Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 2, Episode 4 - Walk of Faith - full transcript

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♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

That was not
an especially relaxing session, Trotter!

Y'all will thank me later.

Will we though?

What in sam hill?

Let me look into this.

Helen, did you overdo?

When did you two
become a pair of hovering Hannahs?

I am simply
easing my way back to full speed.

In fact, I need to go.

I... I... I've gotta file paperwork
to find Isaac's birth parents,

and I gotta review that redline
that Marybeth's lawyer sent over.

Who's Marybeth?

- Our new Ry...
- Agribusiness manager...

Helen, come on...

You know my mouth can go one way,
and my brain will go another.

Throw salt over your left shoulder,
and we're good.


Well, if I may,

speaking of people
who show up like bad pennies,

guess who was out front
with Kyle last night when I came home?

Hush your mouth! Noreen?


What did you say? What did you do?

What any proper Southern lady would do.

I wished her a good evening,
and then I went inside.

Then I slammed my ear
up on that front door

and listened like a bat
with a hearing aid!

- That's my girl!
- What, is she here just to see Kyle?

No, I'm still trying to figure that out,
but he's not talking to me.

And I suppose there's a world in which
I should be glad he is talking to someone,

but that is just not the world
we are standing in right now.


Well, someone cast a spell
on the front porches of this town.

Who came to see you?

Look at that smile.



- What?
- Wha...

I know.

It was hot.

I mean, like... like,
"before he put a ring on it" hot.

Wait, what does that mean?

- It means they had the old spark, like...
- No, no, no. I know what that means!

- Sorry.
- I was thinking of Jeremy.

Even though Hot Lips over here wasn't.

Wow! Rein in your high horse, please.
This has nothing to do with Jeremy.

This was just
an interesting chemistry experiment.

Yeah, you sure it wasn't a history lesson?


All right.

Well, we are the proud recipients
of some crazy parking restrictions.

What? How crazy?

One-hour parking out front
and on both side streets.


Yeah, most of our clients
come for two hours at a time.

Who's gonna wanna walk
a half mile after a workout?

But... weren't you told that we have
up to 21 days to come up with a plan?

According to the charming
and forthcoming gentlemen out there,

we'll have 21 days to implement a plan.

I'll get to the bottom of this.

Ah, mm.

You are swimming upstream
with your hands full.

- I will go by the zoning office today.
- If you're sure?

- Yeah!
- All right. Well, I need to get going.

CeCe is probably already waiting for me,

having reorganized my files
and waxed the floors.

- She's a real go-getter, huh?
- She is.

She and Ty are well-matched.

Have a lovely day, ladies.

- Hey. Take it easy, you. All right?
- Yes.

I will. Oh, I can't...

You can leave whenever.

Why would I leave?

Everyone leaves...


Wanna talk about that?

No. No, whatever I say
is gonna be wrong or stupid...

or crazy.


I'm here to listen and to help,

never to judge.

The whole world
is at the courthouse today.

All right. Four sets of copies
of the Verdelotti deposition.

That's for you, the witness,

the defense attorney,
and the transcriptionist.

No grass growing under your feet, CeCe.

I need to give more thought on how best

to keep such a speedy
and fine assistant occupied.

- Miss Helen?
- Yes, my dear.

I didn't realize the time.

I have to run my wild bunch
from camp to the community center.

- I'm so sorry.
- No, no, not at all.

Our arrangement is, like, totes flex.

What? Did I not get that right?

I appreciate the effort.

Yeah, I appreciate you,
so when you have to leave, you leave.

I'll hold the line till you return.

Want me to bring you lunch
when I come back?


- You know, that would be nice.
- Her lunch has arrived.

Oh, hi!


Sorry, I didn't realize
you were here today...

CeCe. Yeah, no worries.
I'll grab something on my way back.

All right. Thanks, CeCe.


Glad to see you got someone helping you.

Well, I am blessed to have people
watching over me and cooking for me.

Food as support.

Well, does your support
come with extra bacon?

Of course.

Oh, you know me far too well.

Right now, um...

right now, all I can express is gratitude.

Not even asking for that.

Oh, should you need dinner,
you know where to find me.

- Thanks for squeezing me in, Zoila.
- Oh, my pleasure, Maddie.

I do not understand.

Well, of course you don't, sugar.

But fear not, I will be your plucky guide
through the labyrinth of city planning.

Bless your heart.


Zoila, what?

Oh Lord have mercy.

Zoila have mercy. Tell me.

Parking restrictions are being posted
in front of the Corner Spa

because you do not offer

the legally required number
of parking spaces for your clients.

Therefore, said clients
unduly burden city resources,

such as unrestricted parking,
and therefore must,

in accordance with
Town Ordinance 783.314, subsection A,

contribute to the relief of said burden
by paying for parking.

Why didn't the zoning commission
say something

when they approved our plans?

I do not know.

Your plans did not come across my desk,
or I would have flagged that immediately.

Well, what am I supposed to do?

Besides having our clients running out
to feed the meters halfway through Zumba.

I would recommend you purchase
a dedicated parking lot for your clients.

'Cause there's
so many of those lying around.

As a matter of fact, there's one
laying around right behind the spa.

No, that's not a parking lot.
That's the old Wilkinson place.

According to town records,
it's a commercial lot.

Purchased from the Wilkinson estate
by Fast Molasses LLC.

No development plans filed to date.

When we bought Miss Frances's house,

we had to jump through flaming hoops
to get our lot reclassified as commercial.

Your boss acted like
we were trying to classify water as wine,

and he swore that the entire block
would stay residential.

So has something changed?

Or were we getting played?

Around the horn.

Great, Jackson.

Feel the difference on the release?

- I do. Thanks, Coach.
- Good job.

Good day, guys! Thanks, Gabe.

You got it, Coach.

- Jackson's looking good.
- Yeah, the kid's stepping up.

Wish we could've got him
further along by State.

Hey, that was their win, not our loss.

They were bigger and stronger
with a deeper bench,

and they weren't missing
their star pitcher.

Which is why I need you to do me a favor.

Of course. I'm not sure I follow.

Could you write me
a letter of recommendation?

Job hunting?

Harlan, why?


Really. Are you not happy?

- Cal...
- Did I do something?

The school board meeting tonight?

I mean, a head's probably gonna roll
for the loss at State,

and since I'm not a famous MLB player,

chances are it's gonna be mine.

It's not like
they can fire Jackson.

Slow down. I... I mean,
the board meeting should be a conversation

about how we grow next year.

Budget allocations for new equipment,
uh, resodding the practice field.

Man, we made it to State,
and we should be proud.

Cal, you weren't hired to get to State.

You were hired to win State.

That's why you're being paid
twice what Coach Tugwell got paid.

And ten years since the last championship
is why Tugwell's gone.

Sorry I'm late.

How'd the interview go?

The chances of finding a roommate

that doesn't look likely
to up and kill me?


Can't be that bad.

- Dude had a chicken.
- Fresh eggs don't sound bad to me.

Okay. Well, the chicken
shares the dude's bed.

I feel like I've met
half the candidates in Serenity,

and from what I've seen,
I don't wanna meet the other half.

Have you considered Airbnb?

Plenty of folks slide through town
for the Low Country festivals,

hiking the trails.

Heck, just to get away
from their families.

The visitors can't be any stranger
than the natives.

I'll be right back.
I've gotta grab some... eggs.

Hey, Erik.


Good to see your face.
Didn't realize you were in town.

I just had some loose ends
I needed to tie up.

Not sure that I'll be here all that long.

Well, how you feeling?
Aren't you getting close?

Three and a half weeks.

Little sore from the long drive in
and lumpy motel bed,

but that's nothing
your chicken pot pie can't soothe.

Could I get one to go?

Of course. It's nice to have you back.

Thanks, it's good to be home.
Well, back. You know what I mean.

I do indeed.

- You're not coming with me?
- Am I supposed to?

You could play guitar.

I'm kinda rusty.

And it sounds like
everyone's got a lot to learn,

so I'd hate to be in your teacher's way.

Do you mind if I come another time?

Suit yourself.

You're the one missing out on all the fun!

Oh my God!

- Hey!
- Hi!

I didn't mean to scare you,
but you sure do look cute scared.

You just caught me by surprise. That's it.

- Oh, being here or the kiss?
- Both.

You're not gonna blame me
for that, are you?

You've been impossible to pin down.

Yeah, but you're the one
with the busy schedule.

You know, I don't have a lot
going on right now,

so it would seem weird for me
to be trailing around after you,

begging for a spot on your calendar.

This doesn't have to be work, Ty.

We just have to decide
we wanna make time for each other and...

...have a plan.

Unless you've been avoiding me.



Because what I need most
in my life right now is something

that's not work.

When's your next free evening?

They are all free because you're busy.

Bet I can peel off for an hour or so
after work.

- Yeah?
- Meet you in the park?

Okay, that sounds great.

Now, do I have to clear that
with your secretary first, or...


Let's sit here.

- Yep.
- Okay.

Psst. Hi, Coach!

- Hey, don't poke the bears.
- Why not?

Hey, superstar!
How much we pay you to lose State?

That's why not.

Do I get to hold the other hand
since Carla's home with the baby?

Neither of you, don't listen to 'em.

I guess I shouldn't be surprised
there's so many of y'all here tonight.

I know this is a matter that strikes deep
in the hearts of most folks in Serenity.

Especially those of us
who grew up in a time

when the whole state of South Carolina
looked to Serenity for baseball champions.

Which is why we felt it was important
to have a timely meeting

about the future of our beloved Bulldogs.

Now, in light of Coach Maddox's failure
to accomplish the stated goal

of winning a State Championship,
there is a motion before our committee...

- Hold on a minute, Mr. Gregg...
- Coach Maddox, we have a process here.

- Everyone will have their moment.
- We had our moment!

And they blew it!
I mean, what are we paying this guy for?

Sure as heck isn't
to come home empty-handed!

Well, I'm sorry you're all disappointed,

but this is my first year
with the Bulldogs.

And the first year in over a decade
that we even made it to State.

Next year is looking more promising.

"Promising" doesn't get my nephew
to college.

We were down our star player.

Hell, if he had played Jackson Lewis more
during the season,

Lewis could've pulled it out.

Hey! Cal gives Jackson
just as much attention

as he gives to every other player.

And, of course,
his girlfriend's gotta defend him.

People! Come on! Hey!

Safe to say, we all seem
set on our opinions about the matter.

So I'm calling the question,
and we're moving to the vote.

All in favor of renewing
Coach Maddox's contract for this season?

All in favor of dismissing Coach Maddox?

Three and three.

And the deciding vote?

And then I realized
I logged all those billable hours

to the wrong client.

- But Miss Helen was so nice.
- Yeah, Aunt Helen's great.

And so smart, you know? She cares.

I mean, she convinced me
to do Mock Trial, and look...

I just... I never saw my future like this.

Like, anywhere beyond Serenity.


Meeting her might be the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

Gee, thanks.

- Oh, you know what I mean.
- Yeah.

Or maybe you don't,
since you've known your future

since you were, like,
knee-high to a grasshopper.

Yeah, yeah.

I'm happy for you.

I might even go to court with her
this summer.

I mean, wouldn't that be amazing?


So, what do we do now?

I have absolutely no idea.

Do I need to explain myself?

No, ma'am.

Hand to God,
this is all for the greater good.

Yes, ma'am.

I think we are gonna have
a splendid season next year.

As a fellow booster, Mary Vaughn,

I just wanna thank you
for voting your heart.

That heart doesn't beat
just for my Jackson but for every Bulldog.

And now, with Coach Cal Maddox
properly focused

on an unbiased training program,

next year when we're at State,
it'll be my Jackson on the mound,

leading us all to victory.

- I always said he showed promise.
- Make it happen.

That woman has been whipping up cream
since childhood.

Do not mistake yourself for the cow.

Pretty sure
that was a slaughterhouse.

Hey, three members voted for you
because they like what you're doing.

Don't lose sight of that
because Mary Vaughn used her vote to...

To blackmail me?

To treat me like some dumb jock
who washed out of the Majors,

and now she's turned me
into her own personal bobblehead?

"Yes, Mary Vaughn. Thank you for my job,
Mary Vaughn. Your son's a star..."

Hey, hey. We'll figure this out.

- I did right by this team.
- Yes.

- Tell me the truth.
- I always do!

I need that. I never got the truth
out of Victoria, not about anything.


I'm sorry.

Oh! CeCe, hi.

Good morning.
Uh, Miss Decatur isn't in right now.

I just had a little research question,
but I can wait.

Maybe I can help.

If it's just, like, research
and not actual legal advice.

I need to know the owner
of a commercial property,

but I only have a corporation name.

Okay. Several databases could be helpful.
I'd be happy to try.

All right. Well, if you sure there's not
something else you need to be tending to.

Oh, the main reason I'm here
is to help Miss Helen with her workload,

but I'm actually having a good time.

So it's not coming up right away,

but that could just mean

it was incorporated
outside South Carolina.

If you don't mind,
I'll do some more digging

and let you know what I find.

Well, that would be wonderful.

Thank you very much, Miss Matney.
I look forward to hearing from you.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How are you?

I'm on the mend.

- I didn't mean just the arm.
- Well, I'm on the mend.

- How are you?
- Staying busy.

Yeah, it seems like
everyone's staying busy this summer.

Can I do something for you?

- Parfaits.
- Parfaits.

Um, I'm here picking up parfaits
for the café at the spa.


I'm sure they're ready to go
in the kitchen.

Ask Bailey.

I should've texted after the hospital.

I could have too.

I just didn't know what to say.

Me neither.


Mississippi makes it nearly impossible

to access the adoption records

that could help us
find your birth parents.

I could try to find another way in,
but I... I just...

- But we're done!
- No, no.

- We're in search of a new path.
- Yeah, but what if there isn't one?

Your birth mother left you that Bible.

She left you words to guide you.

Yeah. Maybe it was a farewell gift.

I think there's a message there.

So let's explore that as our next step.

I don't ask for a lot in life.

- Why is this one thing out of reach?
- Hey, hey.

We will keep the faith...

and we will find light in the darkness.

Promise you'll eat some of these
in the comfort of your own home.

One fresh batch of bacon tomato jam,
coming right up.

When I was a kid,
we'd eat 'em up like apples off a tree.

That... that sounds delightful.

You know what else sounds delightful?

Another date with you.

Okay, well, I mean, that does sound




Oh God,
it's just... it's all this paperwork.

You know, I've got the deal with you,
the deal with Cal. I'm... I'm just...

I'm distracted...
...and I need an evening or two.

You know, just to sort things out a bit,
you know?

I can wait on my paperwork
if it speeds our date up.

You're so understanding.

I'm going to give you a call later.

Is that all right?

- Course it is.
- Okay.

I'll go make my deliveries
and wait to hear from you.


Wait, come back here.

Take it easy.

Okay, okay.

- Mom?
- Yeah?

Do you have something going
with the farmer?

Uh... Well, I don't think I'm required
to explain myself to you, young lady.

Are you going to explain yourself
to Daddy?

- This is complicated, Annie.
- Is that the explanation or the excuse?

Excuse me!

Get in here.

Daddy comes back,
and we are having a great time,

but you're sneaking around
with your business partner.

How is any of that right or fair?

What... Fair? To whom?

To me! Or Daddy. Or the farmer.

- Come here, baby.
- No!


Oh, I'm so sorry. Are you okay?

Yeah, I'm fine!

You don't look fine.
You look upset. Let me help.

No. It's complicated.

Now, good foot on the step.
Push up with the crutches.

All right.

- Maybe I should crawl.
- No, you're good. Next one.

- You're amazing!
- Mom.

What? Okay.

Use your momentum. Find your rhythm.

- Yes!
- I'm getting the hang of this.

Yes, you are!

- Whoa! Whoa!
- Whoa!

Okay, that is not
our most graceful moment.

Thank you for the safe landing.

You're okay!

Come on.



I can carry him into the house
or back to the car if we have to...

I'm okay. I'm okay.

I'm so sorry, Mom.

For all the trouble
and embarrassing you and scaring you.

Honey, we're okay. We are okay, all right?

- We're getting through...
- No. No, Mom. No.

Please talk to me, Kyle.

Please just talk to me.

I didn't know how.

How what?

To tell you how angry
and invisible and twisted I felt.

After everything
you've done for me.

No, honey.

All I have done is adore you

for the glorious...

...and unique creation
that you are.

It is my honor and my duty as your mother

to keep you safe and strong

and for you to know...

how much you're loved.

I do know.


Oh, come here, baby.

I have got you, kiddo. Always.


Where do we stand?

In a really good place.

And as I look at the tests,
it doesn't appear the miscarriage

was attributable
to any underlying maternal health concern.

That's a relief.

Miscarriages happen
more than anyone speaks about.

And often for no reason

other than pregnancy
is a complicated process.

It's a miracle.

What comes next?

That's up to you.
And not a decision you need to make today.

We can talk about it
whenever you're ready.

That's just it.

I'm ready.

I still want a baby.

To... to carry a baby.

And if I can't,
we can talk about the alternatives later.

Well, then your next step is to see
my friend in Charleston, Dr. Ringle.

She'll do more extensive blood work
and then lay out all your options.

Thanks so much, Howie.

I assure you, as a doctor and as a friend,

I will be here for anything you need.

Given the friendships
I've been blessed with,

I know, without a doubt,

that this baby...

...and I will have some fine companions
on our journey.

Thank you for meeting me here, Noreen.

Maddie, I... I need you to know
that I didn't mean to make things awkward.

I just kinda...

You can't possibly know

how hard it is for me to say thank you.

But I honestly do appreciate
you showing up for my son

when he needed someone.


that wasn't me.

Well, he's such a special soul.
I mean, you must be so proud.

I can't take any credit for that.
Arrived from heaven that way.

You've raised
three beautiful children, Maddie.

I came to love them, to feel blessed
that I was gonna get to be their...

You know, when Kyle called me,

I was just responding
out of friendship to him,

not disrespect to you.

Thank you.

But these are my children,

in my house,

and you cannot show up
without calling first.

I overstepped.

I get that. I just...

Our kids are still family.

How are you and the baby doing?

We're good.

I'm sincerely so sorry
for all the hurt I've caused you.

Good afternoon!

If you're here for lunch,

let me recommend the BLT with the FGT.


As hard as it is for me to pass up
both bacon and fried green tomatoes...

- Wait for it.
- Mm-hmm.

I managed to make my own lunch today!

I don't know
whether to be impressed or hurt.

Impressed, please.

This is a small gift to you
for your recent kindness.

It's a book of poetry
that my mother gifted me

when my daddy passed.
Helped me through a lot of hard times.

Gave me hope,
and, um, it helped me to heal.

As you've done for me.

Well, it isn't a task
to be a friend to you, Helen.

But thank you very much.

And here I was
hoping you'd come to see me, Helen.


I, um... I don't have any news,

but I do have a thought.

Would you be able
to join me tomorrow to discuss?

Yeah. Yes, of course. Thank you.

There are more roads than roadblocks.

I'll call you.

Have a lovely day, Erik.

You've seen to that, Helen.

Hey, those strawberries
need your attention more than I do.


Postmates delivery.
One sibling, side of crutches.


Uh, shoes, please.

I'm so glad you came.

I told your mom I thought some basic yoga
might help you with pain management.

- Just lean back.
- I'm good, Ty.

- I'm just helping you...
- Gimme a...

That is the calming, centered energy
we like to bring to yoga.

Oh no, I'm just dropping him off.

Ah, right. I'm also going to teach Kyle
about being mindful.

You wanna know why?

Because his mind is empty.

Because stress and anxiety halt healing.

Correct me if I'm wrong. You have
a passing acquaintance with that yourself.

I suppose.

Meditation helps. Join us.

All right.

Settle in, gentlemen,

and you may face the front,

or that will do just fine.

Close your eyes,

inhale a deep, cleansing breath
through the nostrils...

...and exhale through the mouth.

Bro, what'd you eat this morning?

You think that stank is me?
Have you met your feet?

Gentlemen, let's stay focused.

We are now going to visualize.

We're visualizing a calming thought.

A peaceful place.

Come on, pay attention.

I'm quite sure I don't wanna know
what you were visualizing,

but maybe try visualizing something else.



- Bro, come on! Cut it out.
- Focus!

See, look, it's all him.
I'm totally into this, Trotter.

Dude, only you could fall
off your own butt!


Hey there, Noreen.
Your order will be up in a minute.

How are you?


I think a brass band
moved into the room next door to me.

You're at the motel? Not with, uh...

- Not with Bill.
- Sorry.

I toss and turn a lot
because of the baby anyway,

so it's not all that much a problem.

Here's a thought,
because, as I've been learning,

this is what we do in Serenity.

So I live across the street
from the library, on the corner there.

The green house with the pretty garden?

That's me!

Uh, so my housemate
got a job in Tampa and left,

so the other bedroom
is available for a bit.

Uh, it's not much,

but you could cook there
if you're tired of ordering from here.

That's really sweet.

I think sweetness might be the thing
I've missed most about Serenity.

- Let me take a beat?
- Yeah, take your time.

- Isaac? Here you go.
- Thank you.

Offer stands.

Pour it out!

You know, I don't know
whether to drink this

or just pour it over my head.

Don't you dare waste
my good tequila like that.

Come on. Back in, back in.

- Pour it out!
- Pour it out. I'm... I'm with you.

- What's going on, Dana Sue?
- Hmm.

Feeling a little warm,
caught between those two men?

Yeah, I was caught all right.

By my daughter.

Oh, yuck.

Dare I ask, doing what?

Uh, kissing Jeremy.

- You didn't want her to find out?
- No! I mean, not like that!

You know, I'd like to actually know
where this is headed before I have to...

What, explain myself?

Well, speaking of kissing and explaining,
have you talked to Annie about Ronnie?

No, because I haven't even talked
to Ronnie about Ronnie.

And Annie, oh, she is just gunning
for us to get back together.

And, you know what,
I will not stoke that fire.




I told you,
it was the good stuff!

All right.
That margarita works better on the inside!

All right. All right.

And while we cool you down, wild thing,

maybe Maddie can tell us
how her boys are doing.

How your boys doing?

- I think I made a breakthrough with Kyle.
- Hey, congratulations.

The thing is,
I don't think I got there by myself.

Ashley played a part in it, I think,

and, um, so did Noreen,
if I'm being honest.

- Hmm.
- Wow.

Who were we talking to, Dana Sue,
about, uh, letting people help you?

- Oh!
- Mm-hmm.

Listen, I am very grateful
for everyone who helped.

And I even told her so.

- Oh?
- I did.

Well, that must have been
a fascinating conversation.

She happen to mention
what's up with her and Bill?

No, and I didn't ask, thank you very much.

Although Bill, he called me,

and he told me,
"I'd like to chat with you for a moment."

About her?

No, no, no.
I cannot imagine that.

- I'm just... I'm so happy to have Kyle back.
- Amen.

And just when I get him back together,
Cal unravels.

That school board meeting,
it just... it really rattled him.

I heard that Mary Vaughn was
the tiebreaker in renewing his contract.


What does he owe her now?

Half his soul.

His right kidney!

Oh, uh, and Jackson as a starter.

- Well, I understand the unraveling.
- Yeah.

I've seen him get mad, pop off
a little bit, 'cause we all do that,

but I've just...
I've never seen him so undone.

Were you worried?

No, no, no. Not at all. I just...

It was just a flash of a side of him
that I didn't know was there.

- Well, keep an eye on that.
- I will.

Trust me, I will.

Well, next up is Miss Helen Decatur.

- That's me.
- Lawyer. Businesswoman.

And a suspiciously quiet friend.

Helen, what would you like
to tell the people?


...I want to have a baby.

I am going to have a baby.

- Mm-hmm.
- Yeah.

The walk of faith is happening, y'all.

We are so excited for you.

And we are ready to help,
you know, whatever you need.

Yeah. Yeah.


It's just that moving forward

and doing this on my own means that, um,

I'm finally saying goodbye to Ryan,
for good.



Yeah, yeah.

- I am.
- Hmm.


'Cause I'm having
normal conversations with Helen?


Feels less like, "Congratulations,"
and more like, "It's about time."

Erik, this whole process
has been about time.

But you've done some good work,
and you're moving forward.

That certainly deserves congratulations.

I'm just not sure how to feel about

feeling good.

Because you're whole enough
to be vulnerable all over again?

You know what we call
that feeling, my friend?

Being alive.

Please, Ty?

It's super fun.
And my teacher said it's okay.

All right.

I can play the chords,
and you strum, okay?

Let's try it out.

We are rock stars!

Wait, wait. Slow down, slow down. Um...

Okay, let's try this.

One, two, three.

One, two, three.

One, two... One, two...

Play it again?

- Yeah, great job.
- I love this song so much!

Think we can sing it
as good as Mommy?

Two, three.

One, two, three.


♪ Why are there so many
Songs about rainbows? ♪

♪ And what's on the other side? ♪

♪ Rainbows are visions
But only illusions ♪

♪ And rainbows have nothing to hide ♪

♪ So we've been told
And some choose to believe it ♪

♪ I know they're wrong, wait and see ♪

♪ Someday we'll find it ♪

♪ The rainbow connection ♪

♪ The lovers, the dreamers, and me! ♪

- Yeah, good job!
- Beautiful.

It was great.

Thank you for seeing me
outside the office.

I confirmed the Wilkinson lot
has, in fact, been rezoned as commercial,

right before y'all got your variance.

Some might call that good timing.

Or some might call it suspicious.

What's suspicious is

I'm having trouble finding
the corporate records for the purchaser.

Now, I'll keep on that.

Since you ladies need to buy this lot,
you need to know who you're dealing with.

Thank you.

Anytime, sugar!

Now, I have to get back to the office.

Are you sure I can't buy you
a cup of coffee or a muffin?

If you're onto something unseemly here,

it will not help
if your confidential source

is found to be
uncharacteristically absent.

I need to skedaddle.

Thank you.

Did I

forget a big celebration?

I'm embarrassed to admit

that I had to ask around town
to find out your favorite cookie.

I felt better
when I got six different answers.

Well, yeah.
I mean, I try not to play favorites.

Well, in honor of the many facets
of Maddie, I kitchen-sinked it.

So, wait,
does that make it the many faucets?

- Oh goodness!
- No?

Anyway, don't worry.
They should be totally edible.

Erik and Isaac did the actual baking.

Mmm. It must be nice
to be a partner in a restaurant.

Is that what this is all about?
Trying to show off a bit?

Not quite.

Maddie, you have a very full plate.

And I don't wanna add to that.
I wanna do what I can to help you.

The other night...

I apologize

from the bottom of my heart
and the bottom of this plate of cookies.

And whatever the future's gonna bring,

I'm just hoping we can do it together.


Well, if we are gonna have
a future together,

you do need to know one thing.

I hate coconut.

How does your mom not know that?

- Hey, lovely.
- Hi!



I hoped I was misconstruing things,
but it seems I was right.

I'm so sorry.

It... it's just ever since Ronnie came back,

th... things are just...

I get it.

God, you're such a good man.

And you don't deserve...

We still in business together?

Of course.

Thank you.

If there's one thing I've learned
in my years of farming,

it's that grass is always greener
where you water it.

Choose your pasture, beautiful.

I only hope I'm still here
if you choose mine.

So my birth mother
highlighted some passages, and...

Uh, well, my family
didn't really go to church,

so I don't know what's important
or what it all might mean.

- Let's take a look.
- Maybe there's some sort of pattern?

We know this isn't necessarily
a trail of bread crumbs, but...

Could just be passages she connected with.


"Lo, children are an inheritance
from Jehovah,

the fruit of the womb, a reward."

She and I have many of the same favorites.


"For thou hast possessed my reins."

"Thou didst cover me in my mother's womb."

"I will praise thee,
for I am fearfully, wonderfully made."

Oh! Of course! John 8:32.

"And ye shall know the truth,
and the truth shall set you free."

Every citizen of Serenity
should know that one.

Of course.

Wait. Why, what is it?

Another step towards our goal.

I know where we need to go next.