three million dollars
of diamonds we'll split when this is over.

Why would we split them?
Aren't we going to stay together?

Hey. How about this one?

Guy is stupid and vain enough
to hurt a special girl,

and that special girl
is gracious enough to forgive him.

Is that why you kissed me?

To apologize?

I kissed you

because you're important to me.

And I hope you kissed me back

because you think
we could be incredible together.

We could be,

as long as
I don't have to drink hazelnut coffee.

I'll think about it.


Oh, precious as a pearl.

When Annie was this size, I just wanted
to sit and stare at her all day long.

Hmm. Angels truly do live among us.



Thank you for that.

And for this.

- Hmm.
- And just for being here.

And thank you so much for giving
Isaac time off work to help me.

I just cannot even begin
to express how much.

Well, it's just how we do it
here in Serenity.


Erik sent this along.

And he implores you
to bring Rebecca back to Serenity

so he can make her
her first chicken pot pie.


Oh, Helen,
can I get your help in the kitchen?

I was hoping to meet your parents, Noreen.

They just went out for a stroll.

Well, that'll be them.

Hey, guys!

Great house!

Oh, look! It's a party!

- Shh. She's asleep.
- Oh, oh, oh.

You'd almost think
we all whisper together or something.

Oh my gosh.
My heart is full to bursting, y'all.


- Bless you and your little one, Noreen.
- Thank you. Thank you!


Flowers for you

and music for her.

But if you wanna keep the rattle
and give her the flowers,

I'm cool with that too.

Thank you.

- Look at this little baby. Look how cute.
- What is it?

Trust me,
you never can have too many diapers.

You know, I had no idea how much
can come out of such a tiny little human

at one time.

Thank you.

- Where do you want it?
- Uh...

Oh. Oh, look at you.

So you're really gonna do this?

Well, not exactly this, but, yeah.

I do have one question though.

I hope it's one I'm qualified to answer.

Isn't it terrifying?

Isn't a pennant race terrifying?

No. It...


Because you're praying every day,
nonstop, that you won't make a mistake,

that you won't let anybody down,
that you'll do a great job.

Yeah, it's terrifying.

And thrilling.

And wonderful.


Is there something I can do?

We haven't officially met, but we know
all the same people. Ronnie Sullivan.

- Nice to meet you.
- This is for you.

Thank you very much, Ronnie.

Before she could even sit up,
Annie always loved when we read to her.

She used to chew on 'em too.


- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

What a gift to have more friends
than your house can hold.

Hey, it's all good.

- We can hold them in our hearts.
- Are we interrupting a party?

Mama, Daddy. Come meet...

Noreen's friends.

Oh, Shortcake, this is lovely.
No cause to cry.

I don't mean to be such a watering pot.

It's just that everyone's being
so thoughtful.

Hi, I'm Maddie.
This is Helen and Dana Sue.

Pardon us, but we invited ourselves over
for a little sip and see

while Noreen and the baby are still here.

- Y'all have to try my molasses cookies...
- My favorite.

...before some people
gobble them up.

Yes, please.

You're the chef
that sends all the wonderful food.

Well, thank you. I am.

And you're the lawyer.

I am. And the three of us
own the Corner Spa.

So that makes you...

Yes. We thought we'd pay a call.

Charlie, are you hearing this?

Oh, I am, Amelia. Yeah.
It's very sweet.


- It's...
- Mom.

It's a blessing.

An absolute blessing.


So my dad told me
that I should get you a six-pack,

and my mom said,
"Gabriel Bridges Weatherspoon!"

So I split the difference
and brought you wine.



- Ah, come on, man, you missed it.
- I miss you, not the jokes.

Yeah, fair. It's good to see you, man.
Thanks for letting me come over.

I thought your last text to me was,

"I'll break the other arm
if you keep being antisocial."

Yes, but I did send
that awesome penguin GIF

to let you know
that the threat came from the heart.


Man, it's not good for you
to be off by yourself.

Yeah, you should tell that
to CeCe.

Okay, man, what's the plan?

I honestly have no idea. I'm not even sure
what to say to her at this point.

No, dude, I meant
what's the plan for dinner?

Let's get some protein in you,
and then we'll fix your love life

and anything else in your life
that might need fixing.

- This is exactly what I need.
- This is what friends are for.

If someone jumps out at me,
I'm gonna scream.


I'm trying to be all romantic,
and you're worried I'm pranking you?

- Where did I go wrong?
- Okay.


- Now this is the best beach I've been to.
- Mmm.

Well, it gets even better.

Wharton's is delivering
a Hawaiian pizza in an hour,

which leaves us just enough time...


...beach volleyball.

Oh, come on.

What? Is there another game
you had in mind?

Um... Mm-hmm.

♪ Suddenly, I know it's true ♪

♪ You and me were meant... ♪

So would that be poker or gin rummy?

Well, since we're at the beach,
shouldn't it be Go Fish?

It's good to know
that you are a little crazy.

Again, trying to be romantic.

That shirt is not romantic.

- Do you need me to take it off?
- That'd be romantic.

Well, I contemplated
a road trip to the Keys

or at least Myrtle Beach,

but I didn't think
either fit in your schedule,

so how about I take you
to Charleston instead?

You do not have to take me anywhere.
This is delightful.

But I have to go to Charleston,
and I don't wanna go by myself,

so please come with me.

What are you talking about?

An old teammate of mine asked me
to fill in at a fundraiser for St. Jude.

Black tie, gourmet food,

lots of schmoozing,

worthy cause?

Be my date?

By all means.
St. Jude is a wonderful charity.

I'm glad.

Are you gonna wear that shirt
underneath your tux?

- Give me your tens.
- Go Fish.

Oh goodness.

One thing though.

I am there to draw fans,
and fans can sometimes be

a lot.

Well, thank you for the warning,
but even if it's a little extra work,

it is nothing compared to everything
you've done for me and my boys.

Wait a minute.

Did you want me to say no
so you had an excuse not to go?

I always enjoy seeing the old gang.

It's just preparing to see them
that can be a bit...

Tell me.

I didn't leave the game
on my own terms.

I left because I was an immature idiot.

Crashed my bike,
wrecked my hip and my shoulder,

ended my career.

- I've seen the scars.
- Inside and out.

I thought

that world was everything.

And I was so wrong.


Your kids. Our friends.

This is everything.

Just stepping back into that world...

it just reminds me how fragile it all is.

Well, just because it's fragile
doesn't mean it has to break.

It just means you have to...
work a little harder to protect it.

Have you ever seen From Here to Eternity?

- Mmm.
- Hmm?

Good morning.

Yes, it is.

Especially since you want
to discuss my proposals.

Cal, I appreciate your enthusiasm
and your can-do energy,

and I think it's a waste
to have you penned up here in the back.

Here's my pitch.



What do you think about being out front?

The welcoming face of Sullivan's.

Oh, I know a curveball when I see one.

And I know that my ideas

haven't really been exactly scoring
as of late,

but I... I do really wanna help.

No, this will. I don't mean everyday host.

I mean celebrity owner

who makes sure
you're comfortable and happy.

Hospitality and charm.

Yeah, I can do that.

Yeah. And it'll make
the nights you're out there

extra special for our customers.

Good marketing, Chef. I'm all in.


But I do have some thoughts
about the uniform.

Should I get a Sullivan's coat like yours?

Or even better, I'm about to dust off
my old tux? Or maybe...

Oh, don't say wet T-shirt.

Thank you.

We started poorly, and I...

I know it was a shock.

For me too.

For a long time,
I wondered what it might be like

if this day ever came.

Look, I completely get it
if you're upset or disappointed or...

No, Isaac, no. Please.

I'm... I'm not at all disappointed or upset.



Of course.

Is this what brought you to Serenity?

Now that your question's been answered,
um, will you stay?

Yeah, it's... it's a great town.

I love my job.
I've... I've got great friends.

Though some of the bigger plans
are on hold

while Noreen and her baby
are staying with me.

Oh, I didn't realize. You and Noreen?

We're not a couple.
Um, just a friend in need.

- Doing what I can to help.
- What a generous heart.

Isaac, I am very happy that you found me.

And if you're willing,
I'd... I'd like for us to work together

and figure out
how we fit into each other's lives

and how we make each other's lives fuller.


This is for you.


How did you know my middle name?

You've been with me all this time.

I was only 16 when you were born.

My mother, she...

The only decision that I got to make
was the name on your birth certificate.

I am so blessed that your parents allowed
that small part of me to stay with you.

They must be wonderful people.

They are.

What about my biological dad?

Could we talk about him? Can I meet him?

Let me reach out to him first.

But let's trust that there will be a way.

For the moment,
can we just talk about you and us?


You start.

The Lord alone knows
how we're gonna shoehorn all this

for the ride back to Tennessee.

Now, Charlie, you're gonna drive our car
with the gifts and all.

I will drive with Noreen and the baby
in her car 'cause she's got the car seat,

and then we'll...


Drive with your daddy if you'd rather.

Maybe we can switch off
when we stop for lunch.

Amelia, hear the girl out.

I really do thank y'all for coming.

I'm so grateful
that you and Daddy are here.

You being such an amazing help and all,
but that's not a surprise

since you're the best mother there is.

But I've decided that Rebecca and I
are gonna stay in Serenity.

You... you knew this?

And you didn't talk her out of it?

That's not his job,
and I couldn't be swayed.


you're alone.

Amelia, we have seen fine proof otherwise.

They're not family.

You see that sweet little blanket
over there on Peanut?

You know who gave it to her?

Maddie Townsend.

It's the same baby blanket
that she used on her three children.

Rebecca has family here too.


Oh, I was looking forward
to seeing my girls on a daily basis.

And your brothers
are gonna be so disappointed.

Garth and Aaron will understand.


All right. Well, you hear me out
on this one thing.

We're gonna visit.

A lot.

I will miss you each and every day.

- Mmm.
- Oh.

And if you don't come home
to visit often enough,

we will be on your doorstep lickety-split.

Praise the Lord!
You brought reinforcements.

You. Roll towels.

And you may need to expand the staff.
I'm a man of many talents,

but so far, I've only been able
to be in three places at once.

This is an impressive crowd.
Though you've been telling me

since before this place opened
that men aren't allowed in here,

and now my feelings are getting hurt.

- They're just here for the club meetings.
- There are clubs now?

One investing club,
one knitting club, and two book clubs

have sprouted up
since the community meeting.

It's exciting, and it's good for business.

But I already feel
like I'm behind for the day,

and I have to pick up the boys
in an hour from physical therapy.

So could you please share with me

what on my to-do list
is the most pressing?

Which to-do list?

A dedicated phone line
to your political career

would be a huge help.

With everybody calling the same line,

I almost booked
an angry youth soccer coach

complaining about field conditions
into my afternoon yoga class.

Isn't that great?

No. No, the class
would not have gone well.

I mean, clearly,
people are eager to be heard.

And they don't wanna just rant.
They wanna help.

They wanna participate.

We are gonna need volunteers
to make changes happen.

But who's gonna volunteer
for the biggest task of all?

Who's gonna run for mayor
when we get rid of Trent?

I have some thoughts.

So do I.

Oh, you're both too kind,
but I must respectfully decline.

The spa comes first in my heart.
But my dedication does free up


I have not had that thought,
nor will I have that thought.

- But you did have that thought.
- I did have that thought.

Go, you two. Go. Join a club.

Uh, end of shift. Good night, Mom.

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Where are you off to?

Uh, to head home to change
and then go out, remember?

Oh, right. Wharton's. With whom?

It's a group.

You know, Lily, Michael, Claire,
Megan, Jackson, Steve, the usual crowd.

Shakes and jokes. All good. All chill.

Okay. Home by midnight, please?

No problem. See ya.

All right!

You wear it well, Cal.

As do you.


- Wow!
- Oh, this?

You look amazing.


- Come on!
- Yeah?

Follow me, superstar.

Ladies, Cal Maddox.

- Cal.
- Hey.

He's the owner.

- Thanks.
- Hey, hey.


- Thanks, man.
- This is so exciting.

Let me know if you need anything.

Just focus on making
the guests feel special.

- Okay.
- It'll take a few to get warmed up.

All right.

Or not.

Welcome to Sullivan's.

Wow! Coach Cal!

Great shoes.

Great everything.

Okay, he's on the clock.

- Okay.
- Maddie. Hi, boys.

So, what brings you out tonight?
My debut as host?

Sorry, Coach.
I'm here for the fried chicken.

Yeah, and, uh, I'm here
for the fettuccine Alfredo,

but... respect.

I am taking the boys to dinner

to congratulate them for their first day
in physical therapy together.

Well, in that case, allow me to go speak
with Isaac about a surprise dessert

because this table should be celebrated.


Well, if this is a celebration,
maybe we should start with dessert, Mom.

- Tyler.
- You've got pull here, right, Coach?

Gentlemen, let me offer you
an invaluable piece of advice.

Listen to the smart woman in your life.

Didn't expect to see you here.

Hey. Yeah, I just thought
I'd do a few odds and ends.

Was hoping to wish Annie a good night.

Where is she?

Some group outing.

Although I'm a little bothered
that Jackson is a part of that group.

Course he is.

Telling you, there's something
going on between those two.

What do you know about it?

Saw them kissing
outside of VBS the other night.

- Why didn't you tell me?
- What?

Why didn't you say something?

I cannot believe that we have to have
the co-parenting conversation!

You're right. I'm sorry.
I should've... I should've said something.

I'm sorry,
so you're just agreeing with me.

No argument?


I am.

Because you're right.

Well, that

is a big step forward.

Yeah, it is.

Feels good to be
on the same team again, doesn't it?

It does.

- These are for you.
- Oh! Thanks.

All right.

I admire your restraint.

With the food?

With not going up on stage
and showing them how it's done.

I'm just following your lead.

I'll keep that in mind.

I'm glad it's a different vibe tonight.


Yes, it is.

Thanks for the invitation.

And thanks for picking Jazz Night.
I'm a lifelong fan.

- Lifelong?
- Yeah.


when I close my eyes
and see our house when I was a child,

I... I hear jazz,

and I see my parents
swaying in the kitchen

as though they were dancing at Birdland.

How about you?

I don't remember where or when it started,

but jazz has always fascinated me.

How so?


The way the musicians trade off.

Who rises. Who falls.

When they're in harmony.
When they're contrapuntal.



Always swirling around each other

but always finding
their way back to the melody.

They always find their way
back to each other.

Through empathy and

shared experience.


Isn't that love?

Something awfully close to it.

Oh God!

- Oh!
- Annie! Ooh! Annie!


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