Sweet Magnolias (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - All Best Intentions - full transcript

Maddie is worried about prying eyes when she's with Cal, a humiliated Annie feels betrayed by Tyler, and Bill surprises the kids with a special request.

♪ You don't owe me
One more minute of your wasted time ♪

♪ You act like it's all fine ♪

♪ It isn't hard to leave ♪

♪ Knowing that I'll be getting life
On track ♪

♪ I wanted to believe ♪

♪ I've gotta make a destination ♪

♪ Find where I belong ♪

♪ This time I've got no hesitation ♪

♪ And I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ To where I belong ♪

♪ I'll be movin' on ♪

♪ Over the line I've drawn ♪

♪ I'm already gone ♪

Open your eyes, Mama.

- I wanna hear about the party.
- Mm.

Tell me everything.

Everything, huh?

Well, that could take a while.

We gotta get ready for church.

Tell me if you had fun.

Yes, I did.

More fun than I've had in a long time.


Annabelle Lenore Sullivan,
you are not still in bed!

Come on, get up.

Hey! We all had a late night.
It is time for church, young lady.

I'm not kidding around.
Get up and get moving.

I don't want to be late.

Fine, I'm getting up.


We leave in 15.


You're amazing.

And that kiss…

Oops! But, for real,

best kiss ever.

- I get why they say you fall.
- No.


- love emoji, kiss emoji, send.
- No. No.

Hey, Kyle, go round up your sister.

I want you all to be ready
when your daddy gets here.

- Okay.
- I'll find Katie.

You okay?

Oh, wow.

Don't look now, Maddie.

Someone's straight-up glowing!


Oh, am I? Oh.

So, where is Mr. Wonderful?

Oh, he had to catch a flight last night.

- Oh, I'm sorry.
- Oh, don't be, child.

He turned around
before he got to the airport

and came on back, and then caught
the first flight out this morning.

Oh, goodness, wow!

Well, while we are reviewing
last night's activities

on the church lawn,

that was a nice little dance

that you and Coach Cal shared.

Well, that wasn't all we shared.

- Are you kidding?
- Our first kiss!

- Maddie!
- Details, give it up.

It was good.

- It was just...
- It was good.

...spine tingles and the whole nine.
It was just...

- Wow, gotta have spine tingles.
- Hallelujah!

You know, you deserve some fun.

- Yes, you do. I mean, come on!
- Thank you.

How long has it been since you kissed
anybody other than Bill?

Okay, please take your foot off my mood.

And frankly,
how many did she kiss before Bill?

Well, that is some simple math.

Are we gonna count JJ
in the second grade? Remember JJ?

- I do remember JJ!
- Yes! Yes!

I saw JJ the other day. He's looking…

Listen, you always count your first kiss,

and then you just keep on kissing
till you lose count.

All right. Well, enough, you two.
Some of us have got to get to work.


- Don't you love the sound of that?
- I do.

Opening day, ladies.

Hey, uh, can I talk to you for a sec?

- Uh, yeah, you don't have to...
- I do. Um...

It's just, you know, I mean, I was...

crazy and stupid, and, um...
It didn't... It wasn't anything.

I mean, of course you know that, right?

Can't make my dad wait.

Come on, guys.

- Bud, you all right?
- Yeah.

Well, hey, kids!

How are you guys? Good?

I hope you're hungry
'cause Noreen's been cooking up a storm.

I would recommend you try
the Flow Yoga first

and then see how you feel,
and then you could try the Fusion.

Okay, let me know how it goes.

You'll be fine.

- Have a great day. Okay, bye.
- I will. I will. Take care. Bye.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How'd your morning class go?

Pretty good. Pretty good.

I'm hoping I convinced a few
to sign up for one-on-one sessions.

My, uh, my numbers are starting
a little below than what I expected.

No, give it some time.

The women of Serenity will be lining up
to get a spot on your schedule

once they see the results you get.

The three of you need to train with me.
Set an example?

Helen and Dana Sue are starting this week.

I promise you,
I will do it as soon as I can.

Thank you.

Congratulations on your first day.

Buddy, you are so thoughtful!

Oh, yeah. Sure.

He's right, you are so thoughtful.
These are beautiful, thank you.

Well, in all honesty,
I was going to bring chocolates,

but somebody informed me
that bringing candy to a spa

might not be the best gesture.

You can thank me later.

So now that it's all official,
how does it feel?

Still a little scary, but mostly exciting.

Trotter, would you mind
manning the desk for a minute?

Sure, I have a few minutes
before my next class.

How can I help?

Ooh. Could you put these in water
for me, please?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

How many calories does kissing burn?

I would like to take you out
on a proper date.

Well, what did you have in mind?

Well, we danced in public
and the world kept spinning,

so dinner in public
shouldn't bring about the apocalypse.

Sullivan's maybe?

Uh, or there are some restaurants
in Charleston that I've been dying to try.

I know that jocks get a bad rap,
but I do know which fork to use.

And I only wipe my mouth on my sleeve
when I'm eating ribs.

No, I'm sorry, I'm just…

I just... I don't know that I'm ready
for Serenity-level scrutiny just yet.


I wanna spend some time with you

without, you know, people around
and intruding and...

commenting and judging.

I'm a wet blanket.


No, no, no. Not at all.

I think I figured out the perfect spot.

Okay, now you're making me nervous.

Don't be, it's gonna be great.

How much advance notice
do you need for a sitter?

Or should we just wait for a night
when Ty can watch the others?


I gave Ty my word
that I would let him know

if our relationship changed, so...

Maybe I should just talk to him first
before we make a plan?

Of course.

I'll wait to hear.

- I should get back to work.
- Yeah.

Go get ‘em, Boss Lady.

Well, I can't stop
thinking about it either.

Uh, anyhow, I just...

Yeah, mm-hmm. I just got to the spa.

Call me back later.


You thinking about joining a spin class?

Yoga, actually.

But I was just informed
I don't qualify for membership.

Well, I saw your dance moves last night.

You do not need any help
in the flexibility department.

The truth is,
I was hoping to run into you.

I need a lawyer.

Well, the dance was hot,
but it wasn't illegal, even in Serenity.

Uh, I was just informed
that one of my duties as history teacher

is to also sponsor the mock trial team,

and since my legal experience is limited
to... MLB contracts and divorce decrees,

I really need some help,
if you have the time.

Of course I don't have the time, but...

I have very, very fond memories
of my mock trial days at Serenity High,

so I will help you as much as I can.

Thank you, you are amazing.

I was prepared to beg.

And normally,
I'd ask to hear that, just for fun.

I'd best go give Maddie a hand.

- I will call you!
- Thank you.

Hey! You all look stuffed.

Noreen made a sundae bar, Mama!

I had marshmallows
and chocolate sprinkles.

Well, I'm so glad you had a nice time.

How was the first day at the spa?

It wasn't as busy as we'd hoped,

but somehow, I'm still exhausted.

- Oh, yeah?
- Thanks for asking.

Can we watch TV?

As long as you've finished your homework.

Tyler, I want to talk to you.

Uh, yeah.

We don't have secrets in this house.

Yes, ma'am.

Especially because we've seen firsthand
the damage that they can cause.

I know, Mom.

Which is why I want you to be
the first to know that...

Coach Cal and I are going to dinner.


Like on a date?

Yeah, a date.

You're expecting me
to be excited about this?

Tyler, I'm sorry
if this makes you feel uncomfortable.

Truly, I am.

- I'm not asking for permission.
- Mom,

I want you to be happy.

Okay? But I just...

Baseball is the one good thing
I have in my life right now.

And that's not gonna change,
nobody wants that.

Look, Tyler…

Sometimes, it's hard to predict
who you're gonna be attracted to.

One day, you will understand that.

Yeah, maybe.

Thanks for letting me know.

Hey, Kyle…

Coach Cal and I are going to go to dinner.

You mean to tell me...

I'm getting an A in his class?

Well, not unless you study!

Yeah, cause I never do that.

She was fall-down drunk?

If I were Annie, I'd be hiding out longer.

Don't party above your level!
Know what I mean?

Hey! Saved you a seat.

Thanks, Simon.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Uh, I got a pen.


Never thought I'd see CeCe Matney
at a mock trial.

Not why she's here.

All right. Thank you all
for giving up your lunch break,

and welcome to the first meeting
for mock trial.

Those of you who do not know,

this is Miss Helen Decatur.

She's a gifted attorney
and a former Bulldog.

Mm. Once a Bulldog…

Always a Bulldog!

Mrs. Decatur has graciously agreed
to run point for our team, so...

Thank you, Coach Maddox.

Um, our schedule is very, very tight,

so we're gonna have to move
a little faster than I'd like.

Let's start with some exercises
that will help me assess

where your strengths lie
before I begin to assign roles.

Um, sweetheart?

We pretend we're in court, not courtin'.

What's your name?

- CeCe.
- CeCe.

Well, CeCe, why don't you come on up here?

Do I have a volunteer to join CeCe?

Simon Spry.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hi.

Mr. Spry, CeCe.

These are debate games.
They're all about thinking on your feet.

I'll give you a topic, set the timer,
and then you go. You got it?

All right. First topic:

Salt versus pepper. Go!

Well, salt is clearly the superior spice.

You can put it on almost anything,
and it improves the flavor.

Sweet, savory. You name it.

Oh, please.

Salt is what drowning in the ocean
tastes like.

Salt is one simple chemical.

Pepper is much more complex
in composition and flavor.

If you want to make
your already salty dish more interesting,

add pepper.

So your argument is the fact
that pepper is more complex,

but who says complexity is a positive?

Imagine scrambled eggs without salt,
cookies without salt!

The flavor it adds is far from simple.

Versatility makes it superior.

I'm sorry, I thought we were debating
whether salt or pepper is best,

not which is more versatile.

And how's the fact that salt can be paired
with any dish a positive?

That's the definition of basic.

And as we all know,
basic cannot be the best,

which... makes pepper the clear winner.

All right.

Excellent job, both of you.

Excellent job.

- Uh, who would like to go next?
- You did great.

The topic is...

- onion rings versus french fries.
- Me!

I'm gonna make sure I see you, though.

CeCe, do you have a minute?


I think that you have what it takes
to be our lead defense attorney.

What are you talking about?
Everyone was laughing at me.

Oh, no. No.

They were laughing because your points
were funny, and aggressive, and smart.

You're really good at this.

We had the tightest game.

Every time I put something
on the outside corners,

it seems to be doing pretty good,

so if you throw it
on the inside next time...

Annie can do just fine on her own.

Yo, don't even sweat it.

- Just shut up!
- Calm down!

Any day, Townsend.


In my office.

Just stop, man.

Have a good meeting.


You gotta stop letting Jackson Lewis
get under your skin.

Why don't you tell him
to stop hassling me?

I will.

But I need to talk to you first...

because I know your mom already did.

She did. So you don't have to.

I can't have you
or your teammates thinking

I'm gonna go easy on you
just because I'm seeing your mom.

So what,
you're gonna come down on me harder?

I'm gonna continue to deal with you fairly

as a coach should.

Yeah, a coach.

Just a coach.

Ty, I would never presume
to step into your father's shoes,

whatever happens between me and your mom.

Because I also know how tough things are
between the two of you right now.

Hey, just don't burn that bridge.

He lit the match, not me.

I've been there, Ty.

And when I finally wanted to reach out,
it was too late.

What happened, he stopped talking to you?

No, he died.

You're probably not ready
to hear this, but...

Look, I...

I wished it had happened differently.

I thought this conversation
was about my mom.

All right. It...

I just think that
if you were a little less mad at him,

you'd be a little less mad
at everyone else.

No, Coach. No, I have the right
to my own feelings and my own space.

Okay? And I can decide
who comes into them.

So does your mom.

Can you tell Jackson
I would like to see him?

You ever feel
like nobody actually wants you around

because of one simple, stupid mistake?

You are not stupid,

and everyone makes mistakes.

If you ask me,

Mystery Jock doesn't sound worthy of you,

and Other Girl has issues.

Thanks, Isaac.

Appreciate that.

High school's hard,

especially when you have
a sensitive heart.

Give yourself a break.

I wasn't cool in high school,

and it felt like my heart got stomped on
at least three times a week.

How did you get through it?

- You sure you wanna know?
- Absolutely!

Well, what helped me
was hanging out with my mom.

I can't tell my mom.

Whoa, not at all what I was talking about.

Just take a minute to look at her,

connect with her,

and remember that she loves you,

no matter what.

Okay, so break this down for me again.

You were texting her mom a cover story
and she just suddenly kisses you?

She was drunk, you saw her.

And I shut it down. Nothing happened.

Look, I mean, okay, yeah, it was awkward,
but I figured it'd just blow over

and we'd laugh about it
when she sobered up.

Okay, but then she sent me this message

and now she's acting super strange,
almost like...

like she likes me.

Okay, people say stupid stuff
all the time when they're drunk.

And besides, man, it's Annie.

You two have been knowin' each other
since diapers. Can't be that bad.

You're amazing.

And that kiss...

Oops! But, for real,

best kiss ever!

Wow, bro. She got it bad. She got...

- Sounds like love!
- Jackson, give me my phone!

Hey, give me the phone.

- Oh, man, you had everybody fooled...
- Calm down.

...with that knight-in-shining-armor act
at the party,

but it was all a plan
so you could get her alone.

- That's not what happened!
- It's all good, Townsend.

You like ‘em young, just like your dad.

Hey! You'll get suspended, all right?
He's not worth it.

Get a sense of humor, Townsend.

Uh... he sent Annie's message
to the team group text.

- My God!
- Hey, look. Don't worry, all right?

Just lay low, it'll all blow over.

All right? Come on, man.

Frances gave me first pick.

Seniority has its privileges,
don't you know?

But I thought you might wanna take a look
at the rest for your restaurant.

Ah, these are... They're fabulous.

Look! Fourth of July.

What is this? Is this the '60s?

I think so, let's see.

- Oh, 1962!
- Yeah.

Oh, I love it.

I'm just picking up a to-go order.

Chef Erik's chicken pot pie.

Cravings, you know?

I'm sure it'll be right out.

Uh, Miss Peggy, I'm the one
that put the almonds in the first salad,

and I just want to apologize.

I appreciate that, Isaac.

All right, just let us know
if you need anything else.

Oh, get a load of this.
The Jessamine Juniors, 1997.

What's the Jessamine Juniors?

- An annual high school pageant.
- Yeah.

Very big honor around these parts:

scholarship, the whole deal.

- Oh. Wow. Is that you, Chef?
- Yeah.

And Miss Helen and Miss Maddie?


- And Mary Vaughn!
- Oh.

Uh, Miss Peggy,
shouldn't you be in this one too?

Uh, my parents separated for a bit,

so my mother and I lived in Memphis
that year.

Guess I missed my chance.


I slid a little spinach salad
in there too for iron.

My baby!

You okay?

Have you had pain before
during your pregnancy?


- Is the pain sharp or dull?
- Very sharp.

- Any pain in your legs or chest?
- No.

- Any... Any nausea?
- Not at the moment.

You think you can stand up?

Inhale and hold.

Try to relax your muscles.

Good. Good, now exhale slowly.

T... That's better.

Wow, that's... that's so much better.

Take another deep breath.

Noreen, do you want me to call Bill?

No, um...

It's amazing, but the pain stopped
just as quickly as it started.

I guess Peanut was trying
to make more room.

Your standing up gave him more room.
That little one has some sharp elbows.

Isaac, grab her a glass of water.

I'm really okay.

You don't have to make a fuss.
I just... need to catch my breath is all.

Thank you, Erik.

Sure you're okay?

- Mm-hmm. Yeah.
- You're okay.

All right, ladies.

Oh, these look good.

Here is to our first official week
of business.

Pour it out.

There we go.

- Mm.
- Okay now...

It is...

It's real now,

and I was not prepared
for how scary it would be.

You'll get used to it.

I doubt that!

We started a lot slower than we'd hoped.

Trotter had a class today
with three people in it.

Yeah, well, we're not even a full week in.
We got to give it time.

Well, that's true, but I don't know.

I don't know how long we're gonna be able
to sustain this workload.

At this point, we won't be able

to bring on the additional help
as quickly as we planned.

You know, I know how exhausted
and over-extended we all are,

but, uh... if this is how it's gonna be,
we're gonna figure out a way.

What were you thinking saying yes
to helping Cal with the mock trial

- with everything else going on?
- Miss Thang,

I would think that you
of all people would appreciate

how hard it is to say no to Cal Maddox.

Yes, it is.

Good Lord with you two.

He's taking me on a proper date.

Wha... What? Where you going?

I don't know. I don't know.

I mean, I told him I didn't want
to go anywhere with tongues wagging,

so he said he would take care of it.

- I don't know what to expect.
- Wow.

A man who plans things all on his own?

You have truly found yourself a unicorn.

- I don't know what I found.
- A unicorn with a six-pack.

I will drink to that.

Tyler Townsend is dead.

What happened with you and Annie?

Stay out of it. You don't know
what you're talking about.

- I'm gonna make sure she's okay.
- No!

This is between her and me.

How could you?

I didn't. Jackson heard at practice
and stole my phone...

You played it at practice?

No! No, well, just for Gabe.

I thought we were the only ones there.

He's my best friend.
I had to talk to someone.

Really? You needed to talk about it?

That's funny,
because you've avoided talking to me

every chance that you get.

Everybody knows!

It was bad enough
that some people knew I got drunk,

but how am I supposed
to show my face at school

now that everyone's heard me
blathering like an idiot?

I'm sorry, Annie.

Get out! I don't wanna see you,
and I don't wanna talk to you.

Look, I didn't mean for this to happen!

Then you should've deleted
the stupid message!

Okay, fine! Fine, I screwed up.

- Okay, I wasn't thinking!
- And just so we're clear,

I wasn't thinking when I kissed you.

I was drunk.

It meant nothing.

Now, leave. Go!

Shouldn't you be in school?

Oh, well, they let me out for lunch…
twice a semester.

now I can go on with the rest of my day.

I was actually running an errand,
but this was a nice bonus.

Are you finally gonna tell me
where you're taking me tomorrow night?

Where's the fun in that?

So I know what to wear.

Just be comfortable.

That's such a man answer.

I promise there won't be any interruptions
or judging eyes.

I will have you all to myself.

Mm. Mm-hmm. I gotta go.
You're gonna make me late for class.


I heard about Annie's message
making the rounds.

That sucks.

Yeah, sure does.

I just thought everybody knew

you and Annie were more like siblings
than anything else.

Yeah, you might be the only one
who gets it.

No. No.
Adolescents need their drama.

This whole town needs its drama,

and I'm so over it.

You know, when I have those days,

the only thing that helps
is to see a movie.

Closest thing to actually leaving town.


There's a new horror flick playing
at the multiplex in Castlewood.

That's not a bad idea.

- Let's do it.
- Cool.

- You... You bought them.
- I did not.

Did you make them or did you buy them?

Well, uh, hello!

When did you join
the Kitchen Entrance Club?

Uh, sorry, I'm actually here for...

Hey, Cal. Be right back.

- What?
- Nice to see you though.


What on earth
would those two have to talk about?

Uh, either baseball or pastry
would be my guess.

Baseball pastries maybe?

All right. Stop.


What are you still doing up?

I just wanted to wait and say goodnight.

Oh. All right.


I love you.

And I love you, sweet girl.

Dude, what?


We were just hanging out.

Stop. I know you're not into her.

She's all right.

And besides, dating her might clarify
the whole Annie situation for everyone.

Oh, yeah, smart move.

Totally gonna end well.

Hey, Erik!

Good to see you.

Can I, uh...
Can I help you with something?

No. I... I, uh...


You have to be a vet
to participate in this group?

No. No, all are welcome.

Come on in.

Join us.

- Hey.
- Hey.

So glad Miss Decatur only wanted
to meet with the defense team today.

- I really needed a break.
- You and me both.

So I guess it's time
we have the awkward conversation

about who covers mock trial for the paper?

Well, we both do have an undeniable bias.


I guess there's only one fair way
to resolve this.


Rock, paper, scissors.

Or, and this is a radical thought,

I could cover the photos
and you can take the byline?



Hey, CeCe.

Where are you going?

I'm passing on mock trial. No time.

CeCe, you're walking away
from a real opportunity here.

And a chance to show everyone
that there's more to you than boys,

and clothes, and snark.

Thank you.

Okay, I don't understand.
I thought we were going out to dinner.

We are.

Trust me.

How did you set this up
right under my nose?

Oh, I'll never reveal my secrets.

I was here not three hours ago.

- Thank you.
- Mm-hmm.

You are a clever man, Cal Maddox.

To an evening without interruptions.

Oh. Okay. That sounds nice.

Well, that was delicious, sweetheart.

- Thank you very much.
- Thank you.

Ladybug, did you get enough here?
Yep? Okay.

- How about you, big guy? You good?
- Oh, yeah. Thanks.

All right.

- Thanks.
- You bet.

Can I have another sundae bar for dessert?

I hadn't planned on it, sweetie,

but I do have some ice cream
left over from last time.

First, though,

there's something real important

that Noreen and I would like
to talk to y'all about.

We are building a new family here,

and you are an important part of it,

so we want you to be a part
of the wedding.

Katie, we'd love for you to be
our flower girl.

Can I wear my favorite boots
and a new poofy dress?

Yes, of course.

And, Kyle, I was hoping
you'd grace us with a song?

What do you say, bud? Huh?

And, uh, Tyler,

I can't think of anyone

that I'd rather have stand up for me,
so, uh...

I'd love you to be my best man.

Kyle, Katie, come on.
Time for us to go home.

But I want ice cream!

Of course you do, honey.

- Come on, we'll get some at the house.
- Hey, Tyler,

- hang on a minute now.
- No.

Well, this is delicious.
Erik outdid himself.

Well, wait till you see dessert.

Wait, did I miss that?

It's set up by the hot tub.

Oh, is it?


...you have three kids.


I'm sorry.

- Is everyone okay?
- Yeah.

Bill and Noreen asked the kids
to be in their wedding.

Well, I'm gonna guess
that didn't go over too well.

I don't even know how to respond to them.

I wanna make your life better...

not more complicated.

Let me take you home.

Thank you for tonight.

I got it from here.

If you're sure.


- Good night.
- Good night. Thank you again.

Well, you look nice.

Thanks for bringing the kids home.

Not that they wanted to be
in the car with me.

I'm guessing you heard we invited them
to be in the wedding.

You should've talked to me first.

We had a deal.

You wanna co-parent?

This is not that.


no reason for them to cause a scene
the way that they did.

I swear to God, Bill,

sometimes you don't have the sense
God gave a goose.

You ambushed them.

We don't even have divorce papers yet.

You're right.

You're right.


I should have talked to you first.

It's just...

I'm trying to have a relationship
with our kids,

okay, and...

And I thought that including them
in the wedding would help that.

I can't quite see how you got there.

You okay?


And don't ask me to be.

Of course not.

Tyler, you have every right
to be angry at your father.

But he and Noreen are getting married.

You're gonna be a big brother again.

I know.

Tyler, you need to take a serious look
at the kind of relationship

that you want with your father
in the future.

Don't refuse to be in the wedding
on my account.

You can say no.

But you can also say yes.

You have my support whatever you decide.

Oh, my sweet boy.

I love you.

I love you too.

Katie and Kyle were excited.

Why did Ty have to spoil it?

That wasn't his intent, sweetheart.

So what was his intent?

I don't know.

I didn't ask him.

You should have.
He owes you an explanation.

You're his father.


doesn't owe me anything.



Listen to me now.

I want this wedding to be everything
you've imagined, all right? I do.

But I can't force my kids
to want that too.

At least this kid and I
know where we stand.


You on barista duty now too?

I take my commitment to the spa
and to coffee seriously.

Uh, I did hear about that, uh, dinner
you made for Maddie and Cal.

I didn't know
that you were such a romantic.

Well, I guess I'm full
of surprises myself.

I do love a man with spontaneity.

Now, that doesn't surprise me at all.


Oh, goodness.

Lemon pistachio?


Well, thank you.

For those of you playing along,

it's 150, and I ate two hours ago.

Is that an okay number,
or does it sound a little high?

Why would you think
I'd know the answer to that?

Well, cause you were an EMT...

Come on. We need to have a talk.

Why the hell are you digging around
in my past?

I'm not! I just assumed
'cause of the way you handled it

when Chef collapsed,
and Noreen with the baby...

No. No. I've been watching you.

You're always in everyone's business,
asking too many questions.

Fine! Fine! I overheard Chef mention it.

That never happened.

Chef doesn't know. No one knows.

Now, this is the last time
I'm asking nicely.

Who are you,
and why are you interested in my past?

Leave it alone, all right?
I didn't mean any harm!

Isaac, I want the truth!

I'm looking for my father,
and I thought it could be you!

I was adopted, I'm trying
to find my birth parents. I thought...


You got the wrong guy.

I don't have children.