Swamp Thing (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Darkness on the Edge of Town - full transcript

Abby's return to the town drags up her dark past with the Sunderlands. While the Swamp Thing senses a growing darkness within the swamp, we learn more about Daniel Cassidy.

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Previously on Swamp Thing...

It's Harlan.
He's come down with the disease.

I need to get into Holland's lab and
figure out what he was working on.

With any luck,
it'll point me towards a cure.

Come on, Xanadu.
Break out those cards.

Give me one more reading.

Eight years since
you've come to Marais,

and your cards never change.

This time they're reversed.

Is that good?

Did someone new
come into your life?

Abby Arcane.

Do you think she's the one I'm
supposed to be waiting for?

Dr. Woodrue, he just needs
one more tranche of funding.

You need more
of my family's money.

The answer is no.

What are you doing, Maria?

You're not cutting me off!

I don't understand this disease
and why it's fighting us.

Not fighting.

Fighting back.

The antibiotics are
just making things worse.

Doctor, the BP is dropping.

I know you've been making off-the-books
loans to Avery Sunderland.

I don't know what
you think you've got,

but it's complete
and utter bullshit.

You gotta cover
for that missing money.

You're gonna keep
your goddamn mouth shut.

Or I could just talk
to the press and

tell them what I know
about you and the Conclave.

You son of a bitch!

What are you waiting for?
Shank him!

Damn it, Avery!
Get your ass over here!

Now open this bitch up!

Come on, son!

I can't.

I can't.

I know you can.

Look at its eyes.

Dead eyes.

Swamp eyes.

Not worth a second of mercy.

A second of mercy.

Come on, son!

Come on!


Hey, you don't think
there's, uh, snakes up there, do you?

There's snakes everywhere, kid.

Had one yelling at me

About a house payment.

In there.

You see 'em?

Behind the cottonwoods.

This is sweet.

You know how hard it is
to find a stand of cypress

that big timber hadn't
pissed over first?

You gotta wait till
you get 50 yards in.

We'll, uh...
We'll cut through this little shit,

and, uh, make a path.

What the hell?

Hey! Hey! Stop!

Hey! Hey!

Hey! Stop!

It cut me!

It's a fucking corpse!

Let's get back to the boat!

Come on! That way!

Sorry I'm late.

I got caught up
on the water last night.

Butler dragging you around
Ochee Forks again?


That place is nowhere
to be after dark.

Don't worry.

I'm never going back
there again.

Ugh. This damn cut!

What's wrong?

I saw something.

It was moving.

I don't see anything movin'.

Especially not those pots and
pans, if you catch my drift.

- Yes, ma'am.
- Mmm-hmm.

Liz, you got
those cleaning supplies sorted?

Almost, Pops.

It bit me!

It bit me! It bit me!

Todd, what's going on?

- Todd!
- It's a goddamn snake!

Hey! Todd! Todd! Hey!

Todd! What snake?


Todd, stop,
there's nothing there.

- Whoa, whoa, whoa!
- Hey!

- Todd!
- Get it off me!

- Get it off me!
- Drop the knife!

- Get it off me!
- Todd! No!

Back! Get back!

There's no snake!

Hey, hey!
Todd! No!

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

What did you do?


Talk to me.


No. Stay with me. Hey.

- Todd.
- Hey. Stay with me.


I'm here to help you!
I'm not leaving you here alone!



Alec, is that you?

I want us to figure this out,


But we have to
do it together.

Can I have a tissue sample?


Thank you.

Tell me what I've become.

Whatever you find.

I will.

Be careful coming back.

There's danger here.

What is happening
to you, Alec?

You've made a mistake
in your data.

Excuse me?

These numbers.

They can only refer to
the thickness of a cell wall,

which means you're
describing a plant.

But the cell circumferences
are round and irregular,

more suited to something
with mobility.

So it's either a plant,

or an animal.

Now pick one.

And what if I told you
my entries are accurate?

Well, the last
ten million years

of biology would
disagree with you.

As would I.

Would you, uh...

Would you like me
to take a look?


Well, this is...
This is plant tissue,

but it's organized
like animal tissue.

It fits no known phylum.

I assume that you, uh...

found this in the swamp?

What are you, um,
planning to do with it?

Well, a full analysis.

I need to identify
the chromosomal makeup,

the genetic markers...

- Yeah.
- What? What?

How extensive is your knowledge
of bio-genetics? Botany?

Well, you know, I'm an
infectious diseases specialist.

Which is why you should allow
me to analyze this sample,

that's if you actually
wanna know what it is.

Dr. Arcane...

If I forced you to study
my CV...

I know who you are,
Dr. Woodrue.

And I know that you're working
for Avery Sunderland.

But what possible difference
could that make?

If I agree to this,

I expect confidentiality
and full transparency,

whatever you find,
you bring to me first.

I need to understand exactly
what we're dealing with

before I share these results
with the rest of the world.

Why would I give a damn
about the rest of the world?

Excuse me.

Mr. Cassidy.

Do you have a second job?

Oh, no. I just brought in
some stuff for the kids.

They get a charge when the
Blue Devil makes the rounds.

Huh. That's kind of you.

Dr. Arcane.

Have we met before?

Before Marais, I mean.

I don't mean to sound weird,
it's just I... I don't know,

I got this feeling, you know?

- Deja vu.
- Yeah.

- Deja vu.
- Yeah, I don't...

I don't think so.

I'm pretty sure
I would've remembered you.

- Anyway, I have to get inside.
- Right. Sure.

So I'm supposed to be
helping her, right?


Why am I asking balloons?



I'm so happy
you're feeling better.

You remember everything, huh?

I can still see him
in my head.

I'm scared for him.

And for you.

Don't be.


Excuse me, everybody.

Maria and I are so happy that
you're all feelin' better.

To celebrate the good news,

we are inviting everyone
who is able,

to Marais Town Hall tonight,
for an old-style crawfish boil.

All right!

So you can invite
your friends,

you invite your family.
Hell, bring a stranger.

We'll kick off at sunset.

It's time to bust off
the dust,

and get this town
movin' again.

- I'll be right back.
- Right.

Okay, sweetie,
let's put this away.

Is this the little girl
that was lost in the swamp?

Yes. Susie Coyle.

Susie, this is
Mrs. Sunderland.

I'm sure you have
things to do.

Why don't you go on
and I'll sit with her.

- Is it okay?
- Yeah.

All right.

Oh. What have you got there?

I drew him more.

Oh, show me.

Oh, hey, Abby.

- Hey.
- Hey.

Good to see you,
but I'm surprised.

I thought that the CDC
had packed up tent.

Yeah. Well,
we're out of crisis mode.

But, uh, not ready to declare
"mission accomplished" yet, so...

I see.

Is that little girl,
she's waiting for Lee Coyle?

Yeah, he should
be here by now.

Well, ol' Lee is not
exactly a model citizen.

Well, should I be worried?

Man knows his way
around a beer bottle is all.

Dr. Arcane,
you have a phone call holding.

Please come to reception.

I don't think I've seen Maria
smile like that in months.

- I... I should go. I...
- Abby.

I'll see you tonight?


You wanna tell me
what all went down?

We don't know.

One minute,
Todd's washing pans,

- the next...
- He's yellin' about a snake.

Puts his hand in the disposal.

What could make a man
do something like that?

Liz, you okay?

We're all in one piece
but pretty far from okay.

I'll be in touch.

What can I do to help?

Explain to me how a kid
I've known since he was in diapers

could go ballistic and cut
himself up in my dad's kitchen.

Liz, there are...

Don't tell me it doesn't
have something to do

with that bullshit
coming off the water.

You think he brought
something back from the swamp?

That's why I called you.

Todd was out there.

This green flu kicks up.

Your scientist friend
coming back from the dead?

Yes, but that doesn't mean
that can be a strain...

I mean, we can be looking
at a neurotoxin,

a round-worm,
there are a lot of other...

That can make him tear
himself up like that?

Oh, not again.

No! No!



Pops, what's going on?


Where's the money?

Oh, God.


Oh, no.


Get him.

Kill him!

Get the money!

Where's the money?

Get away from me!

Kill the mom.

Get back!

Liz! Liz!

Delroy, put the gun down!


Pops, what're you doing?
There's nobody here!

Kill them all.
- You bastards!

Get back! Get back!

You are dead, kid.

Delroy, put the gun down!

Get back! Get back!

Get away from me!

Get back!
Get away from her!

I see you, goddamn it!


What are you doing?

Get away! Come on!

Delroy, put the gun down.

Get away from me!

There's nothing here!
Put the gun down!

There's no one here.

Lizzy, if he doesn't
put the gun down...

Lucilia, no! Wait! Stop!

Wait! Just wait!

I'll come back
and kill you.

No! No! Pops!



I can't let them hurt her!

You're okay.

You're okay.

Son of a bitch.


This is Sheriff Cable.

I need another ambulance
at my location.

Abby, what the hell
is going on?

Always liked that blue number.

It's a party.
Not a fire drill, Maria.

is not mandatory.

I'm sorry, I just... keep thinking
about that little girl Susie and

how she lost her father
in the swamp.


Worst part's still ahead.

You know, I was
just a little older than her when

my old man passed.

Seeing that little girl,

knowing what her life's
gonna be like without her folks...

It all came back.

How the swamp took
my old man.

The hard years after.

You did all right
for yourself, Avery.

You know, you lose your
father when you're young,

you spend your whole life
trying to measure up

and mostly comin' up short.


I mean, today brought up some old
baggage for me, I guess.

Can you zip me up?

Glad to.

And uh...

I'm so sorry Abby has kicked up
these ugly memories for you, honey.

That's very sweet
of you, Avery.


I'm here.

Tell me I didn't hurt anyone.

The walls and windows
need some love,

but the people are all fine.

Do you remember
what happened right before?

All of a sudden,
the place got dark.

Like I was stepping
into a living nightmare.

It was the break-in again,

Break-in at the Roadhouse?

When I was 12,
masked men broke in.

Grandma stood up to them.
So they killed her right there.

Never found out who did it.

Had nightmares for years
but never nothin' like this.

Not while I was awake.

Todd told you he was
in the water last night.

Did he tell you where?

Pokin' around Ochee Forks.

Something must've happened because
he said he was never goin' back.


Get some rest.

All right.

What are you thinking?

Alec told me that
he could sense this danger

in the swamp.

I mean, one thing
that was drilled into us

from med school on,
is stick to science.

In the end, that's what's
gonna give you answers.

But what's going on
here is...

What are you gonna do?

I'm gonna go try
and find the source.

This thing, whatever it is, is being
transmitted from person-to-person.

So, it's gotta come
from somewhere.



Alec, is that you?

Oh, my God!


You shouldn't have come.


How did you know
I was here?

I felt it.

There's a darkness here.

- A darkness?
- Yes.

Is it connected
to this body?

It was.

But it's been released.

Two men came here last night
and one of them was driven

to take his life
because of fear.

The same thing could've
happened to him.

He died afraid.

Ancient viruses have been found
lying dormant in mummified tissue.

It isn't a disease.

The swamp, it...

changes things.

If the organism that came from his
body has been in the swamp for years,

then it could
still be out there.

The darkness always
seeks a new host.

Another victim.

Another host.

Todd scratched Delroy,
and Delroy...

Oh, my God.
Lucilia could be infected.

I'm sorry. Look,
I have to get back to Marais.


This... thing...

belongs here in the swamp.

Everybody ready
to have a good time?

How'd I do?

Oh, you're always good at reminding
people all you've done for them.

Always nice to let people know who's
buttering the bread, or the...

crawfish as the case
may be.

What's Susie Coyle doing here?

Oh, I thought
she might enjoy it.

Her uncle's been
having a hard time,

and I said we might take little Susie
for a night or a couple of days.

- I know I should've...
- No, no, it sounds good.

Hello. Hello, Susie.

I see you've met Nadine.

Why don't we grab some food?

I've got a room over there.
We'll all get acquainted.

- What do you say, little Susie?
- Yeah.



How did you know
it was me?

What is it you want?

Have you seen anything more?

About my... mission,
whatever it is?

I've been busy.

Come on, Ms. X.

You just try,
maybe you get a hint.

The truth is, Daniel,

the cards aren't clear
right now.

Not just about you.

About the future
of this entire town.


Are you saying
you lost your gift?

All I know now is...

a storm is coming, Daniel.

Something big.

Something that will affect the
destiny of this entire town,

and everyone in it.

Something terrible is coming.

And this is when
my cards change?

Eight years ago, when you'd
first come to Marais,

you told me
you'd made a bargain.

One that bound you to
this town until called upon.


When the shit comes down,
whatever it is,

you're gonna be here
to help, right?

If I can.

But you've been called
to a destiny.

Every hero's path
is theirs to walk alone.

- Hey.
- Hey.

I couldn't believe your call.

You think Lucilia's next?

I saw Delroy scratch her.

And that's how
it's transmitted, Liz,

from one infected person
to the next through blood.

It's... It's nothing like
I've ever seen before. I...

Did the name on that key
mean anything?

The Echo did a retrospective
on 1930's Marais a while back.

The Hotel Esperos was
a local boarding house.

And some very strange shit
went down there.


The first incident was
a World War I vet.

They found him on his boat
raving about dirt caving in on him,

like he was back
in the trenches.

Like his own
personal nightmare.

After he came back to
the hotel, locals reported

hearing screams and
seeing strange behavior.

But it was spreading so fast the
authorities had no clue what to do.

So he must've passed it
on to someone else,

and then it just went
from person to person.

When did it stop?

The last victim just
flipped out and vanished.

Weeks later, they found his
boat drifting near Ochee Forks.

I wonder if he knew
he had the infection.

So he went to the swamp
and killed himself

so he wouldn't pass it on
to anyone else.

Until Todd came along.

You working the room, Ma?

Why can't you ever
just enjoy yourself, hmm?

That's the reason why.

I'll take care of it.

Hey! Knock it off!

Get in there.


Fuck him up.


Matty! No!

10-33, officer down!
I need an ambulance!

Oh, baby don't!
No! Mama says no!

Matty! Look at me.
Look at me.


Open your eyes!



Matty, stay with me.



Stay back!

Stay back!

- Lucilia!
- Stay back!

- Stay away!
- Lucilia!

It's okay.

- Stay back!
- Lucilia! Listen to me!

Stay back! I will blast
that fucking smile

right off your fucking face!

It's not real.
It's not real!

- Stay back!
- Lucilia!

Matty is okay.

Lucilia, look at me!
Look at me! This is not real!

- Get away!
- This is not real!

You're sick.
You have to come with me.

- No! Get off of me!
- Lucilia! You have to come with me!

Get off of me!

You have to come with me!


Hey, hey, hey, hey.




It's me. It's okay.

- Come on, Doc, we gotta get out of here.
- No, no!

- I tried to stop him.
- I'm right here.

- Baby.
- Matt... Matt!

Get her to the hospital.

Yeah. Yeah. Come on.


Liz! Don't touch me!

It's in me.
That thing is in me.

I have to take it back
to the swamp.






I've been waiting.

Your mommy tried
to take you from me,

but I'm still in your dreams.

You thought they ended
when she died.

That I was gone forever!

But you are still just
a scared little girl,

trying to hide
from your past.

Don't fight it!

Your mother wants to see you.

You wanted to understand
the darkness.

I'll show you!



Let me take this from you.




What are you doing?

He died to
protect the ones he loved.

The darkness was never
meant to leave him.

He took it back.

And now this place
has taken him.

I don't understand.
How do you know all of this?

The plants, the trees...

I think they're talking to me.

Maria, I just
got off the phone.

Seems our sheriff came down with
a bad case of food poisoning.

- High fever.
- Mmm.

She went off with Matt.

To have the doctors
take a look.

She seems happy here.

It'd be nice... to have a
child in the house again, huh?

You know...

I was thinking...

Her uncle and his wife already
have four kids of their own.

Taking another one on would
stretch them pretty thin.

You're thinking
she should stay here?

I could ask.

I just hope to God
she's okay.

You know, the CDC raced out of
here pretty quick in my opinion.

- Well, if I had...
- They left Abby.

Clearly they don't
understand this green flu.

That's why I'm keeping
Dr. Woodrue on the payroll.

He's the only person who could
find a real cure for this thing,

make sure she's okay.

Oh, what I mean...

I'm sure that
she is gonna be fine.

How's Susie?

What do you care, Coyle?

It's made out to cash.

Better take it to
a big bank in the city.

So what's this
really about, Sunderland?

Buying a kid like this?

You don't love
that little girl.

You know those commercials
that they run asking for donations,

to help some poor
starving child overseas?

There's a reason they don't
put those on the radio.

See, if you want
people to pony up,

they have to see
those sad, sick orphans,

in order to open
their checkbooks.

And Dr. Woodrue is gonna
get everything he needs

to make sure
little Susie is all right.

Hey, you have
a good night, Lee.

Don't spend it all
in a bar.

I'm not
giving up on you.

I'm going to find an answer.

The darkness...

made you afraid.

What did you see?

I saw something
I thought I'd forgotten.

When I was a little girl, I would
wake up crying almost every night,

scared that this, uh...

This faceless monster was gonna come
and tear me away from my mother.

When she died,
the nightmares stopped.

But when I was little,
it was, uh... it was very real.

I'm a doctor, Alec.
You are a biologist.


Tell me how any of this
makes sense.

It doesn't.

Not in any way that
we used to understand.

So this darkness...

Where does it come from?

The swamp's been polluted.


And when the balance shifts,
life suffers,

- and darkness finds release...
- ...bringing death.


How am I seeing these things?

I don't know
who I am anymore, Abby.

You're Alec Holland.

You're my friend.

I'm scared for you, Abby.

This is only the beginning.