Suspicion (2022–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Episode #1.1 - full transcript

["Oblivion" playing]

[elevator bell dings]

[song continues in earphones]

[elevator bell dings]

[door opens]

[unmasked man grunts, groans]

No! [grunting repeatedly]

[grunting stops]

["Oblivion" playing]

[birds twittering]

[cell phone chiming]


[chiming stops]


[music box playing faintly]

[music box continues]

You're not allowed in Mum's room.
Seriously, if she catches you...

- I'll just blame you.
- No change there then.

Should we try it on?

Firstly, I'm not seven years old anymore.
And second, I've got a list.

- A what?
- A list, with timings.

You should be in the shower.
We're behind schedule.

I've been up for an hour
watching you sleep.

- That's because you have jet lag.
- No.

It's called
being pushed out of bed all night

by your pointy-elbowed hobbit sister.

You didn't have to bring me back
from New York, did you?

- Where's her engagement ring?
- I don't know.

Maybe she started wearing it again.
Come on. We need to get a move on.

- [door opens]
- Um, what are you doing in here?

- Mum, where's your engagement ring?
- You concentrate on your wedding.

Do you know what time it is?

- See?
- And grow up, the pair of you.

One of you needs to get in the shower

before you start arguing
about that and all.

- [both laughing]
- Ow.


[tires screech]

- [car horn honks]
- [driver] Hey! Come on!

Sorry. Thanks.

["Suitcase" playing on cell phone]

Come on. Daisy, hurry up.

- Have you seen this?
- We're both late. Come on.

It's the Royal family. Well, the Queen,
Prince Charles, William, Kate.

- It's sick!
- Can I have my phone back now, please?

[Daisy] I thought you might have
gotten me a phone from New York.

- I got you a gift.
- You got me a snow globe.

Which is cool. But in this digital age,
there's only a certain amount you can do

with a snow globe.

Look, I know you're almost
as tall as me, but you're 11.

- Exactly.
- Exactly!

How was staying at Dad's at the weekend?
Did you miss me?

I had a lot of homework to do, so…

Oh. Well, I missed you.



- I forgot my homework.
- If you're joking, that's not funny.

And if I'm not? Still not funny?

[sighs] Okay.

[sighs] Right, don't worry. You go in.
I'll email the teacher or something.

- Okay? Sort it.
- Okay.

[Daisy] Thank you.

- I did miss you.
- Go on.

[helicopter whirring]


[sighs] Shit.

- Yo. Usain Bolt.
- Yeah, I thought you'd be gone.

Yeah. I bet you did.

[sighs] Lunch.

Ah. Cheers, sis.

- [panting]
- [woman] Good run?

Dad's a bit behind. He was asking
if you're going in with him today.

I'm not a carpet salesman.

He's been asking you to look at
the computer system for weeks.

Yeah, but you know I'm waiting on a call.

That's why they're called mobiles, Aadesh.
They go with you.

Well, it's too noisy at the warehouse.
I need to sound professional.


It's good that he wants your help.

It's bad enough having to live with them
without having to work with them as well.

Hey, man.
Coming to do a proper day's work?

- I just need a shower.
- That's all right. The boys will wait.

[sirens wailing in distance]

Hey, Scott. Glad you could make it.
Follow me.

I know it's a rush,
but we're playing catch-up here.

[elevator bell dings]

- [FBI agent] You up to speed?
- Yeah.

Young guy, Leo Newman,

gets packed into a suitcase
by a masked gang.

This film dropped on Go Leak,
and NYPD flags four suspects, all Brits.

Well, we get a few hours max
before the film goes viral.

- Demands?
- Not yet.

Huh. Cybercrime?

Mmm, same.

Look. Whoever took him left his cell phone
smashed in the stairwell

and not a lot else.

I'm waiting on an update
from the Brits on the suspects.

So, when do we extradite?

When I get evidence.

Private elevator. Penthouse suite.

If you want me to catch the next flight,
I gotta be at JFK in an hour.

So, what is this exactly?

[bicycle bell rings]


Sorry, guys. I know it was me who asked
if we could bring this forward.

I can never get to sleep on flights,
so I'm blaming jet lag.

[students chuckle]

- Heather, you're late.
- So are you.

True, but I apologized.

I'm happy to apologize,
if you don't mind it not being sincere.

Most people don't.

Right. Let's get started, shall we?

["Sis" playing on stereo]

You know, Nora cannot be on
the same table as your Uncle Ray.

- Yes.
- It's fine.

I've checked the table plan,
and the venue has a copy.

Mum, I'm still not comfortable
with you paying for the whole reception.

It's a budget hotel in Peckham.

It's not like the fancy places
you two stay in.

If Nora's son sees Ray,

- there will be a fight.
- I'm on it, Mum.

He already stutters.
Don't want to make it any worse.

Make yourself useful.

Phone the car company
and reconfirm the times.

Isn't it me who's supposed to be stressed?


What's this?

[sister] Some fool being packed
into a suitcase. No one sent it to you?

[cell phone ringing]

- That's mine.
- Whoa! [chuckles]

That'll be your Aunt Rose.

[sister scoffs]

God knows what the royal family
have got to do with it.

Today, I want to talk about the crowd mind

and how the impression
of the universality of behavior

- can influence people.
- [chuckles]

We've seen experiments
in which even the wisest individuals,

once part of a group, act irrationally.

And when we look at Germany in the 1930s,
what we begin to see happening...

[Heather chuckles]

Something amusing you, Heather?
Something inherently funny about Nazism?


[teacher] What then?

Camilla getting stuffed into a suitcase
by the Queen.

Ah. The same video
my 11-year-old was giggling at.

[Heather] What can I say?
It's the crowd mind.

- Everybody's trying to copy it now.
- Define everybody.

You're social psychologists. I'm asking.

Would you be interested in that video
if nobody else was?

What ascribes meaning
to something culturally?

[PA system chimes]

[man on PA] I hope you're enjoying
today's flight from New York.

We'll have an update
on the UK weather for you soon.

But in the meantime,
please do stay in your seats

and fasten your seat belts…

[man] Excuse me. Excuse me.

Why don't you just leave the bottle?
Then I won't have to keep shouting.

It's fine, sir. That's what I'm here for.

- I know when I've had enough.
- Sorry, sir. I'm not allowed to...

What? Think for yourself?

I can top up your glass again
when you've finished.

[man] Excuse me!

What have you got to do
to get some service on this plane?

I'll just keep shouting, shall I?

[Irish accent]
Hey, pal. Why don't you just chill out?

Why don't you just chill out… pal?


[both chuckle]

[grunts, gasps]

- Look at me.
- Yeah. Yep.

- [pants, gasps]
- Are you gonna chill out?

Yeah. It's all good.

[man sighs]

Thanks. Yeah. [sighs]

[grunts, sighs]


- [typing]
- [computer beeps]

- You watch that thing I sent you?
- Oh. [chuckles]

That's crazy, man.
Is that kidnap video for real?

[Aadesh] What video? Why didn't I get it?

- Have you fixed the computer?
- It's not broken.

It's just old and slow.

- Yeah, like Dad.
- [both chuckle]

- So, you fixed it then?
- [sighs]

Nearly. What video?

Hey. Hey, I asked your dad
to log off at night.

- Yeah, he does.
- [Aadesh] No. No, he couldn't have.

- I do.
- Yeah, but then who's…

- Where's my tea?
- [Aadesh] …who's doing this?

Oh, what the...

- You fix it?
- No, it's not broken.

- So, you fixed it?
- [sighs] Yeah, I'm working on it.

You need a company shirt.

No, I... I really don't.

Is that video you sent a prank? [laughs]

- [phone rings]
- Do I at least get a cup of tea?

[ringing continues]

Kashco Carpets. Yes. He was actually
doing some work for a change.

What's it about?

It's for you.

Sounds important.

Hello, Aadesh Chopra speaking.

Why is there no money
in our current account?

[sighs] Not now, Son.

I checked online.
Thought it was a mistake, but it's not.

There's a payment
to a travel company for £400.

Why did you do that?
You know I take care of the finances.

What's going on, Aadesh?

[sighs] Just... Nothing.
I just had to move some money around.

- All right? It's all fine.
- You're hiding something.

Why won't you let your phone
out of your sight?

- I told you.
- What was the money for?

- What?
- The money you paid to the travel company.

Listen, when I get home tonight,
we'll talk.

- I want to talk now.
- I'm trying to fix your dad's computer!

I thought you said it wasn't broken.


Katherine Newman,
Special Agent Scott Anderson.


Scott heads up our VCMO squad.

He's got years of experience in kidnap,
abduction and extortion cases.

If anyone can find your son, it's him.

I'll leave you to it.

I have a call with the White House
in one hour.

And still,

you're the most important person
I'll speak to all day.

- You know I'm about to, uh...
- Leave for London? I know.

And I know you're gonna find out
who these people are

and bring Leo back to me.

So I'm guessing they've already
spoken to you about potential enemies.

I would call it the skeleton test.
We ask our clients,

"Who would you least like to see
talking about you on TV?"

So, are there any Brits on your list?

Do you know
what strategic communication is,

Special Agent Anderson?

High-end public relations.

We construct a version of reality that's
usually at odds with someone else's.

Make a lot of friends,
meet a lot of people,

most of whom hate you.

And then there are the enemies.

So you're saying
I might need a bigger notebook.

Even just for London.

Uh, and what about Leo?
He studied at Oxford, right?

I know your guys chose
a different picture to put out,

and I have to trust you now.

But, uh…

This one's my favorite. [chuckles]

Why were you late?

It's nothing personal.
I'm late for everything.

In fact, I usually make an effort for you.

Where are you from, Heather?

- Manchester.
- Specifically.

A shithole in South Manchester.
What do you care?

That's my question.

There are 30 of them
for every one of you, at least.

People who think they belong here
just because they're alive.

People who already think

somebody from South Manchester
has no ability and no business being here.

And your only achievement so far
is to prove them right.

Now if you're too scared
to prove them wrong,

at least be honest about it
and piss off back where you came from

because you are a liability to those of us
who have staked everything on this.

Your accent comes out when you're angry.

[police radio chatter]

- [cork pops]
- Where's Mum?

[together] Mum?

["Kamikaze" playing on stereo]

- I'm just gonna put this out.
- What... In your dress?

- You can't move in there.
- I'll take it.


Keep pouring. Keep pouring. There you go.

[engine starts]

- [door closes]
- [laughing]

Right. Let's make a toast.

To my big girl on her big day.

And to absent friends. To Dad.

[all chuckling]

- Cheers, everyone.
- Cheers.

- [women laughing]
- Come with me.

[sister] I never get used to this.
Bubbles always go up my nose.

What's this?

I've been waiting to give this to you.

- Will you wear it today?
- Your engagement ring.

I've had it reset and resized
in Hatton Garden.

Man said he's done work for the Queen.

Oh, it's beautiful, Mum. But…

[sighs] …how much did it cost?

I'm sorry. It's just, you've paid
for the reception as well.

- Where did you get the money from?
- None of your business.

But it is though, isn't it?
Or at least it will be.

- I know you can't afford it.
- This is your wedding day.

And I want you to have everything
that you would have had

if your father was alive.

And I am grateful, Mum. I am, but...

- Please.
- [sighs heavily]

Let me do this.


Something old and something new.




Let's get started.
We've got a lot to get through.

And given our subject,

I don't expect to have to tell people
to pay full attention this afternoon.

[students chuckle]

So let's talk about motivation.

What are the impulses
that drive us to act the way we do?

What are the needs
that we're seeking to satisfy?

[man] Are you Tara McAllister?


Thames Valley Police.


No. We need you to come with us, please.

- Why?
- Please.

[Tara] What is this?

We can discuss that here
or somewhere more private.

Is that your laptop?

- [Tara] Yeah.
- [shutter clicks]

[policeman] Thank you.

[shutter clicks]

Where'd she get the money from, Mon?

Maybe she sold something.

- What?
- I don't know.

But it makes her happy
to give us things. You know that.

I haven't taken this off
since she gave it to me,

- the day I left for America.
- Hmm. It's her mother's.

She's resourceful, Nat.
She's had to be, so stop worrying.


Mum's call from Aunt Rose.

She's never called
a mobile phone in her life.

- Well...
- She's too mean to even call a landline

- during the day.
- Okay, listen.

Here's what's going to happen now:

I'm gonna shower,
and you're gonna get changed.


- [shower running]
- [women laughing, talking, indistinct]

[talking, laughing continues]

[sighs heavily]

[women talking, indistinct]

Who the hell are you?

- Drive.
- What?

Drive, man!

I'm her daughter. I'm here to sort this.

How much does she owe?

- Two.
- [keys jingle]

- [engine starts]
- K?

[Natalie] I'll get your money.

I'm gonna tell you where to drop me, okay?

Are you listening?

- What's up?
- We're being followed.

[tires squeal]

[car horn honks]

- Are you sure?
- No, but I'm on parole.

- I don't need to be sure.
- You think it's the police?

- Should we stop and go ask them?
- I cannot get arrested, not today.

[driver] No one's getting arrested.

- [oncoming car honking]
- [gasps]

[bus horn honking]


I can't die today either!

[newsreader] Now we know the real reason
Harry and Meghan quit the Royal Family.

They didn't wanna be implicated
with the rest of the family

in whatever the hell is going on in
this viral video everyone's talking about.

The other theory is the chap being packed
into the suitcase is the actual dude

who introduced the Duke and Duchess
of Sussex in the first place.

[Aadesh] Shit!

What are you doing here?
I told you we'd talk later.

Why'd you go to America?

Don't make it worse by lying, Aadesh.
I found your boarding pass.

You said you was in Birmingham
seeing your family,

but you were in New York. Why?

I was gonna tell you.

- You having an affair?
- An af...

What? No.


You know I've been pitching
to a few blue-chip clients,

bespoke cybersecurity.

Well, one of them bit.

I... I told them I work
in America sometimes and...

- But you don't.
- Yeah, but they invited me

to meet them in New York.

I didn't wanna tell you
'cause I thought you'd try to stop me.

You'd say we can't afford it.

- We can't afford it.
- That's the point, Son.

If we carry on like this,
we're never gonna be able to afford it.

No, the point is
our bank account is empty.

The... The clients I've got here
don't have the budgets.

We need to be more ambitious.

And the meeting, it went well!

They say they'd pay
for my travel expenses.

They... They wanna call to talk more.
That's why I can't leave my phone.

I'm sorry.

All right? I'm sorry that I lied to you.

But I can't apologize
for wanting more than this.

For you, for the baby.

- There is no baby.
- Yeah, but there will be soon

like we talked about, right?

- If you're lying to me now...
- I'm not.

All right? I'm not.

[tires screech]

It's cool, Mum. I'm talking to her now.

[on phone] Hi, you've reached Natalie.
Leave a message.

- [beeps]
- Where the hell are you?

We're due in church in an hour
and your dress is still on the hanger.


[keys jingling]

[men talking, indistinct]


[men murmuring, laughing]

- [Natalie] Joe? Joe!
- Wait, wait. [shushes]


[scoffs] What are you doing here?

Thought it was bad luck
to see you before the church.

Exactly, so stay where you are.

- [Joe] Has something happened?
- I just forgot something that's all.

- I could've sent someone over there.
- It's… personal.

Have you got your dress on?
Has she got her dress on?

No, no, she hasn't.

I'll be quick. And I've still got
some of Mon's stuff from New York,

and we're not gonna come back here
between the reception and the honeymoon.

Okay. Well, hold on.
We were ready to leave for the church.

Well, in the old days,
the bride's parents were scared

the groom would change his mind

if he, uh, saw the bride
before he put a ring on it.

That's... That's why you can't see me.
Mum looked it up.

That's the reason for the veil as well,
making it too late for you to back out.

[Joe] Nothing is gonna stop me
from marrying you, Nat.

Are you sure everything's all right?

[chuckles] That's the worst thing
about living with a lawyer,

you're always suspicious.

[phone chimes loudly]


- What was that?
- Um, nothing!

[phone chimes]

It, um... It was Mon!

Um, go back to the lounge.
I'm coming out now.

- Okay.
- Oh, and, Joe?

[Joe] Yeah?

- I love you.
- Love you too.


[man on PA] Ladies and gentlemen,

we hope you've enjoyed this flight
from New York to Belfast International.

We will shortly be starting our descent,

so please ensure your seat belts
are fastened, your tray tables are stowed,

and seats are returned
to the upright position. Thank you.

Wow, sis. You look almost female.

Where the... Where have you been?

Um, uh, s-something blue.

I... I knew that it was at home,
but I just couldn't find it anywhere.

Are you serious?

And the clothes you left in my case
from New York.

Have you lost your mind?

Everything's sorted now, Mum.

- There's no phone signal at your flat?
- What does your list say, Mon?

Shall we stand here and argue,
or shall I go get changed?

- Get changed!
- Get changed!

- [PA system chimes]
- My apologies, ladies and gentlemen,

but I'm being told we have
a change of gate,

which means there will be a short delay.

Bear with us,
and please remain in your seats

with your seat belts fastened
until the aircraft arrives at the gate.

Thank you.


Excuse me. Hey.

[seat belt clicks]

- Hey.
- Hi.

I am sorry, but I'm...
I'm not feeling great,

so… can I use the bathroom?

Um, I'm afraid the toilets
have to stay locked now.

Uh, yeah, I know, but, um…



[seat belt clicks]

- There you are.
- Thank you.

[seat belt light chimes]

[passengers murmuring]

[woman] Okay? We need to bring everything
out of our seats.

Okay? And Auntie Julie's so excited.

- [Canadian accent] So sorry.
- [woman] We need to get all of our bags…

- Hey. Can I help you?
- …I didn't sleep good during the flight.

- Thank you.
- Yep.

[woman] Okay, Ronan. Let's go. [sighs]

Oh! [chuckles]

And finally, it's the viral video

everyone's been talking about.

- An unknown figure…
- You fixed the computer then, Aadesh?

It wasn't actually...
Yeah, yeah, I fixed it.

You see? I told you.
He isn't a complete waste of space.

[woman] He needs a company shirt.

He really doesn't, Mum.

- I'm gonna turn that down.
- [Sonia's father] Why?

We're expecting an important call.
I mean, Aadesh. A business call, so…

This time tomorrow
you're gonna be a millionaire, right?

- [Sonia's family laugh]
- [doorbell rings]

- [Sonia] I'll get it.
- Maybe that's the major investors now,

here to make Aadesh
an offer he can't refuse.

[Sonia's family laugh]

Aadesh Chopra?

Metropolitan Police.

We're gonna need you
to come with us, please.

[woman] It's a long flight. You know?

It's like...
Especially for Ronan, it's too much.

You know… [stammers]
…I need some real coffee.

You know, like, actually,
like ground coffee beans.

Not sort of that instant stuff that
they sort of chuck at you every few hours.

Just like I need some actual sleep.

[classical organ music playing]

- [Monique] Ooh!
- [chuckles]

- Best be wearing that garter.
- [Natalie] Mm-hmm.

- Something borrowed?
- Yep, got that covered.

Uh, girls?

- [Natalie shrieks]
- [all laugh]

[Natalie sighs]

[Natalie's mother]
Come on then. Let's do this.

[organist playing
Wagner's "Bridal Chorus"]

- Aw.
- [chuckles]

[music continues]

[woman] Natalie Thompson.

- [Natalie's mother] What's going on? Joe!
- Who the hell are you?

Apologies for the timing, but I'm afraid
you're gonna have to come with us.

What is this about?

[guest] What?

Don't make this any harder, sir.

- Are you joking?
- Okay, Natalie?

- [Natalie's mother] What's happening?
- Take your hands off me!

- She's not going anywhere!
- You have to come with me now.

- Joe! Wh...
- You can't do that!

[wedding guests clamoring]

Please stay back.

[clamoring continues]

♪ It's so hard to break a habit
Ooh ♪

[no audible dialogue]

♪ Tried to move on
But got motion sick ♪

♪ It's hard to forget
When the dark days hit ♪

♪ It's cruel
Remember the things I didn't do ♪

- ♪ And a dark day hits once more ♪
- ♪ It's so ♪

♪ In disbelief at the depth of the skies ♪

[handcuffs rattling, clicking]

- ♪ Can't open my eyes ♪
- ♪ Ooh ♪

♪ Nothing holdin' me down
Yet there's weight inside ♪

- ♪ Reminds me I'm actually sinking ♪
- ♪ It's so ♪

♪ I've been thinking 'bout the future ♪

♪ Feelin' things I didn't used to ♪

♪ I was free, not before ♪


[no audible dialogue]

♪ But after my fall
Free to believe in words I didn't mean ♪

♪ Just to get by
I'd rather die than to cry ♪


- ♪ It's a hard life ♪
- ♪ It's a hard life ♪

♪ Yeah, it's a hard life ♪

[song fades]

[woman, indistinct]

We're gonna go to immigration.

That's where they stamp the passport,

So you get different stamps
for different countries.

We're really into collecting that.

Thing is, I work, actually,
as an executive coach,

- as a life coach.
- Uh-huh.

I realized that my marriage... I...
Well, that's in the past now, but…

[continues, indistinct]

…disconnected, because I find that
in our world it's all about, like,

everyone's constantly available.

[continues, indistinct]

But then her first message was,

"I cannot believe someone let their kid
come to school with a cold."

And I was like, are you kidding me?
Have you never...

Passport time. Ronan, so come to Mommy.
Say thanks to this gentleman. Thank you.

Yeah. Hey.

[passport official] Next, please.

[passengers murmuring]

[passport official]
Where are you going on to today?

Sean Tilson. Armed police.
Unlock the door very slowly, Mr. Tilson.

Thank you very much.

- Hey, that's for you.
- Oh! Got it.

And you. I'll see you out there.

[woman] Okay.

- You together?
- Yes, but not married.

Glad to get a break, to be honest.
You take as long as you like.


- Take the glasses off, please.
- Sure.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.


[officer] Armed police. Move.

Come on. Out of the way.

[breathing shakily]

[breathes shakily]

[engine approaching]

Excuse me. Excuse me. I'm so sorry.
I was just wondering if you could...

[motorcyclist grunts]


- [grunts]
- [motorcyclist groans]

[breathes raggedly]


[scanner whirring, humming]

[door opens, closes]

My name is Vanessa Okoye.

I'm a senior investigating officer
from the Anti Kidnap and Extortion Unit

at the National Crime Agency.

What's this about?

I can tell you that you've been arrested
on suspicion of conspiracy

to abduct Leo Newman
from the Park Madison Hotel in New York

last Tuesday at 2:00 a.m.

You're entitled to legal representation
during interview if you so choose.

You can either give us your
representative's details, if you have one,

or we can arrange for a duty solicitor
to offer legal advice

and to be present during interview.

What would you like to do?


[people murmuring]

- [beeps]
- Ready to rock and roll?


- I'll be watching.
- [beeps]