Suspects (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 1 - Episode #3.1 - full transcript

Art teacher Abigail Lincoln is found dead at the sixth form college where she worked by handy-man Harry Webster, a man with a conviction for violence, who had recently been sacked for harassing Abigail for being a Lesbian. At the same time Charlie learns that Abigail was about to report the principal, Rory O'Hanlon, for having an affair with student Melissa Parker whilst Rory's stepson Dylan had been sending Abigail abusive texts. Melissa is caught on CCTV disposing of the murder weapon but there will be another death before the police solve the case.

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Control to all units.

Serious assault.
Pencross College.

Victim identified
as Abigail Lincoln.

Ambulance in attendance.

The victim's name
is Abigail Lincoln.

She's the college art teacher.

She was found this morning...

Very early, serious
head injuries...

By a guy called Harry Webster.


He's the guy who
made the 999 phone call.

He also administered first aid.

He is the college
maintenance guy.

This place is undergoing,
uh, a renovation.

No weapon as yet, uh, but
we have found his toolbox.

We've shipped
Mr. Webster off to the station

to get his clothing
forensicated for elimination.

Glad to see that you haven't
forgotten how to do the job.

This is the head teacher
of the college, um, Rory...

- Rory O'Hanlon.
- Rory, hi. Martha Bellamy.

I'm the, uh, detective
inspector on this.

There's so much blood.

We'll get this cleaned
up as quickly as possible.

How is Abigail?

Uh, the situation is serious,
but she's at the hospital.

She's actually in surgery.

We're gonna keep
everybody posted.

Obviously we have an exit
point, possible entrance point here.

This door here was locked?

That door... Yes, it's locked.

It leads out onto
another corridor.

Have you got CCTV on that?

Unfortunately, none of it's
operational at the moment.

Not while there's
construction going on.

Except for the
main gate, of course.

People coming to
and from the college.

- Okay. What about keys?
- Yes.

Can you open up
for us soon as we're...

Anyone else hold keys for those?

Harry Webster.

All right. Nice guy?

Yeah. Uh, Abigail... she
came to me yesterday.

She reported Harry being
abusive towards her...

Verbally abusive towards her.

- Physically?
- No.

What did you do about it?

Well, I felt like I had no
option but to... to fire him.

I told him that he could finish
out the rest of the week here.

You have to understand

that Harry was convicted
of manslaughter,

a crime of passion.

He found his wife in
bed with another man.

- He served his time.
- But, Mr. O'Hanlon...

Mr. O'Hanlon, you
have to appreciate

that from our point of view,

that puts him
right in the frame.

This is, um, uh, Liz...
Liz... Liz Maitland.

She's the lesbian partner.

If we can get you
down to the hospital.

- I'll take her.
- Are you sure?

- Yeah. Absolutely.
- That would be great.

- Boss. Sarge.
- Charlie.

Did I hear the name
Abigail Lincoln on the radio

- as the victim?
- Yeah.

She made a harassment claim

against someone who
works here at the college.

She accused him of stalking her.

Abigail came into the
station a couple of weeks ago

complaining of constant
silent phone calls,

abusive text messages.

Right. Did you manage
to identify a suspect?

She accused the
handyman who worked here,

a guy called Harry Webster,
so I've spoken to him.

Oh, hello.

- What?
- Oh.

Harry Webster made
the 999 phone call.

Okay, Charlie.

Why was Abigail so convinced
that it was this handyman guy?

She found out that he had served
eight years for manslaughter.

She didn't think someone
with such a serious conviction

should be working
around the kids.

She made her views very clear,

and obviously they
clashed on that.

I've got Harry
down at the station,

so find out his movements
the last 24 hours.

- There's the CCTV down here.
- Yep.

Excuse me.

Yes. Hello. Sorry.

Hi. You're the police, right?

Uh, that's right. Yes.

What's happened
to Abi? Is she okay?

- Are you a student, my love?
- Yes.

I'm sorry. What was your name?

Melissa. Melissa Parker.

- So if you'll just pop inside.
- Yeah.

I mean, she seems like
she's a very popular teacher.

Everybody's obviously
wishing her well in her recovery.

Have you been aware of
anything going on with Abigail?

Um, well, a little.

There's been some
messages going 'round.


What type of messages?

She has a blog online.

Uh, I think she's been
getting a lot of abuse from it.

It's not very nice comments.

People have been
writing some nasty stuff.

There was a text
message that went 'round.

Do you have a copy
of that text message?

Yeah, I do, actually.

Okay. Listen. My colleague's
gonna get all these details.

I appreciate your
help with this.

Thank you, Jack. Yeah.

- Can you open it up and show me?
- Yeah. Of course.

I don't like touching...

I don't know who sent it, but
everybody's talking about it.

- Everyone seems to know.
- Okay.

Have you received anything
else from this sender?

- No. Just that.
- Let me just get a quick copy.

And then I'll take your
address, telephone number,

and details in case I need
to get in touch with you.

You don't know
who did this, do you?

She's gonna be okay?

I can't go into any detail at
the moment, unfortunately.


Right, Harry.

Why don't you tell
me your version

of what happened this morning?

I've already been through this.

Go through it again.

Went to the art room
to collect my toolbox.

Found Abigail. Called 999.

Tried to resuscitate
her with first aid.

Hence all the blood
on your clothes

'cause you were trying to help.

So take me through
your relationship

with Abigail Lincoln if it's...

We didn't have
much of a relationship.

Didn't really get on that well.

Mm. Why is that?

I had a bit of a
problem with her...

You know, her
and her girlfriend.


I just don't really agree
with that type of thing.

What type of thing?

You know, like two
guys or two girls together.

Homosexuality, you
think, is a problem.


You had an issue
with Abigail's sexuality.

That's why we just
tended to avoid each other.

Have you got a
mobile phone, Harry?

Yeah. Everyone's
got a mobile phone.

I'm asking because the
number that you gave me

when I spoke to you three
weeks ago has been disconnected.

So do you have a
new mobile phone?

Mm-hmm. I got a new one.

I lost the other one, so I
bought a pay-as-you-go.

So since the last
time that we spoke,

there have been some new
comments on her blog posts

along the same
vein as the others.

So why don't we talk about that?

- Have you seen them?
- Yes.

- Did you write them?
- No.

But you've been on there
and you've had a look?

Some of them were quite funny.


Some of them, yeah.

That's interesting, 'cause
I'd call them vile and obscene.

Elizabeth Maitland made an
allegation of criminal damage

relating to an
incident last night

in which Abigail Lincoln's
car door was kicked

with such force that
it left a boot print.

You very helpfully gave us your
clothes this morning in relation

- to Abigail Lincoln's assault...
- Look. Before you go on...

amongst which were your boots,

the tread mark of
which match the print

in Abigail Lincoln's car door.

So you left your boot...

Do you know how long I've been
trying to get a job 'round here?

Just when things
started to work out,

and then she fucking
gets me sacked.

I'm going to arrest you for
criminal damage and harassment.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court.

- Anything you do say...
- Then arrest me.

I just did. Do you understand?

Oh, this is shite.

Do you understand?


I know I made a mistake.

Thanks a million
for taking me back.

Eyes are on you,
Jack, all right?

I want you to know
I-I'm ready to go.

I've moved on
from it if you have.

Last chance, I guess.

But I'm damn glad you're back.

Thanks, boss.

Did you miss me?

Just don't fuck
it up, all right?

The doctors have said

that they've had to put Abigail
Lincoln into an induced coma,

so things are not
looking good for her.

Her partner, Liz, who's
also a teacher at the college,

is at the hospital with her now.

Listen. I was able to trace
those text messages...

The ones that were sent
to all the college students,

the ones with the link
to the abusive blog.

I traced it to an
unregistered pay-as-you-go.

That same pay-as-you-go phone

was the one that made
all those silent phone calls

that terrorized
Abigail two weeks ago.

I wanted to run a cell site on
that phone three weeks ago.

If we had more than a fiver
to run each investigation,

I would've done.

Well, your budget just got a
bit bigger, didn't it, Charlie?


Can you join me
on the roof, please?

- Yeah.
- Yeah?



Let's get this over
and done with.

I'm very sorry how
everything worked out

at the end of the Shaffer case.

It's my job to tell you

as your detective
sergeant, as your friend,

just that now that I'm back,

I'm gonna make you
my number-one priority.


I know you're
feeling responsible.

I know that you are feeling
guilty for what's happened.

It's not your fault.

Okay? You're a
fucking great cop.

And you've done the best job
you can with the time available,

the resources available,

and, most importantly, the
fucking budget, Charlie...

I appreciate you trying
to make me feel better,

but, frankly, I
made the wrong call.

That's what this comes down to.

I should have
kicked it upstairs.

I made the decision not
to pursue the cell site.

Budgets, whatever. Fuck it.
It doesn't make a difference.

Because of what I did,
Abigail is lying in hospital.

She might die.

I made the wrong decision.

You're the type of
detective who always thinks

that you're the first one to
ever have made a mistake.

And we've all made
wrong decisions in our time,

but it's what you do to
correct that wrong decision

that... that counts.

- You know...
- Guys.

- Yeah.
- Guys. Listen, team.

Cell site's back on the phone.

Charlie, this one's for you.

Our stalker is not Harry.

So our cell-site results
bring us to that phone,

used by this young lad here.

I don't know. A
student or something?

Definite... Yeah, he must be.

Why don't I take
that to Rory O'Hanlon,

see if he recognizes
him as a student?

- Good idea.
- Yeah.

Mr. O'Hanlon?

Quick question.

Um, this is a CCTV image
from outside the front gate.

Do you recognize this kid?

It's Dylan. That's my stepson.

I don't understand. Why
do you want to talk to Dylan?

There's got to be some
sort of misunderstanding.

Dylan isn't a violent kid.

He's got no reason
to stalk Abigail.

- It doesn't make sense.
- What kind of kid is Dylan?

He spends a lot
of time in his room.

- Don't most kids?
- Where's his mum?

She died 10 years
ago. Committed suicide.

Sorry to hear that.

He's a good kid.

He's an excellent kid.


Yeah? You've got something?

Yeah. Come check it out.

Mr. O'Hanlon, you stay here.

We have a few more
questions we need to ask you.

Phone, Charlie?

Yeah. Good.

Turns out there's
shitloads of calls here.

When was the last one?

Last one was at 6:00
a.m. this morning.


So that's definitely the phone

he's been using to
harass Abigail, clearly.

Is everything all right?

Yeah. It's perfect,
Mr. O'Hanlon.

Thanks. Listen. Does
Dylan have a laptop?


We're gonna need to
take that as evidence.

Okay. What's going on?

Charlie, tech team are
back with the, uh, results

from Dylan Kennedy's
laptop and phone.

It's definitely Dylan

who's been sending the abusive
messages to Abigail's blog.

Some of the stuff was vile.
He must fucking hate her.

What annoys me, though,
is SOCOs still haven't found

the weapon that was used
to put Abigail in the hospital.

- Nothing at the house?
- At the O'Hanlon house? Nothing.

Dylan Kennedy has used
his Oyster card, all right?

He's just got off the Tube.

Yeah. That's him. That's Dylan.

- Yeah.
- Probably. Probably.

Yeah. Just let me out here.



Oh, Jesus.

I'm arresting you on suspicion
of harassment and attempt...


Harassment and attempted murder.

You do not have to say anything,
but it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- It wasn't me.
- Do you... Do you understand?!

Yeah! It wasn't me!

Here. Keep going.


So, Dylan, we will
deal with the stalking

and harassment
of Abigail Lincoln.

And then we'll deal with
the attempted murder.

I didn't do that.
That wasn't me.

- Dylan.
- That wasn't me.

I didn't do... I-I
did harass her.

I did send the texts,

and I did make
the calls, and I...

What are you talking about?

I posted the stuff on her...

- on her blog.
- On her blog.


There's some pretty vile
and malicious things, Dylan.

Do you have any idea how
you made Abigail Lincoln feel?

Do you have any idea how
much hell she was going through?

- Yeah, and I'm...
- Why?

- Dylan...
- Mr. O'Hanlon.

- Was I...
- Mr. O'Hanlon.

In class sometimes, she, um...

she touched my
arms a couple of times,

and I thought that that meant...

I thought that meant
that I should ask her out.

I thought that meant
that she liked me.

And she... And she laughed.

She said she was a
lesbian. She laughed.

And I didn't
expect her to laugh.

I... I wasn't
expecting that of her.


And it pissed me off. I
wanted to piss her off.

Okay. Okay.


Why don't we go through
your movements this morning

and, um, get a timeline?

- Why don't we start with that?
- Yeah.

I was in bed all day. I
didn't get up until noon.

It's a hell of a lie-in.


Is there anyone who
can corroborate that?

Your stepfather, for example.

No. He was at work.

How did you get
the cut on your face?

It's quite nasty.

Could you just...
Could you... Sorry.

Could you just turn your
head to the right, please,

so we can see that
in the light? Wow.

Was it a punch?

I was pushed against a wall.

Dylan, did you attack
Abigail Lincoln this morning?

- No.
- Because if you did, Dylan,

- now is the...
- He just answered the question.

Mr. O'Hanlon, I'm
going to ask you to leave.

- Answer the question.
- I didn't.

I did the other stuff. I did.

But I didn't hurt her.
I wouldn't do that.

Have you used your
toolbox today, Harry?


Where is it?

It's in the art room.

Can you give me
a list of what's in it?

There's a hammer,
screwdriver, pliers,

wrench, extra screws...

- Wrench?
- Wires.

Yeah, a wrench.

There was no wrench in it
when we looked in it this morning.

So you don't know where it is?

Abigail Lincoln was
attacked this morning.

We know that Harry
Webster was on the premises.

Do we know anything else?

Anything that
happened before that?

I went through Abigail Lincoln's
personal e-mail account.

She was planning to meet the
college governor this morning

- at some point.
- Why?

I have no idea. I got
on the college governor.

He said Abigail refused to
talk about it over the phone.

She would only talk
about it in person.

Speak to Abigail's
partner, Liz, all right?

She might be able
to enlighten us.

How's Abigail?

It doesn't look good.

The, um, consultant
came a minute ago

and said that
some shards of skull

have compressed the brain tissue

and they don't know
the extent of the damage.

I'm sorry to hear that.

Look, is it all
right if I sit down?

- Yeah.
- Thanks.

Um, I wanted to ask you about
Abigail's meeting this morning.

I understand that she
had arranged to see

the chairman of the
college governors.

- Yeah.
- Do you know what it was about?

I do, yeah.

She was pretty
stressed about it.

Basically, she found
out that a member of staff

was having an
affair with a student.

What member of staff
and which student?

I don't know. She
wouldn't tell me.

I tried.

How many members
of staff are there?

About 30.


And you couldn't get
out of her who it was?


I tried, but Abigail's
pretty principled.

Um, thank you for that.
It's been really helpful.

I need to talk to you
about, um, Abigail's meeting

that she was supposed
to have this morning

with the college governor.

Do you have any idea what that
meeting might have been about?


The college... No. No.

Um, I didn't... I didn't
know about that.

There's a rumor going 'round
that... one of the teachers

is... is screwing one of
the kids at the college.

Is that true?

My college?

No. No, of course
that's not true.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

Yes. Yes, I'm sure.

Rumors like this
happen all the time, okay?

Most of the time, it's just...

children living
out their fantasies.

Nine times out of
ten, it's just hearsay.

- This thing does happen.
- Of course it happens.

It just doesn't
happen in my college.

So I need to just go
over your alibi again.

- Okay. Okay, okay. Yeah.
- Where you were.

What time did you
arrive at the college?

Uh, I left my house, arrived...

arrived at the college
just after Harry had found...

found Abigail.

Do you have anyone
that can verify that?

- Liz.
- Liz.

Liz. I met her at the gates.

Liz. That's Abigail's
partner, isn't it?


So Rory's alibi checks out.

He told me he was meeting
Liz at the front gate to the college

at 8:28.

What slightly
disturbs me, though,

um, is I got FIU to check
Rory's bank statements

to see if there was
anything unusual.

Last week he paid £2,000
into Harry Webster's account.

Why would he be doing that?

Sorry this is taking so long.

It's... It's piping
hot, so be careful.

- Listen.
- Thank you.

What's the story with
the two grand you paid

into Harry's account?

Uh, he... was
behind on his rent.

I give him an
advance on his wages.

It was nothing. I was
just trying to help him out.



No, no. That's fine.

So tell me why Rory O'Hanlon
put £2,000 into your bank account.

'Cause I don't think he was
just making a nice gesture.

We went out for a few drinks.

He got hammered.

Told me he was having
an affair with a pupil.

Rory O'Hanlon said this?

- Aye.
- Which pupil?

- Melissa.
- Melissa who?

I don't know her second name.

What does Melissa look like?

Blond, 5'7" or something.

So you blackmailed Rory...

- No, I didn't blackmail Rory.
- Into giving you £2,000?

I just woke up the next day,

and there was two
grand in my account.

He obviously realized
what he'd done

and wanted to give me some
money so I wouldn't say anything.

You're the one shagging her.

Are you or are you not
having a relationship

with a student at your college?

Harry Webster told us.

You shagging a student?

Rory, yes or no.

Rory O'Hanlon, I'm arresting
you for breach of position of trust.

- You do not have to say...
- I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.

Something you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

You understand?


So let's run through the reasons

why you didn't
like Abigail Lincoln.

You are a homophobe, correct?

She got you fired from your job.

She accused you of harassment.

Let's go through the reasons

why Rory O'Hanlon
doesn't like Abigail Lincoln.

She found out about
his affair with a student.

She was gonna blow the
whistle to the school governors,

which would have lost him
his job and ruined his career.

So we have two people

for whom it would be very
convenient if she disappeared

and a large sum of money
moving from one to the other.

Let me spell out for you
what that means to me.

I think that Rory paid
you to attack Abigail.

Yeah. That's what I think.

You're in cloud-cuckoo-land.

You've already proved yourself

more than capable of extreme
violence towards women.

You saying I'm a hit man now?

All of this about you getting
let out of your sentence

two years early
because you've proven

that you're no longer
a danger to society...

I'm not sure if I buy it. I
don't think you have changed.

You don't fucking
know anything about me.

You don't know
anything about me.

I think you're more than capable

of doing what happened to
Abigail Lincoln this morning.

You have every motive to do so,

and £2,000 is a
lot of money to you.

I don't care what you believe.

It's what you can
prove, sweetheart.

All right?

Was that two grand the only
payment that went to Harry?

I've been on to
the hospital, guys.

Um... sadly, Abigail Lincoln
has passed away, I'm afraid.

Massive stroke, so we are
dealing with a murder inquiry.

Okay. Yes, Rory's
alibi is watertight.

But the guy is involved in
some way in Abigail's murder.

Man, I fucking know it.

Problem is the only
thing we've got on Rory

is breach of position
of trust, all right?

We're gonna have to
charge him and bail him.

Also because Rory
won't substantiate

the blackmail charge,
um, against Harry Webster,

we've got to bail him too.

Do the paperwork. Sorry.

It's back to square
one, essentially.

This is fucking beyond
square one, my friend.

Thank you for
getting all that, Sarge.

Sign the form. And
then you're free to go.

Maybe don't go on any
holidays, though, eh?

Do you know this is
police harassment?

- What's police harassment?
- You wasting my time.

Me conducting an investigation
is police harassment?

Yeah. Maybe you need to conduct
your investigation a bit better.

- I've got my eye on you.
- Cheerio.


Melissa, thank you for coming
in to help us with our inquiries.

What can you tell me about your
relationship with Rory O'Hanlon?

How did it start?

I met him on my
first day of college.

He came up to me,
introduced himself.

He was... really polite...

really kind, funny.

He told me I was really pretty.

Did your relationship with
Rory begin before you turned 18?

What does it matter?


Yes. But I'm legal.

It doesn't matter.

Did anyone else know?

Rory and I had an argument.

Abigail asked me
what was wrong and...

- Abigail Lincoln?
- Yeah. Yeah.

She asked me if I was okay,
and I-I told her everything.

She clearly decided that
she would go and tell Rory.

He got really mad.

So mad, in fact, that
he broke up with me.

That must have
made you pretty angry.

I told her that in confidence.

There were... She had no
place to tell anyone about that.

It was a really bitchy
thing she did to me.

She died from her
injuries not long ago.

- No.
- So if it was serious before,

it's critical now because
it's become a murder inquiry.

Look. Rory will be
investigated for breach of trust.


He has a duty of care towards
you as one of his students,

- and he neglected that.
- He hasn't done anything wrong.

You were under 18 when
your relationship began.

But I'm legal. He hasn't
done anything wrong.


Why don't you take my card,

and if you think of anything
or if you need me, then call.

Oh, Charlie, how'd you go?

Uh, interesting.

I don't think Rory
O'Hanlon is the only one

with a good reason
to want Abigail dead.

Melissa Parker is the one
who told Abigail about the affair.

Abigail confronts Rory,
Rory breaks it off with Melissa,

and she's really
not happy about it.

Look at those wounds
out on the board out there.

Do you think an 18-year-old...
A small 18-year-old girl...

Could inflict that much damage?

Don't be ridiculous, Jack.

When I was 18, just
as well as I could now,

I could have battered the shit
out of someone with a wrench.

Look, I had to tell her,

'cause she didn't know
that Abigail had died,

and it gave her a
second of pause, maybe,

before it was back to,
"What's gonna happen to Rory?

Rory's so lovely. I love him."

All of this nonsense.
It was just...

She was weird
and cold and shifty,

and there's just something
not right about her.

Are you saying

Melissa could feasibly
have killed Abigail Lincoln?


This little gem turned up
on Orden Street camera 8.

That's a person
of interest, isn't it?

Melissa Parker?

Yes, it is.

When she went down, she was
taking off her bag, wasn't she?

Huh. What's she doing?

Melissa comes down this
street, and the car was here.

So it's this one.

I'm not sticking my
hands down there.


Who's that?

Uh, I don't know.
Unknown number.

Called and then hung
up. Hold on a sec.

- Hi. This is Melissa's phone.
- Jack?

Sorry I can't take your call,
but if you leave a message...

It's Melissa Parker.


Why would she call me
and then just hang up?

- Guys.
- Oh, hello.

Monkey wrench.

Okay. That's good.

Search team found it in
the drain at Orden Street,

which is where
Melissa disposed of it.

- Result.
- Yeah.

I haven't forensicated
for DNA, fingerprints yet,

but it looks like you
were right about Melissa.

What's niggling me, though,
is this silent phone call.

Nothing, nothing on the
phone, then she hangs up.

I just... I rang her parents.

They've not seen her all day.

The phone's going
straight through to voicemail.

I gave her my card when
I saw her earlier and said,

"If you need anything, if
you want to tell me anything,

then call me."

I don't know. Maybe
she's calling to confess.

Maybe she's on the run.

Whatever she's doing, we
need to find her, okay, Charlie?

So let's put a live cell site
on Melissa's phone, okay?

Let's try and catch up with her.

- Yeah.
- Yeah. Okay.

Charlie, your
boyfriend's downstairs.

I have one of those now?

Harry Webster.

Just can't keep you away,
Mr. Webster, can we?

- Have you guys seen this?
- What is this?

It's a printout from the
school message board.

That's Melissa saying she was
the one who attacked Abigail.

So it wasn't me,
like I've been saying.

Why were you on the
school message board?

I was looking to see if anybody
had put any information up.

That confession
Harry brought in...

Melissa's confession
to the online forum.

Uh, I traced that back
to Melissa's phone.

The live cell site led
SOCOs to the river.

Actually, I'm certain

that that scrap of material
caught in the railings

matches the dress that
Melissa was wearing.

That, uh, light-colored
dress with the stars on it.

Everything looks
like suicide, but...

A shame. Yes?

A body matching Melissa's
description has washed up

at Limehouse Reach.

There you go.

Mr. O'Hanlon, thanks very
much for coming back in.

Uh, sit down, please.

I'm okay.

I'd like you to sit down.

Thank you.

Listen. I'm sorry to be the
one to have to tell you this.

I really am. But
Melissa Parker's dead.

Yeah. I'm sorry.

She's dead.

But she confessed to
Abigail Lincoln's murder.

- Jesus.
- Mm.

So she committed suicide...

- Why?
- Apparently.

Has she ever expressed
to you in the past,

um, any sort of
suicidal tendencies?


- Was that a "yes"?
- Yes.


Uh, one of the main reasons

why I was afraid to
break up with her...

There is an officer you can
talk to if you're feeling emotional.


- I am s-sorry.
- Yeah.

You're free to go,
Mr. O'Hanlon. Thanks.

Thank you very much.

Melissa's confession
is still bugging me.

- Postmortem is in.
- Yeah.

Melissa Parker's
injuries are not consistent

with a body hitting the water.

These are defensive wounds...

Fingernails broken,
bruising to the temples...

So Melissa Parker
did not commit suicide.

She was murdered.

Do you want to take this one?


- Harry.
- What is it now?

How's it going?

We've got to have a quick
chat down at the station.

- Huh?
- What about?

Best to talk about that
down at the station.

- I've answered your questions.
- We'll do it at the station.

- Get in the car.
- Let go of your bag, please.

Harry Webster, I'm arresting
you on suspicion of murder.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- This is bollocks.

Do you understand?

- Yes.
- Thank you.

You've fucking
made a mistake again.

You've made a mistake again.

- In the car.
- Keep talking, Harry.

You have killed in anger before.

So in my mind, it's
not a massive leap

to think that you
killed Abigail,

because there are a number of
reasons that you despised her.

I've told you already
I didn't kill Abigail!

And I didn't kill Melissa.

You're just putting
things together

and trying to piece this
to make it fit onto me,

and it doesn't fit!

It doesn't fit!

You're a violent
man, Harry Webster.

Let's not forget that
you killed your wife.

Yes, I killed my wife!

And I haven't been able to
forget about it for eight years.

Every day I have to
live with that, all right?

Every day.

And I am fucking
sorry that it happened,

and it's the biggest
mistake of my life.

But I did not kill Abigail,
and I did not kill Melissa.

Forensics on the
wrench are back in.

So it's definitely
our murder weapon.

The blood and the skin
fragments, et cetera,

on the business end
belong to Abigail Lincoln.

On the handle, we have
Melissa Parker's DNA.

It's no great surprise.

We've got Harry Webster's
DNA... Also no great surprise.

But we have Rory
O'Hanlon's DNA as well.

What if Melissa's
confession is bullshit?

Maybe Melissa is
just weapon disposal.

She'd do fucking
anything for him.

So with the silent call,

what is that now... A
distress call, do we think?

Can we find out exactly
where Melissa Parker was

when she made that
call to you, Charlie?

CCTV footage is in
from Cravenhill Street.

That's where Melissa made
the silent phone calls to you.

But guess who's there with her.

- This is the money shot.
- Ah.

Here she is, right? Making
the phone call to you.

Rory, pissed off, rounds
the car, shoves her in.

I reckon he drives off,

murders her, dumps
her in the river.

Then he takes her phone,
writes that little confession,

posts it on the online forum
to make it look like a suicide,

and then he's off scot-free.

I've spoken to the Gardaí.

Rory O'Hanlon has no
criminal record in Ireland,

but they did have some
juicy nuggets for us.

This is a picture of Rory's
wife, now deceased...

Louise O'Hanlon.

How'd she die, Jack?

Unexplained death.

Domestic drowning, which has
all sorts of alarm bells ringing.

There are four open cases in
the Republic that I know of...

All unexplained deaths,
all domestic drownings,

and... and, terrifyingly,

Rory O'Hanlon was living in
the vicinity of all of these women

at the time of their death.

Jesus Christ.
He's a serial killer.

Control to all units.

Suspect Rory O'Hanlon
sighted at Pencross College.

Okay. We're on our way.

There's been a sighting
of Rory at the college.

Vince, with me.

Charlie, we'll
take the first floor.

Fine. I'll take low
hall and stairs.

Philip, if you come with me.

This is huge.

Wait there.


Rory, t... Rory!

Jack? Jack, something sighted.

He's on foot. We're in pursuit!

All received. We're
on the second floor.

Heading to you now.

Down. He's downstairs.

Jack, he's heading
to the basement.

Charlie, hold position.
Coming to you now.


Control from D.C. Steele.

Control. Go ahead.

We've lost sight of the
subject in the basement.

We'll continue to search.

Fuck, man. This
place is a fucking maze.

Phil, cover off that route.
Keep on channel 12.

Phil? Are you okay?

Um, control from D.C. Steele.

Urgent assistance. Officer
down. Ambulance required.

We're continuing the search.

Control. Received.

Charlie, clarify position.

Charlie, clarify position.


Fuck. She's gone to clicks.

Closest subject unable
to talk. On the way.

All units, radio silence.


I swept down here.

There are multiple
entrances and exits.

He could be fucking
anywhere. I've heard him.

But it's like a fucking
rabbit warren here.

- Rory!
- Rory!

Rory! Stop!

Subject sighted.

He's on foot,
trying to get away.

Rory, stop!

Stop, Rory. Stop.
Rory, stop. Stop.

Stop. Drop the bag. Drop
the bag. Drop the bag.

Drop the fucking bag.
Drop the fucking bag!

Rory, I'm arresting you
on suspicion of murder.

You don't have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention
when questioned

something that you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

- Do you understand?
- You understand?

Do you understand?!


For fuck's sake.

We got him.

The bag we took off
Rory when we arrested him

had a shirt in it that
was covered in blood.

I sent it down to forensics,

but I'm willing to
bet a lot of money

that the blood belongs
to Abigail Lincoln.

Of course, you see
here on the CCTV

Rory apparently arriving
at the college at 8:28.

He's wearing a
brown checked shirt,

so he's obviously attacked
Abigail and changed his shirt.

My God. That's two
women in 24 hours.


In the bag that you were
desperately clutching

when we arrested you
was a shirt covered in blood.

And the blood belongs
to Abigail Lincoln.

Abigail wasn't planned.

I tried to persuade
her not to tell

about myself and
Melissa's relationship.

She was quite stubborn about it.

I saw red, picked up
the nearest thing to me,

which was a wrench...
and crushed her skull in.

How did Melissa end
up with the wrench?

Melissa was waiting for
me down in the basement.

She wanted to see
if I'd persuaded Abi

not to say anything.

Well, I guess in
my own way I had.

And I told her to
get rid of the wrench.

This is you with Melissa...

sort of manhandling
her into the car.

Not long after that, she died.

She's a good girl.

She was a good girl.

She was a good girl.

I'll miss her.

You groomed her, didn't you?

You picked her out the minute
she set foot in that college.

Someone who could
just do your bidding,

who you saw as weak and naïve.

She was absolutely
besotted with you,

and you abused that.

Defense wounds.
Look at these pictures.

Look at them.

Look at her fingers.
Look at her neck.

Before you shoved her into that
car and drove her to that river,

she made a silent call to me,

which was a cry for
help, I understood,

but not in the way
that I thought it was.

She wasn't trying to
confess to something

that she felt so guilty for.

She was terrified of you
because you were about to kill her.

Look at her hands.

Look at her hands.

Look at the pictures, Rory.

She was 18.


Do you have anything
to say for yourself?

Who's that?


That's Louise.

Your wife, now deceased.

Melissa Parker, your
lover, now deceased.

They look pretty
similar, don't they?

Any other similarities about
them you want to tell me about?


Melissa Parker... was rushed.

Not as rushed as
Abigail, of course.



Louise was meticulous
in its planning.

It took me months.

So I was never suspected for it.

It really was quite beautiful.

Are you getting
sloppy now? Is that it?

Don't judge me
on those two, Jack.

Okay, Rory.

Who are these four women?






I don't know who that is.

She must have
killed herself for real.

You're still missing
one, though.

She's my favorite.


You say we're still missing one?

So beautiful.

I'll show you
another beautiful lady.



It's Mummy, isn't it?

She topped herself.

How old were you?


So ultimately, she
abandoned you, didn't she?

What would she think now...

of you?

She'd be pretty disappointed.

Why do we feel that we need
to compartmentalize everything?

Why do we feel that we
need to define what man does?

What if there is no reason?

Is that so frightening?

What if the man just
wants to kill the fucking bitch

'cause the fucking bitch
was acting like a fucking bitch.

Why does it always have
to come back to the mother?

What did she do
that was so wrong?

I'd press that panic
button now if I were you.


Fucking bitch!

You fucking bitch!

- That's it. That...
- You bitch!

Sit down. Sit down.
Sit down, mate.

I don't know.

We don't often get happily
ever after, do we, Charlie?

But this one? My God.

Just made my blood curdle.

I think today was a new
low for me, to be frank.

I've never seen
anything quite like it.

How's he been today?

Best behavior for once.

Pains me to say I'm actually
quite pleased to have him back.

I think you did a
fantastic job today.

Thank you.

I actually got you
a present as well.

Huh? That's the paperwork.

- See you later.
- Ah.

You're such a cock!

I can do this tomorrow, right?