Suspects (2014–…): Season 5, Episode 3 - The Enemy Within: Part 3 - full transcript

Alisha and TDC Gary Roscoe are called out when 16 year old Kia Hopkins reports that she was raped after being at a party with Rose Harris's daughter Lucy though Charlie is shocked when Jack admits he has been putting up the girl he believes to be his daughter at his flat. Kia tells Alisha that she was drugged and cannot recall events but evidence points to the rape taking place in a car belonging to her father Archie and the culprit being a boy known as CJ. Matters are complicated when Kia's foster brother Nico is also involved and when Lucy is implicated in an attack on CJ Charlie is forced to tell Alisha about her relationship to Jack. Given time off Jack returns home to find Lucy has been abducted.

Sarge, this is Rose Harris.

She's been arrested on suspicion
of the murder of Jasmine Colshaw

- and for child trafficking.
- It's a misunderstanding.

- Rose.
- What?

I'm talking to my daughter.

What are you doing here?

Just waiting for you.
You are my dad, after all.

- Oh, yeah. Um...
- I know everything.

She told me everything.

I know that she went to prison

'cause she was
taking the rap for you

and that... that she
was pregnant with me

while she was in there.

- Hello, Sarge.
- Gary.

Sorry for dragging
you out this early.

Well, you did the right thing.

What have you got?

Got a 16-year-old
rape victim, Kia.

- Yep.
- She's inside

with her father, Archie.

Kia, Archie, this
is my colleague,

Detective Sergeant
Alisha Brooks.

I understand you went through

something pretty traumatic.

And I'm gonna come and sit down

and ask you a few
questions if that's okay.

But, first, I'd like to know,

where are the clothes that
you were wearing last night

when this happened?

I found her scrubbing
them with bleach.

I really need you
to explain to me

in your own words what happened.

I do understand this is
gonna be very difficult

to both hear and talk about.

I was on my way home,

coming back from my mate's
house after a pizza and a movie.

Okay. Do you know what
time that was about, roughly?

I think it was about
maybe 10:00, 11:00 p.m.

And then what happened?

I was walking
down Orfield Road...

when a man come up behind me
and dragged me into an alleyway,

pulled up my skirt.

He pulled my knickers down.

He raped me.

Did you happen to see
your attacker's face at all?

- No?
- Mnh-mnh.


You said that you were
at your friend's house.

What's your friend's name?

Lucy Harris.

Lucy Harris.

Morning, morning.

Morning, Jack. Okay, so...

we have 16-year-old Kia Hopkins,

raped on the way home

from her friend's
house last night.

Forensically, this is gonna
be a bit of a challenge

because she dumped her clothes

in bleach pretty
much immediately.

So I'm not sure what
we'll get from that.

And she also took a
shower. And at the moment,

she is really unwilling to
undergo medical assessment.

We've sent a team
down to the area.

We're looking for a potential
crime scene around here.

This alleyway is, as we speak,
being dusted for fingerprints.

Sarge, there are no CCTV cameras
around the crime scene at all.

We could chase up with
her friend, Lucy Harris,

- whose house she left.
- Lucy Harris.

Lucy Harris. That's Rose
Harris' daughter, isn't it?

So, if you just chase up Lucy

and then get that window of
time just a bit more specific...

Why doesn't Gary just...

There's so much
CCTV to go through.

Why don't you do
that? And I'll go and...

I have a meeting at 11:00,
but I've nothing until then.

So I can go and
chat to Lucy Harris.

Okay. Great. Yeah.
You chase up Lucy.

Thanks. Okay.
I'll see you in a bit.




- You okay?
- I'm fine. Why?

- Why aren't you at school?
- Why are you checking up on me?

I'm not checking up on you.
Why aren't you at school?

'Cause I didn't feel
very well this morning.

Do you know Kia Hopkins?

Yes. She's in my English class.

Okay. When was the
last time you saw her?

Last night, actually.

What were you doing last night?

She came 'round here
while you were out.

Okay. On her way
home, Kia was attacked.

She was very, very,
very seriously assaulted.

Well, is... is she okay?

She's fine. She's with us now.

What time did she leave here?

I don't know.
Quarter past 10:00.

Kia left Lucy's
address about 10:15.

So that should make it easier
to track Kia's movements.

Gary, show Sarge what you found.

I contacted T.I.U. to get
data analysis on Kia's phone.

It looks as though, moments
before she was raped,

she uploaded quite a
large file to the Internet.

- So I tracked it down.
- Nice.

You should definitely
take a look at it.


All right, you've got to
show me how to do this, man.

- I can't do it.
- Mnh-mnh.

Yeah. Come on.

Lucy Harris, not at
home having a pizza...

smoking what looks
like a joint with...

In a second, she'll
turn the camera around.

- When was this taken?
- Last night.

Kia Hopkins. So they clearly
lied about where they were.

Okay. You guys have got
this. I'm just gonna pop split.

Lucy, it's Jack.

Yeah. Get down to
the station right now.

I don't care. Right now.

- Jack?
- Hi.

Okay. Tell me
what's going on. Jack.

Huh? Uh...

Don't make me ask twice.
Come on. What's going on?

When Lucy was at the
station the other night...


She didn't have anywhere to go.

So she's just staying with
me just for a couple of days.

What the fuck? She's 16.

What the fuck are you doing?!

I'm not shagging her if
that's what you're thinking.

That is what I'm
thinking. So tell me why.

Oh, fuck. I think
she's my daughter.

- Did Rose tell you this?
- Yes.

Rose, who you always
told me is a massive liar,

manipulative, can't be trusted.

I haven't really slept
the last couple of nights.

I've been putting
everything together.

And it just... Fuck.
It makes sense.

- I mean, um...
- Okay, okay, okay.

I can't... I cannot... I cannot
compute that right now.

So we're gonna
roll back to the fact

that Lucy is a witness in this
case and is staying with you.

That means that Kia was
at your house last night.

- Yeah.
- You have to tell Drummond.

I can't. Listen.

What do you mean, you
can't? Of course you can.

- I don't want to...
- Of course you can.

You have to.

- Fuck's sake.
- Trust me.

- Just give me a couple days.
- No, no, no, no, no.

Just, I need to know that
you're not gonna tell him.

If you drag me down with
you, I'm gonna be fucked off.

Okay, listen. I don't have
a huge amount of time.

Remind me again what
happened last night.

Kia came 'round,
and we had pizza.

Please don't lie to me.

Lucy, I've just seen a
mobile phone clip of you

rolling a spliff
in some sort of...

I don't know...
Industrial place last night.

Well, you've only been
my dad for five minutes.

Don't go all dad mode now.

Kia was raped last night. Okay?

My job is to find out who
did it so they don't do it again.

I know Kia was at
the party with you.


- Where was the party?
- It was in some garage.

- Where was the garage?
- I don't know.

I don't know where it was.

So, we know Kia was smoking weed

- with her friend Lucy.
- Hi.

- We have... Hey.
- Where have you been?

Just in the middle of something
downstairs. Any updates?

There are a few
concerning factors,

um, with Kia's
statement at the moment.

It's very patchy.

At the same time,

she has been through
a very traumatic exper...

- Yes, Charlie?
- Sorry, Sarge.

Um, Crimestoppers just sent
through an anonymous video

that they got about 10
minutes ago, and it's...

- You got it up?
- Yeah. It's ready to go.

- Yeah?
- Yeah. Okay.

- Oh.
- All right. Charlie.

Pause it there.
Pause it, Charlie.

All right, so, Kia's
lied about her location.

Could she have lied
about knowing her attacker?

- Jack?
- Yeah? What?

Lucy is now a
significant witness.

- You've got to tell Drummond.
- No.

Lucy told me
everything she knows.

I mean, she wasn't
even in the video.

So she probably
wasn't even there.

She was at the party.

Well, then she probably
doesn't even know them.

She's... Look, I trust her.

- Charlie.
- Oh!

Charlie, I know what I'm doing.

Okay. So, that's moved
us on, to say the least.

Kia was attacked
in the back of this car

at a party where there
are plenty of people.

And whoever shot this video's

obviously gonna
become very key to us.

They must have a
conscience if they sent it

to Crimestoppers.

If Kia is struggling

piecing the events
of last night together

for whatever reason,
someone else must be able

to help us identify
her attacker.

She needs to be
reinterviewed by you.

Do what you do best.

I also want to know
where the party is.

- Got to be key, right?
- I think that's Archie's garage.

- In fact, I'm pretty sure.
- How do you know?

I used to stop off there

for a brew when
I was on the beat.

I've known him for a few years.

- Archie.
- Yeah, all right, Gary?

- How's it going?
- Yeah, I'm all right.

Had a party?

Oh. Some kids
messing around in here.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

- Fostering this kid, Nico.
- Nico, yeah.

I think it was him
and his mates.

- Oh, really?
- Yeah.

What, they had
the party in there?

Yeah, I think they did, yeah.

I mean, nothing's gone
missing as far as I can see.

Archie, have you had, um,

a red hatchback in this
week for service, MOT?

Yeah, yeah. It was
in here yesterday.

Come in yesterday. Yeah.

Okay. Uh, where was it?

- In the garage?
- Yeah, yeah.

Um, my mate was covering for me.

Uh, I'll look in the
logbook. He might know it.

- Check it out for us. Nice one.
- All right.

Gary, it don't look
like it's here, mate.

It's not been signed out,

penciled by a
customer or nothing?

- No.
- Archie, man,

I'm gonna have
to ring this in, pal.

It's, um... The situation's
changed a little.

Oh, yeah? What's up?

This is now officially
a crime scene, mate.

We've got evidence
that the sexual assault

of Kia took place here,

and, more than
likely, in the hatchback.

Thank you very
much for coming in.

I'm Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

Archie. Nice to meet
you. And Nico, is it?

- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.

Thank you for coming in.

That said, can I just
say how sorry I am

that this has happened?

And we'll try and find

whoever's done this
as quickly as possible.

We won't keep you too
long. Just a few questions,

mainly to do with the party

in the garage last night, Nico.

'Cause it really is
down to the good grace

of your foster dad here that
we aren't smashing you for that.

It's a crime.

And then, of course,
there's the stolen car.

Did you steal the car?
Or did you organize

for the car to be stolen?
Nothing to do with you?


The car had nothing
to do with you?

- Nothing to do with me, yeah.
- Okay.

Now, I admit I broke
into the garage.

And that... that was wrong.
I shouldn't have done it.

I mean, the whole party
was a bad idea, really,

because it got out of control.

Loads of people turned
up who I don't know.

- There was, um...
- Can I...

Can I actually very quickly
borrow your mobile phone

just for the contact
details of these people?

'Cause then, I mean... Then
we can kind of eliminate them

from our inquiries one by one.

- Yeah, of course.
- Yeah?

Kia, I need you to
listen to me now.

I know what I'm asking you
to do is very, very difficult.

But if there are any
details that were unclear

or that you're not ready
to share with me yet,

you need to just say that,
and you can take your time.

What you mustn't do is
feed me false information

because that is gonna
make things very complicated.

The wrong people
could get into trouble.

And it could lead me away
from whoever did this to you.

To be honest, I was
off my face on drugs.

I can't remember.

Kia, what drugs did you take?

I was smoking cannabis.

Just cannabis?

I had never smoked anything
as potent as that before.

Completely knocked me out.

So all you took was the drugs

that your friend, Lucy
Harris, handed to you?

That's all you smoked?

Only a couple
puffs on the spliff.

That was it.

Have you ever smoked
cannabis before?


Did it ever have that
effect on you before?


You've never blacked
out on cannabis?

- No.
- Okay.

Kia, I suspect that you may
have been drugged last night.

Okay? That sounds to
me like a very intense,

unusual reaction
to just cannabis.

So I'm gonna need to take
a blood sample from you

and get it sent off for testing.

This is D.C. Charlie Steele.

And she's up to
speed with your case.

So, I need a blood test

and toxicology report
done at hospital.

- Okay.
- Yeah? Okay.

It's a really quick blood
test, and it's painless.

And I'll be with you
the whole way. Okay?

What are you guys up to?

There's quite a long list to
get through of partygoers,

so we're just sort of
prioritizing and doing...

Actually, I'm much more
interested in this guy...

C.J. Willis.

Nico failed to mention him
in his initial list of friends...

- Has he got form?
- Despite the fact

there was lots of communication
between the two of them.

He does have form...
Juvenile caution for a fray,

adult conviction for
Class A drugs possession.

- Better go and see him.
- Right.

Thanks. Gary.

- Helena.
- How you doing?

You're a bit of a ladies'
man 'round here, Gary, eh?

- This was my manor, Sarge.
- Yeah?

I worked a beat 'round
here for a few years.

- This is him.
- 43?

- I know C.J.
- You know him?

- Yeah.
- Do you want to take it?

- If you don't mind.
- Yeah.

- Fucking stinks.
- C.J., you all right?

- How's it going?
- Ask you a few questions.

This is my colleague Detective
Sergeant Jack Weston.

- All right.
- How you doing, pal?

- You all right?
- Yeah. I'm fine, mate.

It's been a long night.

I need to ask you
about that, actually.

Where was you last
night? Your whereabouts.

Um, yeah, I went to a party.

Whose party was it?

Um, I don't know, mate.

It was at some dirty
garage somewhere.


I mean, what's the issue, gents?

- What do you want?
- We've just, uh...

We've just got an inquiry.

What, you here to
arrest me or something?

Chill out. Of course not.

I want to eliminate
you from our inquiries.

Did you wear those clothes
to the party last night?

- Yeah, I did.
- Yeah?

Yeah. Why?

Do you know a young girl
got sexually assaulted there?

- It's not funny, C.J.
- No, I know.

But, honestly, it was
full of so many ugly girls.

Whoever did that was
either blind or desperate.

I don't know, man.

Uh, I'm gonna need to take
your clothes for DNA elimination.


I just told you...
DNA elimination.

I want to rule you out
of the investigation.

Doing it fucking
right here, mate.

- Really? Now, Sarge?
- Yeah.

- Right now.
- Fucking clothes.

We can do it inside if you want.

We're doing this now, mate.
We can do it right fucking here.

- Yeah.
- You asked for it.

You can have it,
mate. I don't give a shit.

That's fine. Gary, I've got
evidence bags in the boot.

- Go and get them.
- Fucking hell, man.

This is ridiculous!

Happy with that? What
about these, as well, mate?

- Happy?
- Yeah.

- Do one.
- Yeah.

Warm up inside, yeah?


I've got Kia Hopkins'
mobile-phone data.

She has been to the
sexual health clinic.

How do you know?

So, her mobile phone rang the
haven at 3:00 a.m. this morning.

Shortly afterwards,
the phone pinged a mast

within the grounds
of the hospital.

So, was she examined at
the hospital, do you know?

I mean, until we talk to
her, I can't know for sure.

But I assume so.

Why on earth didn't she tell
me that and give us the results?

- Go and talk to her.
- Yeah.

She's protecting
something, I think.

- Sounds like it.
- Okay. Yeah.

- Thank you, Charlie.
- Well done.

That was great. Great work.

Thanks, boss.

Well done.

Okay, Kia, so, there have
been further developments

in our investigation.

So, we now have been
able to track your movements

after you left the party.

Where did you go after?

Did you go anywhere
before you went home?

I went to the rape-crisis place.

- You did go?
- Lucy made me go.

- Is this Lucy Harris?
- Yeah.

I'm really glad that
you've told me that.

But I have to ask
why you didn't feel

you could tell me
that in the first place.

I'm wondering if there's
any outside pressure.

Listen, you haven't been
through what I've been through.

- Of course. It's fine.
- No.

If you had
experienced what I did,

then you would know exactly
how I'm feeling right now.

I understand, I understand.

So when I told you I
wanted to forget about it,

that's exactly what
I wanted to do.

They're only trying to help you.

That's why I
didn't say anything.

By giving us access
to these test results,

we have a better
chance of finding him.

And potentially, we could
be saving another young lady

going through the same
traumatic experience that you did.

Allowing me to have the results

is just gonna help the
investigation move along.


Thank you.

Hey, Charlie.

Kia has agreed
to share the results

from her examination
with us. Thank God.

But she also said
that Lucy Harris

was actually with her.

So I just want to
double-check that.

Can you do a cell-site analysis
for Lucy's phone, as well?

I've already ordered
one from T.I.U.

I just thought it
would be useful

to know her whereabouts
the last 24 hours.

And that is why I
like you, Charlie.

Good work. Let me know
when that comes through.

- Okay?
- Yes, Sarge.

Woodies have recovered the
stolen red car on Waysland.

I've arranged
for a forensic lift.

I want you to go down
to the yard and meet it

with some C.S.I.s, okay?

It's coming in on a
flatbed any second.

- Yeah.
- Great news.

Gary, you take that
for me, will you, please?

Charlie? Quick word upstairs?

- Sorry?
- Quick word upstairs?

- Yeah?
- Did you organize

- that cell site on Lucy?
- Yeah.

Oh. Problem?

- No.
- You have a problem with that.

- No, I don't.
- Just say so.

I don't have a problem,
Charlie. You were doing your job.

It would just be nice
to be kept in the loop.

Okay? I need to know
what's going on in this case.

What do you want me to do?
I've got one sarge over here

who wants me to
investigate her rape case,

and I've got you over there
who wants me to keep a secret.

Charlie, I'm just asking you
to keep me involved, okay?

That's not fair.

A 16-year-old girl
has been raped, Jack.

I'm asking you as a
friend. I know, I know.

That isn't fair,
man. That's not fair.

Hi. Yeah.

Okay, we're coming down.

- Thanks.
- Who was that?


Guys, anything?

Hi. Have you checked the glove
compartment, as well? Yeah.

We found a bong, Sarge.

It's stained and quite
clearly been used.

So that's why Kia
was out of her head.

- Good start.
- Yeah.

I'm gonna get that
swabbed for DNA ASAP.

Did you say that Archie
had the car valeted?

He had it in for a
service and MOT,

so, yeah, he would have done.

Well, hopefully, that means
that any DNA samples we pick up

should be able to
identify the attacker.

Yeah. Which would be great.

Okay, so, the results of
Kia's toxicology report are in.

And it does show
traces of heroin

in the young girl's blood,
suggesting that she was drugged

because she thinks she
only smoked cannabis,

which I am inclined to believe.

And didn't Lucy
Harris give her a spliff?

Could that have been
laced with heroin?

Well, the chances are, I
mean, the source of the heroin

is probably the bong that
was recovered in the back seat.

And, also, Kia's DNA has
been found on the lip of the bong.

- So...
- Sorry to interrupt.

SOCOs gave a heads-up.

They scanned the car and found
semen stains on the back seat.

- Oh. Bingo.
- Result.

Okay. That's great news.

Let's hope the offender's
on the DNA database.

We should take a
DNA swab... Sorry...

From Lucy Harris just
for elimination purposes.

Depends what we find
in the back of the car.

She should be
downstairs. I did call her in.

So if you want to get on
that now, Charlie. Brilliant.

I'll give you a hand
with that, Charlie.

- Thanks, Jack.
- Thanks, Jack.

You don't need to
be here. Come back!

- What?
- You put a single fucking foot

out of line, I'm not gonna
cover for you anymore.

Yeah, okay.

- Hi, Lucy.
- Hi, Lucy.

Uh, Lucy, we know that
you took Kia to the haven.

Just tell us what happened.

Noticed the car door was
open and she was in the back.

And she was in a really bad way.

And I just wanted to
make sure she was okay.

Okay. We found traces
of heroin in Kia's blood.

Do you know why that
might be? Did she...

No. I don't think
she'd ever touch it.

That's not like her.

She wouldn't have
done something like that.

Did you witness Kia's rape?

No. I just found her afterwards.

Did you know that
it was videoed?

No. No, I didn't.

Lucy, when you found her,

why didn't you call the police?

'Cause she didn't want me to.

I didn't want to go
behind her back,

so I just made
sure she was okay.

That's all I could
do. I'm sorry.

Is there any other
way I can help?

I need to take
some DNA from you.

Just inside of the cheek.

There we go.

Uh, Charlie, can you give us
two seconds, just the two of us?

- Just want a little privacy.
- Yeah. Okay. All right.

Thank you.


Look, on its way to
you is a buccal swab

from someone called Lucy Harris.

Um, yeah. I just
wanted you to check it

against the police office's
elimination database.

Yeah. It was taken
by D.S. Jack Weston,

which is why there could have
been some cross-contamination.


- You did the right thing.
- Okay.

But you should have
told me the truth.

- I know.
- Okay?

I'm under massive pressure

because of what
you've lied about.

- I know.
- And I'm trying

to keep you out of this.

Okay. Go home. And I'll call
you if I need anything else.

- Just go straight home.
- Okay.


- Tea?
- Oh, is it for me?

- Mm-hmm.
- Thank you.

- Yeah.
- And thanks for...


- Sarge?
- Yeah?

We have a positive
fingerprint match

from the steering wheel.
C.J. was definitely in the car.

Okay. I want him
brought in ASAP.

Jack, happy to go down? Yeah?

- Someone help me!
- Sarge, you hear that?


C.J.! C.J.!

I've got him. I've
got him. I've got him.

C.J., C.J., C.J., calm down.

Calm down, calm down. C.J.

It's all right. It's all right.
It's all right. Calm down.

Calm down. Stay calm.

- Paramedics ASAP.
- Yeah.

- Ambulance urgently required.
- I know, mate.

I got a stab wound,
arterial bleed.

I've got you. Just breathe.
Just breathe. Just breathe.

- That was the hospital.
- How's he doing?

C.J.'s in surgery.
He's not critical.

So well done, man.
You saved his life.

Thanks, Sarge.

Uh, how you doing? No, don't.

Yeah, I'm all right.
It's not the first time.

Could this attack on C.J.

have anything to
do with Kia's rape?

I don't know. I
mean, even if it was,

he wouldn't tell us
anything anyway, probably.

- Got it.
- I know.

What do you got?

- A knife.
- Knife?

- Blood?
- Yep.

Nice work, Martin. Nice.

I'll phone it in.

Got it, Jack. Okay. Thanks.

Okay, so, POLSA have found

a box cutter right
near the crime scene,

in the bushes,
fresh blood on it.

So Jack is pretty sure that that
was the weapon used to stab C.J.

- Sorry. Sarge.
- Yeah?

I've turned up another
mobile-phone video

from that party. It's up.

Brilliant work, Charlie.
That's what I want to hear.

Definitely the same party.

Some of these kids
were in the other video.

C.J. Willis and Nico
Reynolds, Kia's foster brother.

They don't look happy.

This before or after the rape?

Well, it was
posted this morning.

But until we find the
source of the video,

it's impossible to know
when it was filmed.

If it was after, maybe
they were rowing about.

You know... He found out
that he raped his foster sister,

and Nico went 'round
and stabbed C.J. later on.

- Possible. Entirely possible.
- All right.

Bring in Nico.

- Boss.
- Take plain uniform with you.

- Mm-hmm.
- Be careful, Charlie.

- Sarge.
- Yeah.

Back to the wall in
that corner, please.

- This is fucking ridiculous.
- Thank you. Is it?

Sarge, this is Nico Reynolds.

He's been arrested
on suspicion of GBH.

Can you empty
your pockets, please?

- Anything else?
- No.

If I pat you down,

- am I gonna find anything else?
- No.

Come on. Sign those
in for me, please.

Will do.

Thank you.


Nico, I want you
to watch something.

And then we're
gonna talk about it.

What's going on there?

We was having an argument

because C.J. wanted to
take one of Archie's cars out

for, like, a joyride.

And I obviously didn't want
to have anything to do with it.

That's what that
argument's about?

I think that you
found out that C.J.

had raped Archie's daughter...

and you went to confront him.

That's what I think.

You can believe what
you want, but honestly,

that's what we
were arguing about.

He went and did it anyway.

He took the car. I
couldn't stop him.

And he was off his face.

This is a box cutter.

We know this is
from Archie's garage.

And we also know that you
have access to that garage.

You seen that before?

Honestly, mate, I've never
actually seen that before.

Where did you go after
you left the station earlier?

I went home.

Swabs from Kia's
medical examination

at the haven match
the DNA of C.J. Willis,

proving beyond doubt
that he is our rapist.

- Okay?
- Yep.

Semen samples from
the back of the stolen car

also match C.J.'s
and one other man's.

That man is Nico Reynolds.

Oh, Christ.

- Nico being...
- Yeah.

Foster brother
of Kia, the victim,

and also foster son of Archie.

So she was gang-raped
by violent offender C.J.

and his best friend, Nico.

- Archie.
- All right.

This is D.C.I. Drummond.

- Yeah.
- Nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you.

Not the best of days, huh?

Listen, I won't beat
around the bush.

We're gonna have to arrest
Nico on the suspicion of rape.

Well... are you sure it's him?

Well, I can't disclose specifics

at the moment till after
we've interviewed him.

But, yeah, there is strong
evidence there, yeah.

I'm sorry to be the
bearer of bad news.

I really am, Archie.

So sorry to interrupt.

- Can I have a quick word?
- Yeah.

- Poor guy.
- Yeah.

Okay, so, I just thought
you might like to know

that Nico Reynold's fingerprints
have shown up on our bong,

the one laced with
heroin that Kia smoked,

suggesting premeditation.

Of course, this is
strengthening our CPS case.

But I'm preparing
him for interview now.

Don't want to have
all the fun myself.

Do you want to join me?

- Yeah. Perfect.
- Okay. Yeah.

See you in there.

Okay, Mr. Reynolds.

I need to inform you that
now we are going to talk to you

about your involvement in the
violent raping of Kia Hopkins.

We found your
fingerprints on a bong.

It was in the back of that car.

And it's also tested
positive for heroin.

What's your account of that?

Well, I've... I've...
I've used that bong.

Just to smoke weed,
though. I've never...

Is it a shock to you that it's
tested positive for heroin?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?

How do you think the
heroin got in there?

- Probably C.J.
- C.J.?

So C.J.'s behind all this?

Nico, there's your semen,
on the back seat of the car,

which tends to suggest that
you were somehow involved.

Need to remind you
that this is a rape case.

Anything you want
to tell me about it?

Um, you sure it's mine?



yeah, no.

The maximum
sentence for rape is life.

If you cooperate with us, tell
us what happened that night,

- we might be able to...
- I was there.

Negotiate your sentence.

I was there, but I
didn't rape anyone.

- I was just watching.
- You were watching?

Yeah. It was C.J. who
committed the rape.

It was C.J. who had the heroin.

It was C.J.'s idea. I
mean, I was drunk.

I didn't really know
what I was doing, man.

So that's why your
semen's on the back seat?

You were watching?


So, Kia, thank you again

for your cooperation
with those results.

I can let you know
that we found C.J. Willis'

and Nico Reynolds' DNA
at the scene of the crime

in the back of the car
where you were attacked.

In light of this
information, Kia,

I don't know if that has
helped to jog your memory at all

or if you feel ready
to talk a little bit more

to me about what happened.

I was ashamed.

I just didn't want
to let my dad down.

He's so proud
of his foster work.

And he does such a good job.

It's okay. Take your time.

Just take your time.

C.J. invited me into
the back of the car...

to smoke a bong.

He made me smoke,
but he didn't smoke any.

C.J. hitched up my skirt...

ripped down my knickers.

And he done what he done.


Here, it's okay.

You're doing so well here.

You're doing really,
really well, Kia.

Nico didn't rape
me the way C.J. did.


he made me give him oral sex.


Well, that is still rape, Kia.

Still a very serious offense.

It's okay.

Well done.

This takes a huge
amount of courage.

Stand there and shut up.

Hello, Sarge.

Can you dig out the
charge headings, please?

CPS have given us authority
to charge this little shit

with raping Kia Hopkins.

Could get life. You know that?

- How you holding up, Archie?
- How you doing?

I wish Kia's mum was here.

She would have known what to do.

Ah, listen. I've known
you for years, buddy.

You do so much
good for these kids.

Makes me a bit angry, you know.

Archie, it ain't your
fault, mate. All right?

Now, honestly,
you're a good dad.

- You all right?
- Mm-hmm.

- You all right, Kia?
- Mm-hmm, yeah.

- I just want to go home.
- Okay. We're gonna go.

- Why don't we give you a lift?
- Oh, is that all right?

- Of course, man.
- Cheers.

- Thanks, Gary.
- Come this way.

Okay, so, what are we thinking?

Nico stabbed C.J. because
he thinks C.J.'s speaking to us?

Does he stab C.J.

because he didn't get
rid of the car properly,

he balls that up?

- I mean...
- I don't care, Sarge.

As long as they both
go down for rape.

Sorry. Sarge. That was the lab.

The unidentified partial
print on the box cutter

belongs to Lucy Harris.

Lucy Harris?


- Yeah.
- Well, are they sure?

Yeah. There was
enough of a print.

It's a definite.

Are we safe to assume, then,
that Lucy knew Kia's attackers?

And this was a what? A
revenge stabbing on C.J.?

Okay, let's work this backwards.

Sarge, I'm really sorry.
Can I have a private word?

Um, yeah. Yes. Sure, Charlie.

Um, let's go in here.

- Charlie.
- I'm sorry.

- Charlie, Charlie.
- Whoa. Okay.

Guys, guys, what's going on?

Charlie's not staying.

- Charlie, can you please...
- Close the door.

Guys, I really don't
have time for this.

What's going on?

This is a private conversation
between me and Alisha.

Lucy Harris is Jack's daughter.

Jesus Christ.


- Okay, hang on.
- Lucy Harris.

Hang on, hang on.

She's your daughter? Okay.

Charlie, I need you to
go down and bring Lucy in.

- No. I'll go.
- Bring her in.

Jack, I think you
need to sit down.

- I think we need to have a chat.
- I'm sorry. What?

So are you my boss or something?

- Are you telling me what to do?
- Am I your boss?

You can't just walk in here and
tell me and my team what to do.

Don't interrupt me!
I'm not your boss!

But one word from
me to your boss,

and I'll have you
diverting traffic

for the rest of
your fucking life!

When were you gonna tell me
Lucy Harris is your daughter?

I was just about to tell you.

No. You're too busy
swinging your dick around here

to give a shit
about anyone else.

You could have jeopardized
this whole investigation.

You not mentioning
this could have meant

that my 16-year-old rape
victim didn't see her day in court,

not to mention the
charges of gross misconduct

I would have personally
rammed down your throat.

Do you understand the
severity of what you've just done?

Your daughter is a
significant witness

in my rape
investigation, isn't she?

And now she is a major suspect
in the stabbing of a young boy.

Where's your head, Jack?

Is this a fucking game to you?

These people, we're supposed
to be looking after them.

And you're looking
after your fucking self.

Yeah, as always,
yeah. Obviously.

- Unbelievable.
- Are we done? Are we done?

Are you gonna tell
the boss? What?

I'll tell you what.
You dig deep.

Find whatever
backbone you have left

and tell him your bloody self.

I'm bringing Lucy in.

She's now my suspect.

You go near her and watch.

We clear?


- Shit for breath!
- Yeah.

He's got... He's got a daughter?


What's the matter with you?

I don't see what other
fucking choice I had.

I just... I don't want
to lose my fucking job.

And I don't want him to
lose his job crucially, as well,

because it was
always gonna come out.

I don't think... He's obviously
not thinking straight, is he?

And you've done the right thing.

- You can't...
- Doesn't feel like it.


I'm afraid I have to arrest
you on suspicion of GBH.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense,

if you do not mention,
when questioned,

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand?

Where's Jack? Can I talk to him?

Not just for the
moment, Lucy. I'm sorry.

Lucy, if you could just stand

with your back to the
wall in that corner for me.

Thank you very much.
Sarge, this is Lucy Harris.

She's been arrested
on suspicion of GBH.


Okay, if you could book
this in, I'll go and do a search.

This way.

Okay. Has Lucy been booked in?

- So she's ready for interview?
- Yeah.

Go through the
strategy in there.

- Sure.
- Thanks.

Uh, how's Lucy doing?

Uh, she's... she's
all right, I think.

I don't think... Sarge, I don't
think you should probably...

Ah, for fuck's sake.

I'm just gonna
book Lucy Harris out

for a private consultation.

I'm the appropriate adult.

Two seconds. Thanks.

We have 90 seconds
before they come down here.

I need to know everything now.

I'm so sorry I've lied.

I... Just tell me what happened.

- I stabbed C.J.
- Okay.

Because he was texting
me and pestering me.

And I told him no.

And at the party,
he tried it on me.

- And I said no.
- It's okay. It's okay. Okay.

It's okay. It's okay.

They made me
watch them rape Kia.


And then they got out and
said that I would be next.

And they were laughing.

Did you send in the
anonymous video?

When I found out Kia had
lied about where it was,

I just wanted you
to find the garage

so you could find them.

Okay. Okay. Okay.

Um, step by step, talk
me through the stabbing.

I went to C.J.'s house.

And I told him that
you were a policeman

and that if he ever tried
anything again, I'd tell you,

and I'd get him in
so much trouble.

But he laughed. He laughed.

And then he tried
to pull me inside.

So I stabbed him in the leg

'cause I didn't know
what he was gonna do.

I'm so sorry.

- I'm so, so sorry I lied.
- It's okay.

Lucy, is there an
innocent explanation

as to why your fingerprints
have been found

on the box cutter that
stabbed C.J. Willis in the leg?

Actually, I have a
prepared statement.



"I am Lucy Harris.

I attended a party in a garage
in Cromfield Place last night.

At some point during the party,

I knocked over some
tools that were on a bench.

I picked up all or
some of the tools,

but I don't remember
specifically what they were.

I think one of them may
have been the box cutter

you described, which
may have caused

the cross-contamination
you mentioned,

as I placed them back on
the surfaces of the bench."

That was... Wow.

You wrote that, yeah?

That's brilliant.

Okay, just so you know,
this is gonna get Jack Weston

into a whole heap of trouble.

Does that change anything?


Charlie. Is the sarge
gonna lose his job?

Yeah, I think he might.

- Where is he?
- I have no idea, sir.

Of course you don't
fucking know where he is.

- Sir, he coached her.
- He's gonna fuck this case up.

- I don't know what he's doing.
- I'll tell you what he's doing.

He's digging a very
big hole for himself.


Thank you. What a surprise.

That was the CPS.
And guess what.

Without evidence
putting Lucy Harris

at the scene of the
crime, we can't charge her.

- We've got to bail her.
- Fuck's sake.

So, the conditions of
your bail are in here.

Also, a return
date to the station

while the CPS review your case.

- Is that understood?
- Yeah.

Make sure you take
a good look at that.

Is my dad here?

- Can I see him?
- He is here.

But he is unable to
speak at the moment.

And I can't wait for him?

I think he'll be quite a while.
I suggest you get home.

Thank you.

Well, well, she's gonna
be a lawyer, that one.

Huh? Clever girl.

Anything you want to tell me?

Lucy Harris? Statement?

I didn't tell her what
to say. I didn't. I didn't.

Jack, you did tell
her what to say.

Jack, it's tantamount
to corruption.

No, I didn't do anything more

than any other brief
would have done.

You're not a brief.
You're a policeman.

Now, I understand finding
this news out is a big deal.

A big deal. I get
it. But come to me.

I'm your senior officer. Okay?

I thought I'd be able to
sort this problem on my own.

And then, suddenly, it
was just out of control.

You had no idea where
it was leading, okay?

Do you know how I found out?

Charlie... who, by the way,
is fucking looking out for you,

she's your number-one fan...

Sent the DNA down to forensics

for a cross-reference
against yours.

And guess what.

It's positive.

She's yours, mate.

Right. Listen.

I should be suspending you now.


Having said that, I
want you to go home,

just take a fucking night.

Even if it's just a
couple of hours,

take some time
and think about this,

all right, for me, for the
team, for your daughter.


Lucy, it's Jack.

Um, I'm just on my way home now.

Uh, I've got some
sort of food for us.

I'm not a great cook, so
I'm not promising anything.

But I'll be home in
about 10 minutes.








Police Control. Put me
through to Police Control.

This is D.S. Weston.
I've got an abduction.

My daughter's missing.

This pattern here suggests
that she was dragged.

I'm really sorry, but you
know you can't be part

of this investigation.

I want every resource
thrown at this.

I am a policeman.

I-I know how these cases end up.

This is personal to me
because it's personal to you.

I want to find her just
as much as you do.

Look, I'm terrified that
something has happened to her

because of something
that I have done.

Stop! Police! Stop!