Suspicion (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Episode #1.2 - full transcript

- [Natalie chuckles]
- [people chattering]

Ooh, that's cute.
Oh, wait. Oh, she's here.

- Oh, yay!
- [friend] Hey, girl.

- You made it, finally. [chuckles]
- I did.


- Oh, you look so cute.
- Oh, come meet my sister.

- [friend] Hey.
- Hi.

- Nice to meet you.
- So lovely to meet you.

Uh-oh. I hope it wasn't...

- There you go.
- Thanks.

[loud bang]

[door opens]

Mr. Chopra, you've been arrested
on suspicion of conspiracy to abduct.

This interview will be recorded
with both video and audio.

I have to remind you
that you don't have to say anything,

but it may harm your defense
if you do not mention when questioned

which you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

I know you've already been asked,
but for the sake of the camera,

are you sure
you don't want legal representation?

I don't need it. There's obviously been
some sort of misunderstanding.

[Vanessa] Well, we'll see.

I'm gonna be honest with you
in the hope that you'll reciprocate.

No time for games.

We have reason to believe
a young man's life is at risk.

Answer my questions honestly,
and I'll help you.

Lie to me, and I won't be able to.

Where is Leo Newman?

- I have absolutely no idea.
- [Aadesh] Is this for real?

Is he here in the UK?

- This isn't Shiv winding me up?
- [clears throat]

Yeah, I mean, no comment.

Leo who?

Do you recognize this?

Leo hasn't been seen or heard of
since being bundled into that suitcase.

[stammers, sighs]

What's the significance of the masks?


I don't know.
I've never even heard of Leo Newton.


Can't seriously think I kidnapped him.

Abduction is only classified as kidnap
once a ransom demand

or proof of life has been received.

Until we know what the people
in the masks want,

we can't be certain
whether this is terrorist-related,

politically motivated or simple extortion.

- Are you asking me?
- Do you know?

Do you think I'd be stupid enough
to do this without a solicitor

if I was involved?

Well, it could equally be construed
as very smart.

[sighs] When can I get out of here?

My mum is gonna be in a right state.

Answer the questions, help convince

our American friends you're nothing more
than a finance manager

having a really bad day,

and we'll get you out of here
in a matter of hours, okay?


Today took two years to plan.

People came from all over the world,
spent money they haven't got.

So, no. Actually, I'm about as far from
"okay" as I could possibly be right now.

[sighs] Come on.

Ask your questions,

and then I'll consult my fiancé,
who happens to be a lawyer,

about exactly how much it's gonna cost you
to make this anything like "okay."

Do you know this man?

Never seen him before.

No comment.

Who is he?

Do you have any idea
where he might be now?



Hello, Granda.

[grandad chuckles]

Ah, son.

[Vanessa] Give me a full account
from the time you arrived in America.

I got a cab from the airport
and met my sister at the hotel.

- [Vanessa] Monique?
- She's at NYU.

I've never been over,
so the plan was to have a night out,

sort of hen party,
and then bring her back.

- Is she here too?
- Keep going, please.

The room wasn't ready yet,
so we went and saw some sights.

Did some shopping,
and then Mon went back to her place.

I went back to the hotel.

What time was this?


And then?

I'd arranged to meet Mon at a bar at 7:30,

so I unpacked and chilled for a bit.

And did you leave again

between arriving back
and going to the bar?

Um, I think I went to the spa.

Yeah, I... I did.

But, um, when I got to the changing room,

Mon texted and said
we should get a cocktail at the hotel

before her friends turned up.

So you left without using the spa?


And did you meet anyone else
as you moved around the hotel?

I got ready and met Mon.

And you'll have to speak to Monique
and her friends

about where we went after that.

All I know is, there were a lot of bars,

a club, dancing, champagne,

some seriously expensive sliders paid for
by some guys who thought they'd pulled.

Were you away from your party
at any point in the evening?

No. Well, I mean, I went to the loo, but…

- Phone calls?
- I probably texted Joe.

You have my phone. You can check it.

What time did you return to the hotel?

I have no idea.

I drank way too much.

I left Mon and her friends at the club,
and she went straight to the airport.


I can't even remember getting back.

I know I got a cab,
made it back to my room,

but the next thing I remember

is my alarm going off,
saying it was time to go to the airport.

There's no CCTV of you
returning to the hotel.

There was a s... a side door, I think.

A side door not covered by a camera?

So you don't believe me.

New York is a long way to go
for such a short trip.

You must see how odd that looks.

My sister is the only person
I wanted to spend my hen night with.

What's so odd about that?
She's my best friend.


[people chattering]

[phone rings]

- Hey, Joe.
- Hey. The police are here.

- What's going on?
- Well, I don't know yet.

I'm calling people who might,
but the world's asleep.

My lot are at the hotel.
I'm heading there now.

You can just keep in touch.

Call me if you hear anything, okay?
I'll do the same.

Thanks, Mon.

Okay. [sighs]

Do you know what she's done?

She hasn't done anything.

Should I tell you what I think she's done?

No. Excuse me.

[relative] Yeah.

[sighs deeply]


[phone buzzing]

[breathing shakily]

[Lydia] Monique!

I'm coming, Mum! Wait!

I don't have long.

[chuckles] That makes two of us.

What have I told you about leaving candles
burning when you go to sleep, Granda?

It's a fire risk.

The sight's almost completely gone now.
What's the point in spending on lights?

If you can't see,
what's the point of a candle?

I'll give up totally then, will I?

It's freezing.

You need to look after yourself.

Is there no food at all?
These are almost a year out of date.

I won't eat tinned tomatoes.

I said that when you bought all that stuff
the last time.

I'm sorry I haven't been around.

[grandad scoffs]

Has anybody been asking about me?
Nobody's been to the house?

Only those nosy parkers you sent.

They're still bringing you meals?

If I let them in. [chuckles]

And I don't need me eyes to know that
you're shaking your head. So, stop it.

[grandad groans]

Okay. Good. [grunts]

You'd be amazed
what a hungry soldier can do

with a tin of beans
and a bit of imagination.

You're a good boy.

I wish I could stay.

Well, at least this time, I'd be telling
whoever comes looking the truth

when I say that I haven't seen you.

They are coming, Seany, aren't they?

[pot clatters]

- [stove knob clicks]
- [burner flame starts]


[doorbell rings]

[Lydia] Monique!

[police radio chatter]

What's going on, Mum?

They're throwing us out now.

It's okay. Don't worry.
You're doing a search, yeah?

- And you are?
- Monique Thompson. You?

[Lydia] Searching for what, exactly?
Where's my Natalie?

We're here to execute a search warrant.
I can't tell you anything more than that.

Where are you going?

My uncle's not feeling well.
He's wandered off.

- Who has?
- Don't worry.

- Tell Terry to get everyone to the hotel.
- Don't you think you should get changed?

- I'm fine.
- Put a coat on.

I said I'm fine, Mum.

[Vanessa] What are you hiding?

No comment.

What did you do
after you checked into the hotel at 10:16

last Monday morning?

- No comment.
- You asked if there was somewhere

you could work until your room was ready.
What work, Aadesh?

[stammers] No comment.

Was it for the meeting you had
with representatives of Cooper Newman?

To pitch yourself
as a cybersecurity consultant?

No comment.

Why did you lie to your family
about where you were going?

No comment.

Do you know
who runs Cooper Newman PR, Aadesh?

Obviously. She's just
been named ambassador to the UK.

- Mr. Chopra.
- [Vanessa] She's also Leo Newman's mother.

What did you do after the meeting?

What were you doing at 2:00
the following morning?

I'll tell you what I wasn't doing.
A bloody kidnapping!

[Aadesh's solicitor] Mr. Chopra.

[breathes shakily]

You didn't check in
till after three o'clock.

[Tara] I was running late. Bad habit.

What time were you scheduled to speak?

Uh, the conference started at 3:00.
I was due onstage at 4:30.

- Didn't want to hear other presentations?
- Not really.

What was the exact nature
of the conference?

I'm sure you already know that.

[inhales] The Cooper Newman Foundation

gives money to institutions
all over the world.

Speakers from some of the beneficiaries

talked about projects
the donations made possible.

It's basically corporate PR.

And Katherine Newman was there throughout,
with her son, Leo?

I imagine so.
As I said, I missed the opening.

Why were you there, Tara?

Because their donation helped the college
build a research library.

Sure. But why choose you?

Why not me?

Were you asked or did you volunteer?

All my colleagues had commitments,
whereas my domestic situation is more…


[Vanessa] So, you volunteered?


With the same reluctance
you showed delivering your speech?

I was jet-lagged.

Still am. [sighs]

Why didn't you attend
the drinks and gala dinner?

Same answer. I had a quick drink
at the bar to help me sleep.

Talk to anyone at the bar?

Passed the time of day with the barman.
Apart from that, not that I recall.

Then I went to bed.

What time?

9:30, 10:00?

Did you leave your room again after that?

Actually, yeah.

I couldn't sleep,

so I thought I'd do what I do at home,
and I got up and walked.

You often have trouble sleeping?


But walking
seems to help calm my thoughts.

It's when I work things out.

That and then Diazepam?

You've been in my house?

[door clicks]


I was hoping you'd be here.

Sean, is that you?

Permission to mount?


Well… [sighs]

…correct term is "board."



- Wait.
- [breathing heavily]

- You're alone, right?
- [breathing heavily]

Why do you think I'm here?

Come on.

Let's get out on the water.

[Natalie] Am I gonna be here all night?

Meant to be going
to the Maldives tomorrow.

[inhales] Or today. Look… [sighs]

What time is it?

What are we waiting for?

In a world
in which it seems harder and harder

to recognize what the objective truth is
about anything,

scientific research,
and the buildings housing it,

become ever more sacred

as certainties become ever more scarce.

On behalf of the university,
I'd like to thank the foundation.

[Vanessa] That doesn't look like jet lag.

That looks like someone having to say
thanks for a present they actually hate.

- [chuckles]
- Something funny?

[inhales deeply, sighs]
Just thinking about my daughter.

Not funny. No.

Do you know Leo Newman, Tara?

No, I don't.

Never met him?


But you knew he was studying
at the university, didn't you?

Didn't you?

- Yes.
- Because you protested

- against his admission.
- [chuckles]

I'm not sure if "protested"
is the right word.

I questioned whether there was a link
between the money from the foundation

and Leo being awarded a place.

Looks like you kicked up
quite a fuss on campus.

And you leaked it to the media.

These things have to be transparent,
or everyone suffers.

Still, you must have annoyed
a lot of people.

Including your bosses.

It's a place of learning.

People see the importance
of standing up for what you believe in.

Which is what, in your case?


So, what happened?

There was a college investigation.
They found no evidence of wrongdoing.

- So, Leo was there on merit?
- Yes.

- And you definitely don't know him?
- No.

That is strange,
because he seems to know you.

Our colleagues in America
recovered a laptop of Leo's

on which your name appears regularly
in his lecture notes.

I have no control
over who sits in on my lectures.

Okay. Why didn't you tell me

about your connection with Leo
when I first mentioned his name?

There is no "connection."
I raised concerns.

They were investigated. I was wrong.

And you don't think it looks odd
that you, of all people,

should go and pay homage to Cooper Newman?

It's old news.

I have more important things
to worry about.

[Vanessa] Blue Robin Holdings.

Hmm? What?

Recognize the name?

- No.
- We're looking at computers

from your home and your workplace.

You have Blue Robin Holdings bank details
saved on your personal laptop.

It seems they make regular deposits

to an account registered
at a public building in Vauxhall.

[stammers] Don't know anything
about that. I'll, uh...

I'll have to look into it.

Yeah, so will we.

[phone buzzing, ringing]

[sighs] Hey.

I'm not seeing updates from you, Scott.

There's not a lot to say yet.
The suspects are still being questioned.

Well, obviously not by you.

There are some issues around jurisdiction.


There's a bigger issue around a kid
that was snatched 48 hours ago,

and we still have no idea
who took him or why,

let alone where he is right now.
I don't have a lot of time here.

Yeah, I understand that.

Do you? Hmm?

How long do you think

the head of the biggest
communications agency on the planet

is going to agree
to keep her son's abduction quiet?

The Internet just named Leo Newman
as the kid in the suitcase, Scott.

This thing's gonna break.

It could be any minute now,
and when it does,

the fact that we have nothing

stops being our problem
and becomes global news.

Listen, are we working on extradition?

- Of course.
- Good.

These guys look good to you, right?

It's still kind of hard to tell.


Well, get in that room and do whatever
it takes to make telling easier. Okay?

Okay. Will do.


I've missed this.

Did you now?

[moans, sighs] Oh, fu...


You know what I like.


- [exhales]
- How's that?

Make sure it's tight.



That's it.

What are you doing?



Absolutely not.

Well, we're running out of time here,
and so is Leo.

Nice to meet you. Scott Anderson.

Thank you for assisting us,
Agent Anderson.

Your liaison should help communication
all around. Where are we?

Well, Natalie Thompson's financial
arrangements need further scrutiny.

Tara McAllister had a grudge against
Cooper Newman and Aadesh Chopra...

Has elected to go "no comment."
All of which I saw.

What I'm not seeing is evidence.

Do we have enough to hold them?

Not yet, sir.

Excuse me, but four British citizens

living in pretty close proximity
to each other

spent one night at that hotel
before flying out the next day.

At least two have links to Cooper Newman.

Who were holding a conference.
Half the guests had links to Cooper.

- They're lying.
- How do you know that?

Can you prove it?

Given some time, pushing them harder,
I think so.

[Vanessa] I don't need advice
on running an interrogation.

Meanwhile, Sean Tilson
is leaving a trail of destruction

on his way to wherever it is he's heading.

He's the link
between the gang in the masks

and whoever has Leo.
That's why he stayed later in New York.

The only way I'm stopping this
escalating to a linked series crime

and a world of pain for all of us

is my assurance
that we're close to apprehending Tilson.

[Scott] Let me sit in.
I'll put them under some pressure.

What makes you think
their answers will be any different?


Sit in.
But leave the questions to Vanessa.

Work together on this. We need results.

[Natalie] Who's this?

FBI Special Agent Scott Anderson
enters the interview room.

You're still under UK jurisdiction,

and Agent Anderson
will not be asking questions.

Why the Park Madison? [sighs]

I... I wanted everything to be special.

You're still renting, aren't you?

Nobody under the age of 40
can afford to buy in London.

But not everybody stays in luxury hotels,
yet also uses loan sharks.

If you know about him, then you must also
know it wasn't me who borrowed that money.

Where'd you get the cash
to pay him, Natalie?

Well, I… [groans]

- …put it aside for the trip for ages.
- In cash?

In cash. That's why it was in dollars.

Once you say you're getting married,
you hardly buy a drink,

and Mon said it was best to shop
on my credit cards, so…

Still, it's a lot of money for one day.

Like I said, I wanted it to be special.

Where did you change the money?

- Can't remember.
- You must have a receipt.

I would have thought someone in
your job always kept scrupulous records.

And I would have thought someone
in yours would only arrest criminals.

[Scott clicking tongue]

You couldn't afford to go
to America, could you?

Actually, your bank records suggest you
could barely afford to go to Birmingham.

Where you told your wife you were.

Why such an expensive hotel, Aadesh?

[sighs] No comment.

[Scott clicking tongue]

[Aadesh] What is that? Can he not do that?

- What?
- The… [clicking tongue] That.

- You heard it right?
- [sighs]

We've been looking at the CV
you gave to Cooper Newman,

on which you lie
about your academic achievements,

your employment history,
your involvement in charity work

- and your living arrangements.
- [clicks tongue]

He did it again. Is he allowed to do that?

You're a liar. Aren't you, Aadesh?

This is the man
whose photograph we showed you earlier.

Interpol issued a Red Notice
for his arrest two years ago.

He's a very dangerous individual.

He also checked into the Park Madison
last Monday, under a pseudonym.

Here he is in the lobby at 17:15.

Here he is in the hotel bar at 19:22.

And here's you.

Going into the men's room,
right after him.

- Only you said, "Never seen him before."
- I didn't see him.

- Please, Mr. Chopra...
- No!

Saying nothing
is making me look guilty.

I didn't see him.

- Did you talk to him?
- Talk to him? What, in the gents?

You don't talk in the gents. You keep
your eyes on the ceiling while you wazz.

You look down to shake
and keep your eyes in your lane.


You didn't speak at all?

- No.
- As I'm sure you're aware,

there's no CCTV in public bathrooms,
so we only have your word for that.

And at this point, Aadesh,
that seems less than reliable.

I'm not lying.

- Bullshit.
- Agent Anderson.

He spent the whole day scoping the place,
and then they debriefed in the men's room.

What happened to him
not asking any questions?

That was an accusation.

What did Cooper Newman
say about the meeting?

Why? What do you think they told us?

Just wondered how they thought it went.

Don't suppose they're gonna call me now,
are they?

[Nicola] No one does this to me, Sean!
Do you hear me?

I don't care if he finds out about us.

I don't care if he divorces me.
It'll be worth it.

[pants, screams]

This is bloody kidnap!


What did you do after the meeting?

I got room service. I went to bed.

His first trip
to one of the greatest cities on Earth,

and he doesn't leave the hotel.

I live with five adults in a house
the size of this room.

- Nothing beats sleep.
- What were you doing at 2:00 a.m.?

What? N-Nothing.

Hotel records show you selected
an on-demand movie at 1:43 a.m.

Miami Spice.

You know what I'd do
if I was gonna slip out,

knowing I'd have to convince people
later that I was actually there?

Right before I left, I'd start a movie.

I'd figure there'd be
some record of me watching.

- You wouldn't hire porn though, would you?
- If I looked like you, that's what I'd do.

What is that supposed to mean?

Do you remember the plot of Miami Spice?

Yeah. I think you were in it.

- Oh, you know, it's funny...
- [Vanessa] Okay!

I am not a liar.

All right? I am not a liar.

I pretended to be
more successful than I am

because I was meeting the world's
top strategic communications agency,

and I needed them to take me serious.

That's why I stayed at that hotel.

Is that why you also didn't mention
you have a criminal record?

How is that not a question?

I thought you weren't asking questions.

Well, I just keep wondering
about this bag.

What bag?

The one you left in a locker at the spa.

Then picked up at reception when they
reminded you about it at checkout.

What was in it?

Toiletries. Obviously.

Not cash?

- Not what?
- You weren't leaving a bag

full of cash for someone to pick up later?

Are you mad?

You know what I think?

I think you're the money.

Operation like this takes three things.

Planning, tech-savvy
and a certain amount of untraceable cash.

You're the money.

And you're full of shit.
[breathes heavily]

[Aadesh] I was a kid. It was a caution.

I thought it was spent once I was 18.

You hacked the main examining board
for England and Wales

and gave two upcoming A-level exam papers
to all your mates,

making them completely unusable.

But I came clean then,
and I'm coming clean now.

You came clean because you got caught.

Our problem, Aadesh, is that someone
at the Park Madison last Monday night

had the expertise to disable
and then override CCTV

on the 15th floor for 11 minutes.

[Vanessa] They recorded the abduction
and then released it simultaneously

from a batch of seemingly
untraceable proxy email accounts.

Not everybody
has the know-how to make that happen.

- But plenty do.
- Yeah, including you.

Yeah, but I didn't!

I... [stammers]
I lied 'cause I need a break.

[exhales] Just…

I wanna be a dad.

I wanna build a business of my own.
Take care of my family.

That is all I care about.

- [Scott clicking tongue]
- Oh, pack it in.

[cell phone keypad beeps]

[single beep]

- [Vanessa] We spoke to Steve.
- Is Daisy okay?

- Does she know what's going on?
- He says in your years together,

he never once knew you to get up
and walk during a sleepless night.

He's lying.

We're going through a divorce, and Steve
will do and say anything to damage me.

- [Scott] But he's already got custody.
- No, he got temporary custody.

Where I'm from, it's unusual
for the father to get the kid.

Maybe where you're from,

they have a more enlightened view
of women who want careers.

In Maryland?

Not so much.

Steve has a career too.

- Steve has a job.
- He earns more than you.

Most people earn more than me, but money
was never the source of his insecurity.

That's intellectual.

Lots of men aren't comfortable
with women who know what they think.

[Vanessa] In the divorce petition,
Steve cites "long hours,

binge drinking,
text messages from other men,

an accumulation of erratic behavior
which proved deleterious to the marriage

and her responsibilities as a parent."

[Tara] He wants to hurt me.

And he knows Daisy
is his most effective weapon.

I'd never neglect her.
Everything I do is for her.

[Scott] Hey, things change, you know?

You and Steve
must have been almost kids yourselves.

You make one mistake.
Suddenly, you're a parent.

Don't you ever refer to my child
as a mistake.

[Vanessa] Have you been seeing anyone
since your marriage broke down?

Nobody serious.
I don't see what that's got...

Where do you go to find
"nobody serious"?

- You've got my phone. I use an app.
- Quite regularly.

Would we be having this conversation
if I was a man?

- When was the last time you used it?
- [Tara laughs]

Did you use it at the Park Madison?

You said you had no time to waste.

- Did you, Tara?
- That a life is at risk.

- Did you use it?
- I might have checked it.


I did. But no, I didn't use it.

You didn't use it for sex? Or you didn't
use it to communicate with another party?

I... I don't understand.

End-to-end encryption
makes that particular platform

an effective way to disguise communication
that actually has nothing to do with sex.

Doesn't it?

I have no idea.

I'm all about the sex.


["Sunny" playing on radio]

[volume increases]

[driver singing "Sunny"]

[keypad beeps]

[singing continues]

[Kesha's "Cannibal" playing on phone]


[singing continues]

You all right, mate?


[Kesha's "Cannibal" continues playing]

[door unlocks and opens]

[hinges squeaking]

You're leaving in 30 minutes.

I'm not going anywhere
until you tell me where you're taking me.

What... For real?

Your phone and anything
taken in the searches will stay with us.

Any questions?


[door closes and locks]

[scanner beeps]

[elevator bell dings]

You're really gonna do this?

It's my decision.

You're setting 'em free?


[Natalie] Taxi!

[Vanessa] They're not free.

If any or all of them are involved,
they'll trip up.

And when they do, we'll be watching.

[machine beeps]

[electronic beeps]

[Scott clicking tongue]

He's right, you know.
You really do need to stop doing that.

[senate chair] Thank you.
Uh, we also have confirmation hearings

on the president's nominations
for several ambassadorial positions.

Uh, before we go through
the list of the nominees,

I should confirm
that we have postponed the hearing

on the UK placement of Katherine Newman
for the time being.

Okay, I'm going to hand over
to the committee member

from California right now.

Thank you, Senator. And good evening.

[glitching] I'd like to thank… the…

- [audio transmitting intermittently]
- [static buzzing]

[kidnapper] Tell the truth, Katherine,

or your son dies
with the whole world watching.

Tell the truth.