Swamp Thing (2019–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Loose Ends - full transcript

Swamp Thing and Abby make life-changing decisions, to remain in Marais and try to combat the darkness together.

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Previously on Swamp Thing...

Maria Sunderland,
I have received a court order

to place you
in a secure holding facility

while awaiting
a full psychiatric evaluation.

Alec's missing.
I think someone's taken him.

Alec has to be in there.
I'm going inside.

What are you doing to me?

The plants somehow absorbed

Alec Holland. It's conscious.

I don't understand.

You're a plant
that thinks it's a man.

- Sweetheart?
- Remember... to take...

- I remembered...
- You took them all?


Go check it out.

Show yourselves.

- Alec!
- Abby.

The light...

I have to go back to the cove.
I have to know if it's true.

I am so sorry.

Alec Holland is dead.

I'm so sorry.

I was never Alec Holland.

That's not true.

I'm a thing
born from his death.

A blurred copy
of his consciousness.


Everything inside of you

that made you Alec
is still there,

his mind...

his memories.


Memories stolen
from a dead man.

You saved Susie.

Alec, you saved me.

All I wanted
was to be human again.

And all I've wanted is
to make that happen.

You have to believe me.

When I look into your eyes...

I see you.

I see...

the presence of the man
that I once knew.



They're coming back.

But different this time.


I hurt them.

So they're angry.

They want revenge.

At least give me a chance
to fix this, Alec, please.



Because I don't want to
see them hurt you again.

This time...

I won't let them.

I lost him.

I know what you're thinking.

They lost him.

But I should've known better
than to depend on mercenaries

or corporate men,
all of 'em barely competent.


All my life,
people who don't understand

interfere with my work...

but we will not be
disturbed here, my love.

Did you find him?

He went to the cove
like he said he was going to.


He found his body in the water.

Oh, my God.

Not his... Not his own.
It was Alec's body,

but it was not...
It was, um... I...

Hey. Hey, hey, hey.

I, you know...
I thought, Liz, that

I could help him,

that I could cure him.

And I can't.

I can't help in thinking that
I've lost him.

I've lost him,
I've lost him like everyone.

But it's not your fault.

You've done
everything you could.

But, Liz, it is, it is.

It wasn't enough.

It was not enough.

I have to protect him.

Yeah. Of course.

Okay. So...

So we need to figure out
who's behind Avery and Woodrue.

- Yes.
- There's no way

Sunderland organized that shit
on the cement plant

- on his own.
- No.

And those men in Atlanta

had something to do with it.
I know it.

What I don't understand

is why they would've chosen
a building

that Maria Sunderland owned,

- that...
- Well,

it looks like she...

got herself into something
really messy and...

landed on somebody's bad side.
You haven't heard.

What... what haven't I heard?

Maria's locked up on a psychiatric
hold at the Barclay Institute.


Oh, my God. That isn't...
That is...

That's no coincidence, Liz.
I have to talk to her.

She knows who those men are.

You think
she's gonna talk to you?

I think she's going to have to.


I'll catch you later, Pops. I got to...
I got to go see a friend.

I know
this must be, uh...

unsettling for you, my darling.

You're experiencing what's
known as locked-in syndrome.

And it's brought on by
a medication overdose.

You've lost
muscle control and...

it's leaving your body frozen,
but with...

with cognition intact.

Can you blink once
if you understand?

I let you down, my love.

I wasn't there
when you needed me, but...

I am going to...

fix all that today.

I am going to fix all that.

Now the creature may be gone,
but, uh...

but, uh...

I still have him.


Or more precisely,

his organs.

Crude, plant approximations.


There's lungs.


The heart.

Their regenerative
properties will

infuse your cells,

repair them
and bring you back to me.

Just as I always promised,
my love.

Creature's trail leads
deep into the swamp.

Make no mistake,
that's where it thrives.

Yeah, we all
read the brief, Ellery.

The real question here is

what are the rules
of engagement with this thing?

I'm letting you off the leash.

This thing's cost me
too many good men.

Kill it. We'll harvest what we
can from the thing's corpse.


Good to finally meet you.

- Sunderland.
- That's right.

Listen, I think you better tell
your men to take it easy, okay?

Because if you kill Holland,

my entire project
could go down the drain.

Your project?

Yeah. My project.

I got my whole life wrapped up
in seeing this through.

My instincts tell me
that what he's gonna do...

What the fuck are you doing?
Get the...

Last time we followed
your goddamn instincts,

we took multiple casualties.

You and me...

got a deal, Ellery.

A deal that didn't close

because you got yourself

half-killed in this
filthy swamp.

What the hell
are you talking about?

That you went out on the water

with your girlfriend sheriff,

and came out a day later

looking like
ten miles of bad road.

Yeah. We've had eyes on you
for days.

- Hey, you are not cutting me...
- Hey.


You are not
cutting me out, Ellery!

Might not be up to me

the way your sheriff
is coming after you.

You get your damn house
in order, Sunderland.

Then, maybe we'll talk.


I just got a call
about my son, Matt.

- He's been in an accident.
- He's gonna be all right.

And he's got out of Radiology.

What the hell happened?

It looks like he went off the
road sometime last night,

but his car wasn't spotted
until this morning.

I'd like to keep him overnight
as a precaution.

When can I see him?

As soon as he's brought down.


you should know...

It was a one-car accident...

and the paramedics found
opened bottles in his car.

He was drunk?

Well, lucky for Matt,
there's no legal proof of that.

But it sure looks that way.

Daniel, are you here?



Danny, is that you?


- Hey!
- Hey!

What's with the music?

I can't stop hearing it.

It's this buzzing,
it's inside my head.

This voice.

What do you mean? What voice?

His voice. The Blue Devil.

I thought the Blue Devil
was a character in a movie.

He's inside my head. And he's been
leaving me these images that are...


am I going crazy?

I know you, Daniel.

And I know
if it weren't for you,

I wouldn't be standing here.

Abby, too.

Well, your friend, she's
special, you know, Dr. Arcane.

How? Why? I'm not sure,

but there's a reason
she came back to Marais.

Just as there's a reason why I had
to stay around all these years.

But now you've
run out of reasons.

Yeah, well...

You know, it's funny.

All I ever wanted
since landing here

was to blow this town,

get back to LA, lie on a beach.

Now, suddenly that dream seems
awfully small.

Kind of like...

Kind of like I got
a bigger destiny going on here.

I know the feeling.

But do you really think this is
the way to figure it out?

I just know I need to hit the road.
I got to get out of here.

I got to find my path.

Look, Liz,

look after the shop
for me, okay?

Come here.

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!

What are you giving me?
I can't think.

What are you doing to me?

I shouldn't be the one
locked up in here.

You should be
the one in here, Avery!




What's wrong?

What do you want from me?

Maria, open your eyes.

Nimue. How did you...

I heard your cries.
I can tell you're in pain.

Can you make it stop?

I can't.

You tapped into a dark power

trying to see
your daughter again,

trying to see Shawna.

Now those demons
are coming out.


They've corrupted you...

causing you
to do terrible things.

But you're here now.

You can make it stop.

I can offer you some peace,

the grace you crave.

But I have to warn you,

it's a peace from which
you may never return.

See this?

Tracks are fresh.

Ah, he's nearby. Stay alert.

We're losing light.

Tell me you have a plan
to find this thing.

Yeah, I got a plan.

One man's gonna flush him out,

we'll surround him,
come in on him.

Trust me, Ellery.

Your target's not making it
out of here in one piece.

Team leader?

Yeah, Romero. Shaw. Come in.

If this thing's
close, I'll drive him your way.

Well, all right then.


Okay. Let's keep moving.

Follow me.

something's close,

but I haven't got
eyes on it yet.

I know you're out there.

Romero, report.

- Maria.
- Abigail?

What are you doing here?

I'm here for Maria.

To free her from her pain.


Isn't she so beautiful?

My beautiful daughter
has finally come back to me.

Maria, there's no one there.
There's no one there.

Avery Sunderland is the one
who can help you now, child.

Let her be.


Promise me
that you'll stay with me.

I promise.

Forever and ever.

Delroy, another one.

What's the matter,
my money's no good now?

Just haven't seen you here
in a while is all.

I bet you've been
all broke up about that, huh?


Yeah, it seems like I'm about to
run out of friends in this town.

Can't say I'm surprised.

I'll land on my feet.

I always have.

The people around here,
they understand.

The people around here
understand that

they know that
I've always been here for them,

and I know that they will
always be here for me,

that's just the way it goes.
I know it's true.

I just... I just got to...

got to regroup is all,
just gonna make a...

Figure out my next move,
you know.

How about your next move is
catching a cab and going home?

I still own
this damn place.

And I'll sit here
till I'm damn good and ready.

Who the...

Kind of jumpy there, Avery.

You expecting someone?

You seen the sheriff
around today?

I imagine
she's at the hospital.

Matty was in some kind
of accident last night.

Matt was in an accident
last night?

What kind of an accident?
Car thing?

Jesus Christ.

That poor kid is...



Thanks for the drink.

I know this sounds strange,
but, uh,

this reminds me
a little of our first date.

I, uh, I made you dinner,

I had never made dinner
for anyone before.

I just wanted everything to be
just perfect.

Given time, I would test each
of these organs in isolation,

but under the circumstances,
I think we should just

hit you up with
all the artillery at once,

releasing your body
from imprisonment and...

all traces of Alzheimer's.

It smells surprisingly good,
doesn't it?

It's his heart, he said.

Preliminary tests
showed that it carries

the highest concentration
of mutagenic activity.



It's quite good.

Oh, please,
you don't think that I would...

I would subject you to
an untested treatment.

No. Not before
I tried it myself.

From what I could see

from examining
the creature, the...

regenerative process
began quite...



Where the hell did he go?

It's Romero's scarf.

Oh, my God!

Up there. Look!

Is that Romero?

This is bad.

I think we should leave.

I think
we should leave right now.

Hey, where's the path?
This where we came in, right?

What the...

The creature... he's using Romero

- as bait.
- Bait?

It's a fucking trap
and we walked right into it.

We're not hunting it...

It's hunting us.


Right there!
Right there!

Oh! Oh, my God, what is this?

Watch out! Watch behind you!

Goddamn plants!

I can feel it, it's amazing.


I didn't mean to
frighten you, my love.

I've never
felt like this before.

I know it sounds strange,
but I feel like I'm...

somehow a part of nature and...

plants around us.

Dr. Arcane.

Oh, my God.
Caroline, are you okay?

- Caroline...
- I'm having a private conversation

with my wife, so I'd
appreciate it if you'd...

Did she take all of these?

It's none of your business.

'Cause she could've overdosed. She needs to
go the hospital, she needs to be treated.

Caroline, look at me.
Look at me.

I am about to treat her

with something
that actually works,

but I really need you
to go now, okay?


Your wife needs
medical attention, Dr. Woodrue.

Hi, yes. I need...

- What? Jason! What...
- Hello? Hello? Are you there?

- What are you doing?
- Leave it. It's all right.

It's all right. It's okay.
Just sit down.

What are you doing?

Trying to help my wife.

I won't allow you
or anyone else

to keep me from saving her.


I'm so, so sorry, honey.

Matt's a fighter.

How did you crawl back?

Lucilia, I come in peace.

Get the hell out of this room.

What kind of angle
are you working here, Avery?

- Angle?
- After everything that's happened,

Matt tried to kill you,
you expect me to believe

that you crawled
out of the swamp

and now you're gonna
forgive him?

You tell me a son that hadn't
dreamt of killing his father

at one point or another.

A son can hate his father

and it's the father's job
to forgive.

I've been thinking...

I'm seeing something here.

Craziest you've seen, kid.

Though normal may seem
crazy, anyway.

There's a silver lining

behind all this mess.

If you knew I was back,

you also heard

Maria's been having some
serious mental issues

and I'm afraid the prognosis
is not good.

And I imagine...

we'll be divorced soon.

What are you saying?

I'm saying...

we can finally be together...

We can make...

a fresh start.

You, me...

our son.

You stabbed our son,
you evil son of a bitch.

You turned our son

into a murderer, and you are gonna
rot in hell for that, Avery.

And with any kind of luck, I'm gonna
be the one who sends you there.

You stay away from Matt,

and you stay away from me.

Can you please at least
try to explain to me

what it is that you're trying
to do with these plans?

The material that I harvested
is completely unique.

It doesn't appear anywhere else
in the entire world.

Except for the swamps
of Marais.

That... That you harvested?

That I saved,
to complete my work.

Those parts are from Alec?

Abby, there...

there is no Alec.

I don't care
what you think you saw,

he is still alive
in there somewhere,

and you ignored that.

You ripped him from the swamp
and tore him open

like he was some kind of
science experiment, Doctor.

There is no him.

It's a plant
with regenerative properties

that I'm going to use
to help save my wife.

- This is insane.
- No.

- This is insane.
- No, it isn't. No.


It's a miracle.


All right, my love.

Regrow your cells.

Rewrite the neural pathways
of your brain.

Stop! Stop, stop, stop, stop!

911 traced the call
back to your phone's GPS.

Thank you.


Don't take her, don't take her.
Don't take her. Please.


Shaw, this isn't working!

Hell it is.

All right.

You got us where you want us.

Why don't you show yourself?

What do we do?

Shaw, hold on, okay? Hold on.

That son of a bitch
killed Romero!

It's coming from over there!


Ah! Ah!

Heard the call go out
over the police scanner.

What the hell happened?

It's Jason Woodrue,
he just, uh...

I don't know, he lost his mind.

Seems to be a lot of that
going around lately.

Where is my wife?

Where's my wife?

Abby! Abby.

You can't do this.
You can't do this.

Caroline! Caroline,
I'll find you.

I'll find you, don't be afraid.

I'll find you.


Bad dream?

No, actually it was a good one.

I was a kid again
at the old house.

Running around in the backyard
with you and Dad.


The nurse said
I had a visitor earlier.

So Avery survived.

He was here.

You know the sick thing?
I'm glad.

I'd rather have him alive

than have to live with the
guilt of killing another man.

No. Now, do not take this on.

- No, this is on me...
- No, this is on me.

I've been keeping Avery
a secret from you

for all these years when I
should've just trusted you

to be the man I always knew
you could be.

I just, I feel so ashamed of
so many things that I've done.

You're all I have.

You know,
you are everything to me.

And the love I have for you,

that is never a lie.

Ma, you don't
have to tell me that.

I promise you...

we are gonna see our way
through this to the other side.

I'm guessing that
you should go home.


I'll get you some fresh clothes
for the morning.


no stepping out.

While I'm gone, doctors only,
no visitors.

Okay? You stay close.

Do you understand?

I love you, Matthew Leroy.

God, I loved you.


I'm sorry I could never be with
you like you always wanted.

One of us has to die.

One of us has to die.

Oh, my God.

Help! Help!

Help me!

Help me!


Help me!

Help me!

Help me!

What the fuck?


No, wait. Wait, wait.

I can help you.

I can help you. Okay?

And with these
regenerative abilities,

you could do so much
for so many people.

People captured me.

People made me watch
while they pulled out my heart.

Holland, I have a plan.

I am not Alec Holland!

You showed me this.


You could do so much
for all of humanity.

Why would I help you?

Tell the others
what you saw here today.

Tell them
what I am capable of.

Tell them...

to leave me alone!

Feel better now?

Go away.

You're dead.

"Go away. You're dead."

Physically, yes, but...

up here,
I'm still hanging around.

I can't keep going on
like this.

I know.

Maybe I belong away
from people.

Out there in the green.

Is that our plan?

Hmm? Because we're
a monster, right?

They don't see me as a human.

Just as a thing.

Yeah, most do.

Except one.


If we leave her,

we lose the only human
connection we ever had.

And then, we really are
just this thing.

And if we stay for her,
what then?

I don't know.

There's no guarantees.

But then there never were.

Yeah, you've been trying so hard
to become me again, but it's...

it's not about me anymore,
we both know that.

Alec Holland is gone.

But the question is...

who do you want to be?

Why did you come back?


I had to see you, I had to know
that you're all right.

Alec Holland is gone.

There's nothing you can do
to change that.

I'm not here to try.

Then why?

Because I care...

about you.

And not just the way
you were before, but now.

I understand how hard
this must've been for you,

but suddenly you're open to
worlds that I never knew existed.

Dangerous worlds.


Yes, there is darkness
out there,

we've both seen it.
But through you,

I've also seen
the beauty in this place.

You've touched the green.

Yeah, but only through you.


I want to feel more, I...
I want to see more.

I was gonna leave.

Lose myself
in the swamp forever.

What stopped you?

The thought of
never seeing you again.

Well, I guess, um...

that's another thing
we have in common.

And I'd hide so much.

Is there something out there?

The darkness...

it's still raging.

Fighting to break free.

Fighting to come out.


I'm not going anywhere,
so we'll face it together.

How's that sound?

I would like that very much.

Is anyone here?

Look, I'm just
grabbing my stuff, all right?

All right, Tyler,
stop fucking around.

What's going on?


Mom, where are you?


What the fuck happened here?

What the hell?

What is all this?



Is someone there?

Show yourself!

Why Alec Holland

so desperately wanted
to be human again?

When the alternative
is infinitely more intriguing.

What are you?


I was Jason Woodrue.