Swamp Thing (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Worlds Apart - full transcript

Abby and Matt follow one of her patients into the swamp, where Abby encounters Swamp Thing; Alec struggles to understand his metamorphosis into the monstrous, plant-based creature, Swamp Thing.

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Previously on Swamp Thing...

How long has it been
since you were home?

My name is Dr. Abby Arcane,

with the CDC's
Epidemic Intelligence Service.

Abby Arcane!


Have you seen anything
unusual at the docks lately?

I have heard whispers
of someone hiring boats

to go out into
the swamp at night.

Excuse me?
Who are you exactly?

You're gonna wanna speak
to me sooner or later.

You're a cop now.

Mr. Coyle?

We have it under control.
It's okay.

Well, nothing's working, is it?

- Who are you, again?
- Holland.

There's something special
about this place,

we all know that.

You live here long enough,
you feel it in your bones.

This is a sample.

This clear shit on top,
that's just swamp water, right?

But right there on the bottom,
you see that?

That doesn't belong.

It's gotta be some sort of
biological accelerant.

But it only jacks up mutagens.

[screams] Daddy!

May I offer you a drink?

I sure as hell could use one.

[chuckling] That's two things
we have in common.

[Alec] The stuff in the box,
it's a biological accelerant.

It's like the stuff we pulled
from the swamp.

So someone's dumping it here?

- Can I help you?
- [gun fires]

[Abby] Alec!



[owl hooting]

[siren whoops]

[indistinct chatter
on police radio]

[Matt] Abby, you circled round.

Been through this area twice.

We can't stop, Matt.

- He could still be alive.
- Could he?

You said the entire boat
went up in flames,

and it sure looks like
that's what happened.

[siren blares]

Sheriff's here.

Found any remains?

We probably won't find much.
The whole thing went up.


Maybe a spark from the engine
ignited the fuel tank.

Wait, you think
this was an accident?


You let your hair grow.

You should know that
Alec Holland was investigating

illegal dumping on this swamp,

dumping he thought might be related
to this current outbreak...

And you should know, if I've learned
one thing from being sheriff here,

there's all kinds of awful
that happens in this swamp.

But I think you know that.
Better than anyone.


- Landry!
- [Landry] Yeah, boss?

Start down the shore
and work your way back up.

[Landry] Copy that.

Call from the other side,
contour sweep.

Wait. Wait. Listen,
you have to warn your people.

- I saw something out there on the water.
- [Matt] Abby, this might not be the best time...

It was something big.

Abby, we get reports of boar
in the area all the time.

It was not a boar.

- It was a man. It was...
- Come on...

It was like a man.

[Matt] It was dark.

You were keyed up
from the explosion.

Now, she could have... She could've
seen something on two legs.

I don't know...
A bear.


Yeah, maybe a grizzly wandered
all the way down from Canada

for the first time ever.

Dr. Arcane, go home.

Landry, tell your people to be
on alert for a possible bear.

[Landry] Bear? In this swamp?

Whatever you say, Sheriff.


[beeping quickens]

[beeping rapidly]

[alarms beeping]


[theme music playing]

[Abby] You know, I thought I knew what I was
getting into coming back to Marais, but...

[Liz] This place wasn't
very easy for you.

Even on the best of days.

[Abby] Yeah. Anyway...
Thanks for letting me stay.

Well, when it's this or the
Bide-A-Wee Motel on Route 12...

But they wouldn't have a shot
of bourbon waiting for you.

[softly] Two things
we have in common.



So, you heard.

About the night
you had? Oh, yeah.

I like to fall asleep listening
to the police scanner.

It's soothing.

I barely knew Holland,
but he seemed like...

Good guy.

I really liked him, Liz.

[zipper opening]

Susie, honey,
it's Dr. Edwards.

Heard you had
a bad nightmare.

It wasn't a nightmare.

He was hurting himself.

He doesn't understand
what's happening to him.

I don't understand.
Who's being hurt?

The man in the dark.

He's so scared.

I need to go to him.

Okay, honey,
it was just a dream.

You need to get
your rest now, okay?

[zipper whirring]

[branches scraping]





When Shawna
was a little girl...

Sometimes I would lay down
next to her

just to listen to her breathe.

Don't do this to yourself.

You weren't around, Avery.

You didn't know her like I did.

[Avery sighs]

I lost Shawna, too.

[door closes]

[cell phone buzzing]




[cell phone buzzing]

[sighs] Shit.


[Harlan] Well, you sound
alert and rested.

What's up? Any changes?

Susie Coyle had an episode
during the night.

Her heart rate and BP jumped,

but we're on it.

Okay, I know you, Harlan,

drop the other shoe.

We've got two new cases.

They're on the same
drug regimen, but...

So far, they're stable.


This thing isn't stopping.

Liz, I was thinking,

- and I'm not sure...
- Wow. Help yourself.


I'm sorry.

You must be Abby. Margaux.

- Hi.
- Morning.

When I make the coffee,
it's nuclear strong.

Liz spills some water
over a few beans

and thinks she has
an espresso.

You trashing me
to my friends?


Now run before that shrimp boat
leaves without you.

- Watch out. She's grumpy in the morning.
- Mmm.

What? It's not like you tell me
about your boyfriends.

So, how'd you sleep?

Do you think Alec's boat
blowing up was an accident?

Not well, then.

Fine. [sighs]

I don't like the timing.

And I'm a cynical
and suspicious reporter.

Yeah. Here's my problem.

Alec wasn't just looking
into illegal dumping,

he was tracking
the progress of the disease.

And he thought that
he was onto something.

And now he's gone,
and you can't ask him.


[Abby inhales sharply]

Well, two new cases
came in today, so...

Whatever we're doing,
it's not working.

I think I need to get into his
lab and look through his work.

Except the cops
are all over it today.

Police scanner, remember?

Even Marais' finest
have protocol.

It's standard in the case
of violent death.

The man who hired Alec
could give me access.

Are you seriously
talking about going to Avery?

After what they did to you?

Girl, do not let that man
mess with your mind.

She does make good coffee.

Don't change the subject.

Avery Sunderland
is a master manipulator.

Okay, you got hurt enough
the first time around.

- I'm gonna be fine.
- Abby...

[door opens]

See you later.

[door closes]

[doorbell rings]

Come in.

Right this way.

I don't think we've had
a fire in that thing

since you and Shawna used to open
your Christmas presents in here.

A house without children never
loses the echoes, you know.

Look at you.

I can't believe
it's been 14 years!


- Hey, Abby.
- Hey.

Come on, let's get you
something to drink.

You want something to eat?
You hungry?

No, I'm actually here
in my professional capacity.

I know. With the CDC.

Medical doctor, infectious diseases,
specialist, that's impressive.

From the time we took you in,

and bright as a whip,

I knew that you would
do great things.

- Avery...
- Hey, listen, before we go any further,

please just...

Sit down for a minute,
Abby, please.

I wanna talk to you.


I owe you an apology.

I never blamed you
for Shawna's death

the way that Maria did, and I
should have made that clear.

And I wish to hell now
that I would have stepped up.

You bore the full brunt
of her hostility,

and I do not blame you
for getting out of Dodge.


I understood
that she was upset.

[sighs] She was hanging
by a thread,

and I couldn't bear
the thought of fighting with her

when the pain
was so fresh, but...

I've had a long time
to think, Abby.

You were a 17-year-old kid.

I should've done better.

Maybe if I had,
I wouldn't have...

Wouldn't have lost
both my daughters, huh?


Is Maria all right?

We'll get through it.

It's because of me.

It's me coming back,
I stirred up all this emotion.


I'm sorry.

Why don't you tell me what I
can do for the CDC, Abby?


You had an employee,
Alec Holland.

Jesus. Yes, Alec.

Sheriff just filled me
in this morning.

I don't know what happened.
I still can't even believe it.

Well, I believe that he had some research
that could help us cure this disease.


I need to get into his lab.

I see.

And I imagine you came to me

because Lucilia's deputies
have got it locked down?


[Avery] Hmm.

But one call from you,
and that would all go away.

That lab is full of
what my lawyers call...

"Proprietary information."

Okay. But people's lives
are at risk.


And if I thought there was
anything in there

that might help you,

I'd be the first
to hand over the key.

But I've invested a small
fortune in that research,

and once I open up
that barn door,

there's no getting
the horses back inside.

That data could
wind up anywhere.

I could get a court order.

If I have to.

[Avery] Hmm.

[chuckles] But,
of course, by then,

all that proprietary
information might be gone.

It might be.

But here's what's
more important,

regardless of what happens,
I'll still love you.

And you will always
be welcome in this house.

You know, you always had a way of
making a "no" sound like a favor.

You know why I'm here.

I need your help.

I thought I had it
under control.

This pain, gnawing at me.

But how can anyone forget
the loss of their only child?

You don't, Maria.

You find a way to let it rest.

I can't.

It's like...

I can hear her again.


She's calling out to me.


Fine, sit.

I want you to think
about Shawna.

How you felt about her.

How she died.

And her spirit now.

[speaking in Creole]


Show me.

[Madame Xanadu gasping]









What... What happened?

There's been a shift in the balance
of the light and the dark.

- Is Shawna...
- Something's out there.

I touched it.

Something vast, dark, and growing in
the awful and the rot of the water.

If you trust me
like you say you do...

You'll let this go.

- I can't.
- Shawna's dead.


[sobbing] No.

Let her rest.

Let her go.

[alarms beeping]

Oh, my God.

This is where Alec was staying?

Guess he didn't like
the Bide-A-Wee, either.

Cassidy rents out rooms
in the back.

Let's just hope Holland
brought work home with him.

[bell ringing]

- [man] Wait!
- Danny?

Before I have to start
collecting social security.


[music playing over speakers]


Oh. Hi, ladies.

Everything okay?

Yeah. I'm sorry, I was just
rehearsing for an audition.

You're an actor?

Well, yeah.

83% on Rotten Tomatoes.

They like that
I do my own stunts.

Abby, this is Daniel Cassidy.

Owner and operator,

not to mention,
Marais' resident movie star.

Thanks. This place is just
a little side dish for me.

I'm impressed.

Well, in that case,
I have a movie poster for you.

I'd be happy to sign it.

Danny, my friend
works for the CDC...

Dr. Abby Arcane.

We're here about Alec Holland.


So sad to hear
about that guy.

Yeah, I was hoping I could take
a look inside of his room.

Well, yeah, sure, but you're
not gonna find anything.

- Why?
- The cops were here an hour ago.

In and out in 20 minutes.

Did he have a computer?

Yeah, he did, but they took it
back from him when he got fired.

Couldn't afford his own.

Well, hell, half the time
he would use mine

to edit his journal entries
before he would upload them.

He had a work journal?

No, not work.
Well, it may be work.

Mostly just mud-whomping-
in-the-swamp kinda stuff.

He was the kinda guy that dug
plants and birds and shit.

Garou, hi!

Yeah, the cops
dropped him off here.

They didn't know
what else to do with him.

I'm sorry, buddy.
He's not coming back.

Is there a place
I could take a look at this?

Yeah, sure.

You know what? Come grab a seat upstairs.
I'mma show ya.

So, Danny, what happened
to you on Sunday?

We missed you
at Roadhouse Jam.

Help yourself.

Never mind what
happened on Sunday.

It's next Sunday that you
need to get excited about.

- Oh, yeah?
- I am mixing tracks together

that no one has ever
even conceived of.

Throw in cayenne cajun sauce,
mixing all that up too.

Well, I got a very exciting entry today.
I just got fired.

So that's awesome. Uh...

So why am I still
in the middle of the swamp?

Uh, masochist, maybe.

Or because I know
I'm on to something.

I know it. I just...

need some time to prove it
is all, and hopefully soon.

Because there's nothing
I hate more than being fired,

than being poor.

And I need new sandals.

All right, bad news first is

we now know that somebody has been
dumping accelerant out in the swamp.

Why is still a fucking mystery
to us, but, uh, good news is,

is we think that if we, uh, find
and collect all these boxes,

we may be able to, uh,
stop this thing, so...

We, um...


"We," right?
Jesus, it's been a long day.


Yeah, I've been working with a,
uh, doctor from the CDC today,

Abby Arcane. She's, um...

She's very smart, very smart.
Very driven, and, uh...

Well, she googled me, so.

She's quite lovely.

Oh, here we go, here we go. Got
something, got something... All right.

- [footsteps approaching]
- [Liz] Abby?


- You good?
- Yeah. [clears throat]

[cell phone buzzing]


- Susie.
- Is she all right?

She's missing.

[Jason] Have you heard anything
more about who's taking my students?

[Caroline] Yes, Professor Zimmerman has agreed
to cover your classes until we get back.

[Jason] Zimmerman? The man is
mediocrity wrapped in ignorance.

You're not gonna do that when we
meet Avery Sunderland, right?

No, of course not.

Because he does not need to be told
he's a dead weight on your creativity

and only useful for his money.

Or whatever opinion
you happen to form on the spot

- and need to share.
- Uh-huh, yeah.

- Truth saves time.
- [door opens]

- He sent you those mutagens that you love.
- I know.

And he's paid a lot of money for
you to develop the accelerant.

Yes. And then he interrupted
my work by telling me,

"Hey, get your ass down here,
there's an emergency."

I can't wait to see
what this disease of his is.

You know, probably someone dispersing
the accelerant caught a cold.

Hey! We're the Woodrues.

We're here to see Mr...

Yes, Mr. Sunderland
told me to expect you.

If you could go around
to the marsh side.

He's working on his swing.

His swing?

[water splashes]

[Jason] I'm not going to.

[Caroline] I'm just saying that
there's no point in offending

the man who's funding
your research.

[Jason] I have no intention
of offending him, okay?

Even if he ends up being
an entitled idiot,

like Zimmerman.

- [Avery] Over here!
- [Jason] Oh.

We're being summoned.

- Jason.
- Look at that tree.

Jason, keep walking.

- Jason.
- No...


- Hi.
- Hi.

- How are you?
- Good.

Are you the gardener?

This is a Japanese elm,

and it's in transplant shock.

Go up to the kitchen,

get a pan of water and sugar.

And then you're gonna treat
the roots right here like this.

Okay? You got that?

- Yes, sir.
- Go.

What is he doing?


- Admiring your trees.
- Mmm.

He likes trees?

Dr. Jason Woodrue.

Thank you
for asking us here.

It's very beautiful.

Yes, we're very proud of it.

900 acres.

I know my staff
would be happy to show you

more of the gardens,
Mrs. Woodrue.

Yeah, she's also
Dr. Woodrue, so, um...

She stays.

That's fine.

So what the fuck, Jason?

I beg your pardon?

You told me your accelerant
would make things grow faster.

More trees
to drain the water,

more land to develop,

more plants
to develop into drugs

and cosmetics
and things to monetize.

The accelerant works.

Oh, it works!

Like a son of a bitch.

But we've also got a
hospital full up with people

with some kind of
crazy green flu.

There's no way that my accelerant
was responsible for that.

The accelerant dumped in the
water, and people getting sick?

Don't talk down
to me, Mr. Doctor.

Diseases emerge from swamps
all of the time.


Dengue fever, ebola, malaria.

Living on a swamp

is like living next to
a gloriously diverse cesspool.

But I'm gonna...
I'm gonna look into it.

No, you're gonna fix it.

Because the CDC's in town,
telling people

that this disease is like nothing
they've ever seen before.

Now I'm taking care
of things on my end.

But if my name gets linked
with this accelerant mess,

there's gonna be lawsuits,

there's gonna be arrests.

Things are going to happen
to nice people,

like you've never
even dreamed of.

And I'm gonna make sure
that they happen

to all three of us, doctors.

So how did she go missing?

She got out her window.

But I don't know
how she managed it.

Is she contagious?

We have to assume it.

We also have to assume that her
condition is going to worsen, and fast.

Meanwhile, we've got
another half-hour of daylight.

- If that.
- [cell phone buzzing]


Right, we're on it.

Found something down
at the South docks.

- [Abby] Dr. Arcane.
- [man] Conyer.

I think a sick kid was here.

Found it on the railing.
She must have ripped it on a nail.

Who docks here?

The Game Warden, mostly.

Vern Robitelle.

He took a boat out
just a few minutes ago.

You know where he's headed?

Said something
about Skeeter Cove.

[Abby] Skeeter Cove?

That's where we found
Susie's father's boat.

She's gone into the swamp.

[indistinct radio chatter]

[dispatcher] All officers, Susie Coyle's
gone missing from Marais General.

She's nine-years-old...

[radio clicks off]

Robitelle, game 6.

Base, I'm seeing some, uh, lights
on the water off the cove out here.

[dispatcher] Copy that, Robi.
You want backup?

Nah, it's probably just some old
boys over the limit on gator.

I'm gonna get closer,
see what I can see.

[dispatcher] Copy that.

What are you doing?

[siren whoops]

[over megaphone] Game Warden.
You on the boat, pencils down.

Right now.

Hey, Robi, is that you?

Oh, shit, Landreaux. Again?

[chuckles] Yeah.

Hey, I swear to God,
we're just about to head in.

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
I know, I know.

And you know more than most
I gotta check you out, brother.

Come on.

- Be cool.
- [man] Shit.

[indistinct radio chatter]


Well, shit.

What's in the box?

Come on, Landreaux, I wanna make
this as quick and as painless...


[Landreaux] Fuck!
What are you doing, man?

This is Robi!
What are you doing?

What'd you do, man?

Piece of shit
should have backed off.

This is bad, man.
This is fucking bad, all right?


Your law get their hands
on them boxes,

that old man gonna kill us!

- [sputtering]
- [Landreaux] What the fuck?

What are we gonna do now?

[man] Shut up!
Let me think.

You haul ass and pull up
the rest of them boxes!

I'm gonna sink this tub
and deal with this cop.

You pick me up
when you're done.

- Hey, boss said...
- What?

You got any better ideas?



[Lucilia] We need eyes
on the water ASAP.

We have reason to believe
that Susie Coyle may have snuck aboard

- Game Warden Robitelle's boat.
- [officer] Copy that, Sheriff.

You're going
out there with her?

[Matt] What, is that a problem?

Of course you were
the first person she called.

Well, that's 'cause
she trusts me.

Do you trust yourself?

Look, when this
whole flu thing is over,

she's gonna go back to whatever it is
she calls home.

- You know that.
- Look, I'm well aware

that she's got
a life in Atlanta.

Look, I don't know
what she's got going on up in Atlanta,

but I do know that you have been
nursing this flame for a long time.

Shh... Come on, Ma.

When you care,
you care hard.

There's nothing easy
about you, Mattie.

You would cut off your right
arm for the person you love.

And I'm just saying,
and this is your mama talking,

that with this one there,
that is a recipe for disaster.


Just watch yourself
out there.

[indistinct radio chatter]

I'm surprised
you came back.

Well, the CDC was involved
in that decision.

Yeah, really?
How much?

What do you mean?

There's something
about this place, I don't know.

Trying to escape the gravitational
pull, people get drawn back in.

I thought you
made it out, though.

I'm only passing through.


I wanted to see how things were
with the people I left.

Mmm-hmm. Sunderlands.

Gotta admit, it's a pretty gutsy
choice coming back to face them.

Then again, you were always the
first one off the high dive in gym.

That's probably
why I had a crush on you.

Come on, doesn't
a girl always know?


I... I had no idea.

Yeah, it's why I was staring
at you all through prom.

I was just trying to get up the
nerve to ask you to dance.

[dispatcher] Robi, we just got a call
from the sheriff. Watch your 20.

[Susie panting in distance]

The last fucking thing
I need right now.

[in distance] Where are you?

You wanna play

You think I'm playing
some kind of game?


- Yup, I see it.
- [siren chirps]

Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.

Abby, be careful.

- Matt!
- Shit.

[both gasp]



Oh, my God,
Susie's been here.

[motor whirring]

I got a boat out here.

Fuck. Go, go.
It's okay, I'll stay here.

- Go.
- Are you sure?

Yeah, she could be
on that boat, Matt.

Go! Give me that bag.

Stay in contact.

Stay with me.
Stay with me.


I'm so sorry.

[pier creaking]


[screaming in distance]


Matt, Susie's here.

She's in trouble.
Please come back.



[Susie screams]

Come, little fucker.

You don't wanna run from me.


- [wood cracks]
- [water splashing]



[breathing heavily]

What in the fuck
are you?



[continues screaming]

[wood creaking]


Oh, my God. Susie!

Susie. Are you okay?

Oh, my God.

Susie, I need you to come...
I need you to come down here.

I need you to walk
to me, Susie.

It's okay.


Come here.
Hurry, hurry, hurry!

[siren chirps]

- Matt!
- [Matt] Abby!


Damn it.

[dispatcher] Cable,
what's your status?

Recovered the Coyle girl,
ETA 20 minutes.


That creature we just saw...

He's afraid.

He told me he doesn't know
what's happening to him.

It spoke to you?

Can you remember
anything else he said?


He said his name was Alec.

[theme music playing]