Swamp Thing (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - He Speaks - full transcript

Previously on Swamp Thing...

Do you think Alec's boat
blowing up was an accident?


I don't like the timing.

He was tracking
the progress of the disease.

And he thought that
he was onto something.

Dr. Jason Woodrue.

You told me your accelerant
would make things grow faster.

The accelerant works.

But we've also got
a hospital full up with people

with some kind
of crazy green flu.

I'm gonna look into it.

No, you're gonna fix it.

Abby, you circled round.

Been through this area twice.

Come on, Landreaux, I wanna make
this as quick and as painless...

You don't wanna run from me.

What in the fuck are you?

What happened to your shoes?



That's weird.

Guess I, uh, lost them

What's a pretty city boy
like you doing out here anyway?

Right. Um, no, I was, um...

uh, doing research
on the swamp and then, um...

There was a fire.

You don't even remember me,
do you?

Kind of.

That's right.

I'm that son of a bitch
you murdered.

I am so, so sorry.

You're fucking sorry?

You're dead!

- Stop!
- Dead!

Don't! Stop!

I'm coming back for you,
you hear me?

I don't get it, Abby.

You brought back
the little girl, right?

Shouldn't you be doing
a victory lap?

I found something else, Liz.

Someone else.


I think Susie Coyle was drawn
into the swamp by a man.

I know this sounds insane,

but there is a human being
out there.

His entire body was covered
in plants... and vines.

And this Susie went to
see him because... why?

She said she was called
into the swamp to help him.

That he was sick
and he needed her.

And... And she told me that
this person's name...

was Alec.

Fuck me.


So what did you do?

I didn't know what
I was supposed to do.

It was a bloodbath out there,

Susie was going
into shock.



I fucking ran.

Have you told anyone else
about this?

I don't know if I should.

I don't believe this.


I have to go to the hospital.
Can we talk later?

Yeah, sure.


Dr. Troost and the new CDC team
arrived this morning.

I take it you didn't know.

Where is he?

Oh, Abby.

What's going on, Eli?

We've been keeping an eye
on things from Atlanta,

we felt it was time
for a fresh approach.

Yeah, it's...
It's an unusual case.

we need to change tact.

So I'm starting
a new drug regimen.

High dose IV Vancomycin
and meropenem.

Are you serious?

No, I already have them
maxed out on antibiotics...

Dr. Arcane, I'm not
looking for a debate...

Excuse me.

Why send a supervisor
all the way from Atlanta?

There's another hotshot
in the house.

You've heard
of Dr. Jason Woodrue?

Yes, the bio-geneticist?

He's... He's certainly not CDC.

Woodrue's in the morgue
right now getting up to speed,

re-examining the body
of Eddie Coyle.

Apparently, Avery Sunderland
is footing his bill.


Dr. Woodrue.

Take a close look.

What do you see?

Well, the...

renal medulla is severely
constricted by a foreign matter.

Ureteric bud appears
bloated, about to burst.

Go on.

Is this... a test?

I prefer to consult with people

who have some vague understanding
of the subject matter.

I understand you are supplied
to us by Avery Sunderland.

You two old friends?


The invading organism has adapted
to its prey with great specificity.

It's incredible, it's...

part parasite,
part carnivore.

Yet entirely
plant-based material.

- Mmm.
- Big picture.

What else do you see?

What do I see?

I see a man
named Eddie Coyle,

a human being that lived,

was raising a little girl,
then died,

and was tortured to death
by an awful disease.

I'm sorry.
Did I say something funny?

No, it's just your...

Your view is quite limiting.

- Miss?
- Dr. Arcane.

Abby Arcane.

Nature is brutal.

Life devours life.
It's a battle to the death.

To bring emotion to bear
taints the scientific vision.

Well, I'm sorry if that
makes me biased,

but I'm on the side
of humans in this battle.

All life is a zero-sum game,
Dr. Arcane.

And today the score
is plants, one,

humans, zero.

Hello, Gordon. Love the suit.
Brooks Brothers?

No, wait. Now that I see it
up close, I'm thinking...

- Men's Wearhouse?
- Told you.

- Got nothing to say.
- It's a small town, Gordon.

You can block my calls,
delete my emails,

unfriend me
if it makes you feel better,

but sooner or later,
you're gonna talk to me.

I don't know what
you think you've got,

but it's complete
and utter bullshit.

Then why do you act so damn
scared every time I come around?

Look, I know you've been making
off-the-books loans to Avery Sunderland.

It's him I want.

Talk to me. I'll keep your
name out of the paper.

But you know, when you just
ignore me like this,

it kind of hurts my feelings.

- Just give me a sec.
- Sure. No problem.


Trying to get you
on the radio.

We recovered
Vern Robitelle's body.

The coroner said he had
his throat ripped out.

Deputy Guidry fished a boat
hook out of the water nearby.

It's probably
the murder weapon.

That's two dead bodies.
What the hell happened here?

Whatever it was, you shouldn't
have acted on your own.

- There was a little girl missing...
- It doesn't matter.

It was reckless.

You follow protocol,
you wait for backup.

And I can't help thinking
that if Abby Arcane

hadn't been involved, then
you probably would have.

So where are we at
in the Alec Holland front?

There's no reason to believe that
it wasn't just stupid bad luck,

I mean, a spark gets into one of
those old outboards,

boom, the whole thing
goes up, right?


Then I'll talk to Avery later in case
there's anything else he can add.

If nothing pops up
by tomorrow,

then we close it out
as accidental.

You know, Ma,
we found Susie Coyle.

We found her and
brought her back safe.

If Abby Arcane
hadn't been involved,

this story might not
have a happy ending.

Her vitals look good.

Blood pressure is down.

Has she been awake at all?

Not since I came in.

Harlan was looking after
her overnight.


Guess you heard about
Eli's hostile takeover.

Guy's a dick.

Harlan, are you asleep
on the job?

Sorry, Abby.

I know caregivers aren't supposed
to get sick on your watch but...

You know how it is.




Code blue! Crash cart!

On your side, Harlan. Gotta clear your
airway. On your side. On your side.

Five cc's epinephrine,
two liters O2,

initiate Valium
Dilantin protocol.

Dr. Arcane, your mask!

Okay, I need
a gurney here now!

It's okay, Harlan.
It's okay.

Clear his airway.

Go! On three.
One, two, three!

- Okay, put him on his side.
- Make sure you clear his airway.

The swelling can get into his
throat and constrict his throat.

- Please make sure you...
- Dr. Cane, I've got this.


Abby, what's wrong?

It's Harlan.
He's come down with the disease.


To hell with Avery's secrecy,

I need to get into Holland's lab and
figure out what he was working on.

With any luck,
it'll point me towards a cure.

Alec had to be
on to something.

It's a Hail Mary,
but it's all I've got.

Be careful.


You got eyes on her?

Traveling the north 40.

Do me a favor.

If you ever get
to Skeeter Cove,

keep your eyes out
for any debris from Holland's boat.

Humor me.

Don't I always?

So when the
hell are you coming home?

Tonight? Tomorrow?

As soon as I get a kill.

I ain't waitin' forever.

I gotta go.

What the hell?

I wish
you could've seen it, Caroline.

The rate of mutation
is just astounding.

It sounds almost as if
the genes are being swapped

between cells outside
of sexual reproduction.

Which makes genetic advances
thousands of times more rapid

than we ever dreamt possible,

but it's not just because
of the accelerant.

There's something...

There's something specific about the
mutagenic properties of this place.

It's nice to see
that fire in your eye.

That passion,
thirst for knowledge.

I know an extended visit
to Marais, Louisiana,

was not high
on your bucket list but...


Have you seen my pills?

My pills. I thought
I set them on the counter.

That's 'cause
you already took them.


There you go.

They're all gone.

I'm sorry.

We knew there was gonna
be episodes like this, right?

So, it's gonna be okay.

I'm slowly losing my mind.

And we both know it.

Listen to me, sweetheart.

I refuse to accept that
your condition is incurable.

Because I refuse to accept
my life without you.



What if I forget you?



Listen, I know
it's been very stressful

with Abby being in here and all,
dredging up these... Well, the memories.

At least you'll be
going soon.

I just wanna see you back
to your old self is all.

The thing is, Avery...

I am back to my old self.

I've just been faking it
for the last 14 years,

and that's the problem.

I'm faking it
as hard as I can,

because if I don't,

I just sink back
to my old self.

- Mr. Sunderland?
- Yeah?

Gordon Haas is here?

Gordon Haas?

What the hell
is he doing here?

You tell him to call me
in the morning.

Yes, I tried that, sir.


What the hell?

Gordon, I'm in the middle
of dinner.

It couldn't wait.

The bank's been asking

You know my situation.
I got enough investors on the hook.

As soon as they see
the results of my swamp study...

You're not hearing me.
I'm done.

I'm out.

I don't know how you convinced me
to do this in the first place.


Well, maybe it was 'cause
of kickback after kickback,

you greedy little bastard.

If the bank finds out

I'm transferring funds
for personal loans for you,

I could go to prison.

Well, that's your job.

So make sure
that doesn't happen.


So you just man up.

Yeah. Fix it.

And don't you... Don't you come
to my house uninvited again.

No. Avery. No more.

I need it all back.
Repaid in full, or...

this town's gonna be awfully
surprised when they find out

the mighty Avery Sunderland
is actually in debt up to his eyeballs.

You have 24 hours.

So you
don't know of anyone

who would want to
hurt Alec Holland?

Not a soul.

Well, maybe he had trouble
with some locals,

being an outsider and all?

I hardly knew the man.

I need a scientist
for my project.

And he was available.

- Something funny?
- No.

I've just never seen your
professional side up close before.

Lucilia Cable, crime fighter.


I know it is a terrible thing
what happened to him,

but if you need to know,

Alec Holland hadn't been at the
forefront of my worries lately.


Maria's taken to sleeping
in Shawna's room again.


she's always been complicated.

But you knew that
when you married her.

Abby Arcane's return has
brought it all back to her.

You know,

it seems like
in the past few months,

this entire town's
been slipping down

some deep, dark hole.

I just know that more people
have died in the last five days

than in the previous
five years.

Folks are scared.

I don't blame 'em.

You look good,



I always look good
when Maria's cutting you off.

I know you.

- You think so?
- I know so.

I know you.
I remember you.

I remember you.

And I miss you.

- Wait. Is she home?
- No, no, no.

She never comes
downstairs after dinner.

- No.
- Wait a minute.

No. No.


Well, have I satisfied you
on the Alec Holland question?

I'll let you know.

Hi, Mommy.

Shawna, my love.

Do you really think Daddy stayed
faithful to you all these years?

Why would you say
something like that?

Does he seem like
the kind of man

who could stay faithful
to anyone, really?

Don't say things like that
about your father.

Does he even still love you?

Shawna, what you're saying
is cruel.

Or maybe, he keeps you around
for some other reason.

Stop it!

May I offer you a drink?

I sure as hell could use one.

That's two things
we have in common.


have a confession.

Where is he?

Get the fuck away from me!

Leave her.

I'm that son of a bitch
you murdered.

Release him.

You are safe now.

Susie Coyle said
you were...

Alec Holland.


I saw you that night
in the swamp.

After the explosion.

Do you remember what happened?

I was burning.

What am I?

A good man.

A scientist.
Someone who could help me

find a way to bring
the man I knew back.

I don't understand this disease
and why it's fighting us.

Not fighting.

Fighting back.

What's going on?

It's a shit show.
All of them are tanking.

- Convulsions, spasms. Two have gone into comas.
- Shit.


I mean, we're slamming
this thing as hard as we can.

Strongest antibiotics
known to man.

But it just keeps fighting.

It's not fighting.

It's fighting back.

I need two syringes.

Five cc's azathioprine,

second syringe,
five cc's leflunomide glycol.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- Right away, Doctor.
- Thank you.

Harlan, stay with me.

Thank you.

What the hell
is going on here?

You're administering

The antibiotics are
just making things worse.

Their immune systems are the
only thing keeping them alive.

They're never going to
outgun this.

It is mutating
at lightning speed.

The more we fight it,
the harder it attacks back.

- Get security.
- Harlan, stay with me, stay with me.

I lose you,
who's going to keep me honest?

Get her outta here!

- Look. Look!
- Doctor, the BP is dropping.

190, 185...

- Temp is down to 101.
- Harlan, Harlan, Harlan.

Hey, hey, hey, Harlan.


Hey. Do you know
where you are?

Do you know who I am?

Nicki Minaj.

I'm your biggest fan.

Five cc's azathioprine, five cc's
leflunomide glycol for every patient.

Do it.

- Hey, you.
- Hey.

How you feeling?

- Better.
- Good.

We're trying a new medicine,
and I think it's working.

You saw Alec again,
didn't you?


I want to help him, but I'm...

I'm not sure how.

He doesn't understand
what's happening to him.

He's so scared
and he's all alone.

Guess we're both alone now.


We're gonna figure this out,
okay, sweetie?

- Okay.
- All of it.

I promise.

But you need to get
some sleep.

You need a good night's rest.


We'll talk about this
in the morning, okay?

- Dr. Arcane?
- Hmm?

Thank you so much
for helping us.

You're welcome.


What are you doing in here?

Well, if you won't come
to my bed,

I guess I gotta come to you.

- You want something.
- Yes. To apologize.

I've been insensitive.
I should've understood that

Abby coming back here would

trigger all these
awful memories for you.

- It's been difficult.
- I know, honey.

I don't wanna lose you, Maria.

And I don't want us
to ever lose sight

of what we've been working for,

all these years.



Oh, Maria. We are so close.

Dr. Woodrue, he just needs
one more tranche of funding,

to pinpoint the exact makeup
of these accelerated processes.

You need money.

No. Specifically, you need
more of my family's money.

Well, you know,
like we discussed,

once people discover
what we've found,

we're gonna have...

The offers are gonna
be rolling in.

We're gonna be set for,
well, forever, Maria.


I don't think so.

I understand you're not
accustomed to hearing it.

But the answer is no.

What're you talking
about, Maria?

I just brought
Dr. Woodrue down here.

Now, we are close
to a major breakthrough.

It's my money.

And I've been funding
this nonsense of yours long enough.

And I've had enough
of you throwing

our life savings
into that swamp,

and chasing your
delusions of grandeur.

What's going on with you?
What are you doing?

What are you doing, Maria?



You're not cutting me off!

- Hey, Abby.
- Hey.

Good to see you.
Whiskey neat?

- And a beer back, please.
- You got it.

Thanks, Delroy.

- Why don't you make that two, Del.
- Comin' up.

- Thanks, Del.
- Thank you.

Anyway, I heard about
the big breakthrough

at the hospital.


Word travels fast.

You kiddin'?

The entire town's talking.
You're a hero.

It's promising, but I'm
not gonna crack the champagne

till I see how
the patients are tomorrow.


Yeah, well, it's still
damn impressive, Abs.

Like pretty much
everything else about you.

- Stop.
- I'm being serious, all right?

Let's go over what you've
done with your life, hmm?

You put yourself through
college, medical school,

traveled all around
the world.

These aren't small things.

You saw the opportunity
to leave Marais.

And you jumped.

It was more like
I was pushed.

♪ La la la la la la la ♪

♪ La la la la la ♪

Remember this song?

♪ La la la la la la la ♪

- Prom night.
- Mmm-hmm. Yup.

You have to get some
new tunes on that juke, Delroy.

- Nope. Do not blame Delroy.
- No.

It was all me.


Yeah, I finally
worked up the courage.

Mmm-hmm. Come on.

- Oh, no. I can't dance. I don't...
- I know you don't dance,

but you're gonna make
an exception tonight.

Because I've waited this long,

and I'm not leaving
without a dance.


Listen to Delroy,
let's go.

Go ahead.


♪ ...my admiration ♪

♪ For everything you've done ♪

♪ You know I'm bound ♪

♪ I'm bound to thank you
For it ♪

♪ La la la la la la la ♪

♪ Hey ♪

♪ You've been so kind
And generous ♪

♪ I don't know how
You keep on giving ♪

Is everything all right?

Everything's fine.

It's good to
have you back, Abby.

Jesus Christ.

Hello, Daniel.

You weren't here to
read your newest audio book,

so I decided
to take the liberty.

Mi casa es su casa.

Long time.

And you've been drinking.

Everyone has their
survival mode, right?

Mine's that little town store that's
now finally carrying Red Stripe.

Daniel, this sounds
less like survival

and more like
torturing yourself.

Well, that's me.

The guy who can't go home.

What's it been? Two, three months at least?

Come on, Xanadu.
Break out those cards.

Give me one more reading.


One last time.

Eight years since you've
come to Marais,

and in all that time,
your cards never change.

Come on.

As I shuffle, I want you
to focus on the answers you crave.

When your mission will be
complete and your waiting will end.

Can you do that, Daniel?

I've been stuck in a town
the size of a shoe box.

Trust me. All I can think about
is getting out of Marais.

The fool. Present.

The hanged man.


And number three?

Wheel of fortune.

That same damn card
over and over again.

I swear,
it's like a bad tooth.

- I can't stop pokin'!
- Daniel.

Look again.

Well, they're the same cards,
but this time...

This time they're reversed.


- Mmm-hmm.
- Well, what does that mean?

Is... Is that good?

Something's beginning
for you, Daniel.

I don't know what.

Did someone new
come into your life?


Hey, do you think she's the one
I'm supposed to be waiting for?


A doctor. Abby Arcane.

Abby A...

Hey. Lizzy, it's me.

I think I found some debris
from the explosion.

This is from Holland's boat.

Looks like someone shot him.

Who's there?

That was quite
a thing you did.

Coming into my house,

disrespecting me,

trying to humiliate me
in front of my wife.

You can't just come
into my house, man...

Who do you think you are?

I'm on the verge
of great things here, Gordon!

And I offered you
a seat at the table.

You should be thanking me
for the privilege,

you mealy little motherfucker!

Get out!

You know what
you gotta do, Gordon.

You gotta cover
for that missing money.

And then, you're gonna keep
your goddamn mouth shut.

Or I could just talk
to the press and

tell them what I know
about you and the Conclave.

You dumb son of a bitch!

What's happening?

What's happening?

Easier to clean up the mess.

I know
you're home, Gordon.

The maroon Prius
is a dead giveaway.

You're just making it
worse, you know.