Suspects (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Episode #1.6 - full transcript

Barrister Jonathan Moxton is discovered battered to death, nude and tied to his bed, on the face of it a sex game gone wrong. Schizophrenic Saul Hammond found the body in response to the victim's screams and rang the police. Still covered in blood he claims he hears somebody in the house when he went to investigate but, with no evidence, Martha releases him , to the annoyance of Jack, who is convinced Saul is the culprit as he had argued with Jonathan over closure of the hostel where he lives. Then the police discover that a man called Mick Shaw has been blackmailing Jonathan's wife Tanya over her past as a prostitute and Jonathan himself over his gay affair with teen-ager Nate Turner. Nate is arrested but whilst he is in custody the body of Michael Collins is found in a gay cruising area, killed in the same way as Jonathan.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
C.I.D. from control.

Yep, go ahead.

Serious assault.
12 Haverley Square.

- Ambulance in attendance.
- Shit.

All received. We're
on our way. Thank you.

- What?
- That's where the boss lives.


What's going on?

So, I'm unpacking the shopping.

Uniform arrive.
Shit hits the fan.

Okay, do you know the victim?

To wave at. Married, a daughter.

You know, a nodding
acquaintance, basically.

Okay, do you want
to take the case?

I don't have to, but I don't
see there's an alternative.

Someone shat on my
front doorstep, haven't they?

Jonathan Moxton,
barrister. Found naked.

Hands tied behind his back.

With a pair of ladies underpants
on the pillow next to him.

- So...
- Jesus.

Victim being koshed on the
head with a blunt instrument.

He's on his way to A&E. He's
unconscious, but he's breathing.

- Sex game gone wrong?
- Maybe.

Mm? Is it a particularly
kinky neighborhood?

- Thank you, Jack.
- Okay.

Check for laptops, phones,
iPads, that sort of thing.

- Point of entry, Jack.
- Okay.


I was literally just putting
the key in my front door

when I hear a scream.

It's a man's scream,

so I come over to check
out what's going on.

I got upstairs, and that's where
Jonathan was... in the bedroom.

He was naked. He was tied
up with a belt on his hands.

And he had something
in his mouth, like, um...

like a sock or a
rag or something.

Someone had gagged him.

So I pulled it out.

Checking his breathing.

He wasn't breathing.

So, um, I was trying to...

Do you know Jonathan personally?

He's a neighbor. I live there.

That one there.

But other than being a neighbor,
do you know him personally?

Would you say
that you're friends?


Have you been in
his house before?

- No.
- Do you know his family?

Uh, I know his
wife's called Tanya.

- I don't really know her.
- Okay.

I'm going to ask you to come
back to the station with me.

You've obviously got a
lot of blood on your clothes.

- You gonna take my clothes?
- Get you cleaned up.

Just because you might have DNA

from whoever the
perpetrator was.

So, I won't be long.

- Mrs. Moxton?
- Yes.

Martha Bellamy. I'm Detective
Inspector on this case.

- Hi. Hello.
- Do you want to have a seat?

- Yeah.
- Let's have a little chat.

Talk me through the day, all
your movements to this point.

Uh... I got up as
usual. Around 7:00.

Got Danni ready for school.

Did the school run,
and from there, we just...

I went to the shops, picked
up a few bits for dinner.

Yeah. And I know you've
got a little girl, haven't you?

Yes. Danielle.

How do you know I've
got a little girl? Sorry.

I'm actually... I
live near to you,

so I do know the neighborhood.

Somebody called an ambulance,

and the guy's name
is Saul Hammond.

Yeah, we know Saul.

You know, he's not very well.

- What do you mean?
- Well, he's mentally ill.


The council want
to sell off the hostel.

And we've been
petitioning to keep it open.

Obviously, it's our home.
It's where we live, and...

Jonathan chips in, he pipes up.

He wants to help out. He
wants to help us campaign.

He's a barrister and that,

so he can use his legal
background to, you know...

I never trusted him.

I've never, ever trusted
him. There was one meeting.

Everything hinged
on this meeting.

And he didn't turn up.

He was playing us along.

Do you think he missed
the meeting on purpose?

Of course he did.
He's a barrister.

We pulled down the house prices.

Us living in that hostel
brings down the house.

Why would he want us
there? I said that to everyone.

Why would he want us there?

Did you go and
speak to Jonathan?

- Yeah, I spoke to Jonathan.
- And did you argue?

- I shouted.
- So you'd say

it was an aggressive

I was angry. I was angry.

- Would you say it was violent?
- You're now asking if I did it.

Did I get angry enough to do it?

No. Saul, that's
not what I'm asking.

What are you asking me,
then? Why are you asking me?

Charlie. A quick word?

- I tried to save the guy's life.
- Thanks.

I tried to save him.

- You okay?
- Yeah.

You feel safe in there?

Yeah. I feel fine.

Saul Hammond's a
paranoid schizophrenic.

He didn't do anything
violent or anything like that?

No. He's been a
little bit agitated.

Understandably, I think.

- But I've got it under control.
- We can't do another interview

until an appropriate
adult arrives.

So I've got some
woman from the hostel.

A woman. Sadie
something. Sadie Burns.

She's coming down. She's
gonna be here at 10 past.

Can you go and wait
in reception for her?

Oh, come on!

Charlie, he's a
paranoid schizophrenic.

Okay? You can't believe
a word these guys say.

- No, I don't think...
- I've asked you to do something.

- Will you please go and do it?
- Sarge.

I am gonna have to ask you,
um, to identify some underwear

that was found at the scene.

Um, these were found in the
bedroom near to your husband.

I just need to know
if those are yours.

They're mine.

The reason I'm
asking you is because...

uh, it appears that there
was some sexual act

around the time
that he was attacked.


That's crazy.

I mean...

Were you aware of Jonathan
seeing anybody else?

You really are
something, aren't you?

My husband is lying
in that next room.

And I don't know
whether he is gonna live...

or he is gonna die.

And you're trying to tell me

that he was having
sex with somebody else.

Talk about pick your
moments, Officer.


- Jack.
- Yeah.

Saul's appropriate
adult, Sadie Burns,

- has arrived.
- Great.

Uniformed officers were
called to an incident at the hostel

- three months ago...
- Okay.

When Saul Hammond
became violent.

Therefore, I think it's possible

that Saul Hammond has
attacked Jonathan Moxton,

particularly if he's
off his medication.

You sound like you've
made up your mind about that.

No, paranoid schizophrenics
are capable of anything.

Hi, there. My name is
Detective Sergeant Jack Weston.

- Your name is, again?
- Sadie.

- Sadie?
- Yeah.

Thank you, Mr. Hammond.

Sadie, I just want to
thank you very briefly

for coming down to
support Mr. Hammond

at what, I'm sure, is
a very difficult time.

Nope, it's no trouble at all.

Can you remind me how
you guys know each other?

She was... When I moved
in, she was the first person

to sort of just make me feel...

at home.

He was, uh, naked
in a pool of blood.

There was a load of blood.

Uh, and his hands
were tied, like, with a belt.

Um, and his head was just
facedown, and he was naked.



Yeah, that's how I found him.

You removed the, um...

the red knickers from his mouth.

I beg your pardon?

You said you removed
a piece of material

from Mr. Moxton's mouth.

It was a pair of red knickers.

Why else would you
have been able to perform

mouth-to-mouth resuscitation?

Oh, yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

I didn't know they
were knickers, though.

But, yeah, I pulled it out, and
I had to do mouth-to-mouth.

And I tried to resuscitate him
because his breathing was...

He wasn't even
breathing, I don't think.

And is it at that point
that you called 999?

- I called 999 after it.
- Right.

A witness reported seeing
you run from Jonathan's property

to the hostel and back again.

- Went back to...
- Yeah, to call the police.

So you didn't call them
from Jonathan's house.

You went to the hostel,
and you did it there?

- I didn't have my phone with me.
- Where was your phone?

In the hostel. In my room.

Consultants have come
through from the hospital.

Jonathan Moxton received
blunt-trauma injuries

from a rounded instrument.

And SOCOs can't remember
finding anything like that at the scene.

If Saul Hammond has sprinted
out of Jonathan Moxton's place

back to the hostel, like he
said he did, it's entirely possible

that the weapon has
been stashed in his room.

- Charlie.
- Huh?

What's that?

That's three months'
worth of medication.

There's only one strip
left. Where's the rest of it?

I split them up.
I break them up.

Have you stopped
taking your medication?


That would be stupid.

- It would be.
- Yeah, yeah. Listen.

Are you selling your medication?

- Am I selling my medication?
- Yes.

Where's the rest
of your medication?

Who'd want to buy my medication?

Saul, what's this?

I said you could
come into my room...

Why do you have a pool
ball covered in blood?

You're agitating him now.

- Can I have the ball, please?
- I'm not trying to...

I need to understand
why you have a pool ball...

- Can you put...
- Stop.

Saul. Saul.

- Charlie, you all right?
- Yeah.

Saul Hammond, I'm arresting you.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned, something

you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be used in evidence.

Do you understand?

Can you tell me
what that is, please?

It's a pool ball.

Why did we find it in your room?

- Because it belongs to me.
- Why is it covered in blood?

Because I picked it up and
I had blood on my hands.


It's got sentimental value.

I got it for Christmas
when I was a kid.

It just means a lot to me.
My mum bought it for me.

She's now dead, okay?
It reminds me of my mum.

It's like an anxiety tool.
It's just a stress ball.

Stop asking me these
fucking stupid questions.

Okay, okay, okay. Stop.

Please, in a little bit
more detail this time,

talk me through
the timeline of...

the incident at
Jonathan's house.

So, it began when...

I put the key in the door.

- Mm-hmm.
- Okay?

Yeah. Good.

That's when I hear the
scream. I turn 'round.

I see the guy running.

And then... And
then, obviously I...

Hold on two seconds. Which guy?

The guy who's running.

I don't know whether he... He
was coming from that direction.

- And then...
- Coming from out of the house?

Or near the house?

Possibly, yeah. Probably.

Why didn't you say this
to my colleague before?

I did.

- Saul, you didn't.
- Yeah, I did.

Saul, I'm sorry. You didn't.

Bearing in mind his medication.
You know what I mean?

He can get a
little bit confused.

Yes, thank you, Sadie.

What did the guy look like?

Don't know.

I don't know. I just...

I feel like the whole thing with
the knickers, and he's naked.

And he's tied up... That's gonna
take a fair amount of planning.

That's gonna take time.

Especially if
Jonathan's struggling.

I just feel like for someone
who's already unstable

and who may be off
their meds, if you're right,

it's just a bit
too put together.

But you can't treat
these like normal people.

I know that sounds horrible,

but these guys suffer from
delusions, hallucinations.

They're hearing voices
all the time. Like...

If he stopped taking
his medication...

you know, it's a free-for-all.

All bets are off.

Saul, this is footage that
some of my colleagues

have taken from the crime scene,

and I'd like you
to watch it, please.

Maybe it will help
jog your memory.

Just talk me through it.

- So, you...
- Mm.

You would have come
through that front door obviously.


And up the stairs.

Mm. It's like a computer game.


I remember them wellies.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yes.

Can I tell you something?
And I swear to God.

I swear to God, this has just...

This has just popped
into my head... right now.


When I was
taking the belt off...

I heard something,

like someone had
kicked something over.


Someone was in there.

And I swear to
God that has just...

That has just popped
into my head right now.

Paranoid schizophrenia.

Symptom number
one is hearing voices.

He's agitated
downstairs. You know.

He's saying, "I can't
remember," "I don't remember,"

- "It's not clear."
- I hear you, Jack.

- The story keeps changing.
- Yep.

- Can I tell you something?
- Yes.

I did sell my medication...

to... someone.

They don't know what it is.

They think it's gonna
give them a buzz.

It's not. I've never
done it before.

I'm just shitting myself
about being homeless,

so I wanted to get some money,
but now, um... I don't feel good.

- He's gonna need his meds.
- Aw, man.

Can you get him a
drop of water, please?

Stop it. Stop.


It's fine. He's gonna
get you a drink.

Stop it.

Stop it.

TIU have just sent over
Jonathan Moxton's phone records.

There's nothing major on there,

but there is one
amazing voicemail.

Hello, Jonathan. How's it going?

Listen, took a look
at your laptop here,

and I'm thinking you
don't want your wife

to see the things
that are on here.

So what we're gonna do
is, you're gonna pay me.

You're gonna pay me
right now, Jonathan,

and then no one needs
to see this, all right?

And that phone number is
saved on Jonathan Moxton's phone

under the letter "M."

Where's the laptop,
and what's on it?

I traced the number on
Jonathan Moxton's phone

to this bad bastard.

Mick Shaw.

He's got form.

He did eight years for a
particularly nasty burglary

on a 34-year-old woman.

He broke into her
house, tortured her

until she gave him her PIN
numbers and her car keys.

Bring him in, Jack.

How you doing, Mick?

- All right, mate.
- How are you?

- Haven't seen you in a while.
- Yeah, I'm good.

Good to see you. Can
I have a quick chat?

Not really. I'm
in a bit of a rush.

Yeah, well, let's have a
chat down at the station.

Mick Shaw, I'm arresting
you on suspicion of blackmail.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you do not mention,
when questioned, something

which you later
rely on in court.

Anything you do say
may be given in evidence.

Do you understand? Mick?

- Yeah.
- Super.

Let's have your keys.
Very, very slowly.

Good man.

Hello, Jonathan. How's it going?

Listen, took a look
at your laptop here,

and I'm thinking you
don't want your wife

to see the things
that are on here.

So what we're gonna do
is, you're gonna pay me.

You're gonna pay me
right now, Jonathan,

and then no one needs
to see this, all right?

Otherwise, well, you
know what happens.

This message was left on
Jonathan Moxton's mobile

from a number registered
to your current address.

Was it?

Kind of sounds like you, too.

- Does it?
- I think so.

Is that you?

No comment.

Were you blackmailing
Jonathan Moxton?

No comment.

I love that answer.

Hey, Julie.

Can I book out Mick
Shaw's belongings, please?

Cheers. Have you done
something with your hair?

Yes, I have, thank you.

Woodies are back
from Mick Shaw's place.

They haven't found a laptop.
They haven't found a weapon.


A train ticket.

That's a left luggage
receipt for a train station.

From... yesterday?

I'll get onto BTP.

I went to your little locker
at the railway station.

Yeah, that one.

Look what I found.

I bet your fingermarks
are all fucking over this.

- Really? Yeah?
- Yeah.

And your DNA.

What were you doing with it?

No comment.

Is it yours?

No comment.

- Or was it Jonathan Moxton's?
- I wouldn't know about that.

'Cause I'm gonna
get a tech team on it.

They're gonna
trawl right through it.

- Really? Mm.
- Yeah.

They're gonna figure out what
you were blackmailing him about.


Where'd you get it?

Can't remember.

Come on.


It might have been a pub.

- Might have been a pub?
- Yeah, maybe.


We'll have a look through it.

See what we can find.

That's okay with you, is it?

Yeah. Yeah, I think so.

Okay. Sit tight.

Boss, Boss. Hold on.

Sorry, sorry. Thank
you very much. Bye-bye.

Um, the laptop definitely
belongs to Jonathan Moxton.

For the last six months,

the search history has
all been gay websites.

So maybe Jonathan Moxton's gay,

and the sex game
was with another man.

Forensics have come back.

Jonathan Moxton's bedroom...
We got four sets of fingerprints.

Jonathan Moxton's
fingermarks confirmed.

Tanya Moxton's
fingermarks confirmed.

Saul Hammond's
fingermarks confirmed.

That fourth set of fingermarks
does not belong to Mick Shaw.

They've run them
through the system.

Also, the semen
present on the sheets

does not belong
to Jonathan or Saul.

So maybe Saul has barged
into Jonathan's bedroom,

found him, you know,
getting busy with another guy,

and flipped out and
attacked Jonathan.


Forensics have passed judgment

on the pool ball we
found at Saul's place.

It's not the weapon
used in the attack.

Instead, they think the injuries

are more consistent with
blows from a hammer.

Okay. No weapon,
no evidence. Bail Saul.

- What?
- Sorry, no. No.

I think it's a massive mistake.

"A," he's a prime suspect.
"B," he's dangerous.

I mean, that's staring
you right in the face.

Jack, if he wasn't a
paranoid schizophrenic,

would you still be insisting
that we keep him in our cells?

Mental health plus
prisoner equals high risk.

Yes, but he is not
an ordinary suspect.

He has proved he is unstable.

He tried to practically
fucking kill Charlie.

If you put him
out on the street,

we can't be held responsible
for what he's capable of.

Get him out of
here. Look after him.

Treat him as a key
witness from now on.

Not a prime suspect.

That's the maths.

- Thanks for the lift.
- It's okay.

Glad you've come to your senses.

The more I think about
it, okay, I heard a noise...

and that I weren't
the only one in there.

You don't believe me, right?

I swear. I swear.

Just make sure he
takes his meds, okay?

Come on, let's
go. See you later.

So what we're gonna do
is, you're gonna pay me.

You're gonna pay me
right now, Jonathan,

and then no one needs
to see this, all right?


You're referring to
the gay websites.

Aren't you?

On Jonathan Moxton's laptop.

That's what you were
blackmailing him about.

No comment.

You see, I believe
he tried to pay you off,

but you got dollar
bills in your eyes.

You called over to the house,
had an argument about money.

He wouldn't pay you.
You smashed him.

These are the
crime-scene photos...


That's his bedroom.

Did you try and kill
Jonathan Moxton?

He's got a very
active imagination,

this one, hasn't he?

This isn't me, mate.

I know you've made up your
mind, and that's great, but...

- Tanya.
- Tanya.

- Yeah. Yeah.
- Tanya Moxton?

She's a killer.

She's got a temper
and a half, that girl.

You want to be
speaking to her, really.

You want to be speaking to her.

This is Kim Hopkins.

She did six years for the
manslaughter of her partner.

When she came out of prison,
she changed her name to Tanya

and married Jonathan Moxton.

Kim Hopkins was in
an abusive relationship

with a violent partner.

She was convicted
for manslaughter,

having claimed self-defense.

So maybe this is
history repeating itself.

ANPR picked this
up in South London.

She's done a runner.

Charlie, I've been down
to Tanya Moxton's house.

No sign of her there.
Also, she hasn't picked up

- her daughter from school.
- Yeah, ANPR picked up her car

on the M3 heading out of London.

Uniform are following,

so they should have
eyes on her any time soon.

And we can ask what the
fuck she thinks she's playing at.

Any joy with the
Internet surfing?

Yes, good joy. I'm
gonna go update the boss.

- I'll be up in two seconds.
- Yeah.

So, I managed to get
into Jonathan's account

on this gay website and
looked at the chat messages,

what was going out,
what was coming in.

So, he was chatting
with a number of people,

but then seemed to really
home in on just one person.

But that chat stopped
like six weeks ago.

Just nothing after that.

Yeah, but, I mean, presumably
if he's then seeing that person,

there's no need to be
chatting on the Internet.

- Exactly.
- Right. Yeah.

There are no
pictures on this profile,

but it says that
he is 19 years old

and lives in Jonathan's area.

I traced the I.P.
address from this profile,

and it comes from a...

an Internet café, called...


- Jack.
- Yeah?

Internet café owner

managed to give me a
pretty good description

of who we're looking for.

And, also, this guy works
in the deli a bit further down.

So I reckon we should just...

- Check it out? Yeah.
- Yeah.

He's skinny, medium height,
like red-y, blond-y hair, he said.

Excuse me. Oi, stop!

- Police!
- Stop!


I'm arresting you because
you match the description

of a young male I believe was
involved in an attempted murder.

You do not have to say anything,
though it may harm your defense

if you fail to mention,
when questioned, something

you later rely on in court.

Anything you do say may be used
in evidence. Do you understand?

C.I.D. from control.

Suspect Tanya Moxton
apprehended on M3 heading south.

ETA return to
station... 40 minutes.

- All received.
- That's just enough time

to figure out what this
fucker's been up to.

Nate Turner. What's going on?

When we came to say hi at
the deli, you fucking bolted.

It was like the 100 meters.

Do you know someone
called Jonathan Moxton?

No comment.

You've never heard
that name before?


This man was attacked
very brutally earlier today.

He is a regular user of a
gay chat and dating website.

Do you use gay chat
and dating websites?

- Yeah.
- Have you chatted

with someone called
Jonathan Moxton?

Uh, no, I don't know.

This is a picture of
Jonathan Moxton.

Do you know that face?


I meet loads of people.

How many people?

What's funny?

Um, nothing's funny.

Is Jonathan one of those
people that you've met?

Um, I don't know.

What do you mean,
you don't know?

- It could be. I don't know.
- Do you have sex

with all of the men that
you meet off these websites?

- Most of them.
- Most of them.

So I presume when you meet
them, that you introduce yourselves.

And you don't
recognize this man?

Yeah, like I
said, like, I just...

I-I meet a lot of people.

And then you just forget
their faces afterwards?

Yeah, some of them.

Why did you run, Tanya?
Why would you do that?

I told you to stay
at the hospital.

I was very clear.

Can you just put yourself
in my shoes for one minute?!

I mean, try and
get inside my head,

what I've just been through,
what I've just been told.

All right, forgive
me that I wanted

to get out of
there for a second.

There are parallels between this
attack, on your current husband,

and the attack

for which you were
convicted... Of your ex-partner.

The situation I was in back then

was a very, very different
one to the one I'm in now.

My ex was a monster.

You must have that
information in your notes.

Cross-referencing files on
Kim Hopkins and on Mick Shaw,

I figured out that Mick Shaw
is a well-known associate,

or was a well-known
associate of Neil Moore...

who was Kim
Hopkins' former partner,

the one she stabbed to death.

So Mick Shaw and Kim
Hopkins know each other.

You don't want your wife to
see the things that are on here.

So what we're gonna do
is, you're gonna pay me.

You're gonna pay me
right now, Jonathan,

and then no one needs
to see this, all right?

Otherwise, well, you
know what happens.

I've never seen him before.

What was he talking about?

I don't know. That's
why I'm asking you.

So, Jack, you've established

that Tanya and Mick
knew each other years ago.

But take a look at this
CCTV from last week.

So, that's a cashpoint
that's like five minutes away

from the Moxton house.

So, coming down the
road is Tanya Moxton,

but look who she's walking with.

Have a look at that.

Who's that superstar
in the white?

He looks good, doesn't he?

Not really.

Who's that? Blond hair?

- Are you mates?
- Yeah.

- Yeah?
- Good old mate.

- Kim.
- Kim?

- Now known as Tanya.
- Yeah.

- Tanya Moxton?
- Yeah.

She's a mate.

We've known each
other for years.

- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.

She was helping me out.

I'm a little strapped for cash at
the moment. She's helping me.

That's not a crime, is it?

Tanya, tell me who this is.

I have no idea.

All right, let me
make it a bit easier.

I want you to take another
look. This is Mick Shaw.

Now tell me how
you know Mick Shaw.

I don't...

know him.

Okay, you know...

that I know that you do.

Were you aware that Jonathan
was using gay websites?

Gay websites?

First of all, you tell me my
husband's having an affair,

and he was found in bed with
somebody he doesn't know.

You're telling me it
was a ma... a man?

Did you find out he was
having sex with men,

and did that upset you?

Upset you enough to
give Mick Shaw £500?

I know how this looks.

Why did Mick Shaw get
500 quid of your money?

Okay. Okay.

I gave him the £500 because
the man was blackmailing me.

He knows a lot about me.

I stupidly did an
interview for the local press

about the closure of the hostel.

He recognized me, and then
he came 'round to the house.

I gave him some money,

and then he took whatever
else he could get his hands on.

He threatened to destroy me.

He knows that my ex put
a knife against my throat

till I had sex with one
of his friends for money.

I mean, can you imagine?

My little girl hearing
in the playground

that her mummy
used to be a prostitute?

Or a murderer?

Jonathan knew all about my past.

Jonathan was the
barrister on my appeal

that got me out of prison.

I told him about what
had been happening.

He told me not to worry
about it and that he'd sort it.

Tanya, are you willing
to put that in a statement?


So, can I go home or what?

Why would I let you go home?

'Cause I've not
done anything wrong

- and I've been here all day.
- The CPS have given me authority

to charge you.

With what? What are you
gonna charge me with?


Yeah, and you think you've
got enough proof for that?

Yeah, I do.

Tanya's not afraid
of you anymore, Mick.

You've got nothing over her.

And you think that, like,
she's gonna stand up in court

and tell the world about
her batty-man husband?

Yeah? You think
she's gonna do that?

I wouldn't use those
words, but, yeah, essentially.

You're going to prison, Mick.

Fuck. Nah. Fuck you.

Nah. Nah. Fuck that.

Fuck that!

One more time?


- Yeah?
- I come bearing news.

Uh, Tanya Moxton's
alibi checks out.

So, we've got CCTV
and transaction records

that put her in the shops
when she said she was.

So she did not
attack her husband.

That's a shocker.

Okay, so someone's
still convinced it's Saul.

So, what else do you
expect me to think?

Do you know what, Jack? All the
time that we've worked together,

I've never seen you do this.

- Just go after one person so...
- Instinct.

- Dogmatically...
- Gut instinct.

- Gut instinct.
- With all due respect,

when there are other options.

I just...

- Is that your phone?
- Look... Yes, that's my phone.

I understand that Saul has
a history of mental illness...

You've no idea what
you're talking about, so...

All I'm saying, Sarge,
with all due respect,

is that his violence has
always been at property

and not at people.

I just think that that's...

The search teams
are at Nate's bedsit.

Yeah, well, on you go.

See you later, then.

Any luck?

Nothing at Nate's
bedsit, I'm afraid.

- Nothing useful, anyway.
- Well, to be fair,

he could have hidden a
hammer pretty much anywhere,

but can we get a search
team down to the deli, please?

- Yep.
- Worth a try.

Is your phone on silent?

- I'm trying to call you.
- What?

The semen on Jonathan Moxton's
bedsheets belongs to Nate.

Nate Turner's DNA
is all over that house.

Guess what.

Nate, we found your DNA on
Jonathan Moxton's bedsheets.

Like I said, I've
seen loads of people.

I've been with
loads of people, so...

Were you at the
hospital earlier today?


One of our uniformed
colleagues rang us and told us

that someone who matches
your description pretty well

went to visit Jonathan.

Come on, Nate.

Okay, I've been
seeing Jonathan for...

a few weeks.

Why didn't you
tell us that before?

I don't know.

You know, Jonathan
almost died in the attack.

Where were you
around lunchtime today?

Um, at my bedsit, at home.


Did you go to the Moxton
house at any point this morning?

Oh, Nate.

Don't do that to me.

I need to ask you...

if you know this person.


Absolutely sure?

It might help if I tell you
his name is Nate Turner.

Does that help?

I have forensic evidence
to say that this is the person

that Jonathan was
having sex with, Tanya.

How old is he?

He's young. He's 19.

Is that the person that
attacked Jonathan?

There is forensic evidence

to say that he was at
the scene of the crime.

Any more than that, I
don't know at this stage.

Yeah. okay. Thank you.


Jonathan Moxton's
got brain damage.


Poor Tanya, eh?


- Shall I go down and tell her?
- No.

The boss will want
to tell Tanya herself.

- Boss.
- Yep.



- Hey.
- Yeah.

I'm in here.

Uh, Sadie Burns
has just walked in.

She wants to talk
to you, and only you.

- She won't talk to me.
- Why not?

I don't know. You'll
have to ask her.

For fuck's sake, Charlie.

- Where is she?
- Front interview.

Hi, Sadie.


Jesus. What happened?

It was Saul.

When you left, I thought that
maybe I could speak to him.

Maybe I'd be able to get him
to talk to me about the situation.

About Jonathan.

And maybe I could get him
to admit if he'd done anything.

But when I asked
him, he just lashed out.

He just bashed up
his appropriate adult,

for fuck's sake, and now
we know that he's dangerous!

Look, I feel like I'm bashing my
head against a brick wall here.

The guy is a paranoid

He hallucinates.
He's got delusions.

He hears voices. His
story's gone back and forth.

He can't remember stuff. He
sees someone in the square.

He hears someone
in the bathroom.

You can't believe a
fucking word this guy says.

Can you not bring

- your family history...
- Don't...

into the room and onto the case!

It's not useful for me,

and it's not useful for nailing
the asshole that has done this.

You're on the verge
of pissing me off.

I think we've made
a massive mistake

discounting him as a suspect.

His history is not one of
violence towards people.

It's violence towards property.

Yeah, well, tell
that to my mother.



Uniform can't find
Saul at the hostel.

And none of the other
residents know where he's gone.


Look, I know you're my
sergeant and everything,

but if you ever want
to talk about anything...

Charlie you know, I've
bored myself half to death

talking about it with
people in the past.

I'm not gonna bore
you with it, too, okay?

Actually, I'll be
down in a minute.



Top brass have
made it very clear

that if we do rearrest
Saul Hammond,

that we have to have him
reassessed by a psychiatrist,

so it's gonna be a
long night, Charlie.

I will make the call home,
as I've done many times,

and cancel pizza with
my kids, but that's okay.

Do you know what's up with Jack?

Just, he's been
really touchy all day

and really uptight and...

Charlie, I'm gonna give
you the same answer

that I would give
him if he came in

and asked me about
your personal life, okay?

It is none of our business.

Okay, Boss.

So, having extended
the search parameters

out from Haverley Square
and into the surrounding street,

I found footage
of this young man

running away from
our crime scene.

And I think that
looks like Nate Turner.

I think you're right.

I really recognize
the guy in this photo.

- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah.

He's right fucking
in front of me.

That's a street off
Haverley Square,

where the Moxtons' house is.

Who is that?

I told you that I was seeing him

and that I was at
the Moxton house.

Yes, but this was taken today

when you said that you
were at home asleep...

when, actually, we
have CCTV footage

of you running away
from the Moxtons' house.

- Nate?
- I wasn't involved in it.

- I just wasn't involved.
- In what?

In the attack.

But you were there?

Were you there? Nate?

I didn't do it, and
I've told you that.

What happened?

What did you see?

Nate, I believe you.

I can see how upset you are.

Jonathan obviously means
a huge amount to you,

so I know that you're
not involved in his attack.

I don't think
you're capable of it.

- I'm not involved in it at all.
- But I know you know something,

and I need to know what that is.

- That's pretty conclusive.
- How can you be so sure

that it wasn't Nate
who attacked Jonathan?

Check out the CCTV image
of Nate fleeing the scene.

And there's not a
speck of blood on him.

Okay, Charlie?

The attacker comes in, finds
Jonathan and Nate fucking.

Nate freaks out. He's
shitting himself in there.

He's only 19, for fuck's sake.

He sees the weapon come
out. He flees the scene.

Okay, Sarge, well, my
question to you, then, is,

if Nate didn't attack
Jonathan, who did?

Who's the guy covered in
blood at the crime scene?

I don't know.

I don't think that we can
discount what Saul told us

about there being
someone else in the house.

For fuck's sake,
Charlie! Jesus Christ!

Excuse me?!

We've wasted enough time

listening to what
Saul has had to say.

He's got zero credibility.

There's not a fucking
jury in the country

that's gonna believe
a word he says

if you put him in a witness box.

Sorry. What exactly have I
done to fuck you off so much that...

Okay, okay, okay! Wind
your fucking neck back in!

Wind your fucking
neck back in. Okay?

I don't buy into the
rank system too much,

but I'm not your fucking friend.

I'm your line manager, okay?

I have got three stripes.
You have got zero.

Thank you. Yes, Boss?

Uh, a man has been
assaulted on the common.

- Fatal attack.
- I'll get my keys.

No, don't get
your keys, Charlie.

Get some shut-eye, okay?

You, get your keys.

Jack, do I need to
take you off the case

'cause of your brother?

Oh, Jesus Christ!

I need a better answer
because it's starting to affect you.

It's starting to affect
your work, our team.

This is just a little bit closer
to the bone than normal.

And I'm trying to act
in a professional way.

I'm trying to let it
not affect me, but...

- But it is.
- Yes, it is, okay?

But you have to trust
me to be a professional.

This guy reminds me of my past.

Listen, I can do my job.

You can take time out.

No, I don't want
to take time out.

I want to crack the case.

Boss. Hammer
found in the bushes.

Used to smash his head in.

Do I need to see this?

Do you want to?


SOCOs are saying
it's similar injuries

to those that were inflicted
on Jonathan Moxton.


And apparently the hammer
is the same size and shape

as the one that was
used to attack Jonathan.

So, are we saying that the same
guy has attacked both of them?

Jack, we've got Nate in custody.

Do you know what I mean? I
thought we had it wrapped up.

But Saul Hammond
is on the loose.

Okay? Has Saul
attacked this guy...

in the same way that
he's attacked Jonathan?