Swamp Thing (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - The Anatomy Lesson - full transcript

While Abby and Liz track down the secret Conclave facility, Jason Woodrue conducts experiments on Swamp Thing and makes an incredible discovery.

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Previously on Swamp Thing...

Cheer up, buttercup.
It worked.

Forgive me if I don't gloat
over the death of my husband.

- [gunshot]
- [Avery groans]

Maybe if I put in
a good word,

you might wanna
do me a favor.

A favor?

You did this
on purpose to me?

Yes, and it worked.


The cure for your Alzheimer's rests in the
cells that I saw under that microscope.

Have you seen my pills?

I thought
I set them on the counter.

[Jason ] That's 'cause
you already took them.

I'm slowly losing my mind.

[Ellery] Dr. Arcane.

We're here to discuss
one of your patients.

Alec Holland.

He needs to be brought in
for treatment.

What do you mean?

Things could get violent.

Stay the fuck away from Alec.

[door slams]

Do you think it's possible
to cure Holland?

Do you want to cure the goose
of laying golden eggs?

That man saved my life.

[Jason] I suggest that
we let him save millions more.

[man] Move in.

[objects rattling]

[Caroline] What...

Who's there?

[Jason] It's okay.
It's just me.

[breathing heavily]

I'm so sorry.

Your clothes...
You're a muddy mess.

And where have you been?

It's all right.

I... I had to go
to the swamp, remember?

That awful place?

Yeah, I have to.
Just for a bit.

You're leaving again?

I found it.

I found it, Caroline.

A specimen more incredible
than anything I dared imagine.

What's wrong?

- Hey, hey, hey.
- No...


Why are you trembling?


I... I had a nightmare.


That's all right.

I'm here with you now.

It was dark.

I was outside.

I could hear...



I was looking for you.

I kept calling your name.



But you never answered.

I was so afraid
something had happened to you.

And then I saw a man,

lying on the ground.

He wasn't moving.

He looked dead.

It was all just
a bad dream, Caroline.

The doctor said that you might be
experiencing more of them as...

- I remember, Jason...
- Darling, please.

Now what I want you to do is

just forget all about it, eh?

Take your morning medication
before you go.

Finish your reading.

And later, when I'm back,
we can celebrate.

If what I suspect is true,

all of this confusion,

feeling all this misery
of this awful disease.

I'll be able to
make it all go away.

- Hmm.
- Just like I promised.

[lock clicks]



Jason, wait.

The man in my dream...

I was afraid because
I thought it was you.

[gas hissing]

But when I got closer,
I realized it wasn't you.

It was a...


[theme music playing]


Jeez, I thought you'd be back
hours ago.

Alec's missing.


[Abby] I went out to the water
to find him, but he was gone.

I found these
not far from the lab.

- Fired recently.
- Yeah.

It was like a war zone.

I found these tracks in mud

like something big had been
dragged away.

I think
someone's taken him, Liz.

- You think the CDC's involved?
- No, no, no.

This goes way,
way beyond Atlanta.

Harlan's been reassigned.

I've been kicked off
my own investigation.

Suddenly people are showing up

and asking questions
about Alec Holland.

They knew about his condition,

about his
regenerative abilities.

I don't... I don't...
Who even knows Holland's...

Woodrue. Has to be.

I... [sighs]

I gave him a tissue sample
before I left.

So, what are we dealing with?

I don't care.

I'm not giving up on Alec.

I know that I've completely
turned your life upside down.

I know. But if...

- you could please help me...
- [sighs]

...I could really use it
right now, Liz...

Look, Abby.

You and me, seventh grade.

I... It was a long time ago.

Not so long.

We were walking home
from school

and this pick-up drives by

and the driver yells
something disgusting at me.

The other kids we were with
just laughed it off.

You got the license plate

and then I got it published
in the Weekly.

- My first story, actually.
- Mmm-hmm.


You always had my back,
Abby, and I got yours.


So, what's the plan?

Woodrue could know
where they took Alec.

And then?

Haven't got that far yet.

Make sure he's damn good
and secure.

[man] Yes, sir.

[gas hissing]

[machine beeping]

[Jason] Don't! Don't touch it.

You could contaminate
the specimen.

Well, are you sure that he...

it's still alive?

Plant seeds have survived

the most extreme
climates imaginable,

only to germinate years,
even centuries later.

And these lights?

Green spectrum.

It's been known

- to inhibit plant growth.
- [switch clicks]

Should the need arise,

it'll slow the creature's
regenerative capabilities.

You mean,
if the poor bastard wakes up.

Fortunately for everyone
involved, it's highly unlikely.

[Vendetti] The lab
is all powered up.

And backup generators are set
just in case.

Anything else?

Yes, for you to leave.

You got it all
figured out, huh?

How long do you think
it'll take

to do your initial assessment?

Less time if I'm alone.

I got a few things
I need to attend to anyway.

You let me know
what you find out.

- [nozzle squeaking]
- [gas hissing]

We'll let you
thaw out a little.

Then I'll have a look
under the hood.

[monitor beeping]

[door opens]

[Daniel] Who's...

Who... Who's there?

[exhales] Whew. Time flies,
doesn't it, Daniel?


The studio guy.

I'm really sorry about
all this.


You're the reason
I'm stuck here.

That's kind of a matter of
perception, don't you think?

Speaking of which...

There's something
you need to see.

What the...

[echoing] Liz.


[Abby] Shh.

We have to hide.


[metal pipe clattering]

- [door opens]
- [Wyler] Go check it out.

[Wyler] Over here.

Spread out.

Hey, hey, hey, hey.

[Crane] Go.

[Wyler] Electrical room.


Hey, wait a second, guys.

[Crane] Show yourselves.

- [gun cocks]
- Guys?

[Crane] Last chance.

Don't shoot.

My name is Dr. Abigail Arcane,
I'm with the CDC.

We are not a threat.

Please put your guns down.

Take them.

Abby, go!


[Abby gasps]

What's happening?

You're seeing the future.

Or more precisely,
one possible future,

that only you can change.


[knocking on door]

Back in the shadow
of the Sunderlands again.

Yeah, I know.


Ms. Woodrue?

It's Doctor.

Yes, I'm Dr. Caroline Woodrue.

Uh, I'm Dr. Abby Arcane.
This is my friend, Liz.

Um, is your husband home?

There's something we really
need to speak to him about.

My husband...

Is he all right?


Yeah, we're just...
We're trying to find him.

Is it okay
if we come in for a moment?

[door closes]

I was, uh, making...


I'm sorry, did you say
that you're friends of Jason's?

[kettle whistling]

Yes, we met a few days ago
at Marais General.

Jason is analyzing a sample
I brought in.

What's that sound?

Um, Doctor, I, uh...

I don't wanna pry...

Have you been taking
your medication?


Yes. Of course.

Every morning.



Caroline, did Jason go
to the swamp last night?

[Caroline] I hate the swamp.

I hate what this
awful place is doing to Jason.

He doesn't have many friends,
you know.

[Abby] Yeah, I understand
how hard that might be.

But I also have a friend,
his name is Alec Holland,

and I'm afraid Jason might do
something terrible to him.

So, I need to speak to him.

I'm sorry.

Did I offer you any tea?

No, Doctor.

Um, I'd like to check back
in on you if I can.

I'd like that.


[Caroline] Jason...

Jason's always been
a brilliant man.

Maybe a little too brilliant
for his own good.

When you find him...

try to understand.

Everything he's done...

everything he's doing...

[softly] it was for me.

- [Liz] Is she...
- [Abby] Yeah.

Advanced-stage Alzheimer's.

[exhales] Woodrue is
not doing her any favors

by bringing her here or leaving
her in that house alone.

We find him, you can tell him.

[classical music playing]

[Jason] Beginning vivisection on
subject identified as Holland, A.

Subject has sustained
massive trauma

from multiple gunshot wounds
and nitrogen freezing.

On examination,

all visible epidermis
appears to be infested

with plant-like fibers
and spores.


Shall we? [exhales]


Subject's tissue
has hardened dramatically.


Indeed, "tissue" may not be
the correct term

for such a peculiar type
of dermis at all.

[crunching continues]

[sighs] I have now completed
the Y-incision.

Now continuing through
the subject's epidermal layers.





What are you doing to me?

I checked with
the hospital staff

and no one's seen Woodrue
since this morning.

This is the photo you took?

Yeah. He or someone made
notes on it.

Okay. This reads like

what you'd need to set up
a mobile medical facility.

Okay. [exhales]

We need to take a step back.

If someone's taken Holland,
they're holding him somewhere,

somewhere off the beaten path.

[snaps fingers] Wait a second.


Real estate? What...

Sunderland properties. Woodrue
was working for Avery, so...

Ah, so, Avery could've provided
the location.

Maria Sunderland's
consolidating her holdings?

[Liz] Yeah. These are
filings for sole ownership

of all these properties,
all in the last 48 hours.

[Abby] I wonder what Avery
thinks of that.

There, look.

Sunderland's old cement plant.

This is it.

Why would a biologist be looking
for an abandoned factory?

Because he has something
to hide.


Why are you doing this?

Well, you might say

that I'm completing Alec Holland's
study into the mutagen.

I feel it all.

I'm not sure
how you're feeling anything.

I've found no nerve
or pain receptors to speak of.

But allow me to keep looking.

No. Stop!

- [crunching]
- [screaming]


[breathing heavily]

[metal clanks]


[Swamp Thing crying]


These are your lungs.

Only they're not lungs.

Human lungs have
capillary tubes

that let the oxygen pass
through into the blood.

They're something else


[Jason straining]

[Jason grunts]

The same with your heart.

It doesn't contract,
it doesn't pump blood.

In fact, it doesn't appear
to do much of anything.

But this is curious.

Your vascular system,
and I use that term advisedly,

appears to run through
your heart.

But why?

None of these organs serve

any discernible function

Yet, here you are, speaking
to me even now, without them.

You're not making any sense.

You believed that, uh,

the disease that infected
Marais' citizens

made you into what you are.

But that is not possible.

That's why I'm this way.

No. No, it isn't.

No, it isn't.

After the explosion,

your body must have mixed in
with the mutagenic plant matter

and the plants somehow absorbed

Alec Holland's memories.

His consciousness, if you will.

A human consciousness

that remembered having, uh,
lungs, a heart, arms, and legs.

And the plants did their best
to replicate them.

[stammers] I don't understand.

No. You're not a man at all.

You're a plant...

that thinks it's a man.

[screaming] No!

Why would you show me that?

Why did you show me
Dr. Arcane and Liz dying?

Why do you think?

[monitor beeping]

Is that really gonna happen?

There are infinite futures.

Am I supposed to do something
about that one?

[softly] Daniel.

Did you really think that you were just
gonna play the Blue Devil in a film?


Blue Devil is a character.

A hero in a movie
who gets his powers

from a demonic suit.

It's a movie!

Oh, no.

He's so much more than that.

And so are you.

Do you remember when I asked you if
you were satisfied with your life?

[Stranger] It's Cassidy, right?


Would you say that
you feel satisfied with things?

The answer was revealing.

It's too bad casting only
looks at me like a stunt man.

I'd give anything
to have that role.

So, you think
you're doing me a favor?

I didn't ask
for any of this.

- If I could get out of these restraints, I'd...
- [gasps excitedly]

You'd what?

You'd what?

I'd leave this nothing
swamp town.

Go fix your future yourself.

I can't exactly do that.

Why not?

You're just gonna leave
Abby and Liz to die?

It's not up to me.

Goodbye, Mr. Cassidy.

Hey, hold up.

You're just gonna leave?

What am I supposed to do?

Whatever you want.

Life's a journey, Mr. Cassidy,
and for what it's worth, I...

I almost envy yours.

- [door closes]
- Great.

No, no, no, no, no.

This is not my journey.

My journey was a cross-country
trip back to frigging Malibu.


I don't believe this.


I can't believe this.



I only got $640
a day to play you.

It all happened so fast,

I don't think I ever really
nailed the character.

Maybe this time,
I'll finally get you right.

- [energy buzzing]
- [groans]




Maria Sunderland
for Nathan Ellery, please.

Yes, again.

A message?

Yes, as a matter of fact, I
would like to leave a message.

Tell him...

Tell him he's not dealing
with my husband anymore.

Tell him Avery was
plagued by... limitations.

And his wife is not
so predisposed.

I expect to hear
from Mr. Ellery immediately.

[Avery] Maria.


- I didn't expect to...
- Oh, I'm sure you didn't.

Now just... stay calm.

We are only here
to help you.


Who's this?

Dr. Dennis Barclay, from the
Barclay Psychiatric Institute.

Mrs. Sunderland,
why don't we come this way?

Right here is fine.

Very well.

Maria Sunderland, I have received
a court order, duly authorized,

to place you in
a secure holding facility

while awaiting a full
psychiatric evaluation.

You have no right.

A recent incident involving Dr.
Abigail Arcane and a young child

who'd been in your charge.

This was the hardest
decision I've ever made,

but you know this
is the right thing, Maria.

Oh, my God.

[struggling] No!

[Barclay] It would be best
if you didn't 'cause a fuss.

God damn you, Avery.

[Avery] It's okay, honey.

I'm back now,

and we're going to make sure
you get the help you need.

[inhales sharply] No.


[Avery] You men take
good care of her now.

- [door closes]
- I just want my beautiful Maria back.

[indistinct chatter]

Hey, Matty.

Thought you were
working tonight.

Taking a personal day.


Saw your mom
in here earlier.

Looked like you two
were really getting into it.

Just not sure how I feel
about the job right now.

[Delroy chuckles]

That'd be every day for me
if I worked for my mom.

I couldn't imagine.

Man, she was one tough lady.

Still miss her,
don't you, Del?

Every damn day.

Listen, son,

no matter how hairy
it gets between you two,

you gotta know Lucilia's
always looking after you.

[inhales sharply]

Yeah, well, sometimes I wonder.

Come on, can't be that bad.

Maybe you ought
to give her a call.

Yeah, I'll get right on that.

I tell you what,
why don't you get me

another one of these
when you get a chance, huh?

[car doors close]

[Abby] I thought
this place was deserted.

[Liz] Been locked up for years.

[Abby] Oh, my God.
It is a mobile medical facility.

Alec has to be
in there. I'm going inside.

You can't just
charge in there.

These guys have guns.

Yeah, if they move Alec out of
Marais, I will never find him.

There should be a hole in
the fence, around the side,

that leads to a back door.

I used to come smoke with my Uncle
Luc back when he worked nights here.

Don't tell Pops.


[Abby whispering]
We're good.

[door creaking]

[Liz] Where the hell
are they keeping him?

[Liz] Are you seeing this?


They're leading us to Alec.

[indistinct conversation
in distance]

- [footsteps approaching]
- Shit.

We have to hide.

[metal clangs]

Go check it out!

[Wyler] Let's start with
the electrical room.

- [Crane] Show yourselves.
- They know we're in here.

- Last chance.
- [gun cocks]

- [saw buzzing]
- [generator powering up]

[Swamp Thing panting]

- [saw buzzing]
- [Swamp Thing groaning]

We just lost all power.

Drag 'em out.

- [guns click]
- Yes, sir.

[metal clatters]

- [feedback over comms]
- [groans]

[Wyler] Comms are down.

[Crane] The hell?

Lost all contact.

Just open fire.

[Liz] What are they
shooting at?

I don't know!


[screaming continues]

- What the fuck is that?
- Let's go.

- Where'd it go?
- [Hooper] Where is he?

What are we looking at?

[Crane] I don't got eyes.
I don't got eyes.

[distorted growl]

- Shit.
- [Gray] Fuck!

I don't like this, guys.

What are we doing?

- [gun fires]
- [Blue Devil growls]

Shit, where's
he coming from? Where?


Fuck me.



Time to go, Doc!

- I'm not finished yet. Wait.
- We don't have time for this.

You have to get
the specimen out of here.

It's covered. We're relocating
to a lab in Northern Maryland.

I'll collect my wife
and meet you there.

[Vendetti] Get to
your car and go.

[footsteps approaching]

[door opens]

[door latch opening]


It's... the devil.

[Blue Devil snarls]

[Abby and Liz gasping]

The fuck?

- Oh, my God.
- [both breathing heavily]

What the fuck was that?

I don't know.

We have to go find Alec.

It's like a goddamn warzone.

[Abby] He's close.



[breathing heavily]

That's Holland?

[Abby sobbing]

- [Swamp Thing] Abby.
- [gasps]

[Abby] What did they do to you?

We have to get you
out of here.

- [clangs]
- [Abby grunts]

Can you move?

The light...

The light... The light...

Look what these
monsters did to him.

[plants squelching]

[Swamp Thing groans]

You came for me.

Who did this to you?

Woodrue and Sunderland.

To them, I was
just a specimen.

[exhales sharply]

I have to go back
to the cove.

- I have to know if it's true.
- [Abby] Wait...

Alec... Alec.

You have to know
if what's true?

[Liz] Back to the cove?

He means Skeeter Cove,
where his boat exploded.

Why go back there?

[Daniel panting]

[breathing heavily]

It's gone?

Oh, no.

I'm going to follow him.

I... I have to be
with him, Liz.

Then I'll figure out
who those guys were.

That blue thing included.

- Okay.
- Hey.

Be careful.

You too.

[indistinct radio chatter]

[horn honking]


[radio chatter continues]

[pop music playing on radio]

You've gotta be
fucking kidding me.

[radio static repeatedly
interrupts music]

[metal clanging]

[radio continues playing]

[panting] Caroline?


You'll never guess
what I found.

It's the answer that we've
been searching for since...

since you were
first diagnosed.

Organic processes,

capable of... not only
regenerating tissue, but thoughts,

consciousness and...




- Caroline?
- [shuddering]

Couldn't you hear me?

[Caroline whimpering]

[Caroline] Remember...
to take...

your medication...

what did you do?

- I remembered... to take...
- No, no, no, no.

You took them all?

[Caroline groans]

Oh, Caroline!


Caroline. Caroline!

No, no, no...

You can't breathe.

I'm sorry.

It's my fault.

I should have been here.

I should have been here.

Just give me a few minutes to
talk to my wife, would you?

[Avery inhales sharply]

White's always been
a good color for you.

I don't know
what's more impressive.

That you're still alive, or that you
managed to get me in here at all.

Which judge did you bribe?

Judge Murray took pity
on my situation.

The fact that he owed me a favor
or two didn't hurt but...

But I just want to see
you get better, honey.

- When Ellery finds out about this...
- Ellery?

What makes you think
that Ellery

is going to help you?

He told me that you
tried to cut me out.

Now, the only way you would've thought
that a plan like that would work...

is if you had
made a deal...

with Lucilia.


You must be pleased
with yourself.

I take no pleasure in this.

I just want to know why.

Why'd you do it?

Just when all my hard work
was about to pay off.

All of the lies.

Getting other people
to do your dirty work.

And all the nights
you spent with her.

You should be grateful
I didn't do it sooner.

It's a shame
it has to end like this

after all we've been through.

You could've stood by my side

when we reached
the mountaintop.

This isn't over yet.

Oh, I think
we both know it is.

Soon as this door
closes behind me.

Alec, please, please,
please talk to me.

Why did you want
to come back here?

Because I have to
know for sure.

You have to know what?

Alec. Alec, please,
please talk to me.


Alec, please talk to me!

[breathing heavily]


[exhales deeply]

[Swamp Thing gasping]

I am so sorry.

This is Alec Holland.

[meekly] No.

This "thing"...

is what I am.

[inhales sharply]

Alec Holland is dead.

[theme music playing]