Sweet Home (2020–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Episode #1.10 - full transcript

Hyun-su, what condition are you in?

Did I win?

Hyun-su is okay.

That's unexpected.

Don't move.

Those things can't kill me.

Don't worry about that.

I'll find a way to kill you
when I need to.

Hyun-su… Are you okay?

Come over here quickly.

Come over.

Put that away.

He saved me.

Think about what they did.


He killed his own team.

-Do you trust him?
-Do you trust me?

He's like me.

So put your guns down.



I did it.


killed Ms. An.

I know you had no choice.

Don't give in until the end.

She would've wanted that.

I see how you've been.

What are you going to do from now on?

I'm going to find more that are like us.

When the hunt is over,

the hound dies.

It should live as a wolf.

Come with me.

Is he your friend?

Come here. It's okay.

Hyun-su. Have you seen Mr. Han?


My T-Rex's leg is broken.

He said he'd fix it.

Do you know how to fix it?


What about us?

Do you think we can be fixed?

I used to think so

because I thought it was a disease.

So I volunteered for the experiment.

They made every effort
to separate it from me.

They tried freezing, thawing,

sawing, piercing, and scorching.

What do you think happened in the end?
It never comes out!

Why not?

Because the monster isn't in me. It is me!

I realized then…

that this is an evolution!

That I was chosen!

Humans have failed.

Not only did they fail in experiments,

but they also failed
to be selected by nature.

Accept it.

Humans and we…

can't coexist anyway.

Mr. Han!

Hurry! Hurry over!

-Where are you going?

Su-yeong, it's my friend.

It helped me.


-Get out of the way!

-Get away.


-It won't attack us.
- Well, yes, but…

You don't know how it'll change!

Shoot it! It's a monster!


Don't do it!

Damn it!


Don't do it!

-Let's go.

I guess you're right.

Humans and monsters can't coexist.

It can't be helped.

-Don't cry.
-Get up.


Even an outcast should be picky
when choosing friends.

You seem to have a lot of friends.

I have no such thing.

What is that jerk
trying to do with Hyun-su?

I don't know.

He's cooperative for now,
so provoking him won't do any good.

It's obvious that he's a psycho.



What about it?

What do you want to do with it?

It's tempting, right?

It's a good deal.


You want to sell Hyun-su out
so we can survive?

-Are you crazy?
-I never said that.

Do you really believe this?

Just be your twisted self.


"Safety camp" sounds ridiculous.

You don't know
who'll turn into a monster when,

so how can they secure safety?

When someone is sure about keeping
a promise when it's hardly possible,

there's a good chance it's a lie.

So what will you do?

I'll go talk to Hyun-su first.


-I just want to talk--
-I don't want to.

Nothing you said was ever good for me.

Hey, Hyun-su.

I'm not your hound, anymore.

Are you going to stay here?


Not for long, though.

I'll leave soon.

Where were you before?

Do you know about the research facility?

You probably don't want to hear it.

Won't you report me?

I'm the skeptical type.

You're smart.

As an apology to the people here,

I'll tell you one thing.

Do you know about Operation Golden Hour?

What is that?

It's the military's final operation
to solve this situation.

I heard it from the soldiers.

"If we can't distinguish
between humans and monsters,

and if we can't predict when and
what kinds of monsters humans will become,

before the military
completely loses its function,

we'll sweep as many areas as possible."

No way.

The military's not going to rescue anyone.

They're going to destroy everything.

Survive on your own.

That's the only way now.

I have something to tell you.

-All right.


Hey, gold tooth.

You're dead if you step out.

I want to finish you off right now,
but I'm holding back.

You don't have the guts to do that.


We've been here together for a while,
but you still don't know me.

I'm a man of action.

-You're all talk.
-Come on, woman.


Have you seen Bom?


No, I didn't kill anyone.
I only ran some errands.

I committed financial crimes.
I'm the brain.

I've never killed anyone.

Throw him out.
Something will come and eat him.

-Where are you, Bom?

Please tell them about me.

Wait, Ui-myeong…

-What was that?
-We used to be close.

-Your foot.
-Okay. I'll put it back.

So, the soldiers will come
when you press this, right?

This is unfair.

I told you everything, but you haven't.

Because I didn't trust you.

Do you trust me now?

More than the military and that man.

Should I be happy?

What's your opinion?

I only heard about it.

Your opinion is important
since you've seen it.

I told you

I wasn't sure…

if I could protect the kids without you.


I wanted to.

I really wanted to.

I'm scared.

What if…

I turn into something hideous?

I'm scared of that.

Poor things.

Even death couldn't get them out of here.

I can't die here.

What are you doing?

-I can see that.

Sir, you shouldn't overwork yourself.

This is nothing.

You'll end up digging a tunnel
while looking for one.

That'd be nice.

Sir, you're sick.

If you keep doing this, you'll--

I'll die?

Yes. That'd be all right, too.

You can just cover me with dirt.

Move away!

What's the matter?

-They were trying to leave.
-It doesn't matter.

If they report us, the soldiers will come.

We won't be here by then.

Because I'll leave here with you.

Why are you trying to go out?

Let them go.

They'll die, anyway.

-What the…

Don't look back.


Just a little more.

Hurry. Help him.

Damn it.


People like me die

when they do something
they don't usually do.

I told you.

I'm a man of action.

Now you know.

What should we do?

Oh, goodness.



Wake up!

Wake up. Byeong-il.


I should've known when you were bummed
after killing that woman.

Do you want to hear something funny?

To tell you the truth,
you didn't kill anyone.

Because that woman was actually me.

Nobody can leave.


-Let go.
-What are you doing?

-That's a monster.
-It's still Hyun-su.

It's still Hyun-su.

It's okay, Hyun-su.

It's okay.

It's not your fault.

It's okay, Hyun-su.

It's okay.

It's okay.


It's not your fault.

It's not your fault.

I killed a person.


What you killed…

wasn't human.

I'm so scared…

it'll be my last memory.

Try to forget it.

Don't think about it.

You don't think about it either.


I'll die?

Well, that's all right, too.

Just cover me with dirt.

Just cover with dirt…

Who is he?

Why am I crying?

My heart…

is breaking.

How is Hyun-su?

He doesn't remember any of it.

How much can he remember?

I'm not sure.

If he can't remember,

I want him to forget
all the bad memories, too.


Just go like this.

This is much better.



For yourself.

You just promised me.

And for the rest of us.


I told you not to go around alone.
I've been looking for you!

Go away! I hate you!

Why? Why do you hate me?

It could've been Dad!

It came to me because it missed me.

But you said it was a monster.

You told people to kill it!

It's not Dad.

Dad is dead.

Even if we sleep 10 nights, 100 nights,

we can never see him again.

No! You're stupid!

You're stupid, too.

I'm not stupid!

You're mean to your sister,

so you're super stupid.

If you cry like that,

you'll be fired as a secret agent.

Santa Claus won't bring you a gift…

A gift?

What's this?


Are you putting an old man to work?

Please do this for me.

Do you really have to go?

Du-sik left it with me.

It's a gift for you.


This is something called a medal.

It's an award given to a person
who protected someone well.



You've been awarded a medal,

so don't fight anymore.

You have to look after each other, okay?

Grandpa, wake up.




Excuse me.

Grandpa is not waking up.


Grandpa, let's play.

Thank you.


What's this?

Mr. An found it in the end.

Now you can rest in peace.

It's snowing.

You're all surrounded.

Surrender the infected immediately.

Survivors will be transferred
to a safety camp.

You are completely surrounded.

Surrender the infected immediately.

Survivors will be transferred
to a safety camp.

Are you going somewhere?

Hyun-su, your hands are cold.

Are you cold?

I have to go outside.

It's not cold if we stay together.

Stay here.

Stay with us.


Damn. Why is it blocked?

Damn it.


I almost blew it up.

They seem to have weapons, sir.

What's going on?


Where are you going?


He's gone.

I'll go get him.

I'll come back.

Don't worry.

I'll come back safe.

You promise?


I should've given this back.

It's not too late.

Something's moving in the building.

Come in quickly.

Eun-hyeok isn't here yet.

Neither is Hyun-su.

He promised me that he'd be back.

When someone is sure about keeping
a promise when it's hardly possible,

there's a good chance it's a lie.

I'll come back.

Don't worry.

I'll come back safe.

No. Eun-hyeok!


No! Let go of me!

No! Eun-hyeok!

Eun-hyeok! No!

You promised to come back!



Doesn't it hurt?

I don't know where you were hurt,
so stick these on yourself.

Make it obvious.

"I got hurt because of you.
It fucking hurts!"


We made things more difficult for you.

How did you bear it?

Thank you for saving us.

It's not your fault.


You can choose this time.

It makes me feel like I'm home.

Are you okay?

Are we going to die
wandering around here like this?

Don't say such an awful thing.

I can't die here like this.


Bom. Hey, sweetie.

Where have you been?

Where have you been?





We found it.

I pushed it.

Oh my goodness.

That means you didn't push it.

Then don't you care
about Nam Sang-won anymore?

The deal isn't over yet.

Wait. Someone didn't get on yet.

We're waiting for one more person.

You must survive.

Cha Hyun-su.

Cha Hyun-su.

Long time no see.


Subtitle translation by: Soo-hyun Yang