Suspects (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Nobody Else: Part 2 - full transcript

When a second man is attacked with a hammer, the team fear that the culprit is the paranoid schizophrenic they let out on bail.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Two men in East London
have been viciously targeted

in near-identical
hammer attacks.

The first victim, Jonathan
Moxton, was assaulted

yesterday lunchtime
in his own home.

He remains in a
critical condition.

Late last night, a second
man, Michael Collins,

was murdered on Crowford Common;
A hammer was found at the scene.

Police are refusing to confirm
rumors that they released

suspect Saul Hammond,
who's a paranoid schizophrenic,

before the second
attack took place.

They have confirmed, however,

that another man is helping
them with their inquiries.

Detective Inspector
Martha Bellamy

had the following to say.

We are asking the public

to help us to apprehend
this person or persons

as soon as possible,

as there is a real and
genuine danger to public safety.

We are seeing clear links

between these
two brutal attacks.

The victim's name
is Michael Collins.

Found with weeds
stuffed in his mouth...

The same way Jonathan
Moxton was found

with the red knickers
stuffed in his mouth.

Michael Collins' wrists

were tied behind his back
with his belt, the same way

that Jonathan Moxton's
hands were tied behind his back.

We've released none of these
details to the press, obviously.

We have told the press that a
hammer was found at the scene.

As I said, unclear as to whether
he was out cruising for sex.

Thank you.

My Dad and I have lost
a wonderful brother...

and a devoted son.

And his sudden and violent death

leaves us shocked
and devastated.

I can't tell you
how terrible... it is

to have to bury one's own son.

So, do you want to
talk about Saul, maybe?

Your favorite
paranoid schizophrenic.


I have some mental-health
problems in my family.

So this case is
kind of hitting hard.

I'm trying to not
let it affect my job.

I'm trying to be
professional about it.

I'd like you to respect
that and do the same.


Nate, my name is Martha Bellamy.

I'm Detective
Inspector on this case.

I hope we looked after you
last night? How did you sleep?

Did you have a
nightmare last night?

I think I'd have a nightmare

if I had an image
like that in my head.

I just wonder if you
recognized that hammer, Nate.

Do you recognize
it as the hammer

that pounded your
lover's head, for instance?

Because that's what the
forensics are telling us.

I'm sorry about
the blood on there.

That's actually not
Jonathan's blood.

Well, there might be a
bit left on there, I suppose,

a bit of his hair.

The blood that is fresh on there

is from a murder last
night on the common.

The murder of Michael Collins.

The thing is...

I know,

because I very generously
entertained you last night,

that you can't have murdered
Michael Collins on the common.


I have a funny feeling you're
going to be able to help me out.

No comment.

What do you reckon's
going on in there, Sarge?

Probably copping it

for releasing Saul
back into the community.

If it turns out that Saul
has done both the attacks,

we're all going to be directing
traffic in the Shetland Islands.

Okay, I'm keen to
crack on, guys. Come on.

Forensics are pretty certain

that the hammer is the same
weapon used in both attacks.

So we've got blood and hair
from both Jonathan Moxton

and Michael Collins but
no other DNA or fingerprints.

Well, I mean, we
still can't account

for Saul Hammond's
whereabouts last night.

- Hey, Sadie.
- You all right?

Yeah. Listen, it's
really important.

We need to speak to
Saul as quickly as possible.

He's not here. He ain't
come back since yesterday.

Are there other
places that he goes?

The only place I can think
of is probably his nan's grave.

- Where is that?
- At North Park Cemetery.

Uh, hold on here. I'll be in
touch if I need anything else.

Okay? Make sure
your door's locked.

- Sure.
- Okay. Go back inside, Sadie.

Thank you.

Sadie says there's no
sign of Saul at the hostel.

She says sometimes
when he gets agitated,

he goes to his
grandmother's grave,

which is somewhere
in North Park Cemetery.

So I went down there,
checked it out. No sign of him.

So, you know, I've
done a high alert out

to all the bus stations, railway
stations, underground stations.

I've also sent a high alert
out to mental-health institutions

just in case that's
somewhere he might go

if he gets agitated
or distressed.

- Hey.
- Carol?

- Yeah, hi.
- Hi. I'm D.C. Charlotte Steele.

- Hi.
- You met my D.I.,

- Martha Bellamy, and...
- Yeah, yeah.

She's just asked me to come
down and ask you a few questions.

- If that's all right?
- Okay. Yeah, sure.

Is it all right if I come in?

Oh, look, do you mind if
we... we just do it here?

My Dad, he's in a terrible mess.

- I don't want to upset him...
- No, of course.

My D.I. briefed me about
your dad's dementia.

Yeah. Thank you.

Can I ask you to run me through
what you were up to last night?

Um, yeah, yeah. I was here.

My dad needs 24-hour
care. So I can't really leave.

- You didn't go out?
- No, no.

Carol, please don't
take this the wrong way,

but I can tell that you've
been drinking and...

Excuse me?

I'm only saying that if you
need someone to come and sit

- with your dad for a bit...
- You're making judgments

- about me on my doorstep.
- Not at all, not at all.

Yes, you are. Right now,
you're making judgments

and assumptions
about me and my life.

Now, I have just
lost my brother,

my brother who I love very much.

He is dead.

I'm just saying that
we have people,

- if you need, who can come down.
- Yeah.

Aren't you compassionate?
Aren't you wonderful?

Thank you so much. Thank
you so much for your compassion.

- Call if you need us.
- Yes, I'll call.

- Please leave me in peace.
- Thank you for your help.

Now, fuck off!

This footage is from outside
the Collins' house last night.

That's Dennis Collins,

who's walking around
clearly in some distress.

And where's Carol?

She said that she was
in, looking after her father.

I asked her specifically if
she left, and she said no.

- So she was lying.
- Okay.

- Who's this guy?
- Um, that's the neighbor.

He tried to call Carol
several times, no dice.

So instead, he called Michael,
who came rushing down from uni,

and the neighbor
looked after Dennis

until Carol came
home this morning.

So I had a little shifty
through Carol's call data,

and she left her brother,
Michael, a very abusive message

sometime in the few hours
before he was attacked.

There were also quite a few
calls, missed calls from Michael

trying to get hold of Carol
whilst he was driving to London.

This is a voicemail.

Don't you dare
question me, Michael.

Don't you fucking dare.
I'm doing everything for Dad.

You're not doing a single thing.

Next time I see you,

I'm gonna... I'm gonna
rip your fucking head off!




Dennis? Dennis, you all right?

Where's Carol?
Are you all right?

Where... Where's Carol?

- Oh, geez.
- W-Where... W-Where's Carol?

Okay. If you sit down here, I'm
going to make you a cup of tea.

I noticed when I
was in the kitchen

that there was a really
strong smell of bleach

and in the hallway.

I just...

- Bleach?
- Yeah.

Oh, yes.

Well, I-I had... I had
an accident, you know,

and Carol had to
clear it up, clear it up.

- Charlie?
- Yeah.

- Charlie?
- I won't be a sec, Dennis.

There's no sign of Carol.
He's totally on his own.

Well, she's obviously done
an industrial-scale cleanup

in this place; I mean, this
place fucking stinks of bleach.

Have you had a
look in the kitchen?

- No, no.
- Let's have a quick nosy around.

Maybe she's trying
to get rid of stuff.



Someone has been
trying to hide evidence.

- Geez! Crack pipe.
- Mm.

I'll get it sent to forensics.

Let's see whose
fingerprints are on it.

I've been checking Carol's phone

for drug connections,
and there are quite a few

voicemails and text
messages from Carol's phone

to a number registered to
one of our favorite prom nums.

You know that dealer
nicknamed Buddy?

- Who's that?
- Ah, yeah.

He's... Like, he's chubby and
he's got close-cropped hair.

- He's always in here.
- He lives in that squat.

It's like the Plaza Hotel.


We've entered the building!
Police! Stay where you are!

Stay where you are!
Hands where I can see them.

Sit down. Sit down.

Down on the ground now.
Down on the ground now.

Carol, I am arresting you

for suspected possession
of controlled drugs.

What? I haven't been
taking any drugs at all!

You don't have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention,
when questioned,

something which you
later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

This is... This is a
complete mistake.

- This is wrongful arrest.
- Hello, Sarge.

This is Carol Collins.

Been arrested for suspected
possession of drugs.

I've not searched her yet. So,
Carol, turn your pockets out.

- Really?
- Turn your pockets out.

This is a joke.

If I pat you down, will
I find anything else?

You won't find anything else.

No, you won't
find anything else.

Sarge, she's off her face.

Can you get the FME
down here, please?

- Are you serious?
- Yeah.

- Seriously?
- Pipe down.

- Pipe down, Carol.
- Charlie! Charlie!

Someone's broken into the
crime scene down at the common.



Where have you
been for the last...

I just woke up over there.

Have you taken your
medication, Saul?

Do you know where
your tablets are?

Can you stand up for
me? Can you stand up?

I just want you to
calm down, okay?

Just try and take some deep
breaths and just relax, okay?

Calm down. Take
some deep breaths.

Look at my...

Look into my eyes,
okay? Look into my eyes.

Take some deep breaths.
Take some deep breaths.

Okay, okay. Hang on, hang on.

Saul, calm down,
calm down, calm down.

Calm down. Saul, calm down.
I'm taking you to a place of safety.

I'm taking you to
a place of safety.

I'm arresting you...

I want you to arrest me.
I want you to arrest me.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned...

Did I kill someone?
Did I kill someone?

Anything you do say may
be used in evidence. Saul...

Did I kill someone?

I can... I can
just see, Charlie,

that you need a
bit more information

about why Jack's
so het up about Saul.

Look, basically, Jack's brother
was a paranoid schizophrenic.

You know, the whole nine yards.

He used to hear voices, violent
episodes, that sort of thing.

Jack's dad couldn't cope.

He left Mum and a
19-year-old Jack to cope.

And Jack went out. He went AWOL.

Came back one
night, and his brother

had very seriously
assaulted his mother.

I think she was in a
really, really bad way...

- Shit.
- As far as I know.

Where's his brother now?

Uh, he... he didn't make
it. He topped himself, so...

Okay. I'll see you down there.

So Carol Collins is
stealing Dennis' benefits

and using them to buy
drugs 'cause she is skint.

Dennis' benefits get paid
on the 19th of the month

and generally they're withdrawn
that day or the next day,

but their bills don't get paid.

So it's no wonder

- Michael's mad at her.
- Charming. Yes, indeed.

Well, you will have your moment.
Let's chuck the book at her.

And, also, let's make sure

that Dennis is
looked after, shall we?

- Get social services involved.
- Yeah.

Tell me about this item.

We found it in your kitchen bin.

It's not mine.


It's not mine.

So, whose is it?

It was Michael's.

You're saying that your
brother did crack and this is his?

Yeah, he did.

Your DNA is all over that.

Well, yeah, yeah. It would...
It would be, wouldn't it?

Because I took it off him, so...

But his DNA isn't on it at all.

Your fingerprints
are all over it,

Your DNA is on the mouthpiece

where the drug
user's DNA would be.

We did a postmortem
on your brother.

He's clean. There's
no drugs in his system.

I think that Michael discovered
that you were stealing

your father's disability
benefits to buy drugs.

I think it made him
very angry... rightly so.

I think you argued about it,

and I think you snapped and
attacked him with a hammer.

What made you snap?

Did he say he was gonna
report you? What did he say?

He was going to try and
get you out of the house?

What made you snap so badly

that you attacked and
killed your own brother?

No, I didn't!

I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

You're just saying that
I've killed my brother.

I haven't hurt my
brother. Please...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I ju...

I'm sorry.

I don't know if I
believe you, Carol.

Carol, tell me about
your relationship

with your brother, Michael.

- What was it like?
- Um...

It was like any other
brother-and-sister relationship.

You know, we... we got on one
day; bicker the next, you know?

But we'd get over it.

But broadly, you'd say
that you got on well?

No big rifts,
anything like that?

No. We got on well.

Have a listen to this voicemail.

Don't you dare
question me, Michael.

Don't you fucking dare.
I'm doing everything for Dad.

You're not doing a single thing.

Next time I see you,

I'm gonna... I'm gonna
rip your fucking head off!


I-I can explain that

because, I, um, was
just offloading to Michael.

You know, sometimes he...
He just doesn't understand.

He doesn't listen
and, just, he...

I-I was stressed, you
know, looking after my father.

It's nonstop. It's 24-hour
care, and it's exhausting.

24-hour care? You
were out all night.


I think we've heard
enough, haven't we?

I didn't...

Michael... please. I didn't...

I can't breathe.

This is serial
liar Carol Collins

entering the common last night,

which means that,
on top of the first lie

about being at home
looking after her father,

we can also place her at the
scene of her brother's murder.

So, could she have
carried out both attacks?

Do you know someone
called Nate Turner?

- No.
- He looks like this.

- Do you know that face?
- No.

Do you know someone
called Jonathan Moxton?


He looks like this. Do
you know that face?


At the moment,
he looks like this.

He was attacked with a hammer,
and he's in a really shit state.

Did you do this?


What were you doing
yesterday lunchtime?

Uh, yeah, I, um... I took my...
My dad down to the snooker club,

and I just stayed down
there for a bit with him,

just while he
played, and watched.

You went on a nice
outing with your father?


I find that a little
bit hard to believe,

- to be honest, Carol.
- Why?

I took him down
to the snooker club

because that's what
he wanted to do.

And believe it or not,
I do love my father.

So, given that the same
hammer was used in both attacks,

do we really believe

that our favorite
neighborhood crackhead, Carol,

attacked both her brother
and Jonathan Moxton?

I know that she's full of shit,

I know that she
lies at every turn,

but I cannot make a connection
between her and Jonathan.

Okay, okay. Slow down.
Do you want a cup of tea?

- No, no. Thank you, no.
- Sure?

First of all,

we need to figure out if
Carol was, in fact, responsible

for Michael's murder.

If she was, then we
can look for a reason

why she might have
attacked Jonathan.

- Hey.
- Hey.

How you doing?

Listen, I just thought I'd
have a quick sort of catch-up,

bit of a powwow, if
that's all right with you?

See how our slightly
tricky customer is?

- Yeah.
- How's Saul's state of mind?


Uh, he's been handcuffed,
he's been detained, he's in tears.

He can't remember
what he's doing.

He thinks that he's
killed Michael Collins.

Is a psychiatrist coming in?

She's with him now.

Okay. And, okay, so,
the plan for the interview,

- just talk me through it.
- Uh...

Approach as normal, you
know. He's a vulnerable adult.

I respect that, I
appreciate that,

and I know how to deal with him.

We start with him, you know,
attacking Sadie yesterday.

Okay. I'm coming in with you.
It's not a hand-holding thing.

It's just the stakes
are very high...

- Fuck's sake.
- For me and for you

as a knock-on effect,
Jack, obviously.

Yeah, okay.

All right.

Saul, we're going
to go very slowly.

You can stop anytime you want...

A glass of water,
a break, whatever.

You're in control.

I can't remember.

I can't remember.

Saul, I dropped you off
at the hostel yesterday.

You went inside with Sadie.


What happened then?

We just chatted.

- You just chatted?
- Yeah.

We just chatted, yeah.

Just chatted?


Did you say anything to Sadie
that might have upset her?


But I can't remember
what happened after that.

- Try and remember, Saul.
- I can't remember...

Saul, take a deep
breath and look at me.

Try and remember what happened.

Saul, try and take
a deep breath.

- Saul?
- We're gonna take a break.

Let's have a little breather.
You're doing really well.

Talk me in a little
bit more detail

just exactly what happened
with Saul yesterday.

Why do you think
that he hit you?

Well, I don't know why he hit
me. It all happened a bit quick.

I come out my room... Sorry.

I come out my room, I
come down the stairs,

and as I came down here,
he was coming up them stairs.

But as I went to... He
just barged past me.

So I snapped at him, and
he just flipped out and hit me.

Okay. Can I have a look at that?

- Ah, it's all right.
- You sure?

Yeah, I've put some ice
on it. It'll go down anyway.

Thank you.

Thank you.

Saul, when Sadie
was talking to you...



When she was talking to you,

did she have a bruise, this
bruise, on her face just here?

Do you remember?

That's a bit clearer.

No. She didn't have a bruise.

She didn't have a
bruise on her face?


Saul, Sadie told us
that you did this to her.

Did you do it to her?

Don't know. I don't know.

I don't know. I don't know.

I need some air.
I need some air.

Well? Yes?

Carol was at the snooker club.

So, I spoke to the volunteer
who works there, and he said

that although it is a rare
occurrence... I assume

because she's normally too
busy out finding crack delicious...

She did take her
father there yesterday.

She stayed and watched
him play for a couple of hours

and then took him home;
So her alibi stands up.

Forensics have come back with
the DNA results from the hammer.

- Mm?
- Carol's not involved.

So she's in the
clear for both attacks.

So, okay.

Well, I don't like it any more
than you do, but let's bail her.

What's gonna happen about my
dad and the... the neglect charges?

It's more than that, Carol.

You've been charged with
theft of your dad's benefits

and perverting the
course of justice.

Who... Who are you? What
do you want? Who is this?

- What do you want?
- Dad, it's the police officer.

- Sit down, Dad.
- Who are you?

This is what I deal
with on a daily basis.

Dad, just sit down,
please. Please.

I'm sorry, Carol. And you
think that's a good reason

for using your dad's
benefits to buy drugs

while he sits there on his own?

No. No, I don't. No.

God, it's such a mess.

The press conference
seems to have paid off.

There's a sighting of
a man on the common.

Tech team offered up this E-FIT,

which doesn't look
like anybody I know.

- Doesn't look like Saul.
- No.

Doesn't look like
Michael, either.

- Can I have a look?
- Sorry.

Well, let's find him and
eliminate him, okay?

I've been trying to account
for Michael Collins' movements

last night, so I used
my male intuition.

Got onto TIU to
triangulate his phone signal.

I have him static at Carol's
house until about 10:45 p.m.

Then the phone goes on
the move to the common,

where it roams
around for a little bit

until the time of the assault.

It goes static.

Phone gets switched
off, and we lose the signal.

It switches on
again in the morning,

and then it moves northwards to
an address in Jackbridge Road.

So I'm thinking maybe
the phone was taken

at the time of the assault.

Uh, Woody's pulled this CCTV

off a pawn shop just
off the Jackbridge Road.

This is Daley Black.

I've cautioned him a couple
of times... nothing major.

I think this is our guy.
Look, he's pawning a phone.

Um, what do you think?

So this is the guy
that the witnesses saw

- on the common, right?
- Yeah.

- I want to talk to him.
- Okay. Get him.


Julie, this is Daley Black,

arrested on
suspicion of robbery.

I need to process
him for questioning.

Daley Black, where
were you last night?

I was on the common.

I was looking for
men to have sex with.

Enjoy the outdoor
living, do you?

I recommend it.

Is one of those guys this man?

- No.
- Then, why did we find

you on CCTV at a pawn
shop pawning his phone?

- I found that phone.
- Bollocks.

Let me tell you something.
This man is dead.

He was killed on the
common last night.

You were on the
common last night.

You ended up with his phone.

Does that put a slightly
different light on things

for you?

I've never seen that guy before.

And I picked up the phone,
but I-I just wanted to sell it.

- So it's just a coincidence?
- Yeah.

So, it turns out
that Daley and Nate

know each other pretty well.

Quite a few calls back
and forth quite regularly...

And text messages.

On top of that, Daley's
been using the same website

that Nate used to
contact Jonathan.

Um, so, a little while back, he
sends Jonathan a few messages

saying "Let's meet up," some
of them a little bit obscene,

although Jonathan's not having
any of it and he blocks him.

That's our connection
to Jonathan Moxton.

- Yeah.
- Great.

So, do we have our attacker?

Nate, tell me about, uh, your
friend Daley Black, please.

Don't know... I don't
know who that is.

Sorry, let me... I'm going
to repeat the question.

How do you know Daley Black?

Nate? Hello?

Is that who you've
got in custody?

Let me ask you one
more time very clearly.

How do you know Daley Black?

No comment.

Uh, is this your
profile? Daley1989?

- Yes.
- Yeah?

Yeah? Uh, do you know
the name Jonathan Moxton?

- "Jonathan Moxton"?
- Yeah.

- No.
- Never heard of it before?

Never heard of him.

Maybe you'd recognize
him from his picture.

Never seen him before.

He's been involved in
a very serious attack.

I've never met him before.

Then why have we
found lots of contact

between the two of you
on the dating website?

I talk to a lot of guys online.

- Have a look at it for yourself.
- I don't remember him.

Read some of that to me, please.

"Hi, there.

Your profile caught
my attention."

"Has it? What intrigued you?"

"You seem like someone I
would have a good time with."

Rush to the bottom.

Uh, "Piss off. Leave me alone."

- Okay. So?
- "Piss off.

- Leave me alone."
- He didn't like

- what I was offering.
- "Stop scaring me."

How did it make you feel
when he rebuffed you?

- It didn't bother me at all.
- When he starts to rebuff you,

admit, you started to feel angry

- and vengeful...
- Angry?

And motivated to
perhaps punish him.

It didn't bother me.

Um, okay. Nate and
Daley working together?


Nate steals from gay men

or men like Michael Collins
that he assumes to be gay

and he gets Daley to
flog the stuff for him. Yes?

Yeah, that's possible until you
factor in the level of violence,

which just doesn't match

with the value of the
items being taken.

Okay, is there anything
in Nate's background

that would suggest
he has a violent past?

I don't think so. Look,
he's from a wealthy family.

His parents kicked him out

when they found him
having sex with a guy,

and he ends up on
the street about age 16.

So he's only ever come
to our attention as a victim.

He'd come in a number of times

to report being robbed
and being beaten,

but he hasn't been
in for about a year.

What if Daley's the violent one?

No. I just... I don't...
I don't buy that at all.

But in that case, if it's not
Nate who's doing the violence

and if it's not Daley doing
the violence but we're working

on the hypothesis
that they are connected,

are we looking
for a third person?

I think that's a
very good question.

Thank you.

I've rung the pawn shops in
the area and asked about Daley,

and I managed to
get quite a full list

of things that he's brought in.

I then looked at some of the
recent unresolved robberies

that have taken
place on the common,

and there is, I think, a
correlation between the two.

Off the back of the appeal
that you did this morning,

there's been a couple
more phone calls

of previously
unreported robberies.

So I'd like to get those up here

and cross-reference
those in, as well.

- Be my guest, Charlie. Good.
- Awesome. Thank you.

Describe to me, if you can,
um, the feeling that you get

from helping or
assisting Nate Turner

to assault closeted men.

I didn't assault anyone.

- No?
- No.

This is what Michael
Collins looks like now.

He's dead. We found
his body last night.

This is what Jonathan
Moxton looks like today.

Assaulted yesterday morning.

Michael Collins... dead. A
hammer attack to the head.

Jonathan Moxton...
Critical condition in hospital.

A hammer blow to the
head. Severe brain damage.


Attempted murder.

You're the guy in the
gray tracksuit. Talk.

I've never met that
guy. I met him online.

I'm fucking bored
of that excuse.

I met him online,
and that was it.

- I never met him in person.
- You met him online?

The last contact he had
with anyone online is you.

"Leave me alone. Piss
off. You're scaring me."

Look, um...

I met... Nate a while ago,

and then he told me
he had a new boyfriend.

And, um, I wanted to
check him out online.

So I checked him out online.

And when I did, I
thought he was quite cute.

So I thought I'd message him,
and, um... he didn't fancy me.

- So that was it.
- He told you to fuck off.

Yeah, and that was it.

How are you and Nate
working as a team together?

Now and again, I'll pawn
some shit for him. That's it.

Nate's a mate and he just said,

"Look, can you... can you
get rid of this stuff for me?"

Why are you going to
all these pawn shops

with watches and phones

and... and... and selling
them and profiting from them

when you know that this
is happening to the victims?

I did not know that was
happening to anybody.

- I have this weekend off...
- Sarge?

And I have...

Yeah, well, listen.

Yeah, Mum, listen,
I'll call you back.

Yeah, you, too.

Yeah. Bye.


I'm just about to walk the boss
through something downstairs.

- I thought you might want in.
- Yes.


So I added quite a lot
more to the board now,

and I think it all just
serves to confirm

what I told you before, which
is that Daley is fencing items

that he's getting from Nate

which I'm pretty sure
Nate is robbing from people.

So these people who
rang in since the appeal

to report robberies, quite a few
of them are describing someone

who sounds a lot
like Nate, no surprise.

But more than that, a lot of
them are giving descriptions

of a woman also being present

who sounds to me a
lot like Sadie Burns.

Okay, well, let's put
that to the prisoners,

see what it throws up.

And get uniform
out looking for her.

Saul, I want to apologize to you

if I've ever made you
feel uncomfortable.

I know this is a
traumatic ordeal for you,

for everyone at the hostel,

and I'm sorry if
I've upset you or...

It's fine. It's fine.

- I just want to get out of here.
- Hmm.

Saul, I'm trying
to piece together

elements of... of Sadie's life.

Um... talk to me about her.

Y-You obviously know each
other from living in the hostel.

Does she have other friends
that... that come and visit?

Talk to me about her lifestyle.

I don't know her friends.

I don't... I don't talk to
people. She talks to me.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yeah.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yeah.

You won't tell her?

I think...

I think she's a bit dark.

She's a bit dark.

- "Dark" how?
- I don't know.

I can't put my finger on it, but
I wouldn't want to piss her off.

Do you know what I mean?


- Hmm?
- Two seconds?


Got something for me?

Yeah. Listen, I've
chased up a CSU report

that I got done on Sadie's
bruising at the hostel.

That contradicts her account
of Saul's assault on her.

So I got the FME
to have another look

at the photos of the bruising.

He says now that it
now looks more like

a door hit her in the face.

Why would she lie
about something like that?

- I don't know.
- Okay, well, this allows us

to search the hostel,
so go and do that.

- I'll drive.
- Yes, thank you.

Sadie's number 7. Here.


- Jack?
- Yeah?

That's blood, right?

And there's some hair in there.

Shit. That's where Sadie
stashed the murder weapon.

The forensic report is
back from that plastic bag

we found in Sadie's
room in the hostel.

Sadie's DNA, fingerprints

all over the front of
the bag, obviously.

The blood and the hair inside
belong to Jonathan Moxton.

Also, I compared the DNA

that we found in Jonathan
Moxton's bathroom

with Sadie's DNA,
and it's a perfect match.

That's it, then.

I'd like you to tell me about
your friend Sadie Burns, please.

Why? W-What do you want
to know about Sadie Burns?


Want to know where she might
have gone. She's disappeared.

Well, I don't know
where she's gone.

Bear in mind that
you are implicated

in a series of very
serious crimes...

and this is not helping your
case... or your cases... at all.

- I don't know where she is.
- Nate she could be out there

attacking someone else.

- Where the fuck is she?
- I don't know where she is.

We urgently need information
leading to the whereabouts

of a woman going by
the name of Sadie Burns.

She does pose a
threat to public safety.

Do not approach her. I
repeat, do not approach her,

but contact the police
as soon as possible

or our incident room.

Thank you.

Saul, it was Sadie.

Beg your pardon?

Sadie attacked Jonathan Moxton.

Sadie killed that other
man on the common.

Sadie has been taking
advantage of you.

Did I kill anyone?

Saul, you didn't kill anyone.

You didn't kill anyone.

All right? We're going
to take you home,

and you're going to
feel a lot better there.

You haven't done
anything wrong, all right?

Okay, I just need you
to sign everything out.

Make sure you've got everything.

- And he's free to go, Sergeant?
- He is, yeah.

Okay, free to go. Bye.

Okay, Saul. Thanks.

- Boss?
- Sorry. Sorry.

Um, the incident room
have just taken a call

from a local hardware store.

Someone matching
Sadie's description

has just bought an ax from them.

Suspect sighted

in the vicinity of Walbrook
Road Station, Jack.

Copy that.

That's near North Park Cemetery.
Charlie, she's going after Saul.

Yeah, that's all received.
D.S. Weston on the way.

I'll arrange backup, Jack.

Control from D.C. Steele.


Sadie! Sadie!


You stop!


- Saul! Saul!
- Sadie!

Sadie! Sadie, come...

Control, this is D.C. Steele.

I'm in North Park Cemetery.

Urgent assistance required for
a man with severe head injuries.

Sadie, calm down, calm
down, calm down. Sadie...

- Get off me!
- No more struggling!

- Get off me!
- You're nicked! You're nicked!

- No! Get off me!
- Sadie! Sadie Burns!

I'm arresting you for the
murder of Michael Collins

and the attempted
murder of Jonathan Moxton.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned,

something you
later rely on in court.

Let's bring her... Have
you got her? Bring her back.


My name's Martha Bellamy.

I'm the Detective
Inspector on this case.

The offenses that
we are investigating

are the attempted murder
of Jonathan Moxton,

the murder of Michael Collins,

and the attempted
murder of Saul Hammond.

Do you understand?

Why are you smiling?

Funniest thing about
this whole situation

has got to be youse
thinking it was Saul.

Christ's sake.

So, why'd you do it?

Nate's like my little brother.

And all Jonathan was doing
was taking him away from me.

He weren't going
to do nothing for him.

They were lovers.

Yes, I know they were, and
I'd rather not speak about that.

It's disgusting.

Tell us, maybe, how, um...

Sadie and you
approach vulnerable men.

Well, um...

Basically, Sadie looked after me

when... when we were
both on the street together.

She got me out of a
really shit situation.

When we worked out that...

That we'd make more
money together if...

if we worked together.

So, whilst I was with men...

she... she... she took
their stuff, basically.

When did the robberies
begin to become violent?

Quite late on.

Uh... she came in once, and,
um, I was being attacked by a guy.

We were having sex, and then
he just, um, started hitting me.

So s-she came in to,
uh, to... to sort him out.

And then I think
she got hooked on it.

Enjoy it?

I must've... or I wouldn't
keep doing it, would I?

Where is Nate, anyway? Is he
gonna get off for this, or what?

'Cause he... He
ain't done nothing.

Don't you worry about Nate.

But he hasn't done
anything. He should be let off.

Why'd you think the whole reason
why I done that other bloke was?

Why do you think?

So to get Nate out of custody...

you marched onto the
common with a hammer...

The same hammer that you
attacked Jonathan Moxton with...

And found a random man
and... and... and killed him.

Essentially, that's what
you're saying to me.

You're finally getting it.

Oh, so he was just in the
wrong place at the wrong time?

He was only out there
looking for his sister.

How do I go back to his
father and tell him that?

That's your job, not mine.

How did it feel, then,
when... when she...

started to rain down
blows on Jonathan Moxton?

With a hammer.

Nate, she beat
his brains to a pulp.

I know.

Did you see it?


We were in bed.

And, um, the doorbell
went, and then it was Sadie.

And I told her to go away,

but she... she begged
me to let her in, so I did.

And then we saw
she had a hammer.

And, um...

Then she did...
And then she did it.

And what did you do?

I just ran away.

I just ran away. I
didn't try and stop...

I didn't try to stop her.

He was everything to me

because he was... he was the
only person apart from Sadie

that actually... Actually
cared about me.

Weren't pre-mediated that
I was going to kill Jonathan.

That just happened
as it went along.

Hang on. Hang
on a minute, Sadie.

You had your sort
of signature all over.

There was the knickers in the
mouth, the grass in the mouth.

- Were you doing... I mean...
- That was to shut them up.

What? You tied them
up? Was that necessary?

It wasn't in the
spur of the moment.

You really thought about
that, didn't you, Sadie?

At the time, yeah, I felt it was
necessary, I suppose, yeah.

Who's going to look
after you in prison?

I look after myself.

Always have.

Better get used to wearing gray.

Suits me, yeah?

Why do you think
you're like this?

I'm intrigued by...
by the psychology.

- Why I'm "like this"?
- Yeah.

'Cause you're not normal.

You're not exhibiting
traits of normal behavior.

You are exhibiting traits of
what I would call psychotic.

You've seen nothing yet then.

Charlie, I'm okay to
leave you with that?

- Hey, Jack?
- Yeah?

I'm just going to smooth
over a few frayed edges

- with the governor.
- Okay.

- Let me know how that goes.
- Yeah.

Charlie's on the
case, paperwork.

Making sure it's watertight.

Tell me, how's Saul?

Doctor says he's stable, so...

Okay, good. I'm not, however.

I need some wine.
Are you gonna come?

No, no. There's a couple
of the Irish lads over,

so I'm going on a bit
of a session with them.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Ah, Jesus. Don't
you ever knock off?


Who are you here to see?

Saul. And you.

- How is he?
- I think he's going to be okay.

Doctor says he's going
to make a full recovery.

Which is great.

We're both a bit
soft now, are we?

Speak for yourself.

You can see him now.

- Excellent.
- Cheers.

- Charlie?
- Yeah?

Thanks for coming.

Pleasure... Jacqueline.